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									            THE WHEELSPINNER
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2009                                                                                 VOLUME 15 ISSUE 6
                                    WILLIES WORD
    I haven’t had to write this column this past year, due to the articles we ran on the
formation and history of the Nasty Boy group.
    Unfortunately, I start this one with a heavy heart. Our Nasty Boy member, Kirk
Kvam, passed away in Sept. I didn’t meet up with Kirk until the 2002 Tahoe meet. I
spent quite a bit of time around him that week. Kirk had a great attitude and outlook
on life. He was a fun guy and when it was party time he was ready. When he heard
of someone having car troubles, he would check with them, to see if he had any tools
or parts that could help them out.
    Our sincere condolences and prayers go out to Kirk’s family and friends.
    Due to a couple, at the wire, donations we were able to send a money order for
$1,618.79, to Owen, from the Owen Holmes Fund Drive. Once again, we would like
to thank you all that were able to donate. Both Owen, and us, sincerely appreciate
                                                                                              to drive. Once inside the building I did-
your generosity.
                                                                                              n’t see a bar or any cases of beer sitting
    I would also like to thank the following individuals fro their donations toward the
                                                                                              around. I did hear some Aussies and
newsletter this past year. Jack Pontoriero, Jerry Schweitzer, Phil Wilker, Charles
                                                                                              Brits grumbling. As it was, the building
Gowen, Frank Keane, Ron Rothstein, Frank Castello, John Knight, Ron Davies, and
                                                                                              was just on the wrong side of the street.
Walt Peterson. Thanks guys. We certainly appreciate your generosity and support.
                                                                                              It was in Utah. Utah laws didn’t allow
    Sue put together this issues article on the Austin Healeys at Bonneville. I’ll just
                                                                                              them to have booze in the building. I
have to add a few of my comments.
                                                                                              don’t know about anyone else, but Sue
    Mondays rain had turned things into a salt water lake. Tuesday things were
                                                                                              and I, and our to go cups, had a great
blocked off. The only vehicles allowed out there were the official vehicles of the
                                                                                              time at the Revival Roundtable event.
sanctioning organization (USFRA). Those were all high ground clearance pickups
                                                                                                  Now, it’s Thursday, we are going
and SUV types, axle deep in the water, some even pushing water with the front
                                                                                              racing!! By the time Sue and I drove
bumper. It wasn’t a totally wasted day, as they were able to get the final tech and
                                                                                              through the lake of water and got to the
scrutinizing completed. Wednesday things were still blocked off. No entry. It was
                                                                                              Healey pit area, it seemed like the line of
obvious the water level had receded quite a bit. The track officials said they would
                                                                                              cars, waiting to make their first run was
make a decision, later in the day, but they hoped they could start around noon on
                                                                                              blocks long. The Endurance car was way
Thursday. Later that Wednesday the word came down that Thursday was a go. The
                                                                                              ahead of the Streamliner in line. When
better news was that it would be at their normal early morning start time. Now we are
                                                                                              the Endurance car make its first run, it
in business. While all this was going on, Sue and I had about two and a half days to
                                                                                              sounded and looked good. I think they
                                                                                              posted the run at 122 mph.
    Monday evening there was still rain and wind moving through, so after some bar
                                                                                                  Now, it seemed like forever before the
time, thirty of us gathered together for an organized dinner. (Team Healey members,
                                                                                              Streamliner got up to the start line. It’s
