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									    HP-UX on IA-64

    Jim DAVIS
    General Manager, IA-64 Program
    Enterprise Systems Group


 l Need  for a New Architecture
 l IA-64 is HP’s committed architecture for future
   HP-UX-based enterprise solutions
     l   MPE/iX, and NT also supported
 l HP-UX    is HP’s operating system for the enterprise
     and data center

Itanium™ Unifies HP’s Server Lines

                             HP Itanium™
             HP 9000           Server

                                             Future IA-64


     2H-99          1H-00            2H-00     2001

HP-UX is “IA-64 ready” today
 l HP-UX     11.00 (launched 11/97) is “IA-64 ready” NOW
   l    MINOR upgrade to HP-UX 11.10 for IA-64
   l    HP-UX running on IA-64 simulator for >1 year
   l    Software Transition Kit at www.software.hp.com/STK
 l Platform    investment protection
   l    HP’s new systems are board upgradeable to IA-64
 l Fullsource code compatibility = simple recompile
 l Near native-mode performance for PA-RISC applications w/o
   recompilation via HP’s Dynamic Translator technology
   l    1:1 mapping of key PA-RISC instructions to IA-64 instructions
 l No  data migrations necessary
 l A simple upgrade for systems administrators
 l A customer-friendly transition schedule

Why HP for Unix/IA-64 Solutions?
  l HP’s      unique high-performance compilers
       l   specialized system-level compiler optimizations
       l   support key IA-64 features (speculation, predication, etc.)
  l Dynamic        optimization and analysis
       l   toolkit to extract application specific information for feedback
           into the compiler (no separate build required)
  l Allmajor ISV applications optimized on HP-UX
   at introduction : 200+ major ISVs already committed
       l   Application availability is customer’s #1 criteria to
           move to a new architecture
  l Maximum         flexibility
       l   “platform re-use”, multiple OS support, board upgrades
  l HP      Expertise on IA-64
The Customer’s Environment
                                           Informix                       Management View
                     HP: HP COBOL                 Rational: ClearCase
                                                                                 Bellcore: dce Objects
                     HP: DCE CDS                  SBC: AMITY
                                                                                 Bellcore: TELEXEL
                     HP: DCE Client               SBC: AOMSG
                                                                                 Bellcore: TraxWay
                     HP: DCE Security             SBC: DataGate
                                                                                 Bellcore: QuikCom
                     HP: DTC Manager              SBC: TELLMOM
                                                                                 Bellcore: MDL
                     HP: LAN Manager/X            Secure Dynamics: ACE
                                                                                 Bellcore: WMC/APP
                     HP: MC/ServiceGuard          Sterling Comm: Connect:Direct
Ameritech:Tacas+                                                                 Bellcore:
                                                                                 Bellcore: WMC/Open API
                     HP: Measureware              Symark: PowerPak
AT&T: ABARS                                                                          Bellcore:
                                                                                     Bellcore : TOPCOM
                     HP: MirrorDisk /UX               True Software: TrueChange
Axiom: RAOLink                                                                       Bellcore : BAE
                     HP: OnLine JFS                   V-Systems: VSI*Fax
Axiom: SEBX                                                                          I/O Concepts: X-Direct
                     HP: OpenView AdminCenter         Vantive: HelpDesk
BEA: TUXEDO                                                                          Informix: C-ISAM
                     HP: OpenView AdminMgr            Verity: Verity
Bellcore: Sysguard
BMC: Patrol
                     HP: OpenView IT/Operations       IDE: CASE/Data Modeling
                                                                                     I/O Concepts: Win-Direct
                                                                                     ESRI: SDE
                     HP: OV Network Node Mgr                Techn.:
                                                      SDP Techn.: S-Designer
Bridgeway: EventlX
Cisco: CiscoWorks
                     HP: OpenView OmniBack II         Widget Workshop: wtree, wtable,
                                                                                     ESRI: Arc/Info
                                                                        wtree, wtable,                           and HP’s
                     HP: OpenView Operation Ctr
HP: AcceSS7
                     HP: PerfView Monitor
                     HP: Process Resource Mgr
                                                      Visix : Galaxy
                                                  Bellcore: G/Script
                                                                                     Bellcore : nTools
                                                                                 Rational: Quantify                View
HP: C++/SoftBench
    C++/SoftBench                                                                Rational: Purify
                     HP: SharedX                  Bellcore:
                                                  Bellcore: WI
HP: GlancePlus                                    Powersoft:
                                                  Powersoft: PowerBuilder        Segue Software: QA Partner
                     HP: SNAplus 3270
                                                  Oracle:Developer/2000          Bristol Tech: HyperHelp
                     HP: SNAplus Link
                                                  Neosoft: Tcl/
                                                  Neosoft: Tcl/ Tk               Bellcore:
                                                                                 Bellcore: BAIST
                     HP: SwitchOver /UX
                                                                                 Bellcore: OnTrac
                     IBM: ADSM                        HP: SoftBench
                                                                                 Bellcore: System-Pilot
                     Informix: Informix-Online        HP: ANSI C
                                                                                 Bellcore: BAE Security
                     Informix: Informix-4GL Forms              HP: C++
                                                                                 CyberSafe: Kerebos
                     Informix: Informix-4GL Debugger Rogue-Wave: Tools.h++
                                                  Persistence SW: Persistence        BEA: Tuxedo
                     Informix: Informix-ESQL
        ®                                         RogueWave: DB Tools.h++
                     Informix: Informix-SE
                     Informix: Informix-SQL
                     Internet Security: System    DSET: DSG Runtime
Developer’s Utility
Move from “walk-in” service        HP Computer Center
to e-Service
                                       Computing Power for:
     Local System                         lCompiling

