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					Ashok Kumar
Akhil Kadiyala
Vinay Kumar Nerella
Ravikanth Garimella
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Toledo

Joint A&WMA - SAME Energy Workshop
June 12, 2008
Energy Efficiency
Efficient use of energy
 to obtain desired outputs
 that involves using
 alternative technologies
 operating at lower
 energy inputs for same
Energy Assessment
A procedure to assess the power consumption with
 respect to each source.
Basic steps:
  1. Determining the amount of energy being
 consumed for each process/activity.
  2. Determining the scope for energy savings and the
 cost it takes to implement the activities.
Energy Equation

   Energy Gap = Supply – Demand

  Total energy production and consumption, 1980-2030 (quadrillion BTU)
               Source: EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook, 2007
Opportunities to Reduce Energy
Proper selection of optimal systems.

Adequate maintenance of energy using systems.

Understanding energy costs.
Energy Efficiency Act 2007:
Enhance Energy Efficiency
 Optimize energy efficiency.

 Improve environmental performance through advanced technologies.

 Train engineering and research students to conduct energy assessments.
Classification of Energy Assessment
  Motor Systems
  MotorMaster version 4.0.6
  Energy Consumption Assessment
  Energy Assessment Sheet (EAS)
  Plant Energy Profiler for the Chemical Industry (ChemPEP Tool)
  EnVinta One-2-five
  Building Sustainability Tool
  Virtual Grower

  HVAC Systems
  Hybrid HVAC System Design Tool 1.0
  Building Advice
  Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT)
  Combined Heat & Power Application Tool (CHP)
  Process Heating Assessment & Survey Tool (PHSAT) version 2.0
Classification of Tools (contd.)
 Related HVAC Systems
 Chilled Water System Analysis Tool (CWSAT) version 2.3
 Steam Systems
 Pumping system assessment tool (PSAT)
 Air Master+ version 1.2.0

 Emission Calculations
 NOx and Energy Assessment Tool (NxEAT)
 Emissions Reduction Calculator
 DOE (EIA site)

 Sustainability Tools
Energy Assessment Tools
1) Energy Assessment Spreadsheet

2) Hybrid HVAC System Design Spreadsheet

3) Building Sustainability Tool

4) EnVinta One-2-five: ODOD

5) MotorMaster: DOE
Pollution Prevention Tools Web Site
The tools can be accessed at the link given below:

Energy Assessment Spreadsheet
(EAS 1.0)
 Provides a complete break-up and summaries of the total
  annual energy consumption and cost.

 Helps in identifying avenues for energy and cost savings.

 Includes separate sections for the major areas of energy
  consumption – lighting, motors, and HVAC systems.
EAS 1.0
 Lighting section has three worksheets – Lighting Data,
  Lighting Cost, and Lighting Cost Reductions.

 Motors section has two worksheets – Motors and Motor
  Operating Cost.

 HVAC systems section has two worksheets – HVAC systems
  and HVAC systems operating cost.
Lighting in EAS 1.0
 Lighting Data

 Lighting Cost
                   Lighting Reduction
Motors in EAS 1.0
 Motors worksheet

 Motors operating cost worksheet
HVAC in EAS 1.0
 HVAC system worksheet

 HVAC system operating cost worksheet
Hybrid HVAC System Design
 This tool is applicable to offices and manufacturing

 Various sections in the tool are Input, Walls &
 Windows, Lighting, Final sheet, and User’s guide.

 Helps the user to incorporate a natural ventilation
 system into a mechanical ventilation system during
 the design process.
Hybrid HVAC 1.0
Input sheet      Walls & Windows Worksheet
Hybrid HVAC 1.0
 Final Sheet     User’s Guide
Hybrid HVAC 1.0 Results
Building Sustainability Tool

                        QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS

  Energy           Water               Building Envelope      Pollution Prevention

  Lights   Appliances      Fixtures   Window     Insulation
 Lights    Washer
 Dish Washer    Refrigerator
 Showerhead    Faucet
 Toilet    Window
Output from the Building
Sustainability Tool
General Equations used in Tool



General Equations (contd.)
 Motor Efficiency

Equation for estimating replacement air heating costs on hourly basis

 Equation for estimating replacement air heating costs on yearly basis
Tackling Energy Management -
    Traditional Approach                     “+”       One-2-Five Approach

 Tactical, Project Basis                           Strategic, Program Basis
 No context of ongoing Mgmt System                 Integrated to Business / Processes
 No Long-term Sustainability                       Continuous Improvement Functions
 Authorities not Commensurate w/ level of          Balanced Organizational Structure, Process,
Responsibility or Accountability                   People, and Systems
L’Oreal Solon Energy
Diagnostic (Source: ODOD)
 The U.S DOE MotorMaster helps to analyze motor and motor system
  efficiency for all the motors in a plant and suggest replacements for less
  energy efficient units.