other notables, and us hanger-oners .) It was a great time, getting caught up with old
                                                                                              off! Sue and I were down around the
friends, and meeting new, interesting people.
                                                                                              two mile marker. The car just wasn’t
    Tuesday everyone seemed to be drawn to the parking lot. The beer and wine were
                                                                                              coming. We knew something went
flowing well, so I guess we had a party. Wednesday morning was the same. Every-
                                                                                              wrong. Next we heard the car had gotten
one was in the parking lot. The Endurance and Streamliner cars were on display.
                                                                                              about sixty yards down from the start line
Steve Pike was helping anyone who wanted to sit in the Streamliner, in and out. I am
                                                                                              and died.
a small guy and I thought it was a snug fit and I sat low. I knew there was probably
                                                                                                  We headed back to the Healey pit just
four foot of front end out there I couldn’t see, but straight line runs with no other traf-
                                                                                              as they were bringing the car in and get-
fic, it wouldn’t of made any difference. I thought we might have to rig up a sky hook
                                                                                              ting it up in the air. The team Healey
and block and tackle to get some of the bigger, wider guys than me out of the car.
                                                                                              crew was all over it. The endurance car
While all this was going on they set up some regalia sales. Most people there knew
                                                                                              continued to make good runs the rest of
they had limited numbers of some items, so they were doing a brisk business in a heart
                                                                                              the meet, with Joe Jarick and Bruno Ver-
                                                                                              straete (the owner) driving. Bruno said
    Those of you that aren’t familiar with Wendover, it sits on the Utah/Nevada state
                                                                                              when he got home, on the other side of
line. The east part of Wendover is in Utah and the West side is in Nevada. Most of
                                                                                              the pond, that he may change some gear
the Healey group had accommodations on the West (Nevada ) side. Wednesday eve-
                                                                                              ratios in it. He was firm on the fact that
ning was the Wendover Revival Roundtable dinner, Q&A session with notables there,
                                                                                              the car would be licensed and street
and an auction. We could of walked to the Roundtable building, but since we each              continued on page 9
had our own preferred bottles of rum, and plenty of ice, in the trunk of the car, we had      Continued from page 1
 The “Wheelspinner” is published         Healeys
 bimonthly , as an independent source
 of information and communication       return to
 between A-H modified owners and
 enthusiasts.                           Bonneville
   Articles, Stories, Photos, and any
 A-H modified related material is       9/12-9/19
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         “The Wheelspinner”
          c/o Leroy J. Joppa
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          Laona, WI 54541
           1-715-674-2614                                                                CELEBRATING AUSTIN-HEALEY RECORD
               `````````                                                                                   BREAKING
                                                                                                          by Joe Jarick
           Back issues-$2.00                                                            On behalf of Austin-Healey enthusiasts world-
        Registry listing- $12.00                                                       wide, a small group of Austin-Healey owners
             (U.S. Funds)                                                              from across the globe have come together to
                                                                                       provide their expertise and support for a re-
          (To members only)                                                            enactment of the 1954 record breaking that
                `````````                                                              Donald Healey, through his company the Don-
 E-mail:                                                    ald Healey Motor Company, successfully
                                                                                       achieved on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Today
