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                                                                   July, 2008

President’s Message :                                organized and handed out prizes, and set up the
                                                     show field on Saturday. And everyone that coor-
        June has flown by. Between our June mem-     dinated the vendors, our caterers, our porta-
bership and board meetings, lawn work, a trip to     johns, and worked with our charity. And we can't
Raleigh to visit my sister, graduation parties, an   forget about the hard work that went into hauling
occasional cruise night, trips to the ice cream      in tents, tables, chairs, and the infamous popcorn
parlor, and, of course Eurocar, (whew!) we haven't   machine. And husbands and wives that supported
had a minute to take a breath this month. In ad-     our volunteers.
dition to all of this, Marty and I are packing to-
                                                     And finally our great sponsors that made all of
night to leave for MG 2008 in Valley Forge with a
                                                     this possible!
number of other club members who are braving
the high gas prices and traffic to join our MG
                                                     After the immediate weariness subsides and we
brethren for a fun-filled weekend in sunny Penn-
                                                     breathe a sigh of relief that it is over for an-
                                                     other year, we can be proud of our accomplish-
                                                     ment and that we are one of the best teams in
And speaking of Eurocar…
                                                     existence. Absolutely everyone did a commend-
I want to express my personal thanks to Deb
                                                     able job of working together to make this the
Larkin and Patty Golas for their superior leader-
                                                     best show ever!
ship in producing this year's Eurocar show. Their
organization and leadership skills truly came
                                                     We welcome all our new members that joined
through and made Eurocar 2008 an undeniable
                                                     during Eurocar, and hope that you join us for
                                                     the great picnic meeting at Onondaga Lake Park
                                                     on July 1st. Don't forget about the Cruise-In at
And we certainly can't forget everyone that
                                                     Sylvan Beach on July 10th, the Old Forge Boat
 volunteered their precious time to make things
                                                     Show on July 12th, and the Syracuse Nationals
happen, right down to the last detail. People that
                                                     on July 18-20. Please keep an eye open on the
contacted our show sponsors, wrote and edited
                                                     website for the latest events. Have a great MG
the newsletter, obtained door prizes, stuffed
goodie bags, hosted the BBQ, organized and set
up memorabilia, manned hospitality, judged cars,     Enjoy the ride,
set up sound systems, erected tents, parked cars,    Dave Winne         MG—Enjoy The Ride!
announced, registered entrants, sold regalia,
                The 2 Seater
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       The MG Car Club of Central NY
              P.O. Box 1666
            Cicero, NY 13039
                                             Upcoming Events
    Newsletter Editor: Terri LaVergne
                                        July -
    Advertising rates/info: Contact
    Dave Winne—622-1230                 7/1 - Monthly Meeting Picnic at Longbranch Park,
                                                 6 pm - Marty Winne

                  Club Officers         7/12 - Old Forge Boat Show - Dave & Marty Winne

    President:       Dave Winne
                                        7/18 - 20 Syracuse Nationals, State Fair Grounds
    V. Pres.:        Tom Lynch          7/29 - Board Meeting 6:30pm, dinner at 6pm - Lock 24
    Secretary:       Sue Beck           7/31 - Aug.2 MGs In Vermont, watch website for details
    Treasurer:       Marty Winne
                     622-1230            Note:   Pub nights and Meet'n'Eat will be suspended for the summer due to
                                                 all the other activities

           Committee Chairs                Check the club web site for other events and updates
    Activities:      Sharon Hartman
    Regalia:         Loie Mechetti
    Eurocar 2008:
                Deb Larkin/             Disclaimer –
                Patty Golas
    Membership: Patty Golas             The Club, its officers, the editors, and
                687-3849                the author of any piece disclaim any
    Webmaster: Jimmy Hearne             responsibility for damage, injury, or
                788-9998                loss connected with use of any tech-
                                        nical information provided in the
                                        Repairs/maintenance/technical tricks/
                                        procedures described herein should
                                        not be attempted without the proper
                                        tools and equipment and should
                                        never be attempted by anyone not
                                        experienced in the techniques

