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Institute of International Relations_ Peking University


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									Institute of International Relations, Peking University
Institute of International Relations, Peking University is the first comprehensive
university in the establishment of the Institute of International Relations, international
issues and China's culture and foreign diplomatic job application, research
and teaching expertise as an important base. Former member of the CPC Central
Committee Political Bureau and Vice Premier Qian Qichen as honorary president,
Comrade. The fall of 2004, by the hospital own construction financing for the
International Relations Institute of Building, the most beautiful scenery in the North
South Tower - spoon landscaped area be completed and put into use. Building
momentum, advanced equipment, can be synchronized with the foreign universities
teach visual way, you can watch the main television news at home and abroad, more
comfortable conditions for the library.
Structural integrity of the International Relations discipline. The existing three
departments (Department of International Politics, Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs
Management, Department of International Political Economy), 3 (Asia-Africa
Institute, Institute of International Relations, Institute of World Socialism); owns most
of International Politics University of complete the professional structure:
Undergraduate international politics, diplomacy and foreign affairs management,
international political economy, scientific community and the international communist
movement; Master of international politics, international relations, diplomacy,
international political economy, scientific community and international Total
transportation, foreign political systems, history of the CPC; doctoral including
international politics, international relations, diplomacy, scientific community and the
international communist movement, foreign political systems, in which international
politics is the only key disciplines of international political class.
Great teachers of International Relations. 53 existing teachers and researchers,
including 21 professors (including 19 doctoral tutors), 28, associate professor, lecturer
4; have been teachers or are studying for a doctorate and 39 (including 7 PhDs from
abroad ).
Institute of International Relations extensive international contacts. Now with the
United States, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong,
Macao and other countries and regions, universities and academic institutions have
established stable relations of academic exchanges. It is worth emphasizing is this: I
am active in recent years in a well-known universities with foreign students in the
joint cooperation. Existing projects are: the second undergraduate degree programs:
10 undergraduate students selected each year exams in the third school year to study
at Waseda University in Japan for one year (mainly the cost burden from the College,
students only need to prepare my small living), fourth year to return North. Xiuman
credits under the plan, students receive Peking University and Waseda University are
awarded two bachelor's degree. Sino-Japanese cooperation in training
master plan: recruit outstanding graduate students each year 8-9 were engaged a lot of
famous professors teach, especially the importance of English, Japanese and
capabilities. Students enjoy special benefits during the study period, in the first 2
years of public school to a month in Japan for further studies after graduation who
wish to go abroad for further training of graduate students may be exempt from fees.
Dual PhD program: selection 5 year examination, 4-year curriculum. The first year in
our hospital Xiuman required credits, the second, in 2032 sent to study at Waseda
University in Japan to collect information, prepare papers (full scholarship), back to
my hospital to complete the fourth year thesis. Students participating in the project
need to complete two papers, obtained after the passage of the Chinese thesis, Peking
University, China issued a doctorate thesis in Japanese or English get through
post-doctorate from Waseda University in Japan. In addition, the United Kingdom
London School of Economics and Political Science, Waseda University, Master of
joint training projects, and Hong Kong University undergraduate degree programs are
also expected to be the second in 2006-2007 in full swing.
College students constitute a comprehensive international relations. Students of all
types, 1024 (containing various types of foreign students and 170 students in Taiwan,
Hong Kong and Macao regions), of which 520 undergraduate students, graduate
students, 424 doctoral students, international relations and foreign affairs 80
dual-degree students.
Institute of International Relations Training targeted, that is, a world-class Institute of
International Relations in accordance with the standards, creating the 21st century, to
adapt to modernization, globalization, international talent required to develop type.
College special attention to foreign professional education academic, applied and
social, at different levels to train high-quality, high-quality international studies,
teaching and foreign sector expertise. To this end, the College continued reform,
innovation, in particular, have increased in curriculum construction funds and
manpower input, is now operating more than 100 undergraduate and graduate courses
Men, involving international politics, Di Qu politics, national politics and other
Butongcengci, and political, economic, military, environmental, cultural, religious and
other fields, established a system of multi-level students complete the training course
system. In addition, the College also has a wealth of information and expertise in
foreign language books for students to use classroom computers and networks and
other modern equipment.
We train students in general have a solid professional basis, higher foreign language
proficiency and extensive knowledge, Employment of the good, such as the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Trade, International Liaison Department, the
State Council Taiwan Affairs Office and Information Office and other departments
concerned, and the party government agencies, and foreign-funded enterprises,
research institutions and universities on international issues, among which many 已
become the central and provincial and municipal departments and key leaders,
renowned scholars, leaders and entrepreneurs Xueshu.
Institute of International Relations students improve academic support system. Our
government and all walks of life at home and abroad has been set up in Beijing and
the various forms and levels of college scholarships, grants. Each year in our hospital
received a total of more than 100 people of various scholarships, such as roll student
scholarships, Guanghua Prize, Aetna Awards, Yang Naiying Award, Ryoichi Sasakawa
Scholarship, Korea scholarship, Baosteel Scholarship, Procter & Gamble
scholarship, Jardine Scholarship, Sanwa Bank Scholarship, Dong s Oriental
scholarship, Matsushita Electric Scholarship, Motorola Scholarship. Students with
financial difficulties, can apply for special grants schools, fee remission and state
funded student loans.
Institute of International Relations Institute in 2006 as a unit will recruit
undergraduates, unifying majoring in international politics. 5 after school semester
Stream, Stream of professions: international politics, diplomacy and foreign affairs
management, international political economy. The following is a brief description of
the three professional:
International politics: international political culture with a solid theoretical foundation,
broad expertise and ability to solve practical problems of international studies,
teaching and work involving foreign expertise. More skilled students are asked to
master a foreign language, with strong foreign language reading, translation skills and
good listening and speaking ability. Main courses: Introduction to international
politics, international political economy, international situation and international
organizations, international relations and international law, the modern history of
international relations, the PRC foreign relations, comparative political and economic
system the world, international strategic studies, arms control and disarmament .
Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management: cultivate a comprehensive theory of
diplomacy and foreign affairs, foreign political, Jing Ji, legal knowledge, with the
diplomatic and foreign affairs personnel Suo professional knowledge and skills with
Di can be adapted to foreign Gongzuo environmental expertise. Main courses:
diplomacy, diplomatic history of China, the Foreign Affairs Management Studies,
Foreign Secretarial Studies, Foreign Affairs etiquette, public relations, management of
foreign enterprises, economic diplomacy, international tourism, foreign law,
introduction to The People's Republic of China.
International Political Economics: Peking University in 2003, one of the new addition
of five professionals, is currently the only undergraduate enrollment of international
political economy major. Since 2003 the establishment of professional, has the 3rd
undergraduate enrollment. The profession also has a master's degree,
doctorate and post-doctoral research, the current professor 1, 3 Associate Professor,
Lecturer 1. The establishment of the professional's Mudi, is to make my
school of international studies, and teaching in the discipline structure to further
integrate with the world class university, academically close to the international new
Fazhanfangxiang; Erqieyeshi Weilemanzu growing Chinese 加入 WTO 后 the right
thinker politics through the complexities of the economy needs.

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