 EDITOR................LEROY J. JOPPA                                                  this group of enthusiasts have developed a
                                                                                       project team that seeks to recreate Austin-
 PUBLISHER........SUSAN K. JOPPA                                                       Healey history.
                                                                                           The aim of the project team is to achieve this
                                                                                       through entering and running faithful recrea-
                                                                                       tions of the two 1954 prototype Austin-Healey
      WEST COAST CONTACT                                                               100S cars at the Utah Salt Flats Racing Asso-
      CHUCK BRECKENRIDGE                                                               ciation's "World of Speed" event at the Bonne-
            ```````````                                                                ville Salt Flats held 16-19 September 2009.
                                                                                       The Austin-Healeys at 2,660cc fitted neatly
    “PROPOGANDA MINISTER”                                                              into the International and National Class
            RUSS KEEP                                                                  "D" category, up to three litres. In 1953, less                                                              than 12 months after the launch of the Aus-
             `````````````                                                             tin-Healey Marque, the company broke an
                                        impressive number of records in both the Stock (Endurance) and Non-Stock (Modified)
                                        classes. Returning to the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1954, the company capitalized on that
     AUSTRALIAN REGISTRAR               success and took their cars' achievements to the next level in both sophistication and re-
         LANCE CLARKE                   sults. That year saw the introduction of the 100S model at prototype level, developed from            the company's considerable racing and record-breaking experience. The specifications for
            ```````````````             the record cars that year mirrored what was to become the company's limited production
                                        racing sports car for 1955, the 100S.
                                            The project team’s focus is on the configuration of the cars from 1954. This is due to a
      EUROPEAN REGISTRAR                primary interest in the 100S model Austin-Healey by the team members. With this proto-
          PETE FARMER                   type 100S, a raft of records were taken from one hour through 24 hours. The 24-hour
                                        record was taken by the “stock” production car at 132.29 Miles Per Hour, while the top
                                        of that, the “Modified” production car achieved an impressive 192.62 Miles Per Hour.
          ~~~~~~~~~~~~                  (Reprinted from Healeys return to Bonneville commemorative brochure)
                                           I must say it was a very interesting and exciting 6 days at the salt flats.
       Web site by Tim Moran                We arrived on Monday in rain, rain, rain. We arrived early and spent some time           with Tim Moran at his camp site.
              E-GROUP                    Monday evening we spent with the crew from Australia, US, Belgium and England       Everyone was concerned about the amount of rain and the possibility of cancelling the
                                           Tuesday the track was closed as it was flooded. The pits could not set up. The day
ANY INFORMATION PUBLISHED IN THE        was spent in the parking lot at the Rainbow Casino and Hotel where the crew were
                                        staying. It was the typical parking lot gab session. Many Healey enthusiast, owners
OR ENDORSING ANYTHING.                  and crew enjoying the gab fest.
    Among the notables were Healey racer Phil Combs and John Chatham, both raced in the Healey Challenge in 1990 which in-
cluded Black Hawk, Road America and Mid Ohio.
    The parking lot attracted some interesting people with their vehicles. Two elderly men drove up on their motorcycles causing as
much interest in the bikes as the Healeys. They were traveling for 3 weeks, camping along the way and driving the dirt bike, that
was trailered, where ever they could find good dirt or salt to run. Said they would stay in a motel once in a while just to get cleaned
up. They were old, interesting and funny.
  Wednesday the track was also closed so Bruno and Charles Matthews, Team Manager and Nasty Boy, rented the small air port run-
way for the afternoon to run the cars. The endurance car ran and the smile was wide on Bruno’s face. The streamline did not run as
it was having some problems.
   Wednesday night they held the Wendover Revival Roundtable. Dinner, auction and question & answer session with the notables
of the event.
    Thursday the track was open and the race was on. Dunlap tires donated a huge canopy for the pit area. Thank goodness as that
sun on the salt was a beast.
    Friday and Saturday were also race days with many exciting times and also some long intervals between races.
    There were many Healey enthusiast there to cheer on the Healey crew. They came from all over the U.S., Australia and England.

