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									          CVAR Racing News

                                                                                                The Corinthian Pledge
            “As Corinthians, we are ladies and gentlemen who support and race vintage automobiles.
      We are dedicated to high standards of safety, conduct, and ethics. We share a love of cars authentically
              prepared. We compete for the satisfaction of racing vintage cars, not for the glory.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Janett Revennaugh - ready to race
                     BUT …..
                                                                                          IN THIS NEWSLETTER
                                                                              Photos courtesy of BIRDSEYE Photography, Hallett
                                                I invite all to submit photos and articles of interest for insertion into OUR Newsletter.

Contact Information …………………………………………. . Page 2                                                                                          Ladies of Vintage Racing ….…………...…………………… Page 6
Winners Circle    ……………………………………………. Page 3                                                                                             By-Laws Part 2 .…….…………….…...………....…..…...… Page 8
President‟s Report .………………………………….……… Page 4                                                                                            Sprite Prototypes Return to Sebring ...…….……………..……. Page 9
Chief Stewards Report.…….…………………….………...…. Page 4                                                                                       Championship Points …………………………………………. Pg 10-11
Safety Report…………..……………………….…………….. Page 5                                                                                             Ad and Sponsors ……………………………………..…...…… Pg 14-15

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Vol. 3 No. 2                                                                                                                                                                         May 2010
  2                                                                                   CVAR Racing News                                                                                                 March 2010

                               Contact Information and the “Fine Print”

                                                                             Officers & Board Members:
             President                                               George Curl                                    817-228-2140                   
             VP/Chief Steward                                        Greg Reynolds                                                                 ,
             Treasurer                                               John Gaudette                                  281-989-7078                   
             Secretary                                               Don Gwynne                                     817-925-3904.                  
             Technical Inspection                                    David Griffith                                                                
             CVAR Membership                                         Herb Hilton                                    936-448-6879                   
             Race Registration                                       Lisette Strandh                                                               
             Authenticity                                            Roy Allen                                                                               Rallen@Symons.Com
             A/L Board Member thru 2010                              John Fersthand                                                                
             A/L Board Member thru 2011                              Harold Pace                                    817-341-4655 (night)           
             A/L Board Member thru 2012                              Charles Jones.
             Asst Chief Steward/Safety      Pete Thompson                                 
             Safety Chairman                Grover Maurer                 972-370-2448    
                Assistant                   Seth Higgins                                  
                Assistant                   Bill Hill                                     
             Car Numbers                    David Littlefield*            281-235-2467    
             Regulations & Car Classification; Preparation Rules; Eligibility; Group Classification
                Chief                       Roy Allen*                                              Rallen@Symons.Com
                Assistant                   Rob Newton                                    
                Assistant                   Harold Pace*                  817-341-4655 (night)
             Chief Instructor               George Curl*                  817-228-2140    
             Corner Workers                 Sam Heumann                                   
             Timing and Scoring             Sophia Hutchens & Shelly Robinson
             Newsletter Ed & Publisher      Jim Yule                      817-523-5306    
                Asst ED & Photos            Don Gwynne*                                   
                Photos                      Wayne Hill                                    
                Ad Coordinator              Open
                Distribution                Art Summerville                               
             Championship Points            Roy Allen*                                              Rallen@Symons.Com

                                                                                 Race Group Representatives
             Group 1                                                 Seth Higgins                                                                  
                                                                     Todd Zelinski                                                                 
             Group 2                                                 Steve Coleman
             Group 3                                                 Mike Callahan                                                                 
             Group 4                                                 Mike Orlie                                                                    
             Group 5                                                 George Curl*                                   817-228-2140                   
             Group 6                                                 Edward Copley                                                                 
             Group 7                                                 Steve Cole                                                                    

                                          Note: * = Board Member                             For Member Ads, Corrections & Additions contact the editor.

                                                                           members. Free ads cannot be repeated automatically, but will be             authors of published articles are those of the writers and not necessar-
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CVAR Racing News is the official publication of the Corinthian
                                                                           rial for the newsletter is no later than the event race date for publica-   general information only. Any repairs or mechanical advice must be
Vintage Auto Racing Corp (CVAR) and remains the property of
                                                                           tion in the following issue. Please submit all material to the editor.      verified and confirmed by a professional that is qualified to work on
CVAR. Published after each race and as needed, material is actively
                                                                           Material is accepted in any format, written or by electronic means.         you the particular car. The CVAR, Board Members, or Newsletter
solicited for the newsletter. Every effort will be made to use appropri-
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ate material from the membership. Unsolicited material from non-
                                                                           item might be of interest to the membership. Sponsors may submit a          technical information. Any information in this newsletter may be
members is also encouraged. The editor reserves the right to edit for
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length and appropriateness. No placement of material is guaranteed.
                                                                           contacting the Ad Coordinator. Opinions or statement made by the            proper credit is given to the author and CVAR.
Classified ads, of modest length, will be accepted free of charge from
3                                                  CVAR Racing News                                                  March 2010

                           Winner‟s Circle

                             Vintage Racing
                                       what it really signifies
                                                     By Alexander Brussich

     This past fall, CVAR member and Gp 6 Driver Al posted this on the Yahoo Group site.
              It gives an excellent perspective of what Vintage Racing is all about.

        With the fall season of our area Vintage racing se-     for a moment or two of reflection on the whole effort
    ries about to start back up I started thinking about the    and where it fell in the grand scheme of things. Don't
    term "Vintage Racing" and what it                                         know about the rest of you, but as I get
    really signifies, at least to my warped                                   older the sit down and reflect action seems
    way of thinking.                                                          to be a more common occurrence than in
        The last two or three weekends saw                                    the past. There never seemed to be enough
    a fairly good amount of time spent in                                     time for that, nor a need as there was al-
    my hot and steamy garage working to                                       ways another crisis or subject requiring
    get the 61 ready for the upcoming Sep-                                    urgent attention, right on the heels of the
    tember race at Texas World Speedway.                                      last endeavor. That sense of urgency just
        Fortunately the work required was                                     does not seem to apply to as many things
    mostly of a maintenance nature as op-                                     as it did before.
    posed to the wicked gremlin hunts of                Al Brussich               All part of the vintage process I guess
    the previous seasons which made it a                                      and to a degree the focal point of this mis-
    far more enjoyable, and as I refer to it, a therapeutic     cellaneous and rambling dissertation.
    adventure in automotive upkeep.                                 While I was sitting there admiring my handiwork I
        The difference being that the amount of obscenities, started to think about the term "Vintage Racing" and
    tools and sweaty rags being flung about the garage          what it really meant to me. At first my thoughts were
    were significantly less, to the point where the parish-     random and disjointed, much like most of my writings,
    ioners at the small Pentacostal church across the street but amazingly with each successive brew a clearer im-
    were no longer holding remote exorcisms in my honor, age or concept started to come to mind.
    and the blood letting was down to only a drop or two as         Vintage racing is not just about a bunch of old race
    opposed to the quarts shed during an earlier Esprit ra-     cars having a last go of it before being laid to rest in
    diator re-install and manifold removal project. And, at some collectors garage or, for the less fortunate, local
    the end of the day, I felt good about what had been ac- scrap heap or spare parts bin. It's also about the mind
    complished and walked away with an eager anticipation set of those involved and the experiences garnered from
    of getting back into the race suit and out onto the track. the various meets and occasions held.
        At the end of the final day of tuning and adjusting I       There is a great feeling one gets when their efforts
    pulled out a lawn chair, opened a cool one and sat down                                                (Continued on page 7)
  4                                             CVAR Racing News                                                        December 2009

