How to break out in China

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					How to break out in China

How to create a Chinese in China? Faced with this topic, attend the Summer Davos
forum guests who showed most interest. September 6 to 8, when the APEC summit in
Sydney in the southern hemisphere to find the world's economic future on
the road to Davos in Dalian are in the northern hemisphere glued to "Made
in China" the world economy a great engine.

Innovation: Technical and institutional wheel drive

"Over the last 30 years, China added more than 1,300 people each year.
This means that the Government has the responsibility to more than a year and create
800 million jobs. And this is the transfer of world manufacturing in China to
undertake a major reason." Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang
changed the subject, "but because of energy, resources and environment
carrying capacity and other constraints, through scientific and technological progress
across the extensive stage in China, has become an urgent task."

Wan Gang said that the Ministry of Science has adopted the "Science and
Technology Progress Law" and other related laws and regulations or
specific provisions to promote the creation of Chinese-made changes to the Chinese.
The Ministry of Science and in the application of science and technology's
role to promote industrial upgrading, not only in nano-, bio-medicine, solar fuel cells
and other cutting-edge high-tech research and development applications, also in the
transformation of the traditional craft of innovation.

"Courage to take responsibility for reconstruction, improve existing
manufacturing processes, technology upgrading, more intensive use of raw materials,
the establishment of circular economy, optimizing industrial structure, is made in
China must go through stages of growth." Wan Gang said.

In response, Mayor of Xi'an Chen Baogen added that technological
innovation is important, but the most important institutional innovation. The private
economy is currently the most viable national economy of active force, However, if
we run Qiyebuduan developed and grown strong Bixutongguo mechanism innovation,
the entrepreneurial wealth creation and Shi Xian Qi life value of the goals.
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Back in the early 80s of last century, Chen Baogen Baoji served as director of a pilot
plant within the joint-stock enterprises to explore. In his view, the workers
consciousness for the promotion of production, quality assurance role is limited, and
assign tasks, set targets and incentives will reward and punishment and other interests
of the workers is to mobilize the enthusiasm of an effective way. Similarly, through
institutional innovation, both short-and long-term private interests of corporate goals,
no doubt made in China to achieve industrial upgrading and to stimulate
entrepreneurial power of good policy.

Quality: the dual constraint of the rule of law and morality

Fred Hu, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Asia-Pacific manufacturing to China
is more concerned about the lack of the external environment. He believes that,
although the vast majority of inexpensive Chinese products, but from time to time
exposure of product quality and safety are often restricted in China's global
reputation. "In the natural pursuit of profit enterprise under the premise of
how the Government legislative, regulatory and consumer, media monitoring the level
of leak detection system to fill a vacancy, is extensive across the stage in
China's important to prepare the external environment."

"In the United States, the Consumers Association has a very powerful force.
To be different, the U.S. consumer association can be established not only the
consumer alliance against shoddy products, and more importantly, it has a powerful
lobbying ability, you can urge Congress to pass legislation, from system level,
elimination of fake and inferior living conditions of business. "Fred Hu
believes that forcing business operators within the individual and corporate
self-restraint, the greater emphasis on business ethics. Manufacturing in China has
experienced rapid growth over the past 15 years, and primitive accumulation, not only
of industrial upgrading, the entrepreneurs of business ethics should be greatly

As for China's manufacturing restructuring costs, less competitive and may
even lead to concerns about the transfer of industries, Fred, do not think it is difficult.
"Industrial transfer is normal. After 30 years of rapid development, the
status of Chinese-made international division of labor which should be Yousuogaibian.
Erzhizaoye and the environment, resources, Deng Ye Bing Fei Wanquanduili
contradictions, such as through price subsidies or tax Jingji policy, China
manufacturing and environmental protection can complement each other.
"Hu cited the example of Changsha Broad Air Conditioning, said, through
energy saving, emissions continue to develop and improve the quality of Broad Air
Conditioning did not have to say, naturally has the highest global market similar
products price.

Image: to fully communicate to eliminate misunderstandings
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Manufactured in China face quality problems and product recall difficulties, the
parties of the consultation of experts to judge, as a matter of opinion.

"Last year there were 30 from similar problems, have not seen such a large
scale were reported. 20 cases this year, this is not what the Western media
hype?" Qian Yingyi, Dean of Tsinghua SEM little "shield their

Fred Hu, however, think this is a crisis in China the opportunity of a good time.
"China and the United States, the EU is not a simple trade conflicts, more
than speculation, if this time, the Government will attach great importance to the
establishment of a sound high standard, safe and reliable quality inspection system,
which will become a Chinese manufacturer and a major Chinese consumers blessing.

"As long as attention, these problems certainly will not cure."
United Nations Economic and Social Affairs, the Deputy Secretary-General Sha
Zukang stressed that "although Vietnam, India and other developing
countries the manufacturing sector are growing rapidly, but the Chinese production
plant Ji Chu Hao, Tong Guo technological innovation, better conditions in China as
early as possible to mature. "

Sha said in its analysis, the domestic laws, usually monitoring the Jiaoyu enterprises
and consumers are important, but China's Zheng Ti manufacturing and
external imbalances also need to improve communication skills. "Some
Chinese enterprises have done well, some not enough, it can learn from each other by
internal communication with each other; in international trade, Chinese enterprises
confidant enough, know the enemy and less, so the Western media, a large number of
untrue reports are due to misunderstanding generated, which the Chinese
manufacturer of vision and language of international communication skills no doubt
put a higher demand. "
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