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									Information management
These days concern the Ma of Alibaba information. B2B, cloud computing, vertical
search, e-commerce, Internet marketing, new words into the line of sight.
Think tank by MBA Wikipedia ( quickly search a bit. Into a
knowledge point and found a sea of knowledge. Knowledge is like a circle, the bigger
the circle, outside the circle do not know what the more.
Knowledge management, information management is increasingly important.
1, from the start with their own laptop, 80G hard drive is full, and used the
information but that the least common is that many, occasionally up to the. But
sometimes spend time looking for information a long time, sometimes not found a.
(Including e-mail the information to find) on this problem had to ask a few friends,
store and manage data by project and by the time information storage and
management. Two dimensions. Points better than before, but still not ideal, there is
time to ask about school or library management files of friends and see if they have
any good way. Today, the Internet sold a 500G3.5-inch mobile hard drive --- IBM 380
Taobao, a week after arrival. How to use and management of documents, to receive
the hard drive before planned.
2, from the name of the company, after two days of thinking, and finally recommend
two names, two million Xi and stroke the world the name. Name from the idea: the
world's top 500 names. After the company name because I want to translate
into English easily, also easy to remember and easy to understand for foreigners. (The
world's largest construction contractors: Vinci Group (Vinci Group);
Robert Bosch GmbH is one of Germany's largest industrial enterprises
engaged in automotive technology, industrial technology and consumer goods and
building technology industries. do not know the end, can
3, knowledge management, information management, how to quickly find online
information and the information they want?
1, information retrieval techniques
2, assessment of information skills
3, organization of information skills
4, analysis of information skills
5, the expression of information skills
6, to ensure the security of information
7, information coordination skills
Personal knowledge management tools: Microsoft Office, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes
and ICQ, MSN and other popular software, as well as the concept maps, mind maps,
blogs weblog and wiki, etc. Wikipedia, aid gadgets. Hardware have a mobile phone,
notebook computer, PDA and other personal digital tools. And other auxiliary gadget.
Hardware have a mobile phone, notebook computer, PDA and other personal digital
These are the online knowledge, has not fully practiced their own.
1 blog weblog
2 Wikipedia wiki E9% A6% 96% E9%
A1% B5
3, knowledge search
These are small tools for my favorite 3.

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