Guoxin Securities phone log _amp;quot;Golden Sun_amp;quot; mobile phone network to download Guoxin Securities free

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					Guoxin Securities phone log "Golden Sun" mobile phone
network to download Guoxin Securities free
Free mobile stock trading software Download Golden Sun trilogy (safety and
First, edit messages sent to 95536 DB A13659821683 Free Registration (DB and A
should have a space between)
(Note: this registration fee SMS text messages than 0.10 per ordinary things, will not
generate any other fees, free use of this software)
Second, receive messages, click on the login and press the corresponding brand
models Golden Sun software download
(If you can not click, please direct your phone's browser to enter the site
visit, if not your phone model, can directly select the "universal
download", try to download KJAVA keyboard touch screen version)
Third, start Golden Sun Enter your phone number log into the mobile phone stocks in
the world of Golden Sun
?Note: Golden Sun Securities is free cell phone use, the software itself does not
charge any fees, other fees and charges a lot of stock trading software is to be,
otherwise we can not use all the features, but Golden Sun is a free mobile stock
trading software available to investors a friend use, we do not receive any information
fees and software costs!
  ?When you use the Internet traffic generated by fees that mobile operators charge to
move or Unicom, is like the Internet to pay access fees to use the same computer,
mobile phone access is also required to pay traffic fees, if you frequently use cell
phone software stocks, it is recommended you to your mobile operator, China Unicom,
or move there to open Internet traffic fee monthly, thus can avoid paying too much
traffic, general now is 5 yuan monthly, for example, mobile users can open GPRS
package: 5 yuan monthly with flow far more than 30 trillion market needs to see.
Specific traffic situation can cost you a local operator.

※ Golden Sun is currently one of the best cell phone software stocks, fast, easy and
free to use, in addition to online quotes, online trading and Yinzhengzhuanzhang basic
functions, there are the following features:
1 F10-rich stocks of information and timely information on stocks of landmines - the
latest information to help you understand the individual stocks;
2, Free Hong Kong stock market - concerns changes in the external market;
3, Lightning commission orders - a flexible, fast commission orders, to ensure your
4, professional financial and investment information - your professional financial
5, subscription Po - Flexible and convenient IPO share living strategy
Related honor received:
1, won the securities newspaper sponsored "China's financial
institutions CIO Ninth Annual Conference on Financial Securities Outstanding
Website"      Award    "Best       Mobile Security",
"2008 Top Ten IT Innovation case of financial institutions"
Annual Financial Innovation Award for the third 2,2008.