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Hubei University of secondary vocational schools in the 2010 School Teachers


									Hubei University of secondary vocational schools in the 2010 School Teachers
First, enrollment quota for the professional and
2010 Secondary School Teachers vocational school enrollment for each profession are
Recruitment Professional:
   Vocational and Technical Education (Professional Code: 040108): Vocational and
Technical Education, Vocational and Technical Education and the local economy,
vocational training and employment, and more vocational and technical education.
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation (Professional code: 080 201): Advanced
manufacturing technology and equipment, intelligent manufacturing and control,
digital manufacturing and network manufacturing, information technology and
automation of manufacturing processes.
Art Design (Professional Code: 050404): industrial design, graphic design,
environmental design, decorative art and design, advertising, animation.
Computer Application Technology (Professional Code: 081203): computer networks,
information security, software, and application of theory, computer simulation,
computer image processing, computer control of the direction, educational
management, educational technology.
Second, recruit Conditions
July 31, 2007 National Education series of undergraduate or graduate with a diploma
degree or above (usually due degree certificate), in secondary vocational schools
teaching in two years, teaching a high level, and have some research capacity
in-service teachers; or July 31, 2007 National Education series of undergraduate or
graduate with a diploma degree or above (usually due degree certificate), at the
provincial, prefectural, municipal Department of Vocational Education (Institute)
engaged in teaching and research for more than 3 years the work of researchers.
Satisfied the eligibility requirements of staff, qualification review form completed by
the unit personnel department recommendation.
3, Registration
Candidates should be prepared before the application documents and relevant
information, such as valid ID, photo, degree (education) certificate, applied for
accreditation materials.
Exam Registration sub-line registration and on-site registration in two stages. Online
registration time for the July 1 ~ 10, the specific school at our school will be
announced in time on the home page. Registration examination in Hubei Province,
applicants within the stipulated time, the Internet registry examination of Hubei
Province Education website, (Website:, fill in as required, to
submit registration information, candidate on-line successful registration, the system
will automatically generate "master's degree in 2010 serving
officers qualification table."
On-site registration hours on July 10 ~ 12.
Applicants with a valid identity documents, photos, education, degree certificates, and
online registration number, to the Graduate Department of Hubei University of
qualification examination, photography, confirm registration. In the enrolled
candidates outside the province, the designated units in the qualification test center,
photography to confirm the registration information.
Candidates can choose to register for the test of Hubei Province, also in the work unit
where candidates register for the test designated place, specific circumstances may
consult the following website (
Master's degree in secondary vocational school teachers in-service code
4, test subjects and forms
School Teacher of MA examination subjects as political theory, a master's
degree graduate admission examination (English name Granduate Candidate Test,
referred to as "GCT"), basic course, a total of three. Another
interview arranged by the University.
"GCT" examination by the National Unity, the main test the
overall quality candidates. Candidates obtained "GCT"
performance that year. "GCT" paper consists of four parts:
language proficiency, math proficiency test, logical reasoning test, Foreign Language
(school       enrollment     for      English      language)      proficiency      test.
"GCT" papers out of 400 points each 100 points for each part of
the examination time is 3 hours. "GCT" Proposition
"Master Graduate Examination Guide" (Science Press).
Political theory proposition by the University itself, a separate organization of the
examination, time to make their own arrangements by the University.
Basic course on their own by the University propositions. Basic course a paper, out of
150 points, the examination time 3 hours; questions to cover a subject of basic theory
and basic knowledge.
5, the examination time
National exam time and test time basic course on Oct. 31, 2010 -11 1st. Political
theory and interview time to arrange by the University. Candidates may exam week to
the website of Hubei Province Education Examination admission ticket that enable
the formal admission ticket in exchange for admission ticket to the examination room.
6, taking work
Admission by the self-organizing our school, admission standards designated by the
University itself. Our school entrance examination under the examination and related
test scores merit.
7, culture, degree-granting
Master's degree in secondary vocational school teachers graduate admitted,
according to our school teachers in vocational school in-service training of graduate
students studying for a master's degree program in teaching and training, to
focus on teaching and learning of the manner, time for 3 years. After completing the
credit hours students enter the dissertation stage, the main subject of the paper work
from the students I actually issues. Reply passed, granting a master's
degree students.
8, outstanding issues will be timely in Hubei University Graduate Office website
(URL: released, please pay close attention to candidates.

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