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Higher Education


									Higher Education
"Higher Education" (half-monthly) is the national Ministry of
Education the only higher education guidance, comprehensive journal, the Ministry of
Education and the Business Division and the important link between universities and
the bridge of communication, its predecessor was founded in 1965, reopened in 1982,
"Higher Education front", in 1986 officially changed its name to
"Chinese higher education," Comrade Chen Yun wrote the title.
"Higher Education in China" has always adhered to the correct
guidance of public opinion, with the times, the central government in a timely and
accurate, and relevant policies in the Ministry of Education and work arrangements,
while the depth of coverage sought to localities and Reform and the Development of
new ideas, new initiatives , reflecting the focus of attention of the teachers and
students, and difficult problems, become full-caliber work to understand higher
education policies in different periods, rational exploration and new ideas, new
experiences and an important window.
  ?Main Forum section: figure style, technology and industry, places of worship angle,
Opinion articles, textbook reform and building the new century, the window of
foreign higher education, information, Ji Cui.
"Higher Education" magazine is a fortnightly, color cover, 16
Folio, 48 pages, domestic and international public offering, each Price: 4.00 yuan, the
annual Price: 96.00 yuan, post offices across the country can subscribe.
ISSN 1002-4417
CN 11-1200/G4
Youfadaihao 2-268
Year Founded: 1965
  ?National formal journal provincial, national, core journals, fast writing on behalf of
the various titles of papers issued academic standing.
Partners: Domestic Issues with double the official public offering periodical
Involved in accounting, economics, management, social sciences, education, medicine
and architecture.
Services: letter issued on behalf of various educational, accounting, financial
Building Science and Industry and other papers. Provide a variety of legal journals
online consultation.
Paper Type: MBA, MPA paper, chemical, biological, agricultural, financial,
Economics, management, investment, education, electronics, communications, history,
accounting, philosophy,
Computer, law, architecture, medicine; title, specialty, undergraduate,
master's thesis.
Service: cooperation in good faith to do the first time, according to credit for your
second service.
Online QQ: 1344794335 Contact: Miss Zhang
Tel :027-62869169
Contributors E-mail: welcome you consult Submission!
Articles published work network to serve you!
Note: About the paper back to be labeled and detailed mailing address,
Contact telephone number, formatted as follows:
Name (date of birth -), sex, place of origin, education, job title, research direction,
Mailing address format is as follows: × × × × City Province County, × × × × × × Road
No. + Name,
Postal code, telephone.
For more information, please contact
We will respond promptly to answer!
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her friends look @
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non-site, please, do not deceived.

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