You can go to there will be a new website at
where pictures, videos, regalia will be available.
                                                                                                                           The endur-
                                                                                                                           ance car and
                                                                                                                           the stream-
                                                                                                                           liner at the

                                                                                                                           Below are
                                                                                                                           the old fel-
                                                                                                                           lows motor-
                                                                                                                           cycles and
                                                                                                                           vehicle that
                                                                                                                           showed up in
                                                                                                                           the parking
Roy Jackson Moore 9/2009 with Endurance car. Roy was one
of the original drivers in 1954

                                  Bruno Verstraete
                                  owner and driver of
                                  the endurance car
                                  making a run at the
                                  airport. Note the grill
                                  painted on the front
                                  of his helmet.

Burno making a run on the airport tarmac. I
am surprised his face didn’t crack from the
smile he gave.
Leroy enjoying his chance to sit in the stream-    Several of the crew and enthusiast enjoying     David Pike at the pit on the salt flats.
liner. Amazing the struggle they had getting in    the sun in the famous parking lot sessions.
and out.                                           David Pike, Steve’s son in red shirt, drove the
                                                   Streamliner on the Flats. He too was excited
                                                   about the car’s run.

                                                                     Roy Jackson Moore
Phil Coombs all smiles while sitting in

                                                    Joe Jarick & Bruno, at the Revival. The
John Chatham and Helen Pike (wife of Steve         auction that was held that night raised monies
Pike, owner of the Streamliner) at one of the      that were donated to the Utah Salt flats Rac-
parking lot gab sessions.                          ing Association and the DMH Memorial

                                         This future Nasty
                                         Boy was spotted on
                                         the road to the
                                         Flats. He had
                                         driven it from Min-
                                                                                                              The upper three photos show the
                                         nesota. No one was
                                         allowed on the Salt,
                                                                                                              rain water on the flats and the line
                                         so a lot of cars                                                     of cars waiting for word as to
                                         were waiting to get                                                  when the races would be held.
                                         word if & when it
                                         would open.
                                                                     This plane
                                                                     landed on
                                                                     the salt flats
                                                                     near the
                                                                     Healey pits
                                                                     to bring
                                                                     parts for the

                                                                          One of many stream liners that ran. This one had problems and the chute
                                                                          opened early. Several different cars blew engines just after starting and the
                                                                          track had to shut down to clean up all the parts.

                                                                                                                                           The endur-
                                                                                                                                           ance car with
                                                                                                                                           Joe Jarick
                                                                                                                                           driving, tak-
                                                                                                                                           ing off at the
                                                                                                                                           start line.

Joe Jarick, Australia, waiting in the hot sun for his turn to run the
Endurance car. Joe actually sat in line for an hour while the track
was cleaned up after an extensive wreck of the previous entry, includ-
ing extracting the driver and taking him to the hospital. Joe stated “I
was not just looking a little pale from the heat, but also from the
thought of what I was going to find when I arrived a few miles down
the course!!!” Note the salt on front fender.

                                                                                 Joe & Endurance car being towed back to the start line after
                                                                                 cutting the engine at 5,000 revs to check the plugs Steve Pike
                                                                                 is sitting with his legs out the back door of the push car talk-
Joe Jarick driving in the speed run.. We were at about the 2 1/2 mile            ing to Joe. Note that there is salt all around us.
mark and the cars were like toy cars. The track was 7 miles long.

                                                Joe returning
                                                                                                                                   That thin line below
                                                with chase car
                                                                                                                                   the mountains is the
                                                after a successful
                                                                                                                                   start line. As I said,
                                                                                                                                   that was 2 1/2 miles
                                                                                                                                   from where we were
                                                                                                                                   viewing the runs.
                                                                      Ye Old
                                                                      was fun to
                                                                      watch. It
                                                                      was loud
                                                                      and smoky
                                                                      when he
                                                                      ran. That
                                                                      is quite an
                                                                      He was
                                                                      trying to
                                                                      beat his
                                                                      speed of

This was Ohio State University’s entry. It is an electric hydrogen.
It ran into problems at about the 2 mile mark and had to come off
the track. It was very quiet. Couldn’t hear it run at all.