                                         FROM THE PREZ
          The best laid plans of mice and                By now you may have heard that or by phone 713-822-
men often go astray. Hallett was moved         David Littlefield, long time MG racer and        7166.
three weeks forward this year to avoid any     CVAR registrar, has been transferred to                    Start planning your 2011 season.
chance of snow. OK. No snow, but heavy         Raleigh, N.C. David mid-wifed CVAR‟s             We already have a “Gathering of the Clan
rains took its place. So much for planning.    on-line registration program, working tire-      II” scheduled for November 2011. That
Our second race weekend running Hallett        lessly with DLB Racing‟s software pro-           will bring a number of Allards back for a
clockwise presented no special problems,       grammers to iron out problems, and served        return visit to TWS. There is another big
unless you ran out of power going uphill.      on the Board of Directors. As a board            event planned for ECR in May. More on
Hallett clockwise gives us what amounts        member he always looked out for the well         that after the May board meeting. The
to a new track at a familiar venue. Of         being of CVAR and our members. David             2011 schedule will be published in the
course in the rain, going off course gave      worked hard on the board, researching            June newsletter.
some of us a new definition of stuck. (It      members‟ questions and change proposals                    Speaking of ECR, there will be a
took 3 hours to clean out my MGB. I had        thoroughly, and helped keep the CVAR             town hall meeting Friday night in the club
mud in places I didn‟t even know existed.)     ship upright and on course. We will surely       house. It is NOT a board meeting, but it
          David Hopkins filled in for Greg     miss him. Godspeed David, and enjoy              will give you another opportunity to give
Reynolds as Chief Steward, and did a           being 90 miles from VIR.                         input to the board of directors. All are wel-
great job. Not a beat was missed.. Great       Taking David‟s place as registrar is a face      come to say their piece. Our by-laws do
job, David. Thanks. That is what happens       you all know. Please welcome Lisette             not allow the board to vote on any issues
when we have a great cadre of dedicated        Strandh. You know her as the friendly face       at this meeting, but your input helps guide
workers.                                       when you show up to grid. Always ready           CVAR.
          Scott and Connie Stephens outdid     with a smile (and in the heat or rain, an                  ECR is just around the corner.
themselves with Hallett‟s famous hospital-     umbrella), Lisette brings a wealth of com-       Get registered, reserve a covered paddock
ity. Friendly is the word of the day there.    puter and programming knowledge and              through ECR and let‟s have another great
Saturday‟s dinner was the best we have         has already been shadowing David to learn        event.
ever had. Plenty to eat, good company and      the registration job. Her positive “can-do”
lots of bench racing. The party alone was      attitude assures a smooth transition.
worth the trip.                                Lisette‟s contact information is:

                          CHIEF STEWARD‟s REPORT
                                                By Greg Reynolds, Chief Steward

       I filled in for Greg Reynolds on this    on slicks!                                      proved to be over-reactive. Running
 event and it was most enjoyable, in part            On Saturday we split G7 and inte-          clockwise did give the drivers an entirely
 I‟m sure, because I like Hallett.              grated them into G1 and G2. This al-            new course to learn. It also gave many
       There is something special about Hal-    lowed us to optimize the schedule and           drivers the chance to consider the gears in
 lett. While CVAR is generally known to         provide longer sessions while still finish-     their gearboxes as they made that long
 have a laid-back and friendly atmosphere,      ing at our normal time. We kept G7 inte-        steep climb up from turn 3 (yes the same
 in my mind Hallett really amplifies this       grated on Sunday and ran normal length          as regular 3, we didn‟t re-number the cor-
 trait. So while the weather was not record     sessions; this allowed us to wrap up the        ners for this event).
 setting as it was last spring, it was not      event ahead of time to the benefit of those          It was a rather safe weekend despite
 pleasant and yet we all managed to have a      with that long tow home. Integrating G7         the rain and slick and the spins. 5 cars
 good time.                                     also provided for some lively action out        found a tire wall but 2 were left un-
       We started with 85 entries but the       on the track. Apparently Hoosier dirt           marked! Dinner on Saturday was first-
 cold and wet conditions caused a number        track tires make excellent rain tires – my      rate as was the hospitality of the Stephens.
 of entrants to resign from the racing. We      hat is off to you Mr. 08 yellow Alfa.           We look forward to the 1st of October
 were caught in the outermost rain bands             Oh yeah, we ran the track clockwise        when CVAR returns to Hallett.
 that drowned north Texas all weekend.          (backwards to some). Despite the appre-         Cheers,
 This started us off with mist and a slick      hension of several drivers at first, it         D. Hopkins
 track that began late Friday morning. It       worked out just fine. My own fears con-
 was slick and still we had people still out    cerning the traffic flow in the fast-pit lane
  5                                                    CVAR Racing News                                                       March 2010

                              CVAR SAFETY REPORT
                                                          By Grover Maurer

 CASE STUDY: “The Art Of The Pass”                                                            ternative to an otherwise high risk move,
        This case study is good for hours of                                                  with an uncertain outcome.
honest debate, as so many factors can af-                                                             A last-second pass to the inside of a
fect the initiation and outcome: type of                                                      car on the racing line is not all that un-
car, tires, track surface and driver.                                                         usual. Referred to as: a Kamikaze pass, a
        On any track, there are turns that                                                    dive-bomb pass, and a slingshot pass.
race cars can safely negotiate side by side                                                   These passes are potential spoilers. Sooner
at racing speeds. And, there are turns                                                        or later they are going to spoil someone‟s
where only one car, in single file, can                                                       weekend.
safely negotiate at racing speeds. In the                                                             There are turns on all of our tracks
process of learning a track, the driver must                                                  where a car, on the inside passing line at
sort this out, and place limits on his pass-                                                  racing speeds, as our example car B, can-
ing behavior.                                 from driver A, continues his pass, intrud-      not negotiate through without smoking
        The first rule for passing in Vintage ing on the racing line of A, compounding        their brakes and tires, and without a lot of
                                              the risk for an ugly outcome. Contact was       luck, even if they were the only car on the
                                              made between the right rear tire of A, and      track at the time. And, if they are in traffic,
                                              the left front tire of B. A was aware that B    all of the drivers behind them get treated to
                                              was trailing behind, but did not notice         a crisis brake check.
                                              when B began his move to pass. And did
                                              not expect B to pass this late into the turn.
                                                      Again, in a perfect world, I would
                                              offer that in a clean pass, the overtaking
                                              car leave the passing line, and return to the
                                              racing line before reaching the turn-in
                                              point for the next turn. Traffic however,
                                              could change this in a heart- beat.
                                                      If B passes A before the turn-in
Racing is “the overtaking car has the re-     point, A still has all of his options. But if
sponsibility for making a clean pass”. In a A is already committed to the turn, and
perfect world a clean pass would be a pass now realizes that B is attempting an inside               I would like to offer some sugges-
where the lead car driver knows he is be-     pass, and intruding on his line, he risks       tions for safe passing:
ing overtaken, is OK with that, and points loosing control by braking or turning to            Let your fellow drivers know that you
the overtaking car around. “Mother may        avoid B. You might ask why didn‟t A just             are more comfortable passing if they
I? Yes you may”. But what happens             point B around? End of problem. On be-               give you a point by.
when we introduce a turn?                     half of all of the “As”, there can be lots of    Return the favor.
        Car B is attempting an inside pass    reasons.                                         If you can‟t pass and return to the
on car A, which has already committed to              If B can pull beside A before the            racing line before the turn-in point,
his turn-in line, to the turn apex. Car B,    turn in point, both drivers can brake and            then don‟t pass this time.
late braking, and now with higher speed       safely negotiate the turn at a slower speed,     Don‟t be a spoiler.
than A, and receiving no point around         even a single file turn. This is a safer al-

