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									How to plan their
Guiding theory:

1, target the importance of:

There are two hundred people know their life to what, and have a viable plan,
effective implementation, they are the industry leader. There is no lazy people, only a
lack of goals, and if the lack of goals will be lazy.

No matter how a person's age, his real life is to set goals from the
beginning, before it is just beating about the bush.

Whether in work, study, living, interpersonal relationships, must have clear objectives.
Why do some people broad-minded because he has clear goals, getting in the way of
my big goals, the other is the ability to understanding and tolerance.

"With the goal, only to find the inner strength of the direction, bewildered
and aimless wanderer will get lost after all, your heart really tall priceless gold, but
also the end for not mining the same as with ordinary dust." A person no
matter what age he is now, the real goal of life is beginning to set, just beating about
the bush before it.

What kind of goals you have what looks like life, 98% of the world's
people without a mind like a clear picture of the world, they do not improve their life
goals, life goals can not be used to flog themselves, the results They continue to live
in a world of their intention to change.

"A common goal in mind with staff, will be making history of a great man;
one goal in mind no one, can only be a remarkable staff." --------- Trading
giant JC Binney

In 1953, Yale University, graduating university students on a survey: students
surveyed, only 3% of people want to reach for their goals in life have a very clear plan,
and write them down.

Steps include; 1 Why should we achieve this goal. 2 to achieve this goal may
encounter difficulties. 3 needs and those persons, groups and organizations. 4 and to
achieve this objective requires knowledge, action plans, implementation date. 27
years later, he made a survey and found that 3% of student achievement is far more
than 97% of the people.

Concept of operations with the excellence of your business life a success, judging
accurate planning that can make life full of happiness and victory over the
encroaching void. Get rid of meaningless life, determine the correct course of life, the
road to success compass firmly by the hands of their own, personal training, planning
self-fulfilling way of life is the most urgent task.

3 Orientation:

Into how much things have much intention. To what kind of career success, a few do
what the intention and plans, such as technology, management, scientific research in
different fields of development planning to be different, different development paths.

If the depth of learning technologies, I will become an expert; in the study of physical
health, I will become a health consultant; study of banking and finance, will become a
financial expert.

However, I created a huge business, political capital, achievement of historical people
of influence and control one or more different areas of business, political, military. I
am by no means an ordinary, small asset class, to act with a general style, the style of
great courage and generous, with the emperor's courage and determination.
An ambitious program to form in my mind, for this long-term goals, seriously.

Development strategies, such as Microsoft have thousands of strategic positioning is
to adapt to changes in the environment; Masayoshi Son, Softbank Group to create a
business in the beginning of the road only, but also a clear business orientation.

3, the implementation strategy:

Plan to achieve in life is not necessarily in one step, perhaps to go a lot of detours,
ancient words "Quxianjiuguo" is justified. If you can first solve
the basic living guarantee of employment, study and practice the same time, saving
power, "the first king after the emperor," this principle is to
guide and application.

And then develop their own organizations to achieve economic and political status, or
run into the political field, economic status must have a corresponding political status,
the reason to adapt to any age, even more prominent in China's future.

President do not have to own a country, develop a business as well, such as the
creation of gene empire is built on the basis of other people out of their careers

Event need sighted, "Three Kingdoms" in talking about Liu Bei
ambition     was     "Chung     Hsing      Han     Dynasty,"
"Chengjiubaye," but the lack of correct decisions, always
blocked, like Sangjiazhiquan nowhere to become a reality, but with Zhuge
Liang's Long in the decision-making, while there Zhuge Liang's
powerful facts, no worries at all.

While recognizing that my life should have a global system of logistics planning,
multi-factor model may be considered, emphasis on the overall optimization of the
method, man without thought, than to have close at hand, see far, see through, only to
cause gradually developed.

Recent goals, with the basic skills, experience ...... be possible to achieve long-term
goals. Such as "Chengjiubaye" is a short-term goal,
"Chung Hsing Han Dynasty" is the long-term goal, targeting the
highest after In order to develop sub-side. Zhuge Liang done a lot of work,
information collection, analysis of different objects, to make the right decisions, just
out of the wrong implementation.

And how to position my own life, how to achieve my plans, how many ways to
implement my plan, there is no clear plan.

Into what kind of things we should have what kind of thinking, and what kind of road.
At the same time to realize that life's goal is constantly changing, a system
control process.

Such as: the strategic position from Microsoft can be seen, there are many plans to
achieve a moment there is no way or no way to realize their own, so to unite or to be
realistic, only to seize what is true, we should take a pragmatic approach to do
something, but not without imagination and dreams, or you do not go too far there
will not be a big leap.

Goal is to action navigation lights, is the future reality.