                                                       The Streamliner pulling out of the starting line on Saturday. The engine faltered, resulting
This yellow Citroen was the slowest on the track..     in a bad connection with the makeshift push apparatus on the Streamliner to the front
I think I heard he did up to 70 something.             bumper of the push car. This resulted in one side of the parachute/push bumper bar appara-
                                                       tus collapsing causing the parachute to deploy and the lack of the balance of two connec-
                                                       tions being equally pushed by the push cars bumper bar, in other words a balanced push on
                                                       the bar of the Healey, resulted in the streamliner being pushed sideways and off the course.
                                                       A more effective connection to the front of the push car would have been ideal, and was
                                                       identified as a risk, but the team did not have the resources to complete any work to rectify
                                                       this on the ground. Joe personally approached the USFRA officials and obtained permis-
                                                       sion for the streamliner to run without a parachute. However, as the event had extended
                                                       past its advertised closing time and the team was conscious that many people we were re-
                                                       sponsible for a range of this such as the pit equipment and transport had delays their depar-
                                                       ture to Salt Lake City ( originally scheduled for 12:00) Steve made the decision instead of
                                                       returning to the queue and running again to not delay those people who had been so helpful
                                                       and pack up the gear and head to Wendover. The entire team supported that view. As the
                                                       endurance car was still in the queue close to the start, Bruno qualified the car at over 127
The center of activity on the salt for the Healeys     mph on this last run( this was after Joe’s run where he racked his brain as to what else they
was under the huge canopy donated by Dunlop            could do with the clock against them, both on the course and the event close rapidly ap-
Tires for the pit area. It was truly the center as a   proaching. In doing so Joe identified an accelerator shaft tweak that gave us a few hundred
lot of regalia was sold and picked up.                 revs.
 July 18, 2009 Redlands Optimist 18th Annual Car Show & Chili Cook-off Sylvan Park,
                                    Redlands, CA
    This is a fun event...different from our                                                                  your car on your shirt -
AHA car shows because Ron & I don’t                                                                           car wax - car insurance
know the other car owners but do know a                                                                       - lemonade - hot pret-
lot of the spectators. Since it is down-                                                                      zels - posters of Mi-
town in our hometown, we try to make                                                                          chael Jackson - air-
this show every year. The show also                                                                           brush a painting of your
gives out the most awards than any other                                                                      car onto a poster - snow
show we know... including awards for                                                                          cones & popsicles -
foreign cars in several categories. Com-                                                                      hats ... and the Chili
petitive? Moi? YES! Ron chooses which                                                                         Cookoff! There were
cars to take based on the category. This                                                                      five chili stands but
year, it was time to exercise the Bugeye                                                                      only 4 were ready for
                                                                                                              sampling when we got
                                                                                                              there. We bought 5
                                                                                                              tickets each and taste
                                                                                                              tested each chili, voting
                                                                                                              with our tickets. We
                                                    and old-time commercial vehicles.      both agreed the chili made by an insur-
                                                    One year there was an Oscar Meyer      ance friend of ours was the best and went
                                                    Weiner Mobile. This year, the old-     back for seconds, giving him our extra
                                                    est was a 1903 something on tall       tickets. (We found out later that our
                                                    thin tires and the newest was a 2006   friend did win the contest) Fortunately,
                                                                                                      none of the chilies were gut-
                                                                                                      wrenching fire-breathing reci-
                                                                                                      pes. At 2 PM they started giv-
                                                                                                      ing out awards to the winners
                                                                                                      of the car show. The down-side
                                                                                                      of giving out a lot of awards is
( in the 1946-1959 category) and also                                                                 that you have to sit through the
take the modified 100 ( in the Best Modi-                                                             presentation of all those
fied Foreign). Ron’s before and after                                                                 awards! Anyway, they finally
photo board set up next to the Modified                                                               got to the Foreign Car Awards
Healey 100 always gets attention.... and                                                              and Ron’s Bugeye lost to a