            SAFETY TIP

       If you SPIN LOCK
      YOUR BRAKES and
        STOP THE CAR
 6                                              CVAR Racing News                                             March 2010

 LADIES: HELP!!!!                                                                           also have a place in Dripping
I need help with letters from
                                       Ladies of Vintage Racing                             Springs, Tx, don't ask me
                                                                                            were that is. We were in
you for the newsletter. A few                                hopes they could be back for the Oct. race, but they will be
have written letters and they were enjoyed by all, so please in China, he travels all over the world with the Interna-
send them to Jim Yule and he will get them in the Newslet- tional Boat races as the Chief Stewart. What a life???
ter.                                                            Looking forward to seeing you next month.
     Hallett was a fun week-end, no snow, but a lot of          It won't be cold!!!!
rain. The couple next to the Geezers were from Florida,                                           Mary Jo
first time to run with CVAR, really a great couple. They
7                                                   CVAR Racing News                                                        March 2010

(Continued from page 3)                                             us as well as what is happening in the drivers seat. Having
are rewarded with a completion of a race weekend with-              just watched a Formula 1 race with all their "on-board" cam-
out having a major mechanical failure, or attack of                 era technology I cannot imagine how one of those drivers can
gremlin-itis, or having to walk every foot of the track in          have the time for anything but the full concentration needed
                                                                    to operate the car. With the speeds that those guys are moving
search of some random bit that decided to part company
                                                                    at there is just no way the driver could see the friendly wave
with the car for some unknown reason. As I get older                from a passing driver, or perhaps one fingered salute that
being able to wake up each morning and get through my               might be offered.
days activities without having any new ache or pain show up,            The time to notice that something has fallen off the car is
or major life trauma occur, or, God forbid any miscellaneous        just not there. And the moment to take notice that something
part fall off seems to run a direct parallel with the vintage       terribly wrong is about to happen is gone before it even regis-
racing world.                                                       ters. Where's the fun in that?
    So to me the vintage in vintage racing is about the driver          In three weeks the fun and mayhem will be back in full
as much as it is about the car. For those who are further along     swing and the time for reflection will have to be placed on
in their years I'm pretty sure the correlations are more signifi-   hold till the next season break. In it's place will be the fun and
cant. It's this relationship between man and machine that           chuckle factors, probably a few "oh-s#$%t!" moments, and
makes vintage racing exciting. Perhaps if more people knew          the thrill of getting behind the wheel and going at it with the
first hand what it was all about the enthusiasm would be            other vintage racers in 3 or 4 fifteen minute sessions of
greater. Right now I have visions of all the nursing homes          adrenalin rushes per day with the final big race on Sunday.
emptying out and the stands being filled with large groups of           Then there will be the post race reflections, repairs, and
geriatric ward denizens meekly cheering as the cars go whizz-       Advils to sustain us till the next race weekend in October.
ing, or wheezing by, as the case may be.                            How much more fun does one need than that?
    I think also that since the older cars are a bit slower than    See y'all at the races.
the new age four wheeled rocket ships, we as drivers are af-        Al B.
forded the opportunity to be more aware of the things around

                                                  STOLEN TRAILER
    White, GENC, 6x12, single axle 15” tires w/brakes, enclosed trailer. Double swing rear doors, side entry door. Distin-
    guishing features: Two tone white roof (under repair) – visible for the front and sides. AC inlet visible at the front left
                       side. Spare tire mounted on the front. If seen, contact Roger Bailey 713-703-2848

VICK Racing will be at ECR with all your safety equipment and accessory needs.
Give them a call at 817-483-0944 for special requests to be delivered to the track.
8                                                                 CVAR Racing News                                                                     March 2010

                      SEPTEMBER 26, 2009

           NOTE: A Complete copy of BOD Minutes and By-Laws can be found on the
                   CVAR Website.

                                                               ARTICLE IV. BOARD OF DIRECTORS
The affairs of the corporation shall be managed by the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors need not be residents of Texas but shall be members of
the corporation.
The Board of Directors shall initially consist of three (3) persons. Each Director shall hold office for the designated term of their position until the annual meeting of
the members and until his successor shall have been elected and qualified. The number of Directors shall not be less than three (3). The current number of Directors
shall be 9, comprised of 6 Officer or Chief Director positions and 3 At Large Director positions. Director positions 1 through 6, filled by Executive Officers or Spe-
cialty Chiefs, shall be elected for a term of one year and individuals filling such positions may, if re-nominated, stand for re-election. At Large Director positions 7
through 9 shall be elected for a single term of three years. No incumbent At Large Director shall stand for re-election. Provided however, that any At Large incum-
bent, elected by the Board of Directors to fill an unexpired term of less than one year may stand for re-election for a full term. The three At Large positions shall be
staggered so that one such term shall expire each year.
The current number of Directors shall be 11, comprised of 8 Officer or Chief Director positions and 3 At Large Director positions. The number of Directors shall not
be less than three (3).
 Each Director shall hold office for the designated term of their position until the Annual meeting of the membership and until his successor shall have been elected
and qualified.
 Director positions 1 through 8, filled by Executive Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and Specialty Chiefs (Race Registration, Authentic-
ity, Technical Inspection, CVAR Membership), shall be elected for a term of one year and individuals filling such positions may, if re-nominated, stand for re-
 At Large Director positions 9 through 11 shall be elected for a single term of three years. No incumbent At Large Director shall stand for re-election to the same
position. Provided however, that any At Large incumbent, elected by the Board of Directors to fill an unexpired term of less than one year may stand for re-election
for a full term. The three At Large positions shall be staggered so that one such term shall expire each year. (Change approved by Board of Directors, September 26,
The number of Directors may be increased or decreased from time to time by amendment to these Bylaws but no decrease shall have the effect of shortening the term
of any incumbent Director. Any directorship to be filled by reason of an increase in the number of Directors shall be filled by election at an annual meeting or at a
special meeting of members called for that purpose.
Any vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be filled by a vote of the remaining members of the Board. A Director elected to fill a vacancy shall be elected for the
unexpired term of his predecessor in office.
At all meetings of the Board of Directors a majority of the number of members of such Board fixed by these Bylaws shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of
business of the corporation. However, if less than a majority of the Directors are present at such meeting, a majority of the Directors present may adjourn the meeting
from time to time without further notice. Directors present by proxy may not be counted toward a quorum.
The Board of Directors, by resolution adopted by a majority of the Board then in office, may designate and appoint one or more committees, each of which shall
consist of two (2) or more Directors, which committees, to the extent provided in said resolution shall have and exercise the authority of the Board of Directors in the
management of the corporation. However, no such committee shall have the authority of the Board of Directors in reference to amending, altering or repealing the
Bylaws; electing, appointing or removing any member of any such committee or any officer of the corporation; amending the Articles of Incorporation; adopting a
plan of merger or adopting a plan of consolidation with another corporation; authorizing the sale, lease, exchange or mortgage of all or substantially all of the prop-
erty and assets of the corporation; authorizing the voluntary dissolution of the corporation or revoking proceedings therefore; adopting a plan for the distribution of
the assets of the corporation; or amending, altering or repealing any resolution of the Board of Directors which, by its terms, provides that it shall be amended, altered
or repealed by such committee. The designation of such committees and the delegation thereto of authority shall not operate to relieve the Board of Directors or any
individual Direction of any responsibility imposed upon it or him by law. In the event of an emergency that precludes the Board of Directors from designating or
appointing the members of any such committee, the President of the corporation shall have the power to fill vacancies on any committee by appointment until such
vacancy can be filled in accordance with the rocedures previously set forth in this section.
Other committees not having and exercising the authority of the Board of Directors in the management of the corporation may be designated by a resolution adopted
by a majority of the members of the Board of Directors present at a meeting at which a quorum is present. Except as otherwise provided in such resolution, members
of such committee shall be members of the corporation, and the President of the corporation shall appoint the members thereof. Any members thereof may be re-
moved by the person or persons authorized to appoint such members whenever, in their judgment, the best interests of the corporation shall be served by such re-
Each member of a committee shall continue as such until the next Annual Meeting of the members of the corporation and until his successor is appointed, unless the
committee shall sooner be terminated, or such member shall be removed from such committee, or unless such member shall cease to qualify as a member thereof.

