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									Information Retrieval
1. ISBN number is short for International Standard Book Number, 10 digits, divided
into sections, each section with the - connection
The first set of numbers represent the country, geographic area (7 representatives of
The second group is the publisher (publisher) No.
Third paragraph is the title number
Finally, check codes, ISBN numbers to check for errors during transcription.
2. ISSN (International Series Standard Number) International Standard Serial Number
By the 8-bit numbers, such as 1000-4254
7 is a journal before the code is a parity bit after.
3. Core journal (corn journal)
Published with a particular subject (or professional) information about the more high
level, to reflect the latest achievements and cutting-edge dynamic discipline by the
professional readers of particular concern to those journals.
Types of core journals is to use bibliometric methods, through a complicated
statistical and computing the final set.
Core journals of a discipline to focus the subject of the most important document, to
reflect the subject of the current status of and development of the academic Jiang,
Yanjiuchengguo novel, Zhuantijizhong, system, so yes Huodezhuanye main
information field Qian Yan source of information.
Chinese core journals in the preparation of Peking University Library's
"Guide to the Core Journals" shall prevail.
4. Patent literature (Patents) see the material P13, P249
 ?Broad patent document refers to all the relevant documents with the patent system,
patent document refers only to a narrow patent.
Patent literature can be divided into categories manual class and bulletins.
In accordance with the division on the form of patent protection can be divided into
invention patent, utility model patents and design patents.
In addition, because the reasons for examination and approval system, manual type of
patent documents has created several different types. For example, China's
invention patent applications to apply early and delayed open review system, it will
appear without a substantive review of patent applications through the substantive
review of prospectus and a qualified patent specification.
5. Patent documents look like
The literature of the general specification of a patent by the title page, the claims,
description (text) and description with photos and other components.
Similar books title page title page, a list of equivalent patent. It generally includes
bibliographic, abstract and abstract drawings of three sections.

6. The fact that the database (factual database)
That contain large amounts of data, facts, provided the original information directly to
the database is divided into numerical database, the Guide database, terminology
databases, equivalent to printed literature, dictionary, dictionaries, manuals, almanacs,
encyclopedias, organizational guidelines, people list, the formula with a number of
tables, drawings, etc.
Numerical database that express specific numerical data, such as statistical databases,
chemical reaction databases;
Guide to databases, such as company directories, catalogs, etc.;
Terminology database, the specialized terminology of the information store, word
database of information, such as electronic encyclopedias, dictionaries and other
Chinese fact database: a database of Chinese Information Line
English fact database: a database of human genome
7. Search engine / Classification Guide (search engine)
Search engines primarily use a computer to automatically search software, Internet
search, will be incorporated in the retrieved pages in the database, and to a certain
degree of automatic indexing, users enter search words, search engine and database of
its information match, and then generate search results.
Classification guide is to search the content of web pages by topic organized into
hierarchical structures (subject tree), the user layer depth according to this directory
until you find the information needed. Usually search engines and classification
guidelines are combined.
8. Request Number and Arrangement of Books
Request number is given to every document library storage unit position number, also
known as bent number. In the collection system, the request number is unique.
Request No. There are two kinds of call numbers and Call Number.
Call the library collection of books given to each number, usually printed on the spine
label. Call our library collection of books consists of three parts: Words + Volume +
No. of Book Numbers, no second sub-volume book, its call number is only composed
of two parts: words + of Book.
It's written in two formats, such as: I565.44/CY21/3 or
?Call the meaning of
Call the first row: CLC is based on themes drawn book subject classification numbers,
the role is to make the theme of the book the same subject are mainly arranged on a
Call the second row: Number of Book by Book of our library to name the author of
the scheduled number of Book, Book Number in the first two letters are C and X. C
that is the Chinese books, X said that foreign language books, Book Number in the
second letter is the author of the book the first letter of surname Pinyin.
Call the third row: Volume Numbers, said the volumes or years.
I565.44 ... ... ... words of the French modern novel
CY21 ... ... ... ... Author of Book Chinese Pinyin initials last name first 21 for the Y
3 ... ... ... ... Volume 3 Volume Numbers
9. Precision (see materials P34)
Precision rate: refers to the amount detected in the literature and the literature of the
total detection rate.

10. Boolean logic search
Using Boolean logic groups that meet on the search terms with logical group with, the
expression of the logical relationship between two concepts. (See materials P29)
Group with a common character: "AND" (and),
"OR" (or), "NOT" (not included) three.
(See materials P30)
In Chinese database, Boolean logic operators sometimes use AND, OR, NOT, said the
drop-down menu.
Search Example: CNKI "and", "or" and
           OPAC "and", "or"
11. Reference
Basic definition: the librarian or information specialist in a professional manner, as
much as possible, and quickly he needs to provide information and help.
Essence: the reference librarians interact with users to find the user in the use of the
library generated by the process of solving the problem.
NITLIB now takes the form: face to face, telephone, etc.
Readers can flow in the second floor lobby information desk, face to face on the
problems encountered by use of the library advisory staff; the same time, the reading
room and library in each department can also answer reader questions.
  ?Digital Reference
With the network technology and the rapid development of information science,
reference form and content have undergone a fundamental change in the digital
reference service, to provide readers with real-time Internet age, dynamic, convenient
and efficient information services.
Also known as virtual reference, virtual reference.
Services provided by their interaction with the user level quickly, can be classified
into asynchronous and synchronous reference reference.
Asynchronous reference, including e-mail advice and consultation web form.
Reference is also called real-time synchronous reference service, online real-time

12. Mylibrary
What is Mylibrary? Mylibrary is a Digital Library service forms, functions similar to
the Yahoo web site My Yahoo! , Netease's "My
NetEase" and so on, that is, from the library Web site provides users the
full collection of digital resources, the selection of some popular, professional or
related to electronic resources that are necessary in organizations in the Mylibrary.
After the user access Mylibrary, the server will return a page that contains custom
Zhejiang University Library / Mylibrary


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