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Free mobile stock trading software a lot, but really practical, safe and stable little.
This software is open software different from the phone comes with a
"mobile security" and various third-party software developers;
developed by the broker, it's free, Internet access and can support all
mobile phone users can download Java, Install trial.
Phone stocks, allowing you to devise strategies successful in distant!
More details see:
Free download three steps:
1, free registration
  ?Edit message "DB A15071391000" send to 95536 for free
registration. In addition to communications carriers receive general information fee
(0.10 yuan), the do not have any cost! (Note: DB and the space between A)
2, to download, install software
  ?Mobile Log Web download and install the software.
3, run and try
  ?After downloading the software automatically saved in the phone usually treasure
chest, applications, games, or main menu.
  ?First login, there will be verification interface validation interface to send text
messages have prompted registered in step 1 have been sent without re-registered
users to send text messages directly enter their phone number you can log on.
Five advantages:
1, the only one controlled by the independent broker mobile stock trading software.
Higher absolute security.
2, software for free: create mobile operators, Internet traffic costs, investors can select
the flow according to their needs subscription packages.
3, queries, transactions, transfers in one hand.
4, support the Hong Kong stock market, open-end fund redemption application,
exclusive daily updated financial information
5, the customer put forward a good proposal, once adopted, the short period of time
can be reflected through the phone system.
Services Q Q: 734481930
SMS registration instructions Legend:

◆ Software Features (Figure):
▲ open-end funds: the flexible open-end fund inquiries and transactions
The latest addition to Golden Sun "open-end fund" feature,
according to fund companies, fund code and fund type queries fund, while
convenience and flexibility to fund purchase, subscription, transaction or account
opening and other operations, as shown below:
<Fund query> <Fund subscription>
"What I fund list> <Fund Account>
▲ purchase Po: flexible strategies subscription of new shares
Purchase Po - more support for subscription of new shares when investors can choose
a flexible subscription strategy (self-definition, such funds, such as shares,
proportional) subscription of new shares, as shown below:
▲ Customer service: Need help? Golden Sun the first time to find your Account
The latest addition to Golden Sun "customer service" function,
you have to use any questions or comments can contact our account manager, access
to the most professional services, as shown below:

▲ rich stocks of information and timely information on landmine stocks
Golden Sun The latest addition to information and information-rich stocks of
landmines, and specially designed display and read way to facilitate investors to read
1, the information mine operation method: time-sharing figure shows the
"*" symbol indicates that the stocks are mines of information,
press "*" key to select then click "OK" to
view the content, as shown below:

2 units of information methods of operation: time-sharing plan point
"F10" to enter units of information page, select the Click to
view the following picture:
(Select five-speed market price, may buy or sell lightning) (in units of information can
also view information on mine)

※ ※ operator
▲ Golden Sun debut, enter the registered mobile phone number verification.
Customers in the first before the login screen enter your own text message issued by a
registered mobile phone number, press OK you can visit;
Free Hong Kong stock market ▲
Reminder: Hong Kong stocks Quotes delayed 15 minutes for the market.
Hong Kong stocks Query: Enter the 5 digits code, point determination; or direct input
alphabet, point to determine query.
▲ fast, secure online transactions
Used for the first transaction, first set up an account where the sales department,
improve transaction speed and convenience of operation.
Time-hold in the stock price of 5 stalls orders direct orders, but also can click the
"Options"              ->         "buy,         sell
▲ timely and professional information service
According to market hot spots, launch wholeheartedly, professional information
services, a daily update for your professional investment advice