                  EUROCAR 2008 CLASS WINNERS

                                                       Class 11- Triumph TR2, 3, 3A
    Class 1- Austin Healey 100-4,100-6,
                                                           2nd – Neil Johnson 60 Triumph 3A
    3000, Jensen
                                                           1st – Bill Goode 60 Triumph 3A
          3rd – Carl Reames 57 Austin Healey 100
                                                       Class 12- Triumph TR4, 250, TR6
          2nd – Jay Levy 66 Austin Healey BJ8 Mk III
                                                           3rd – Irwin Koss 76 Triumph TR 6
          1st – Judith Cortese 66 Austin Healey 3000
                                                           2nd – Allen Hess 63 Triumph TR 4
       Mk III
                                                           1st – Stephen Merchant 63 Triumph TR 4
       Class 2- Austin Healey Sprite/ MG Midget
                                                       Class 13- Triumph Spitfire, GT6, TR7, TR8,
          3rd – Mike Canale 79 MG Midget
          2nd – Audley & John Hargett 75 MG Midget
                                                           3rd – Dave Moreau 73 Triumph GT 6
          1st – John Malvaso 76 MG Midget
                                                           2nd – Mel Denny 79 Triumph Spitfire
       Class 3- MG-T Series
                                                           1st – Ken Schneider 69 Triumph Spitfire MK
          3rd – Gareth Christy 53 MG TD
          2nd – Deb & Tom Larkin 53 MG TD
                                                       Class 14- Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150
          1st – Donna Nelson 55 MG TF
                                                           1st – Eric Pettit 55 Jaguar XK140 MC
       Class 4- MGA 1500, 1600
                                                       Class 15- Jaguar E-Type
          3rd – Sue Cali 60 MG A 1600
                                                           3rd – Randy Olson 69 Jaguar E-Type
          2nd – Carl Glenister 58 MG A
                                                           2nd – Pete VonZwehl 67 Jaguar XKE
          1st – Paul Andrews 57 MG A
                                                           1st – John Duncan 70 Jaguar E-Type
       Class 5- MGA 1622, MkII, Deluxe, Twin
                                                       Class 16- Jaguar Luxury/ Other, XJ6, XJ12,
                                                       XJ-S, MkII to 1988
          3rd – Jim Dean 62 MG A 1600 MK II
                                                           3rd – Paul Dutra 52 Jaguar MK VII
          2nd – Fred Galster 62 MG A MK II
                                                           2nd – Paul Chappell 87 Jaguar XJ6
          1st – Mike Losapio 62 MG A MK II
                                                           1st – Doug Rector 87 Jaguar XJ6
       Class 6- MGB/ MGB-GT Chrome Bumper
                                                       Class 17- British Sports/ Coupes, Morgan,
                                                       Lotus, Etc. to 1988
          3rd – Dave Winne 63 MG B
                                                           1st – Lou Mangino 85 TVR 280I
          2nd – Glen Markham 63 MGB
                                                       Class 18- British Luxury/ Other, Rolls, Bent-
          1st – Vincent & Marie Guerra 69 MG B
                                                       ley, Etc. to 1988
       Class 7- MGB/ MGB-GT Chrome Bumper
                                                           No entries
                                                       Class 19- Alfa Romeo to 1988
          3rd – John Golas 72 MG B
                                                           3rd – Tom Parish 82 Alfa Romeo Spider
          2nd – Wayne Owens 72 MG B
                                                           2nd – Tom Barone 66 Alfa Romeo Duetto
          1st – Bill Burd 72 MG B
                                                           1st – Dick Stachowiak 71 Alfa Romeo GTV
       Class 8- MGB/ MGB-GT Rubber Bumper
                                                       Class 20- Fiat to 1988
       1974½- 1977
                                                           3rd – Richard Ford 81 Fiat Spider Turbo
          3rd – Tim & Laura Orzel 77 MG B
                                                           2nd – Poetre Shaw 75 Fiat 124 Spider
          2nd – Daniel Foster 77 MG B
                                                           1st – Patrick Mott 80 Fiat Spider
          1st – Paul Andrews 77 MG B
                                                       Class 21- Italian Other to 1988
       Class 9- MGB/ MGB-GT Rubber Bumper
                                                           2nd – Walter Miller 39 Lancia Aprilla
       1978- 1980
                                                           1st – Alan Rosenblum 69 Iso Grifo
          3rd – Bob Jokl 80 MG B
                                                       Class 22- Swedish Cars to 1988
          2nd – Brian Peretta 80 MG B
                                                           No entries
          1st – Boris Buniak 80 MG B
       Class 10- Classic Mini (to 1987)
          1st – Richard Greene 82 Mini Mayfair

After Euro Car….
Thank you to all of you who helped make Euro Car 2008
a big success. We so appreciate everyone's input as well
as hard work and time given to the show. Truly there
would be no show with out the help of great friends like

    Paul Sr. from Orange County Choppers
      (OCC) with our very own Joe Cali.
               Way to go, Joe !
                                  Where’s Mikey ?




                                     AUTO FINISHERS
                                    AUTO FINISHERS

                                             SUPPLY CO.

     637 WEST GENESEE STREET                                         125 ONEIDA STREET
         Syracuse, NY 13204                         &                 Oneida, NY 13421
           315-471-5155                                                315-361-4190

     Dedicated to serving the car enthusiasts as well as the professional body shops with
                            all of your automotive refinishing needs.

                               Specializing in products including:

                         Proud To Be Your Local PPG Distributor Since 1937.