                                                                                                                                                 (Continued on page 13)
  9                                                           CVAR Racing News                                                              March 2010

                                    Sprite Prototypes Return to Sebring
                                                         by Steve Coleman and Grover Maurer

The 1970 Sebring 12 hr race is                                                                                   us, a Mr. Bob Phillips. After a bit of
known as “A Race to Remember”.                                                                                   chatting, he asked what we had in the
It was won by Mario Andretti and                                                                                 trailer. Here is where fate kicked in.
Arturo Merzario driving the #19                                                                                  As it turned out, we had parked behind
Ferrari 512S Spider narrowly beat-                                                                               one of the drivers of a sister car from
ing the #48 Porsche 908 driven by                                                                                the 1969 Sebring race: an earlier
Steve McQueen and Peter Reven-                                                                                   1966/67 carbureted Sprite Prototype.
son by 23 seconds. It was the                                                                                    Bob co-drove this sister car in the
closest Sebring finish in history                                                                                1969 Sebring race with a privateer
and is still today considered one of                                                                             group and told us the story of how all
the most exciting races contested                                                                                the Healey Sprite Teams, including the
at Sebring.                                                                                                      Ring Free Team, had joined together
     This is what most people re-                                                                                in an effort to have all the cars finish
member about the 1970 Sebring 12                                                                                 the race in hopes of winning the
Hour race.                                                                                                       Manufacturer‟s trophy. As it turned
     And now: “The Rest of the                                                                                   out that is exactly what they did, tak-
Story”.                                                                                                          ing home the “Falstaff Trophy”.
     Enter the Austin Healey Sprite                                                                              Bob was astounded when we showed
Prototypes.                                         ble for, of all things, preparing all the cars for  him the cars. He was even more astounded
     Coming off a Manufacturer‟s Trophy win         the “Smokey and the Bandit” movie. Now, at when we produced some photos from the ‟69
in the 1969 Sebring 12 hrs and a very strong        82 yrs young, he and Elizabeth live a well-         race showing his car. These were photos he had
showing at the 1970 Daytona 24 hours, Janet         earned relaxed lifestyle in this quaint and his-    never seen before, and one even pictured Bob
Guthrie, Rosemary Smith, and Judy Kondre-           toric Florida fishing community. Billy‟s reun- clearly, some 40 years younger. Bob had been
tieff piloted                                                                  ion with the Sprite      coming to Sebring for decades, but the ‟69 race
their Ring                                                                     was priceless. When was Bob‟s one and only professional race. We
Free Racing                                                                    asked about how the      had made a new friend and reunited an old one
Team entry:                                                                    Sprite ran at the „70    with his memories.
a 1968 Fuel                                                                    race, Billy said “We         After getting through registration, we pad-
Injected                                                                       just unloaded it out of docked our rig and began the car preparation
Austin                                                                         the trailer and drank    and setting up camp. Enter fate again. An-
Healey                                                                         beer! We never had to other gentleman stopped by our paddock, a Mr.
Sprite Proto-                                                                  do anything to it! It    Reggie Smith. He asked if we were the fellows
type Coupe,                                                                    just ran and ran! ”:     with the Sprites and was interested in seeing
in the same                                                                    No doubt a testament the cars. There was no doubt he was a fellow
1970 Se-                                                                       to the car‟s race prepa- Sprite guy. The Guthrie Ring Free Coupe was
bring 12 hr                                                                    ration and the           already out of the trailer and the Roadster was
race as An-                                                                    Healey‟s design. We still under cover inside the trailer. Upon lifting
dretti and                                                                     had made a new           the cover of the Roadster, Reggie‟s jaw
McQueen.                                                                       friend, and Billy had    dropped and his eyes lit up. He said, “I can‟t
These                                                                          been reunited with an believe it. I never thought I‟d see this car
“Motor Maids” started 50th out of 83 entrants,      old friend: the                                                                        again!” He
finished 19th overall and took their first class    ’68 Le Mans /                                                                          was just taken
win in P-2. Quite an accomplishment!                Sebring Healey                                                                         aback and his
     40 years later, in March of 2010, the Guth-    Sprite Prototype                                                                       reaction to the
rie “All Girl” Team‟s Ring Free Sprite Proto-       HAN9-R-238.                                                                            car was, again,
type was going to Sebring again. Joining the        As we drove                                                                            priceless. As it
party was also a sister car, which ran at the „70   away, we could                                                                         turned out,
Sebring, another Austin Healey Sprite Proto-        see Billy in the                                                                       Reggie was the
type: a roadster. These two cars with chassis       rear view mirror                                                                       primary driver
numbers HAN9-R-238 and HAN9-R-250 were              standing in the                                                                        of the Roadster
fresh from a 20+ year restoration journey. The      middle of the                                                                          at the „70 Se-
stage was set for quite a reunion.                  street watching                                                                        bring Race.
     First on the agenda was a stop in Apalachi-    us leave for                                                                           He had come
cola, Florida on the way to Sebring to visit        what seemed a                                                                          to Sebring this
Billy and Elizabeth Cook. Billy had been the        lifetime.                                                                              weekend to
Crew Chief for the Ring Free Team and his           The next part of                                                                       attend the in-
name was on the side of the car: “Paint and         the reunion                                                                            duction of his
Body by Billy Cook”. Billy has a rich history       journey was our arrival at Sebring where fate       dad into the Sebring Hall of fame. His Dad had
in IMSA on both sides of the pit wall. He not       would play a role. We pulled our rig to the         been involved in Sebring for several decades
only crewed on various teams, he was also the       gate early, getting in line behind several other    helping promote racing and building the legacy
IMSA Tech Official for many of the races in         rigs waiting for registration to open. We intro- of Sebring. Reggie had been a race car driver
the mid 70‟s and 80‟s. Billy was also responsi-     duced ourselves to the fellow parked in front of                                 (Continued on page 12)
10                                                                CVAR Racing News                                                                  March 2010