 The program generates a payback period for the motors to replace
  existing motors with more efficient motors.
Case Study 1: Energy Survey For an
Automobile Parts Manufacturing Facility
  Areas Investigated
    Lighting
    Motors
    HVAC systems
    Water heaters
  P2 Tools used
    Energy Assessment Spreadsheet
    HVAC Checklist
    MotorMaster
    Emission Reduction Calculator
Energy Reduction Estimates
Avenues for Reducing Energy

     CO2 reduction   SO2 reduction   NOx reduction
       (lbs/year)       (lbs/year)     (lbs/year)

       1469718          18721            6300
Case Study 2: Energy Assessment for a
Greenhouse at Sandusky, Ohio
 The objective of the assessment was to optimize the new
  greenhouse heating system for solar, electrical and natural gas
  energy performance and to significantly reduce consumption of
  the nonrenewable electric and gas resources.

 The assessment produced an estimation of $51,000 as energy
  savings annually.

          Virtual Grower Software from the USDA
Potential Savings
 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

 Energy assessment tools are available online for both
  residential and industrial sectors.

 It is possible to reduce energy costs.

 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
 US EPA (Mr. Phil Kaplan and Ms. Rita Garner)
 OhioEPA (Mr. Bill Narotski)
 ODOD (Mr. J. Greenway)
 EISC (Mr. Rick Mazur)
 TechSolve (Ms. Mary Beth Holley)
 CAMP (Dr. A. Gus Eskamani)
 EWI (Ms. Margaret A. Hiermer)
 UT graduate students
 A. Kumar, S. J Thomas and S. Ojha, “Pollution Prevention Tools For Small And Medium Sized
  Industries”, CD for Proceedings of the 2002 Conference, A&WMA
 S. J. Thomas, A. Kumar, and R. Pendse, “Development of a Hybrid Ventilation System using
  Natural Night Time Ventilation for Cleveland, Ohio”, Paper # OS-02-25, Proceedings of Ohio
  Air Pollution Research Symposium, 2002
 S. Ghose, A. Kumar, and C. Varadarajan, “Application of Pollution Prevention Tools in Energy
  Efficiency Assessments”, Paper # 69805, CD for Proceedings of the 2003 Conference,
Other Useful links
Survey of different energy assessment tools
          Assessment Tool                                  Description                                               Supplier
Building Sustainability Tool 1.0      The tool helps in evaluating the sustainability of         P2 Tools at University of Toledo
                                      building elements, indoor environment and the
                                      occupant behavior, which affects the indoor living
                                      quality. The tool utilizes the concepts of energy
                                      efficiency, water efficiency, building envelope and
                                      indoor environment quality, and occupant behavior to
                                      analyze the performance offered to the occupants. This
                                      tool was made for analyzing residential buildings and is
                                      now being value-added for assessing the industrial
                                      buildings as well.
Energy Assessment Spreadsheet (EAS)   The spreadsheet is a useful and easy-to-use tool for       P2 Tools at University of Toledo
                                      energy assessments. It provides a complete break-up
                                      and summaries of the total annual energy consumption
                                      and cost. It helps in identifying avenues for energy and
                                      cost savings
Hybrid HVAC System Design Tool 1.0    The HVAC spreadsheet is used for the design of hybrid      P2 Tools at University of Toledo
                                      HVAC systems for a manufacturing facility and
                                      associated office building. It is easy to use and could
                                      be modified for a specific plant. It is hoped that the
                                      spreadsheet will be helpful in improving energy
                                      efficiency at your plant.
Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT)     Help quantify the potential benefits of optimizing fan     U.S Department of Energy
                                      system configurations that serve industrial processes.
                                      Calculates the amount of energy used by fan system;
                                      determines system efficiency; and quantifies the           software.html#fsat
                                      savings potential of an upgraded system.
Survey of different tools (contd.)
              Assessment Tool                                      Description                                            Supplier
Combined Heat and Power Application Tool        Helps industrial users evaluate the feasibility of     U.S Department of Energy
(CHP)                                           CHP for heating systems and allows analysis of
                                                three typical system types: fluid heating, exhaust-
                                                gas heat recovery, and duct burner systems. The        es/software.html#chp
                                                tool also estimates system costs and payback
                                                period, and performs "what-if" analysis for various
                                                utility costs.
Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool      Introduces methods to improve thermal efficiency       U.S Department of Energy
(PHAST) Version 2.0                             of heating equipment and helps industrial users
                                                survey process heating equipment that consumes
                                                fuel, steam, or electricity, and identifies the most   es/software.html#phast
                                                energy-intensive equipment.
Steam System Tool Suite                         DOE offers a suite of tools for evaluating and         U.S Department of Energy
                                                identifying steam system improvements.
(Steam System Scoping Tool (SSST); Steam                                                     
System Assessment Tool (SSAT) - Version 3;                                                             es/software.html#ssat
3E Plus; Steam Tool Specialist Qualification)
Chilled Water System Analysis Tool (CWSAT)      Determines energy requirements of a system and         U.S Department of Energy
Version 2.3                                     evaluates opportunities for energy and costs
                                                savings by applying improvement measures.    