          Classic Car Specialists
          5702 South Bay Rd
          Cicero, NY 13039
          (315) 458-6320


Class 23- German Sports/ Coupes-to 1988
   3rd – Brad Hall 64 Porsche 356C
   2nd – W. Noroski 58 Porsche 356A                      Class 35- Contemporary Sports/ Coupes 1988
   1st – Mark Schultz 61 Porsche 356B                    to 1998
Class 24- German Luxury to 1988                              3rd – Richard Williams 98 Morgan +8
   2nd – Joe Cali 73 Mercedes 280
   1st – Dick Garofalo 75 Mercedes 240D
                                                             2nd – David Giordano 92 VW Cabriolet
Class 25- VW/ German Other to 1988                           1st – Ryan Mitchell 98 Jetta GIX
   1st – Albert Finocchiaro 73 VW 181 Thing              Class 36- Contemporary Sports/ Coupes 1999
Class 25A           VW Classic Beetle                    to 2008
   3 – Brandon Judd 68 VW Beetle                             3rd – Jim Baumgartner 99 BMW M Coupe
   2nd – Denise Jury 72 VW Beetle                            2nd – Tom Ross 05 Jaguar XKR
   1st – Chuck & Joyce Gladle 64 VW Beetle                   1st – Jim Secor 99 Mercedes Benz SL500
Class 25B VW Classic Campers/Buses                       Class 36A Contemporary Minis to 2008
   3rd – Glenn Green 69 VW Camper                            3rd – Tom Greene 06 Mini Cooper S Check-
   2nd – Iskander 79 VW Camper                           mate
   1st – Rick & Peggy Thomas 63 VW Micro Bus                 2nd – Les Lewis 07 Mini Cooper S
Class 26- French Cars to 1988                                1st – Stephen Jamroz 06 Mini John Cooper
   No entries
Class 27- Micro cars to 1988
   2nd – James & Martha Scharer 57 Morris Minor          Class 36B Contemporary Exotic to 2008
   1st – Steve George 57 Heinkel                             1st – Tim Simbari 06 Lamborghini
Class 28- Exotic/ Sports, Ferrari, Pantera, Etc. to      Class 37- Contemporary Luxury 1988 to 1998
1988                                                         No entries
   No entries                                            Class 38- Contemporary Luxury 1999 to 2008
Class 29- Trucks/ SUV to 1988                                1st – Stephen Lerman 01 Mercedes Benz S430
   1st – Mike Maruk 63 Land Rover

Class 30- Modified/European Other/ Replica to 1988      People’s Choice:
   No entries                                              Alan Rosenblum 1969 ISO Grifo
Class 31- Early Motorcycles, Original Dress thru 1969
   1st – Randy Nash 69 BSA Thunderbolt
Class 32- Later Motorcycles, Original Dress 1970-       Best of Show Automobile:
1985                                                      William Moroski 1958 Porsche 356C
   2nd – Frank D’Amico 70 Triumph Bonneville
   1st – David Williams 70 Triumph Tiger                Best of Show Motorcycle:
Class 33- Modern Motorcycles 1986- Present                Dave Williams 1970 Triumph Tiger
   3rd – Brett Simpson ___Triumph EX Scrambler
   2nd – Greg Dembs 95 Ducati 900 SS/SP
   1st – Bob Purdy 08 Triumph Bonneville

             I got an Idea                                    July Birthdays -
               Submitted by Rick Kunz
                                                       7/2    Russell DeForest
    Ok, what we need here is a contest, one that       7/5    Pete Sanborn
everyone can compete in, everyone has an equal
chance of winning. The big news papers do it, TV
                                                       7/7    Joe Cali
stations do it, heck even Billy Fuccillo does it. So   7/8    John Warlokowski
why can’t we do it at the “2 Seater”?                  7/12   Paul Andrews
                                                              Ray Hevener
   Here is the deal, “Photo of the Year” contest!      7/17   Freddie Galster
Each month you all submit an interesting car           7/21   Claudia Dorian
related photo (European that is) and Terri can
put it in the “2 Seater” so we can all laugh at it     7/30   Rick Kunz
and have some fun! They can be photos you took         7/31   Johannah Hannah
at an event or an old photo you found, just keep it
Cool, Lighthearted and Clean.                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!
    At the following monthly meeting we can all
cast a ballet for our favorite photo for the previ-
ous month. That will qualify your photo to run in
the 1st annual “2 Seater Photo of the Year Con-
test” With a grand prize of one year subscription
to the hottest most complete European Sports
Car Publication in Central New York! “The
2 Seater” This world renown publication contains
some of the finest articles found anywhere in the
US today.

   Don’t miss a single riveting technical article by
some of the finest technicians in the country. If
an Army travels on its stomach, a car club travels
on Ice Cream, and we have a secret weapon in the
quest for the best Ice Cream in the North East, if
not the World! Our culinary prowess is 2nd to
none as we have some of the finest chefs in the
nation contributing to our recipe column.

    Birthdays, Parties, Events, Trips! We have it
all so don’t miss a single line.

    Remember we do it all for you, and your car,
so find that picture now and send it to : and go for the gusto!

 (Contest dates from July to January for 2008 and
  January to January for 2009)

     See page 7 for the first entry …….

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P.O. Box 1666             MG Car Club of CNY
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