                             CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS STANDINGS
                                                                        Complied by Roy Allen

“Well, we nearing the halfway mark into the season. We have a few cars that         authenticity score. Get with Steve and finish up your scoring and I will can
are not showing any points. This may be because we have your car listed as          update the records. Unless your name is Bo Derek, don‟t expect to be a 10. The
underweight, or your fellow competitor has bribed the score keeper.                 remaining groups will have the same authenticity score carried over from last
If you feel the scoring is in error or your car is at 100% of the GCR weight, let   year, unless the Group Rep changes it.”
us me know. Also, for Group 2, notice that everyone is getting “zero” for an                                                              Roy Allen

                                    Total                                  Total                                Total Grp 4            F Jr
Grp 1        AP                           Grp 2           FP                          Grp 3       SFP                 #9               Yule, J               44
#33          McIlyar                 24 #111              McDougal, D     ######
                                                                                      #54         Dick, E      ###### #28              Chapman, D            23
#37          Schwendeman, C          21 #04               Sandy, P        ######
#46          O'Donnell, J            20 #41               Doidge, D       ######      #3          Vecellio, M  ###### #78              Breidenbach J         17
#42          Fershtand, D            20 #71               Hofeling, A     ######      #31         Emery, G       61 #60                Revennaugh, B          0
#71          Caudle, B               13 #66               Glawe, P          30        #27         Walker, J      39 #15                Sharp, J               0
#23          Macauley, J              0   #02             Hilton, H         28        #25         Coleman, S     13 #7                 Yule, J                0
#39          Passmore, M              0   #114            Hill, B           27
                                                                                                                Total                                       Total
                                    Total #75             Sharp, J          27
                                          #57             Littlefield, D    23        Grp 3   FV                      Grp 4            VA
Grp 1        BP
#289         Jones, C                57 #115              Tiras, C          23        #5      Griffith, B        69 #76                Crowley, F            43
#63          Filer, T                40 #47               Fisher, R         22        #68     Callahan, M        68 #23                Kellner, C            18
#189         Allen, R                38 #20               Hovey, J          19        #87     Bailey, R          68 #15                Sharp, J              11
#20          Kuers, W                22 #36               Setar, J          18
                                                                                      #38     Stege, T           65 # 0                Duphu, D               7
#10          Seitz, Steve            22 #121              McDougal, A       16
                                                                                      #67     Rolison, D         63 #21                Ludlow, R              0
#89          Reynolds, G             18 #52               Coleman, S        15
#920         Pickens, P              16 # 107             Knight, S         14        # 00    Revennaugh, J 62                                              Total
#56          Hargrave, M             11 #113              McClanahan, Jay 13          #56     Harrison, D        45 Grp 4              VB
#21          Shores, T               11 #160              Cory, M           13        #11     Byrne, G           41 #104               McClanahan, J         68
                                          #8              Collins, W        11
#5           Zelinsky, T              9                                               #66     Gaudette, J        40 #18                Orlie, M              67
#6           Schultz, D               7   #118            Cory. G           11
                                          #23             Williams, D        8        #39     McEntire, K        40 #186               Marchant, L           66
                                    Total                                             #78     Calkins, D         40 #61
                                          #73             Sohn, P.D.         7                                                         Page, J               63
Grp 1        A Sedan
#2           Atwell, John            49
                                          #15             Reed, G            7        #77/#63 Yule, J            24 #6                 Howard, R             27
                                          #25             Coleman, M         7        #16     Summerville, A jr 23 #04                 Blake, G              23
#84          Hassel, Gene            36
                                          # 51            Miles, W           5        #96     Storer, F          23 #1
#50          Suggs, R                36                                                                                                Johnson, A            13
                                          #116            McClanahan, Jack 0
#02          Seligman, J             35
                                          #175            Noblett, R         0
                                                                                      #8      Peterson, D        22 #525               Hart, S               12
#16          Jenniges, M             32                                               #57     Ridings, J         21 #524               Williams, E            9
                                          #438            Reay, M            0
#47          Fershtand, J            24
                                          #49             Hively, R          0        #49     Etcheson, D        19 #61                Barnes, C              0
#45          Pickens, G              20
#67/33       LeComte, S              14
                                                                           Total      # 167   Heuer, G           10                                         Total
                                          Grp 2           C Sedan                     #26     Block, G            9   Grp 4            VC
#302         Mangham, J              12
                                          #98             Bond, T           39
#00          Shores, T               12                                               #1      Summerville, J      0   #198             Deslavo,T             0
                                          #35             Patton, D         15
#95          Rich, K                  7
                                          #155            Soucy, R          13        #119    Revennaugh, B       0                                         Total
#74          Carley, J                7                                               #75     Turcotte, CL        0
                                          #44             Partin, S          0                                        Grp 4            CM
#30          Caudle, J                5   #48             Barnes, Bryant     0        #63     Breidenbach, J      0   #17              Tindall, F            24
#15          Haynes, D                0   #69             Weber, P           0
#17          Neathery, J              0                                               #55     Hoemke, R           0   #36              Revennaugh, B         21
#40          Schultz, D               0                                               #321    Everett, Z          0   #93              Lopez, J.C.            0
                                          Grp 2           EP
#3           Ruehs, D                 0   #614            Floyd, M          37                                  Total #183             Chapman, D             0
                                    Total #08             Morris, K         37        Grp 4     FF Jr                                                       Total
Grp 1        ASR                          #16             Perser, G         36        #2        McKinstry, L          24      Grp 4 DSR
#29          Anderson, J             24 #46               Geoffrey, C       27
#40          Ziegler, E              13 #110                                          #20       Gonzalez, P            0      #37   Furlow, J sr             34
                                                          McMillan, D       23
#73          Monroe, S                0   #5              Welsh, T          15        #5        Foster, S              0                                    Total
                                    Total #40             Curl, G, III      15        #59       Yule, J                0      Grp 6      FA
Grp 1        FIA                          #91             Piott, D          11        #150      Revennaugh, B          0      #15        Liming, K           69
#77          Upton, T                33 #6                Haga, B           11                                                #25        Copeland, K         55
#31          Higgins, S              20 #18               McFadden, J       10                                       Total
                                                                                                                              #27        Smith,S             23
#96          Trotter, A              19 #125              Tilton, R          9        Grp 4 HP                                #80        Keller, J           17
#979         Saxe, M                 13 #99               Dickey, D          5        #30 Lembcke, B                  0
#501         Slade, John             11 #87               Whitehead, B       0
                                                                                                                              # 25       Tanner, J           11
#64          Gough, D                 7   #80             Hamilton, J        0
                                                                                      #59 Ludlow, R                   0       #44        Rodgers, R           0
#2           Barns, C                 0   #118            Mitchiner, B       0                                       Total    #44        Garrisi, S           0
 11                                  CVAR Racing News                                March 2010
                          Total                         Total                            Total
Grp 6     FB                      Grp 7   CSR            0    Grp 7   DP
#24       Revennaugh, B     9     #169    Coleman, S     0    #38     Hart, S           ######
#119      Revennaugh, B    15     #65     Foster, S      0    #62     Hibbs, G            46
#16       Anderson, J       0                           Total #39     Whitehead, B        39
                          Total Grp 7   CP                    #29     Kramer, B           23
Grp 6     FC                0   #97     Kopecky, G     ###### #16     Foster, J           21
#42       Hoemke, R         0                                 #1      Dodson, N           17
                                # 810   Shade, R         69
                          Total #58     Kuehuhoefer, R   46   #67     Kramer, A           11
Grp 6     FF1                                                 #65     Gough, D             9
                                #71     Duplissey, S     44
#28       Johnson, B     ######                               #7      Rinke, B             0
#51       Fawcett, A     ###### #12     Cullen, N        44
                                                              #69     Fuqua, G             0
#61       Fawcett, D     ###### #24     Taff, T          43
                                                              #63     Sloan, J             0
#55       Hoemke R         69   #86     Sullivan, P      40
                                                              #67     Kramer, A            0
#5        Hibbs,M          66   #53     Cauldwell, K     40
                                                              #95     Drews, T             0
#32/#21   Junco, P         48   #194    Iturbe, D        40   #314    Hilyer, G            0
#4        Lydick, L        42   #36     McWilliams, C    23
#87       John, N          40   #23     Yemington, T     21
                                                              Grp 7   BS
#64       Reyburn, L       39   #4      Merrill, B       21
                                                              #16     Brady, S          ######
#52       Kelleher, J      32   #42     Fawcett, D       21
                                                              #74     Woodruff, T       ######
#76       Mock, D          20   #631    Murphy, T        20   #22     Smargiasso, S     ######
#31       Eberle, J        19   #33     Cullen, E        19
#20       Mintz,S          19
                                                              #35     Brown, K          ######
                                #75     Hanna, M         17   #140    Oliver, D         ######
#26       Salls, D         18   #42/#21 Fawcett, A       17
#11       Mills, L         17                                 #175    Thacker, B        ######
                                #128    Marshall, K      14   #02     Sayther, T        ######
#63       Collins, D       14
                                #57     Morgan, G        12   #07     Raeder, C         ######
#32       Breidenbach, J   13
                                #78     Reeves, R        11   #11     Phillips, H       ######
#31/#13   Brussich, A       0
                                #58     Tomitia, A        9   #89     Gwynne, D           48
#47       Lafferty, S       0
#61       Mihalich, J       0   #5      Bartos, J         0   #4      Cole, S             38
#19       McWilliams, C     0   #90     Piott, D          0   #6      Bauer, G            28
#93       Barron, A         0   #193    Iturbe, J         0   #41     Fawcett, A          11
#36       Westervelt, J     0   #32     Nigro, A          0   #200    Stiehr. D            0
#72       Tussing, G        0   #914    McClung, B        0   #57     Pizzi, J             0
#142      Steinmetz, J      0   #56     Koehler, C        0   #45     Williams, G          0
 12                                                         CVAR Racing News                                                             March 2010

