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					Happy Birthday
Hot weather is good, ah, do not know when my mother did with me if the weather is
now such a ghost, can imagine 33 years ago, no air conditioning, no private cars, no
Yuesao, no great wealth of material, and no more than N things, particularly the
mother has no mother.
So whatever, I should be grateful (and perhaps a bit too light, the word's
not enough) my mum, very hard to take me to this world, very hard for me to support
large, is still very hard to help me with my Niuzai.
Two days, have many friends as I wish, many of my friends gave me a lot of concern,
I think the greatest joy than this was.
Cherish life, cherish life, so that my every day life is meaningful -
33 years old, almost the middle of the more deeply I understand the meaning of this
What do you want? This is a lot of people give me the most recent issue, which I
repeatedly asked myself a question.
Prior to this year's birthday seem to know better I live, the answer seems to
have recently become increasingly clear - you!
Yes, I am sure that I want is happiness. Very simple words, but really want to get may
not be easy.
Complicated life, mediocre work, the husband failed to make big money ... ... seems
all the factors that make people unhappy,
But the real reason people are not happy that I have not a heart of wisdom, a drop of
the heart, a normal heart.
So when I have a lot of confusion, there is anxiety; So many times I have fear, there is
hesitation; so I have complained many times, there are many, many satisfied ... ...
These days, could not sleep, could not eat, heart in always review
Mom said: no big deal, people like to be a unremarkable, and as long as you happy
The key moment in my life, I do not have much of this culture, retired mother has
been for many years (though usually only concerned with the free market price
fluctuations as well as major supermarket discount information) there are always give
me the greatest spiritual power and psychological comfort .
Thank you ah, my mother!
I will be cheering! I believe I will happy!