Setting goals is to develop critical career planning, is the primary content. Effective

Design requires realistic career goals, in order to remove unnecessary hesitation and

Fully committed goal. With the goal, it is a life fighting for.

Clear your career goals, planning your career plans.

Skill Point 1 to the individual career goals by time


Keywords career planning and management of the design and implementation of
career goals divided by time
Solution objectives

For scenarios when you want your career goals to decompose over time in order to
make clear

View this skill when target selection.

Skills describe

Personal career goals over time can be divided into short-term goals, medium-term
objectives, long-term goals and

Goal in life.

1. Short-term goals

Usually refers to one or two years time

Goal is to medium-term objectives and long-term goals specific, realistic, and
operable, is the most clearly

Objectives. Its main features are:

(1) goals with operational;.

(2) defined a specific completion time;

(3) The objectives of reality to grasp;

(4) subject to medium-term objectives;

(5) target may be their choice, it may be business or superiors, passive access

By the;

(6) goals to adapt to the environment;

(7) goals are realistic.

2. Medium-term objective

Usually three to five years, it is relatively long-term goals to specific, such as
participating in a number of aims to provide
High level of training and obtain certificates and so on. Its features are:

(1) usually associated with long-term goals;

(2) a combination of their own voluntary and business environment and requirements
to set goals;

(3) with a clear quantitative description language;

(4) to assess the possibility of achievement of objectives;

(5) a relatively clear time, and do the appropriate adjustments;

(6) basically meet their own values, confident, willing public.

3. Long-term goals

Time goal of more than five years, it is usually fairly thick, not specific, may be with
the enterprise

Changes in the external situation changes in the design to draw the main outline. Its
main features are:

(1) goal is possible, challenging;

(2) the reality is full of desire;

(3) is consistent with their own values, proud of his choices;

(4) The goal is to carefully chosen, and the combination of social development needs;

(5) does not specify implementation time can be within a certain range;

(6) determined to transform the environment.

4. Goal in life

Refers to the entire life of the development goals, the time for up to 40 years.

In general, short-term goals subordinated medium-term objectives, medium-term
target subject to long-term goals,

Subject to long-term goal of life goal. Specific implementation goals, usually from the
specific, short-term

Target began.

Bearing in mind the points

Personal career goals over time can be divided into:

=> Short-term goals

=> Medium-term objective

=> Long-term goals

=> Life goal

Practical examples

The following is a work in logistics management in 2002, Mr. Zhang

Set career goals, with the goal decomposition clear, in the same direction and has

Strong realizability. Goals include short-term goals, medium-term objectives

And long-term goals.

Goal post: in June 2003 the Company Logistics Manager

June 2004, Senior Logistics Manager Professional

June 2008 Chief Logistics Officer multinational

Outcome goals: June 2003 officially launched third-party logistics project

June 2004 own shares, options, companies

In June 2008 introduced the most advanced countries in logistics, such as the United
States, Japan,

Economic goals: June 2003 1 00 000 annual salary

June 2004 annual salary of 300,000

June 2008 annual salary of 500,000
Practice exercises

Please answer the following questions.

What is your goal in life? When this goal began to take shape? Why set up

Set this goal? You have within the next decade what the specific goals? Five years
from now you will do






2 skill points on how the nature of personal career goals by


Keywords career planning and management of the design and implementation of
career goals by the nature of

Solution objectives

For scenarios when you want according to their own career goals in order to clear the
nature of decomposition made

Target selection, see this skill.

Skills describe

Individual career goals can be classified according to the nature outside the career
goals and career goals inside.

1. Career goals outside the

Mainly focused on the professional process of external mark. It includes: the work of
content objectives,
Objectives of the work environment, income objectives, work location and job goals.
One goal post

Usually specific, such as the general manager, that is responsible for the overall work
of the management, production manager

Manager and other departments or marketing manager is responsible for managing a
department manager. Economic goals

Career goals are things such as plans for the lO million annual salary and so on.

2. Career goals within

Focus on the process of career knowledge, of experience, ideas, capabilities

And feelings. These factors are not given to you by someone else, but you get to own

And grasp. The main include:

(1) the ability to work objectives: such as accessibility to and the higher-level ability
to communicate, organize large-scale

The ability of public relations activities, organizational structure design capability.

(2) improve the psychological quality objectives: The aim of psychological qualities
include the ability to withstand setbacks suffered

To live successfully, courage can do, Rongrubujing. Mental quality through Emotional

Training to improve.

(3) the concept of objectives: the main idea is Duirenduishi attitudes and values.
Concept of goal

That his work has gradually learning what kind of idea or attitude.

(4) the achievements of objectives: is the discovery and application of new
management methods and create new performance

And so on. Results of the work outside their own career goals are, but in the process
of obtaining results of the work to take
Have the knowledge, experience and so are in career goals, emphasized the
achievements of the heart obtained

Harvest and a sense of accomplishment.