(Continued from page 9)                           looming all week, there was always something bigger cars doing 170-180 mph while I was
throughout most of his adult life. We had         happening. Part of the event included putting doing 120-130 mph going into “Sunset
Reggie sign the car and he was truly humbled. these and many other historic cars on track for Bend”….was just…AWESOME. I was get-
We had made a new friend, and Reggie had          some “spirited” racing. Many memorable          ting a little taste of what it must have been like
been reunited with an old friend: the ’69         experiences evolved from getting on track.      in 1970 to be passed by Steve McQueen or
Healey Roadster Prototype HAN9-R-250              Here are two stand out moments.                 Mario Andretti, and I could only feel humbled
TFR7.                                                 First, given the current Sebring configura- by the experience. Even almost being rear-
    Both cars were put on                                                                                             ended by a very fast Corvette
display throughout the week                                                                                           in a braking zone (ok, maybe
in Sebring‟s “Gallery of Leg-                                                                                         I wasn‟t really supposed to
ends”. This was an honor.                                                                                             brake there), made the entire
The Sprites were in the com-                                                                                          experience unforgettable.
pany of a C-Type Jag, several                                                                                         The second most memorable
legendary Porsches, other                                                                                             thing from the on-track ex-
One-off prototypes and 20                                                                                             perience came during the 1
other very historic and impor-                                                                                        hour Vintage Enduro on Fri-
tant cars. The “Gallery of                                                                                            day evening before the ALMS
Legends” building is located                                                                                          12 hr race. Grover Maurer,
right behind the main grand-                                                                                          who was my Crew Chief,
stand at the start finish line                                                                                        Crew, and Team Photogra-
and many of the 150,000                                                                                               pher all rolled into one amaz-
people who attended the race                                                                                          ing ball had a plan. After all,
came through this building.                                                                                           this was an “enduro”, and we
The Sebring Hall of Fame                                                                                              had the Sprite‟s reputation to
luncheon was held in the gal-                                                                                         uphold. Earlier in the week
lery building and Reggie‟s                                                                                            we had a bit of trouble with
dad, Reginald S. Smith, was                                                                                           several failed distributor ro-
inducted during the weekend                                                                                           tors. So our plan was to have
along with other notable rac-                                                                                         Grover at the “ready” with
ing celebrities including Hur-                                                                                        our last Rotor in his pocket
ley Haywood, Phil Walters,                                                                                            and if I came in early, that
Derek Daly, and John Mor-                       Grover and Steve having some refreshment                              was his signal to put down the
ton. It was a true honor to                                                                                           camera (and his beer) and to
have these special Sprites be a part of the in-   tion is a VERY fast 3.7 miles with 17 turns,    come down from the stands, find me, climb the
duction reception and luncheon, and also be       which I had never driven before, my primary     pit wall, and help me change the rotor. It was
shared with the public in this international      objective was to just “stay out of the way”.    a great plan.
celebration of sports car racing history.         The other SVRA drivers were very experi-            But as plans go, this one didn‟t. About
    Throughout the week we met numerous           enced with the track and they were also very    Lap 3, I got black flagged. When I came in,
former mechanics, drivers, and enthusiasts        courteous. After getting a few laps under my they told me they thought I was leaking fuel.
who had some connection to                                                                                            Well, of course, we had over
these Sprites. We even met                                                                                            filled the tank for the enduro
family members of one of the                                                                                          because we were not going to
prior owners (Waldron). We                                                                                            refuel (part of our plan). That
were invited to Europe to                                                                                             in turn caused a little over-
participate in the 2011 Le                                                                                            flow on the first couple of
Mans Classic. It was a rich                                                                                           laps, which had ultimately
experience in an unbelievable                                                                                         cured itself. I was instructed
atmosphere.                                                                                                           by the hot grid official to wait
    As a part of the overall                                                                                          for 3 minutes (which was
ALMS / SVRA Sebring                                                                                                   mandatory for all cars in the
event, we were invited to                                                                                             enduro to do at least once)
take one of the cars to the                                                                                           and then go back out. So you
„Taste of Sebring‟ which was                                                                                          can probably already imagine
held at the Sebring Town                                                                                              what Grover is doing while
Square. Following a police                                                                                            I‟m waiting to go back out.
escort, and with about 50                                                                                             It would have been nice if I
other SVRA vintage race cars,                                                                                         had thought of that too!
we drove the ‟69 TFR7                                                                                                 Well, when the SVRA grid
Roadster Prototype out of the                                                                                         official gave me the signal
“Gallery of Legends” and into                                                                                         that my 3 minutes was up, I
the town of Sebring about 5                                                                                           took off in a cloud of dust.
miles away. Families, Kids,                                                                                           Little did I know that Grover
and enthusiasts greeted us and                                                                                        was literally only 10 feet away
a grand time was had by all.                      belt, I managed to have opportunities to “let   from me about to climb the pit wall. Of course,
    With the ALMS 12 hr international race        her run”. What a thrill. Even being passed by                                  (Continued on page 13)
  13                                                                  CVAR Racing News                                                                        March 2010

