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CPD Philosophy of life long learning                 • Scanning internet sites                          this as a verifiable CPD activity, they are
The knowledge needed to function                     • Watching technical DVDs etc                      required to read the specific article, then
effectively as a chartered accountant                                                                   complete an online questionnaire relating to
in public practice, industry, commerce,              A question that arises is what is meant            the article on the SAICA website. In order to
education, the public sector and abroad              by a three year rolling cycle?                     be credited with verifiable CPD, a member
continues to expand and change at a rapid            To illustrate this concept the following           must obtain a 25% average per ASA issue
rate. The onus thus rests on the shoulders           example applies:                                   and a maximum of 1 hour verifiable CPD is
of the professionals to continuously develop
                                                                                                        allowed per month.
his/her knowledge and skills relevant to the
                                                     Cycle 1
role they perform.
                                                     Year: 2006 Measurement: Min 20 hours               In addition to the above, the ASA website
SAICA CPD Policy                                     Year: 2007 Measurement: Min 20 hours               provides additional CPD verifiable articles
Continuous professional development                  Year: 2008 Measurement: Min 20 hours,              and questionnaires to members to assist
(CPD) requires professionals to foster               120 hours in total of which 60 are verifiable.     with their variable CPD requirements and
a commitment to life long learning                   Cycle 2:                                           learning activities.
and continuous improvement of their                  Year: 2009 Measurement: Min 20 hours
competence relevant to the specific role             Year: 2010 Measurement: Min 20 hours                                                                5
                                                                                                        Members are also encouraged to visit
that they perform such as a CEO, financial           Year: 2011 Measurement: Min 20 hours,              the SAICA website and explore the
controller, lecturer or entrepreneur.                120 hours in total of which 60 are verifiable      other various offerings available, which
                                                     Cycle 3:                                           complement and assist members to
So how does a member foster this                     Is measured over the years 2010, 2011,             develop and enhance their competencies.
commitment and embrace the                           2012 with measurement being:
philosophy of life long learning?                    • 20 hours per annum
Members are required both to do and                                                                     Looking forward
                                                     • 120 hours in total of which 60 are verifiable.   In terms of the requirements of
record their CPD activities.
                                                     Cycle 4:                                                                               ,
                                                                                                        International Education Standard 7 and
                                                     Is measured over the years 2011, 2012,
It is the requirement of the CPD policy to                                                              in lin
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