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									Insects are the largest ethnic groups in the Earth
The total mass of insects on Earth is 12 times the human
How many insects on Earth? It is estimated that a total of insects on Earth 10 billion
billion. The average weight per person of 2.5 insects mg of this 10 billion billion
insects are the total mass of 12 times the total weight of mankind.
A U.S. entomologist calculation, a pair of flies in a summer if all the descendants of
the usual rate of survival and reproduction, and its future generations will have 100
million in 1910.
Kingdom of Morocco, scientists have used radar and the computer calculates a group
of locusts flying over their countries the quality is 60,000 tons.
Note: The use of biological species in size to that number of maps can be seen there
are many types of insects. The total mass of insects is a human 12 times.

How insects to receive their own "language"
Insect pheromone release "language", in the eyes is that some
smell, not sound. What insect is nose to share these "scent
language" for? Scientists use a variety of electronic devices, carried out
elaborate experiments. The results identified the head of two insect antennae is their
"nose", the nose can distinguish various odor sensitive than a
man's nose is hundreds of millions of times. Antennae above the feeling of
students with dense hair, hair attached sensory experience of each cell, nerve and
sensory cells through tactile contact social and economic hub. As long as each cubic
meter of air, floating a few hundred, a few or even single pheromone molecules,
sensory cells will feel, insects will react immediately. All kinds of insects,
"nose" - is a wide range of antennae.
Insect world was filled with a wide variety of "odor language",
why each insect can only "hear" to release the same partner the
"smell language", while other "savor" it
turned a deaf ear?
Scientists have raised the issue of different interpretations. Some people think that
insect antennae are like two magnetic antenna can receive the weak, a certain
wavelength of electromagnetic waves. A variety of information chemical structure of
molecules of different hormones, molecular and atomic vibration or rotation is
different, and therefore out of the infrared or microwave radiation wavelength is also
different. An insect's antennae antennas only with the same kind of insect
pheromone molecules out of the electromagnetic radiation generated synchronization
effect, so we can rule out the interference, one smell, "Salon."
Note: Figure 1 2 ants communicate with each other through the antenna contacts. This
exchange of the release of information includes: whether the other party for the same
nest, the other is found in food or danger, the other is transferred to other tasks which
Figure 2 before mating insects, releases a hormone, "language"
in order to attract the opposite sex to come to meet.
The role of the mother ant
Ants and worker ants of many different mother, have wings, ants in a nest, usually
only one or a few female ants, abdominal fatness, known as the
"queen", like bees, it is a reproductive person. Whenever the
early summer, after the first output of many ants, winged male and female ants, to
breeding colony. Until the colony sex organs mature, no longer dark secluded cave
life can not help them, they will choose an American sun day wings soared away, in
the air for marriage.
Large ants followed the pack of female ants, courageously Jifei. Last only a few
able-bodied male ants, the female ant piece suit, complete cross elixir task, a large
number of male ants have died after mating. The semen of the female with great
winged ants will fall off, sneaked into the ground, hastily found himself a cave to
begin the reproductive cause, to join the ranks of the queen. Since the eggs to hatch
until the "children" grow up, took a month, waiting day and
night by the mother ant, Nursing. This allows the body Kuihao mother ants. The first
worker ants are hatched. Little worker ants, honey, etc. will be obtained Gan fast food
back and feed hungry has long been the "queen." Then began to
perform breast-feeding, cleaning and so on. "Ants" are abundant
nutrition, physical rapid recovery. Since then, continue to lay eggs, hatch more
offspring, breeding colony.
Note: The ant nest is an underground cross-section. Worker ants nest for feeding and
cleaning and other chores.

