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Dalian University of IFT based on the universities, and Dalian Municipal Tourism
Administration School, in the professional building has a distinct advantage. Hospital
is located tourism management and hotel management specialist undergraduate
   Court of existing full-time teachers, 19, of which 90% of teachers have
master's or doctoral degree, 11 teachers, professors and associate
professors with teachers experienced in teaching, business ability. In teaching, the
college teachers to actively implement the ideas of modern education, to pay attention
to the main body of students, students integrate theory with practice, in practice,
identify problems, analyze and solve problems. Academy disciplines targeted
development planning, positioning accuracy, consistent with travel demand. College
graduates are well welcomed by tourism enterprises. College editor of two
"regular higher education '15' National Planning
materials" and other textbooks for more than 20, more than 20 provincial
and municipal scientific research subject, has undertaken the Dalian Municipal
Planning Commission, the Dalian Municipal Tourism Bureau, Dalian City Lushunkou
District, Dalian City, Montenegro national forest parks and other units authorized
more than ten research projects, planning projects and feasibility study projects,
research commissioned by the unit at home.
   Existing teaching hospital fully equipped function rooms travel for presentation and
teaching skills training for students to use.学院 to meet the requirements of the
students in the employing unit to Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,
Hangzhou and Dalian city Lvyouqiye Jinxingweiqi Liu Geyue to one year of
Shengchanshixi. School focus on foreign language teaching, English 4, 6 pass rate
among the best, the specialist employment rate reached 100% for five consecutive
years. Liaoning Provincial Museum is the national tour guide training for fixed-point
units, offered annually, "the national tour guide training course"
for the students lead the country to provide good conditions for eligibility.
   In addition, the College has undertaken a variety of community activities,
"Knowledge and Culture Club," "Colorful Walks
Association", "Golden Sunshine etiquette Team",
"Practice Bar", "Heart Yi Opera,"
"'Green Tour' voluntary Bar Association of Practice
"and other fine communities to improve the overall quality and ability of
students built a bridge to success.

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