Pathways Human Anatomy Lesson Plan by zku40248


									                               Lesson Plan – Human Anatomy
                                        Carter Payne

Grade/Subject: 7th Grade, Life Science
Unit: Human Anatomy, the brain
Title of Lesson: The Collective Brain

Intended Learning Outcomes: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
1) Create models of neurons, axons, and a neuron network
2) Describe the function of a neuron and the ways in which neurons are connected to form a

TIME                                  LESSON CONTENT                             MATERIALS
0 – 10 min            I. Orientation [Note-Taking]                             (see attachment #1)
                     - Students label diagram of a neuron, writing a one
                        sentence definitio n of each part using their textbook

10 – 20 min          II. Development[ Mini – Lecture]
                     - Teacher dresses as a neuron – use fabric strips as myelin sheath on
                         one arm (axon). Review vocab. From intro, relating labels on diagram
                         to parts of the “human neuron” model. Invite two students to front of
                         class (noting gender and ethnicity) to make a synapse.

20 – 30 min         III. Activity [Interpretive Model]
                     - All students are given fabric myelin and are invited to synapse with their
                        neighbor. Next, each student is challenged to make two connections.
                        Students write who has connected to their axon and who has connected
                        to their dendrites.
30 – 50 min          - [Construct Models] – Teachers demonstrates how to make a neuron
                         model using pipe cleaners and Styrofoam.
                     - Students build model neurons
                     - Students are challenged to connect their model neurons in the same
                         order that they were connected as human models to make a class brain.

50 – 60 min          IV. Closure [Exit-Slip]
                      - Students write a few quick sentences describing the function of a neuron
                      and how those neurons function as a network.
Attachment #1
Teacher Material Sheet

Human Nerve Cells - 35 strips (6 cm wide, 1m long) of fabric

Pipe Cleaner Nerve Cell Models
• Large box Styrofoam packing material
• 70 full length pipe cleaners (30 cm)
• 30 pipe cleaners, cut into fourths (~8cm)
• 15 drinking straws – cut in half
• fishing line to hang neuron network at the end of class

Background Information

Discuss with students the contributions made by varying scientists concerning neuron and neuron
network research. In particular ment ion, the Venezuelan biologist Humberto Fernandez-Moran
who discovered the myelin sheath and its role in carrying impulses along the neuron. Also,
many ancient cultures of Assyria and India made discoveries about the spinal cord and an
understanding of the causes of paralysis.

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