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Human Resources Reward points: 10 - solution time :2007-6-12 10:31 that there are
human resources programs? Asked by: c tar1 - Assistant 2 best answer China Management Training Network Human Ziyuan Senior Seminar
course introduces management: With the Chinese economy and society, the rapid
development of the external environment within the enterprise to evolve quickly
Xuduo change and human resource management are closely related. Pressure for
environmental change management strategies human resources management and
coordination, human resource managers to set higher challenges and requirements.
This course will help human resource managers to correctly understand the external
competitive environment, learn the latest leadership elements and incentives, to share
experiences of good corporate practices and to formulate a correct strategy for human
resource management, promoting implementation, maintain a competitive edge.
Perspective of competitive advantage and ability to improve curriculum leadership:
learning gains Program Objectives ● changes in the human resource management
and environment strategy under the corporate unity and interaction; ● improve the
leadership of art and elements; ● Fenxiang company employees from entry to Guan
Yu enhance the experience; ● so that the leaders understand the execution to allow
subordinates to enhance execution; ● with other participants in-depth exchange of
human resources management to grasp the essence. Target: in human resources
management and to those who have some experience, and corporate senior
management. Course Description: 1 Positive Solutions for human resources
development, Professor Lv Fengfu two key staff retention and motivation Professor
Lv Fengfu 3 effective leadership of the key elements of Chen Dezhi associate
professor 4, staff recruitment, development, motivation and retention of section of
East director 5 upgrade subordinate execution late Kai Army 6 long round-table
dialogue: "How to change the human capital" Course Fee: 2800
yuan / person (including training costs, materials costs. accommodation be arranged at
their own expense) Enrollment: Since the date of receipt of this notice Registration
begins by fax or e-mail application. After registration we will send the notification
before the start of the week (to report location, travel route, etc.) are solutions of
human resources development, Professor Lv Fengfu 0.5 days, even as corporate
human resources managers will often talks about, but many human resource managers
Human Resources Development on Misunderstanding, for example, some people
think that human resource development is the potential for mining employees; some
people simply staff training equivalent to human resource development. Truly
understand the development of human resources managers are not many. This course
will systematically introduce the basic theory of human resource development
framework, and indicate areas of human resource development activities to guide the
human resource management retained the right behavior and motivate key employees
Professor Lv Fengfu 0.5 days managers are aware that within the organization Staff is
not as important as the so-called key employees have a fatal impact organizational
performance. How to retain and motivate key employees to enable them to active
work, human resource management activities in a very important part. This course
will first explain who the key employees, and analytics, "pay and
conditions", "emotion", "trying to retain
people," traditional methods of mistaken ideas in the key staff proposed
based on the means to retain and motivate. The key elements of effective leadership,
associate professor Chen Dezhi 0.5 days training high-quality leaders to achieve the
company's strategic development and performance management is a major
human resource management one of the core. This course will focus on leaders and
the led role and relationship of power to influence and lead the environment, and to
summarize the key elements of leadership and induction. Staff recruitment,
development, motivation and retention of the East Section 0.5 days outstanding
employees in the company's "Life" are often the fate
of companies. One of the major domestic portals Sina Net, on the management of its
own staff its unique experience and should review the results. The Director of Human
Resources Mr. Duan Dong will be in the lecture around Sina years of development
and talent management discussion and effective method of sharing. Enhance the
implementation of subordinate military force 0.5 days later than the execution Kai is
important core business competitiveness. Effective implementation of the force is a
combination of speed and accuracy. Promoting implementation of needs analysis to
start from the subordinate, supported by the necessary management tools and
assessment tools to help subordinate the working methods of control, and efficiency.
Meanwhile talks include how to establish appropriate leadership model and leadership
style, effective supervision and control and so on. Roundtable Dialogue:
"How to shift to human capital" in the second phase, training
students to communicate with each enterprise in the Cunzai fully human resource
management issues, provide research, exchanges Yijixianghu learning opportunities.
Teacher Profile: Professor Lv Fengfu Doctor of Human Resource Management,
Nankai University, Peking University Guanghua School of Management doctoral,
Associate Professor. Guanghua School of Management Training and Development
Centre senior managers, deputy director, Institute of Human Resource Development
Member, also Member of the International Journal of Training and Development,
China editor. The research areas of strategic management, human resource
management and knowledge management. He was responsible for and hosted a
number of government and universities in topics such as Philosophy and Social
Science Fund of Tianjin, "the state-owned enterprise managers incentive
mechanism" and so on. Author of "Human Resources
Development        and Management", "Human Resource
Development Classic Collection" and other works. Nankai University won
the title of outstanding young teachers. Chen Dezhi Associate Professor of Shanghai
Jiaotong University Antai College of Economics and Management associate professor
of organizational management, management science and engineering postdoctoral,
Shanghai Jiaotong University, Case Center Executive Director. Dr. Chen Dezhi of
research in strategic management, human resource management and innovation
management. Dr. Chen Dezhi provide advisory services to many companies and wrote
a large number of case studies. Section of East Sina Group Director of Human
Resources has 10 years of multinational strategic human resources and organizational
development, management experience, his main areas of expertise in organizational
diagnosis and organizational development, capacity evaluation and development,
organizational performance management, and marketing management and marketing
capabilities development and so on. In commercial circulation, the field of
management consulting and Internet services. Was responsible for Carrefour (China)
Human Resource Management, an organization to design, build and training,
participation in the development of many enterprises from the merger, acquisition,
restructuring, etc. to the various stages of human resources. As with many large
multinational companies, such as the United States, Concorde Group, the French
Carrefour and other work experience, give it outstanding cross-cultural
communication skills and leadership, and in practice concluded Chu Xuduofangfa He
Gongjuyunyong to management consulting in, to become a true business consultant.
From the Army late Delphi - Tsinghua Institute (Delphi-Tsinghua I titute), director of
Chi Kai Jun, 1982, graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Major, 1986 in the
United States, General Electric Company (GE) in cooperation with the Chinese
government's MBA training. Master's degree in economics in
1995. Served as an American automotive electronics (China) Limited. Delphi
Automotive Systems China, Beijing Office Chief Representative; Beijing Delphi
Automotive Systems Technology Development Co., Ltd. General Manager. Delphi
Automotive Systems China, corporate training director. No later than the incumbent,
Mr. Kai Jun: Society of Automotive Engineering of China Knowledge Centre Liuzhou
Wuling Automobile Co. corporate culture consultant. Torch Investment Co., Ltd.
corporate culture consultant. 103 Plant Culture aviation industry consultant.