Outside the career goals and career goals within the close, which made his career

Promote career development objectives of the development of foreign, external career
development goals within a level can promote

Business students Pai goals.

Bearing in mind the points

Personal career goals by nature can be divided into:

=> External career goals, including: job content objectives

........................ Goal of the work environment

........................ Income target

........................ Workplaces and job goals

=> In career goals, including: the ability to work goals

........................ Improving mental quality objectives

........................ Concept of objectives and achievements of objectives

The following career goal is to develop a marketing manager

, Please read:

Job objectives: Gold Marketing Director

2002 to 2004 Marketing Director

2004 to 2007 competing sought after industry professional managers

Gold medals from 2007 to 2008 Director of Marketing

Capacity goal: to smoothly carry out impromptu speeches clearly;
Calm and clear-cut solution to emergencies;

To its capability to handle coordination of all aspects of the relationship.

Outcome goals: access to the Chinese market sector, "GTA";
can type in the domestic authority of the Journal of Marketing

Material published in their own thoughts and opinions.

Economic goals: the first three years the annual growth rate of 30% annual salary
increment, annual salary in 2008 reached

300 000.

Comments: This set clear career goals, the time coordinate is also very clear, inside
and outside the professional project

Standard such as economic goals, job goals are specific.

Practice exercises

The following goals for the design of a company manager career goals, please click
the nature of their

Target classification:

A. Creation of 1 000 million profit a year:

B. Accessible with the company decision-makers with the ability to communicate;

c. By the end of the establishment of the company's new training
management system;

D. Promoted to director of sales for the end of the vice president;

E. Annual salary of 15 million;

F. The ability to improve their management team;

G. Psychology of learning to master the basic knowledge;

H. Three years with an entrepreneur's overall quality and capacity;
I. Published a book on corporate culture describes the booklet;

J. Ability to grasp the structural design.

Of which: 1. There are career goals within the ------------

...... 2. There are career goals outside ----------------

Reference answer:

1. A, C, D, E, I.

R, F, G, H, J.

3 skill points, how to combine the objectives of the individual

Keywords career planning and management of the design and implementation of
career goals. Goal portfolio

For scenarios when you want the career goals of their combination in order to make a
clear head

Standard selection and effective implementation, see the skills.

Skills describe

Target combination is handling relations between different objectives and effective
measures to target the main mix

To focus on the objectives and the complementary relationship between cause and
effect. A variety of objectives can be time,

Functional and full-on mix, including comprehensive portfolio beyond the scope of

It covers all the activities of life.

1. For a combination of time

Career goals in the time of the portfolio can be divided into two consecutive times and

(1) hand combination is also set to achieve two objectives, or that the existing
building and
Achieved with the current content is not related to career preparation goals. To
establish and achieve their own outside of work

The goal is to be prepared, the performance of long-term vision, requires strong time
management can

Strength and perseverance in learning.

(2) continuous mix, is to achieve a target to go after the next. Continuous while

Order to achieve objectives.

2. The combination of functional

Career goals can be generated in the functional causality and complementarity.

(1) causality portfolio: Typically, in a career is the cause, outside the career

Is the result. Goals such as capacity, will help job goals; job goals

Achieved, will bring the realization of income. Therefore, to achieve causal
combination requires us to

Constantly update their knowledge, establish new concepts, then go to practice, so
that our ability to improve practice

, And job upgrading, outstanding performance, compensation will also increase.

(2) complementary combination: a complementary relationship is the combination of
targets. If a tube

Management staff wants to be a good manager at the same time get MBA certificate,
these two objectives

There is complementarity between the direct effect, the actual management of the
study for the MBA offer after practice

Experience and understanding of, and MBA in learning and to provide for the
practical management theory and methods.

3. Comprehensive portfolio
Combination of the full range of targets is the personal affairs of the balanced career
and family development,

Each other. This requires us to establish career objectives, should consider their own
personal hair

Development, family life and various career aspirations.

Career planning is not a perfect life in the exclusion of other elements, but should the

Living in the establishment of coordination between different goals question.

Bearing in mind the points

=> Objective combinatorial methods are:

=> For a combination of time

=> The combination of functional

=> A combination of all-round

Practical examples

Zhang graduated from college, to a large state-owned enterprises after the work he
began in 2003 when

Waiting for their own series of career development the following objectives:

Post goal: to do large-scale state-owned enterprises within three years, Assistant
General Manager, after five years as a business

College instructor and set up their own business, as managing director.

Capacity goal: proficiency within three years of electronic, electrical and network

Understand and master the communication and computer network technology with the
latest technology related to

Trends, to help lead and manage the enterprise, general manager of the continual
development, becoming the industry with
Name of successful entrepreneurs.

