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									How to define mind mapping
How to define mind mapping
In layman's terms, mind mapping is a simple, effective and beautiful tool
of thinking. It is based on the concept of whole brain, according to the law of the
brain's own thinking, full mobilization of left-brain logic, order, ordinances,
words, numbers, and right-brain images, imagination, color, space, holistic thinking,
the brain potential to the fullest development, greatly to explore people's
memory, creativity, physical, language, mental, social and other aspects of the
Mind map since its inception, has been widely used in study, work, all aspects of life,
its success in helping the world's 250 million people to change the life,
known as the 21st century global thinking tool. Plans, manage projects, interpersonal
communication, organizational activities, analyze problems, writing papers, preparing
lectures, examinations and so on can review the Mind Map to address. Specifically,
this: a piece of paper all the information organization in a tree structure diagram, each
branch are written on different concepts of keywords or phrases, the concept of
classification and a level of each distributed map, which map has full color images.
This is the way the brain's own work, thus stimulating the left brain and
right brain simultaneously, people in thinking, memory, analysis, fully tap their
potential to stimulate inspiration and imagination.
   Mind mapping companies and organizations: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,
Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, General Motors, Xerox, 3M, Minnesota Mining &
Manufacturing Company, British Petroleum, British Telecom, Johnson &
Johnson, Kuwait Oil Company, HSBC, Goldman Sachs , JP Morgan, bakole
investment banks, such as Encyclopedia Britannica are promoting the use of it to
improve efficiency.
Mind Mapping in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Singapore and
other countries also have wide application in the field of education, improve teaching
effectiveness in remarkable success.
Mind Mapping (Mind Mapping) is the divergent thinking (Radiant Thinking) specific
methods. Divergent thinking (Radiant Thinking) is the natural way of thinking the
human brain, each of the information into the brain, whether feeling, memory or
thought, including text, numbers, symbols, food, fragrance, line, color, image, rhythm,
notes, etc., can be a thinking center, and thus the center outward divergence of the
tens of thousands of hooks, each hook on behalf of a link with the central theme, and
each link can be of another center theme, and then diverges from thousands of hooks
out ... ... the hook link can be viewed as your memory, that is your personal database.
Humans from birth, began to accumulate such a large and complex databases,
amazing storage capacity of the brain so that we have accumulated a large amount of
information, through mind mapping (Mind Mapping) of divergent thinking (Radiant
Thinking) method, in addition to speed up the accumulation of information volume,
the greater will be the relationship between the data based on hierarchical
classification of management, making information storage, management and
systematic Er Zengjia based applications Gengyou brain Yunzuo the Xiaoshuai. At the
same time, mind mapping (Mind Mapping) use of left and right brain functions,
through color, image, symbol use, can improve our memory, enhance our creativity.
Mind mapping to provide an effective tool for both the use of graphic techniques,
opening the unlimited potential of the human brain. It is full use of left and right brain
functions to help people in the science and art, balanced development between logic
and imagination. Recently, the complete logic Mind Map structure and method of
whole brain thinking is more widely used in learning and work, etc., greatly reduce
the time involved, for performance improvement, production can not ignore the effect.
In short, mind mapping is:
1, a scientific and effective learning;
2, an advanced method of notes; method.
3, the authority of an expert portrait of the recommended accelerated learning
4, world-class brain star, multinational executives and widespread use of learning and
Mind Map applications: whether it is personal life or in work and study, you can use
mind maps to help you inspire imagination and creativity, and improve efficiency.
As individuals: development planning, arranging weekend, interpersonal
communication, family financial management, etc.;
As learners: improve memory, preparing reports and papers, good practices notes,
review quiz, stimulate imagination;
As a professional person: planning, effective communication, managing projects,
organizing meetings, preparing talks, should the interview, the mind
Mind mapping can help you: get a large panorama of the subject; plan your path and
move forward to make choices, to know where you are going and where you are now;
to acquire and master the vast amounts of information; creative problem solving;
enjoy reading, analysis and the meditation of joy; also grasp the overall situation and
details; become highly effective people
Mind mapping companies and organizations: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,
Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, General Motors, Xerox, 3M, Minnesota Mining &
Manufacturing Company, British Petroleum, British Telecom, Johnson &
Johnson, Kuwait Oil Company, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, bakole
investment banking, Encyclopedia Britannica, Scotland Yard ... ...
Mind Map in the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and other state
education Ling Yu also has extensive application in the teaching effect 提高 with
remarkable success.
Why do we need, "Mind Map"?
How often do you encounter such a situation:
As a student, you feel tense study, although the three-shift from sleep before dawn, or
the results do not increase;
Entering the workplace, at a loss, in the face of fierce competition in the workplace
feel powerless;
Middle-aged, career, family, life, one less. Varies inside, hard to maintain
Is your ability to not enough? Or bad for your brain to make?
Not! Your brain is a sleeping giant, psychologists tell us: ordinary people in their lives
and only then with 4% -6% of the brain potentials. Most of our brain's
potential still dormant!
There is a way to make giant emergence, this is the "Mind Map"
that can help you:
Climbing Yuan Wang, chest panoramic
Well-planned, decisive decision-making
Information-rich, Si as Quan-Yong
Divergent thinking, unconventional
Overall situation, to grasp the details of
Ease and enjoy life
What areas can be applied to "Mind Map"?
Mind Mapping can be used for work and life involved in learning and thinking
As individuals: planning, project management, communication, organization, analysis
and problem solving
As learners: memory, notes, write reports, write papers, do lectures, exams, think,
As a professional who: plan, communication, project management, organization,
meetings, training, talks, interviews

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