(Continued from page 12)                                    friends and new friends together, and made many              modified steel rear sub frame. The drive train in-
Grover had no idea what was going on, and I was all         new memories. The Sebring and SVRA officials                 cluded a dry sumped „A‟ series BMC engine with a
“caught up in the moment”. So, since he thought I           could not have been more helpful and gracious. They          new cross flow head and Lucas mechanical fuel in-
might still need the rotor, he threw it at me! After        fed us, they helped us push cars around, gave us a           jection. This induction system was “state of the art”
all, my 78 year young Crew Chief / Crew / Photogra-         great paddock slot (near the bathrooms - yeah), and          for these cars and were only on 3 of the „68 & „69
pher had just scaled countless stairs, spilled his beer,    most importantly helped us to honor the great history        Prototypes Healey built (including these two cars).
and pushed his way through several thousand people,         of these two special Sprite Prototypes built by Geoff        Also included in the drive train were true 5 Speed
only to see me drive away just within arms reach!           and Donald Healey. For that we extend a great big            MGB gearboxes to allow for the long, very fast
     Well, actually, he didn‟t really throw the rotor, he   thank you.                                                   straights encountered on the endurance racing circuit.
just wanted to. Later, after I replaced Grover‟s beer            Things consumed on the trip: 2800 miles, 352            Large dry sump oil tanks were built into the bodies to
and humbled myself with many “I‟m sorry, didn‟t see         gals of diesel, two blown trailer tires, 3 burnt rotors, 1   allow for long runs without oil degradation. These
you‟s”, he admitted that he really couldn‟t throw it at     set of fouled plugs, 547 photographs, 128 gulf coast         particular two cars HAN9-R - 238 and 250 raced Le
me because that would be a complete waste of a              shrimp, many bowls of gator gumbo and crab bisque,           Mans, Targa Florio, Sebring, Daytona, and Watkin‟s
perfectly good $2.99 rotor. I‟m sure I‟ll be paying         several adult beverages and about a billion memories:        Glen. All very long and challenging courses. In
for that for years to come. Sorry Grover. Next time         Priceless.                                                   most cases, the cars ran without trouble or incident
we do this, I promise I‟ll wait (NOT!).                                                                                  placing well in their class and finishing their races
     By the end of the race we had successfully up-                 About the Sprite Prototypes                          throughout 1968-1970. These cars also ran for sev-
held the Sprite‟s reputation by beating all other                                                                        eral years in SCCA, including the 1973 American
Sprites in the field (which was a huge field of 3 cars!)        The Sprites at the 70 Sebring race were at the           Road Race of Champions (currently known as the
achieving an “Unofficial” 1st in class win, again.          pinnacle of their evolution. These two particular            Runnoffs). For more on the history of these two cars
Grover and I awarded ourselves the “Corona Trophy”          Sprite Prototypes, HAN9-R-238 and 250 were in fact           visit
at the end of the race.                                     the LAST two Sprite racing Prototypes built by Geoff
     The Sprite’s Return to Sebring brought many            and Donald Healey. Their design included an
people and their memories back together, brought old        evolved aerodynamic aluminum alloy body and a

                                                                   SAFETY TIP
       If you stop during the race, signal the Corners Workers you are okay or that you need help.
                        If you don’t signal they will assume you need help and respond accordingly ----
                                                                including stopping the race
                                                             if you appear to be incapacitated

(Continued from page 8)
One (1) member of each committee shall be appointed Chairman by the person or persons authorized to appoint the members thereof.
 Unless otherwise provided in the resolution of the Board of Directors designating a committee, a majority of the whole committee shall constitute a quorum and the
act of a majority of the members present at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the committee.
Each committee may adopt rules for its own government not inconsistent with these Bylaws or with rules adopted by the Board of Directors.
1. REGULAR MEETINGS. A regular annual meeting of the Board of Directors and each committee appointed by the Board shall be held without other notice than
this Bylaw provision at the discretion of the President of the corporation at a time and place appointed by the President.
 2. SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings of the Board of Directors and each committee formed pursuant to these Bylaws may be called by or at the request of the
President or any two (2) Directors. The person or persons authorized to call special meetings of the Board of Directors or a committee may fix the time and place or
method for holding any special meetings of the Board of Directors or a committee, by including the type, time, location or meeting method in the notice of such meet-
Notice of any special meeting of the Board of Directors or any committee meeting shall be given at least two (2) days previous thereto by written notice delivered
personally or sent by mail or e-mail to each member of the Board of Directors or committee member, as the case may be, at his postal or e-mail address as shown by
the records of the corporation. If mailed, such notice shall be deemed to be delivered when deposited in the United States mail so addressed with postage thereon
prepaid. If notice was given bye-mail, such notice shall be deemed to be delivered when the addressee posts an e-mail reply acknowledging such notice within 24
hours of the notifying post. Any Director or committee member may waive notice of any meeting. The attendance or participation by phone or e-mail of a Board
member or committee member at any meeting shall constitute a waiver of notice of such meeting, except where such member attends a meeting for the express pur-
pose of objecting to the transaction of any business because the meeting is not lawfully called or convened. Neither the business to be transacted at, nor the purpose
of, any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors or a committee need be specified in the notice or waiver of notice of such meeting unless specifically
required by law or these Bylaws.
The act of a majority of the Board of Directors or committee members present at a meeting at which a quorum has been obtained shall be the act of the Board of
Directors or such committee, unless the act of a greater number is required by law or by these Bylaws.
The Board of Directors and the members of any committee shall not receive any stated salaries for their services, but by resolution of the Board of Directors, a fixed
sum and expenses of attendance, if any, may be allowed for attendance at each regular or special meeting of the Board; but nothing herein contained shall be con-
strued to preclude any Director or committee member from serving the corporation in any other capacity and receiving compensation therefore.
                                                             CONTINUED IN THE NEXT NEWSLETTER
   14                                                          CVAR Racing News                                                                  March 2010