Pumping System Assessment Tool (PSAT)           Helps industrial users assess the efficiency of        U.S Department of Energy
2008                                            pumping system operations. PSAT uses achievable
                                                pump performance data from Hydraulic Institute
                                                standards and motor performance data from the          es/software.html#psat
                                                MotorMaster+ database to calculate potential
                                                energy and associated cost savings.
Survey of different tools (contd.)
               Assessment Tool                                       Description                                             Supplier
Plant Energy Profiler for the Chemical Industry   Provides chemical plant managers with the            U.S Department of Energy
(ChemPEP Tool)                                    information they need to identify savings and
                                                  efficiency opportunities. Tool enables energy
                                                  managers to see overall plant energy use, identify   ware.html#Plant_Energy_Profiler
                                                  major energy-using equipment and operations,
                                                  summarize energy cost distributions, and pinpoint
                                                  areas for more detailed analysis.

NOx and Energy Assessment Tool (NxEAT)            Helps plants in the petroleum refining and           U.S Department of Energy
                                                  chemical industries to assess and analyze NOx
                                                  emissions and application of energy efficiency
                                                  improvements.                                        ware.html#nox

Manufacturing Assessment Planner (MAP)            Provides necessary steps and procedures to           Rockwell Automation
                                                  conduct an eight-hour, integrated energy,
                                                  environment, and manufacturing efficiency  
                                                  assessment for a small or midsized facility          t/planning.html

Building Advice                                   It is a portable wireless system for assessing       AirAdvice
                                                  building performance, including energy savings
                                                  opportunities, HVAC operations, and comfort
EnVinta One-2-Five                                Provides energy management solutions for             ENVINTA Corporation
                                                  utilities and large commercial, industrial,
                                                  government and institutional organizations 
Survey of different tools (contd.)
         Assessment Tool                                 Description                                                Supplier
Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick   Compares a home's energy efficiency to similar homes         Energy Star
                                    across the country and provides recommendations for
Home Energy Audit                   Provides home energy audit identifying the parts of home     U.S Department of Energy
                                    using most energy and suggests the most effective measures
                                    for reducing energy costs.                         
U.S EPA’s Do-It-Yourself Guide to   The Guide provides step-by-step instructions for             Energy Star
Home Sealing                        sealing common air leaks and adding insulation to the

AIRMaster+ Version 1.2.0            Provides comprehensive information on assessing              U.S Department of Energy
                                    compressed air systems, including modeling, existing and
                                    future system upgrades, and evaluating savings and 
                                    effectiveness of energy efficiency measures.                 es/software.html#air

MotorMaster+ Version 4.0.6          Used for analyzing motor and motor system efficiency         U.S Department of Energy

Survey of different tools (contd.)
         Assessment Tool                          Description                                             Supplier
LEED                       Provides green building technologies                       Quality Attributes Software

BASIX                      Ensures homes are designed to use less potable water and   Basix Software
                           be responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emissions by
                           setting energy and water reduction targets for house and
                           units.                                                     rade.jsp
ENVEST                     Envest is a software tool that simplifies the complex      BRE Trust Company
                           process of designing buildings with low environmental
                           impact and whole life costs.                     

VIRTUAL GROWER             A new decision support tool for greenhouse growers.        USDA