his photo-cartoon, "I think he must be                                                                nice French Facel Vega but his
nuts. I think I must be nuts!" always gets                                                            100 won Best Foreign Modi-
a chuckle. There was a great variety of                                                               fied! The prospect of jumping
vehicles ~ from muscle cars to rocket-                                                                in the pool at home was the
engine cars to decked-out Harley David-                                                               only thing that kept us on our
sons... from Diamond-in-the-Rough paint        rear-engine Ford GT40 - one of only         sun-weary feet. So we packed up and
to zillion-dollar flames paint jobs. There     3000 made. So we’ve set up the cars, set    drove the short distance home. Yee Haw!
is almost always a Helm’s Truck with           up our seating in the shade, talked to      ‘Til next year. Sandy Davies
bakery trays (I remember when...), an          several people about the Healeys and the
assortment of military trucks & jeeps,         Healeys they’ve owned... and got to
                                               figuring ~ How many people have
                                               owned a Healey? There are more
                                               people who have owned a Healey (or
                                               known someone who has) than were
                                               ever made! Every Healey made must
                                               have changed hands a dozen times or
                                               More! That’s why an original owner
                                               is so special! Even if you are the
                                               second owner, it’s special! Whew!
                                               Has anyone kept count? Then we
                                               went for a walk to peruse the ven-
                                               dors: the car motif shirts - photo of
                                                 CLASSIFIED ADS
FOR SALE                                      WANTED Any year Healey 100-4 basket             FOR SALE: Stock looking 1956 BN2
1957 Austin Healey BN4 with a rover V/8       case, rolling chassis or body shell or parts.   100-4 with stock 289 ford V8, 2 speed
and trans- 5 speed -                          Will consider any project or condition.         ford-o-matic , 56 T bird shifter .
Sports and vintage Cars -                     Engine, Trans, rearend unimportant.             Bought in 1980 and driven until 1994,
Portland, Oregon- Phone 503 254-4012-         Phil @ 386-963-1140                             was completely disassembled , striped of
$12,000.00 or OBO.                            E-mail:                       all paint from body and frame. Re-
Car is deceased member Peter Price                                                            paired rusted panels, door sills and rear
                                              Wanted-- A totally stock looking Healey         door pillars, trunk floor with stock
                                              with a V8 engine and manual gearbox. Has        Healey replacements. floor plates and
                                              to be in very good condition with no fibre-     foot wells removed and replacing with
                                              glass/bondo or flared body. Prefer one of       heavier steel plates to stiffen frame and
                                              the 2 seater models. Welcome modifica-          give engine more room. Primed with
                                              tions to any mechanical areas that assist       aircraft primer, sealed all fenders in-
                                              the improved performance. Good price            side with chip guard, painted the whole
                                              paid for right car.Please email me              car apart with viper red lacquer .During
                                                             reassembling king pins were rebuilt or
                                                                                              replaced and all rubber bushings ,brake
                                              FOR SALE                                        linings and lines. Re-cored radiator, re-
                                               Austin Healey 1962 MKII, needs total           built engine ford 289 2V and ford-o-
                                              restoration, NOM, 289 4 sp, not running,        matic to stock spec's .Wire wheels rebuilt
                                              $4000. David 215-953-1512 PA                    by Dayton wheel painted gunmetal
                                                                                              gray .The interior completely insu-
                                              FOR SALE 1962 Austin-Healey 3000                lated with astro foil insulation , tan car-
                                              Mark II, series BN7, #14970 (Export). 215       pet, tan leather Healey seats with red
                                              Buick engine, Crower cam, Edelbrock             piping. The car stays cool under the hood
                                              intake/carb, Borg Warner T-5 transmis-          and in cockpit. With the V8 it gets under
                                              sion/hydraulic clutch, Datsun Dual Master       way in good shape and will spin the
                                              Cylinder new ring & pinion 3.54:1,12            wheels, has not been hot rodded since
                                              circuit-EZ wiring harness, stainless steel      rebuilt. Spirited driving is a must with all
                                              exhaust, PPG Colorado Red in acrylic            that power. The photos were taken with
                                              urethane. Totally stock appearance. Total       the bumpers removed as I like the rally
                                              restoration 2003-04. Outstanding condi-         look but the stock bumpers are re
                                              tion. Originally a tri-carb car. One of 355     chromed and come with the car and can
                                              BN7 Mark lls. One of 57 export models.          be seen in Orlando FL.$30,000 USD
FOR SALE                                      This Healey was a German export model,           Tommy
1960 Bugeye Sprite modified for fast          documented as being built specifically for,
street/track. Former H-Production SCCA and displayed at the 1962 Frankfurt Auto
race car. Complete race suspension. Ford show.
Escort GT 2.0 16V twin cam. Approx. 170 $40,000. Roger Futrell, Gainsville GA
HP, 5 sp gear box. Free flow exhaust.         (770) 535-1510
Leather interior. Minilites, chrome roll bar,
Seriously fast and fun.
$14,900 772-299-9788, FL