                              100X Power lTuning
                    lComplete Build Environment
                    lCheck-in /Check-out
                    lRevision Control
                    lAccess to Current Software OS, etc.
      1X Power      lComplete Testing/Analysis Tools
                    lEarly access to IA-64
 ®                  lAccess to Partner Software
High Performance Compilers

 l       Compiler provides critical
         support for key IA-64                           Static
                                         Application                 Application
          l   Speculation, predication    Database
 l       Dynamic Toolkit                                 Dynamic
         customizes performance
          l   Analyze program
              behavior                                 Dynamic
          l   Focus on critical code                   System

 l       HP has the experience                                OS

         and expertise
                                                           HP System

IA-64 Languages on HP-UX: Today
      l   Cross Development Tools
      l   C Compiler
      l   Basic C++ Compiler
      l   High-level optimizations
      l   Linker / Object file tools
      l   Full Assembler
      l   Basic Math library
      l   ILP32 / LP64 Data Model
      l   Full Shared libraries
      l   Threads
      l   Debug of Opt. Code (+O2)
      l   PA32 Dynamic Translator
IA-64 Languages on HP-UX: 1999
  l   Cross Development Tools
  l   Full C Compiler
  l   C++ Compiler w/ Exception Handling
  l   Basic Fortran90 Compiler
  l   Full Linker / Object file tools
  l   Assembler
  l   Vector library
  l   Profile-based optimizations
  l   Native User / Asm. Debugger
  l   PA32 Dynamic Translator with Threads +

IA-64 Languages on HP-UX: 2000
 l   Native / Cross Development Tools
 l   Full C Compiler
 l   Full C++ Compiler
 l   Full Fortran90 Compiler
 l   Linker + Object file tools
 l   Assembler
 l   All Runtime Libraries
 l   All IA64 optimizations
 l   Full User Debugger / DOC support
 l   Full PA32 Dynamic Translator w/ all opts & env.

HP-UX Operating Environment
  Performance, Scalability, Availability
  for HP-UX 11.xx (‘99 to ‘00)

  Performance:         Scalability       Availability

  l   OLTP, DSS        l   64 way        l OLR/A for CPU,
                           single node     Mem
      Tuning                             l Dynamic
  l   64 way scaling   l   Multinode       Protection
  l   Internet Perf.       128-256         Domains
      Tuning                             l Dynamic Patching
                           way NUMA
                           SMP           l Loadable drivers
  l   Native Java
                                         l 15 sec end-to-end
      Tuning                               failover

IA-64 Jump Start Advantage
 Programs and Services:

 l Designing        the Future
      l   Provides partners with information, tools and resources to
          ensure software is available at 1st release of HP IA-64
          systems. Includes STK for IA-64.
      l   See www.dtf.hp.com/dtf

 l Developer         Alliances Lab
      l   Technical resources assigned to partners worldwide for
          ongoing HP-UX development including 11.0 and IA-64

IA-64 Jump Start Advantage
Programs and Services (continued):

l IA-64      Planning Services
     l   Worldwide consulting program for end users

l HP-UX        11.00 Power Partners Program
     l   Assistance and incentive for our partners to move
         applications to HP-UX 11.00, HP’s first 64-bit
         implementation of HP-UX
     l   See www.hp.com/go/hp-power
     l   Software Transition Kit at www.software.hp.com/STK

HP-UX: Leading Value Proposition
 for Enterprise Customers
l The best mission-critical enterprise UNIX today
l Continued enterprise UNIX leadership tomorrow
l The safest long term architectural roadmap
l The smoothest transition to IA-64 for enterprise
l Delivering continued differentiation with IA-64
l The best UNIX/NT integration platform
l A common UNIX and NT platform on IA-64

Backed by the strongest worldwide, multi-vendor
             service and support

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