                                                          Classified Ads
                     Members and Sponsors: To place or change an Ad, contact Jim Yule at
                                     Go to for
                                            Please see the FINE PRINT on pg 2 for details

                      LOLA 620 Super Vee                                                1969 Hawke DL2 Formula Ford.
 Chassis # HU 2 (2nd car built) USAC Tub number from Gold Cup                  Bare frame rebuild with powder coated frame, new
                                                                               nickel plating, new bearings and rod ends, new plumb-
  Very early injection plus Webers. Twelve wheels & 15 gear sets
                                                                               ing and hydraulics, new wiring, new fuel cell, new
                        Cleaning out the shop                                  header and lots more. Never started up, needs paint.
                     $17,000 for everything                                    As is or finished up in your color. Over $25K in-
             contact Lon McKinstry (214) 803-2426                              vested. Asking $15,500. Don Blenderman
                                                                        , 713 941-1025
                email                              11/09                                                                                   03/10

         HUFFAKER Mk II FORMULA JR                                                      1979 RALT RT1 Formula Super Vee.
        Only Mk II Accepted at 2008 Monterey Historics                         Team Arciero driven by Kevin Cogan in '79 and Pete Halsmer
              Rare - One of Two racing in the US                               in '80. Very nice car. Bertils (water-cooled) engine w/Lucas
             Guaranteed to be Track/Race Ready                                 injection. Fits tall drivers. Chassis recently freshened and track
               Contact Jim Yule 817-798-9853                                   tested. Reduced to $19,500 or make offer. Don Blenderman,
                                     , 713 941-1025

                                                                                   2000 Winnebago Brave Class A Motorhome
  Great history. Many times Monterey entrant.
                                                                                         Literally the proverbial “grandma‟s” vehicle
Just reengined (950cc) and ready to race. Cus-
tom trailer and many spares. Great CVAR group 4                                  6k total miles, powerful Chev 454, Auto, pristine condition,
               car. $28000 ONO.                                                      5000# tow capability, new tires, full documentation
      Contact Tom DeSalvo 817-236-7508 or                                                $26,500 or genuine offer or trade for race car
          e-mail:                                              Jim Yule 817-798-9853 or
                                                                      11/09                                                                                 05/10

               1959 Elva 100 FFJr (Gp 4)                                             Weber 35 DCO A3 Sidedraft Carburetors
                                                                               Early (1950's) sandcast carbs. Call them rare, antique, vintage, classic, or what-
  Front Engined Formula Junior, SN 100/49A. Well sorted, ready to              ever you want, you just don‟t see these every day. Matching back to back num-
  race. One weekend on Bob Merrill rebuilt engine. Recent fuel cell,                 bers of 1 and 2. 1 carb is missing 1 velocity stack. Shafts not loose.
upholstery. Powered by BMC 1100cc, Weber carbed, Sprite Transmis-                       Carbs need a complete restoration to be brought back to life.
   sion. Paint very presentable. Elva mag wheels. Some spares.                          If not sold to CVAR member they will go on eBay May 7.
  Contact Bruce Revennaugh,, 512-755-2128.                                                     $1250.00
                      $50K or reasonable offer.                                      Contact Clarke Watts          903-297-3496
                                                                       05/10                                                                                 05/10

                                       CVAR Sponsors
             BirdsEye Photography
Great Photos from Hallett by Clyde Coman

                  Terry Sayther Automotive                                                        Bigger Hammer Racing
                  1606 Fortview Rd, Austin, TX                                                Formula Vee preparation & rentals
Independent BMW Parts & Service, Race prep, race car maintenance, restora-
    tion & body work Vintage & modern BMW fanaticism spoken here!                       601 Jealouse Way, Bay 1 Cedar Hill, TX 75104
                                                                Bill Griffith 972-291-5460
                     Terry & Debbie Sayther
15                                                        CVAR Racing News                                                 March 2010

          Mayo Performance Specialties                                                            CKMC Enterprises
                                                                                                 McDonald's Restaurants
      1521 Baccarac Court Fort Worth, TX (Texas) 76102
                                                                                                       Fort Worth, Texas
           Porsche Maintenance & race preparation
                                                                                                Chalmer McWilliams 817-428-7808
                 Steve Kent (817) 540-4939                                            You deserve a break today!
                                                                                     Ba da ba ba ba, I'm Lovin' it!!!

                         COATPRO                                                   British Motor Cars Ltd
                Truly the Coating Professionals                                    Restoration & race car preparation
Oklahoma's premier powder coater!tough, durable, attractive and en-                         11111 Ables Ln
                     vironmentally friendly                                                Dallas, TX 75229
            WWW.COATPRO.BIZ (405-672-0705)                                                   David Taylor
             Greg Reynolds Oklahoma City, OK                                                 972-243-8366

               Shade Tree Enginetrics                                         SPEEDSTAR VINTAGE RACING
           Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati specialists                   Race preparation, restoration, transport, rentals
               1101 W. Cook, Nevada, Texas 75173                                             Houston, Tx.
                   Robert & Cindy Rodgers
              (972) 843-8134       FAX (972) 694-2175                                     Don Blenderman
                                 (713) 941-1025

              Nine-eleven Enterprises                                  We make
           2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, TX 75229-2002
     Specializing in the repair of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and
                       Porsche automobiles
                          (972) 241-2002
                                                                         Nancy Martyn, 5204 Vesta Farley, Fort Worth, Tx 76119
                                           (817) 483-0944

                                                                                     MUSTANG MANIA
                                                                             64 1/2 - 73 New and Used Parts and Accessories

                British Auto Specialists                               VW Oak Hill Automotive                                 VW
      Since 1979 Sales, service & parts for all British cars           VW Parts (New & Used), Service, Acces. Machine Work
                          Car Rentals                                    EMPI, Bugpack, CB, Berg, Manton, Bosch, Weber,
              2216 Solona St. Fort Worth, Tx. 76117                                Dellorto, Goodridge Jiffy-tite
         Jeff Sloan 817-589-7974                                         Longview TX,

                                        Vintage Racing
         “the most fun you can have with your clothes on”
                                                               CVAR                                                                            Postage
“There are only three sports, bullfighting, motor racing and   Herb Hilton, Membership
                                                               19 La Jolla Circle
                                                               Montgomery, TX 77356
     mountaineering: all the rest are merely games”
                           Ernest Hemingway

                                                                                CVAR 2010 Schedule
                                                               May 14-16 Marvelous May
                                                               featuring USRRC Seniors
                                                                   ECR Decatur, TX
Sept 3-5                                                            Fall Drivers School & Races                              TWS, College Station, TX
Oct 1-3                                                             Thunder on the Cimarron IX                               Hallett, OK
Nov 5-7                                                             19th Annual Fall Vintage Festival                        TWS, College Station, TX

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