WANTED: Healey conversion. Stock              Maybe it’s time for a change in lifestyles
appearing preferred (no wild flares). Want    if you are ashamed to put your booze
quality, not junk. Will consider other than   bottles with the recyclables.
V8. Eric in Central California:               You don’t have to be a freight train to
559-636-1814 or        have a large caboose.
POHLMAN, TOM 541-679-9022 6161 CLARKS BRANCH RD., ROSEBURG, OR 97470
CAR: 1957 SEBRING (MAYBE 58) # ON FIREWALL 5821 14069


418 West North Bay St, Tampa, Fl
PHONE - (H) 813-884-2711

JOHNSON GARY (951) 767-1239 (H)                                                            also seemed to be having more timing
(951) 219-2495 ( Cell)                                                                     problems than usual. Finally, after lunch,
 33505 Sage Road, Hemet, Calif. 92544                                                      the Streamliner was at the start line. The
E-MAIL-                                                                   car needs a push vehicle to get it started,
CAR 1955 BN2 ENGINE none yet                                                               which is normal for a lot of these type
TRANS Miata 5-sp.                                                                          cars.
REAR AXLE- stock A-H                                                                          The next thing we heard was, and it’s
OTHER INTERESTING MODIFICA-                                                                off! Again, wait and wait and no car is
TIONS: None yet, this is a project car in                                                  coming. We then heard the car and push
the earliest stages resurrection. It’s really                                              vehicle got tangled up with the chute.
more “garage art” at this point. Austin Healey USA- Austin Healey Club of America-         When we got back to the start line the
                                                                                           chute was gone and there was some mi-
                                                                                           nor damage on the right rear corner of
driven.                                        couple joined us at the appointed time,
                                                                                           the car. The officials finally said they
   Friday it was a bee hive of activity        the other was no where to be seen. We
                                                                                           could run the car, but without the chute
around the Streamliner. A low flying           decided to have dinner, after a half
                                                                                           would be limited to 175mph. They
light plane was buzzing around. It fi-         hour or more wait. They could play
                                                                                           wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of
nally landed, and taxied as close as he        catch up when they arrived. I don’t
                                                                                           their goals with the 175mph limit. I
dared to the Healey pits. He was deliver-      think we were even done with our
                                                                                           know Steve Pike had a dilemma on his
ing parts. Talk about service with a           salad, when they called to say they
                                                                                           mind. He was already a half day, if not a
smile. If possible, things then got busier     would be about an hour late. They
                                                                                           full day, beyond his intended departure
around the Streamliner.                        were still at the salt flats helping team
                                                                                           time. The car needed to be in San Fran-
   Around 5:30 pm, I asked Steve Pike          Healey put things away and button
                                                                                           cisco by early evening on Sunday to be
what his plans were. He said if they got       down for the night. Then came the
                                                                                           loaded on the ship for the trip back to
the car back together, they would just         shocker. They said the Streamliner had
                                                                                           Australia. Steve was 800+ miles away.
make a couple of test runs on the salt off     made an official run at 149.6mph and
                                                                                           Steve said they would run the car again.
the pit area, in preparation for Saturday.     we missed it.
                                                                                           Waiting in line again I could tell Steve
The track was due to shut down for the             Since the drivers and car hadn’t run
                                                                                           was having an internal fight with himself
day in an hour. Amongst all the cars           at the salt flats before, their first run
                                                                                           whether to stay or go. After what
lined up to run were several cars still        was limited to 150mph. Now, for Sat-
                                                                                           seemed like an hour or so, waiting in
waiting to make their mandatory back up        urday, they could run in the 150-
                                                                                           line, Steve finally said, that’s it, lets go,
runs for speed records. There was no           200mph class, which was the goal.
                                                                                           we’re out of here. So, that ended the
way the Streamliner could make an offi-            Saturday started as another nice day.
                                                                                           Healey action at the salt flats. I was sad
cial run, even if it tested out straight and   Unfortunately, it was also another long
                                                                                           we missed the only good run the Stream-
running right.                                 and slow day. Every time there was a
                                                                                           liner made, but racing is one of those
   Sue and I left for the hotel as we          wreck, blown engine, tranny etc., they
                                                                                           deals where you pay your money and
needed to get cleaned up and ready for         had to sweep the track for any parts or
                                                                                           take your chances.                     WW
dinner. We were joining friends of ours,       pieces that may have come off the car
two Australians couples for dinner. One        and soak up any spilled fluids. They
Conclave 2010 AHCA Heritage 1975-2010—————————————————————--July 11-16, 2010
Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa, Galena, IL
For the latest Conclave 2010 information visit

British Car V8 Meet 2010
Word is it will be at Indianapolis, In. Will be
Updated as more information is available.


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