Decipher and use the language of insects
What is an insect hormone what kind of chemicals do? This is a thoroughly
understand the insects "smell language" of the key issues. 30
years beginning from the 20th century, it has been extracted from the abdomen of
female moth sex hormones and measured its chemical structure. In recent years, has
invented a new device, only dozens of insects, a few micrograms of sex hormones in a
few minutes time, you can figure out the chemical structure of sex hormones.
The purpose of deciphering the language of human insects, is to control and eliminate
crimes against humanity of those pests. Scientists have already clarified more than
200 kinds of pests the chemical structure of sex hormones, and can be artificially
synthesized with about 30 kinds of pests of sex hormones. Synthetic hormones to lure
the opposite sex pest with the power of so called "sex lure."
Sex pheromone as a pest recorded "smell language" of the tapes
as to this "tape" a place that many heterosexual pests will fly,
people can more easily destroy them. Such as the sex pheromone and glue,
insect-catching black light, soap, pesticides combined, when the opposite sex pest
"heard         this"         coming      to       participate     in
"dating", they will be the right time, stuck in glue, on fall into
the lamp, soapy water or pesticide poisoning in the drowning.
Using sex pheromone pest control benefit is easy to use, with less low cost, powerful,
not manslaughter beneficial insects; will not cause environmental pollution. Therefore,
people of sex pheromone called harmless "pesticide."
Note: The purpose of the language of human decipher insects is to control and
eradicate pests against humanity.
Scientists found that acid rain and the ants
The United States in recent years on the air over the Amazon Bay area found that the
reduction in remote areas of acid rain and the ants. Formicinae ants are natural acid
(also known as formic acid) as a source of this number of ants about ant world 100
trillion to 10%. Formicinae ants sac with formic acid, formic acid released when they
are in danger to protect themselves, and by the smell of acid contact with other ants,
they brought in the acid solution about 5% of body weight.
It is calculated that the ants emit approximately 100 kg formic acid, in many areas of
the world's ants, which may account for the release of formic acid in the air
half. Amazon ants gather in the Bay, where acid rain acid, formic acid 50%, of which
1 / 4 should be attributed to ants.
This finding is important because rain forest is more than producing biological, and
their status on the global climate has not be underestimated.
Note: The tropical rain forest were cut down and is constantly narrowing. Meanwhile,
the tropical rain forest has been the erosion of formic acid.

Insect World
Insects appear on the earth have been 300 million years old, and since then, a small
insect on Earth has become the largest number of animals in the race. One
entomologist that the insect is the planet's most intelligent, the most fickle
and most animals would be speculative. Insects almost anywhere survive, to expand
their territory, and they generally are not picky eaters, eat almost anything, so they
become the most adaptable of biological species is justified.
Many insects, especially among lazy guy, parasitic on other insects or other organisms,
people refer to them as parasites, they do not have to waste effort to find food, but
stay in it comfortably parasitic insect, animal or human body, relied mainly parasitic.
Some insects are highly organized, a social, such as ants and bees, which according to
a unique way to build his own kingdom, the Kingdom of the members of the division
of labor and act in harmony, living together by a collective effort.
Most insects living in the human field of vision, the man they know almost nothing,
only a few insects often disturb the human life, such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches,
and some people use the value of insects, bees , silkworm, etc., people know quite a
Note: Figure this is a clown it? This is an insect, called the giant red bar like grows in
Southeast Asia.

Insects are animals who first flight
Insects own system, known as the Insecta in biology, are arthropods door is
invertebrates, their ancestors is a marine animal, looks a bit like today's
Insects on Earth, about 800,000 kinds.
Insect body is divided into three parts: head, chest and abdomen. Minister insects
have a pair of antennae, three pairs of legs long chest, so called six-foot insect pests.
Insects are generally wings, which can fly freely in the air, and often arbitrarily
change of residence, making them the race of life account for a lot cheaper.
Insects first evolved their wings, the bird than vertebrates and flying reptiles as early
as 5,000 years, making them the first batch of flyers on Earth.
Note: The Mothman side of the flying side of the nectar.
Insect metamorphosis unique ability
All the insects start life by the egg. Ability of insect eggs vary greatly, one of
Africa's tsetse flies produce only one egg, and a termite queen, one day up
to 10,000 eggs. Formed by the three million termites in a termite swarm, may all be
descendants of a queen.
Most of the insects drilled out from the eggs after the two types of growth and
development. One is the eggs hatch into a worm, called larvae, it is generally similar
to adults, but not long wings, a small figure compared with adults, after peeling a few
times, and gradually grow up. After the last peeling grow wings and become adults,
this type of growth and development, said incomplete metamorphosis, such as
cockroaches, crickets, etc.. Another type of growth and development of hatching from
eggs in the larvae and adults out there are significant differences, their larvae and
adults living in different living environments, with different morphological
characteristics. For example, larvae tend to grow on the mouthparts to bite, but adults
may be straw director, or the mouthparts to pierce the object; larval abdominal pace,
some more than adults, and some simply do not have feet. These insect larvae and
adults have different names: fly larvae called maggots, butterfly or moth larvae called
caterpillars. These insects become adults until all have to be called
"cocoon" of the intermediate stage. Growth and development of
this type, known as complete metamorphosis. Pupa form did not appear angry, and
even seems to stand still. In fact, it's an internal reorganization of the
ongoing violent activities. Take the silkworms, the larvae begin pupation cocoon, the
larvae of many gastropods are disappearing, and to grow in the chest, three pairs of
legs slender adults. The original will bite mulberry mouthparts. Meanwhile, two pairs
of wings will grow ... .... Therefore, insect pupae is a "TM"
change of developmental stages, when the pup

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