Achievement goals: the completion in two years titled "Business and
corporate environmental reform" issues and


Economic goals: three years salary to 5 million annual salary after five years to reach
80,000 yuan.

Case Comment: From this career goals can be seen in the development of a
comprehensive ambition Zhang,

Both want to become an entrepreneur wants to become an outstanding management
lecturer, this is a very

Combination of good goal. Because when the lecturer is a good summary of the
process of thinking, when the general manager is

A practice. Ability goals, outcome goals and objectives of comparative economic

Practice exercises

Please do the following practice exercises.

If you are a sales manager, how do you know your presence at work

Combination of various objectives? And test examples.




Reference answer:

Sales manager who embodies the two careers: one manager's career, one
sales professionals

Industry, professional staff. Marketing experts to do a good while to become
successful managers, the two
Career goals were not contradictory to the same time.

4 skill points to develop personal career goals to

Keywords career planning and management of the design and implementation of
career goals goal-setting

For scenarios when you want to develop personal career goals, see the skills.

Skills describe

Career goal is the primary content of career planning is a life indicator. With the
objective of

Have a life fighting for. Career development goals, including goals in life, long-term

Medium-term goals and short-term objectives of development.

1. Specific development objectives as follows

(1) self-analysis, mainly of their own profession, personality, temperament and values,

Identify its own characteristics;

(2) in which their internal and external environments, such as social trends, economic
and cultural environment, etc.

Analysis to determine their own position;

(3) According to the above analysis, the selected occupations and career routes, to
determine which North Korea

One direction:

(4) identify career goals, and to write in detail of the target. Is usually the first to set
their own

Objectives and long-term goals in life, then life goals and then break down long-term
goals, according to

Personal experience and the environment in which to develop the appropriate
medium-term goals and short-term goals;
(5) to develop appropriate action plans and implementation measures.

2. Individual long-term career goals and life goals to develop

In most cases, long-term career goals and objectives in life fairly thick, not specific,

With the internal, external situation change, so in the development of the times in
order to sketch the main outlines.

Specific precautions are:

(1) goal in life, long-term goal should be ambitious as possible, but do not require
specific and detailed;

(2) to meet the needs of the working environment;

(3) Subject to the basis of their values, and social development needs;

(4) Looking to the future, suggesting a possible career advancement.

3. Short-term goals and medium-term development goals

In selected long-term goal, the specific, realistic, operable to form Hsu

Number of medium-term goals and short-term objectives. Long-term goals,
medium-term objectives and short-term goal of organic connection Bo

Formed a system of individual career goals.

(1) short-term goal must be clear, clear, realistic and feasible:

If you expect to complete the cause of the short term, there are clear and complete
concept, this / 1

Short-term goal of making the almost complete.

(2) A short-term goals set out goals and ability goals;

(3) medium-term target setting in a relatively clear time and language requirements;

(4) the value of the medium-term goal should be both encouraging, but also realistic.
4. In determining the objectives of the process should pay attention to the problems

(1) target to meet the needs of society and organizations;

(2) target to meet its own characteristics, and to build upon their strengths:

(3) to lofty goals, but must not aim too high;

(4) target range should not be too wide;

(5) Note that long-term goals and short-term goal of asking combination.

Of course, in the development of long-term life goals and objectives, to consider some
factors and their community

Will be factors, but medium-term goals and short-term objectives, will have to take
greater account of organizational factors. Through

Short-term objectives through the development of individuals, medium-term
objectives and long-term goal, it formed a complete personal projects

Standard system development.

Bearing in mind the points

Goal setting steps are:

=> Self-analysis

=> Internal and external environment

=> Selected occupations and career routes

=> Identify career goals

=> Develop appropriate action plans and implementation measures

Practical examples

A graduate of a college graduate a small human resources management, the face of
increased competition for jobs and careers

Is becoming increasingly difficult situation, he analyzed their own situation: having
participated in three years, and he already has
Rich experience; in graduate school, he has a human resources consulting firm in
part-time, in Feng

Rich professional knowledge and application of the same time, greatly enhance their

The development of career goals are as follows:

In July 2003 after graduating to a larger company or to the Human Resources
Assistant Manager candidates

Human Resources Manager applicants mid-sized, so that he can better play its own
advantages, so that the

To achieve barrier-free communication and formal occasions, the size of things to take
into account, the annual salary in the economy to achieve the target 5

10000; five years later, in 2008, when, in his position to become a large
company's human resources director,

Have a good team spirit and ability to effectively manage the team, the annual salary
reached 80,000 yuan.

Practice exercises

Please do the following practice exercises.

Combined with their own situation, develop a period of 3 years of medium-term

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