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Guo Dong and his party met with the University of Michigan professor PeterAdriaens


									Guo Dong and his party met with the University of Michigan professor PeterAdriaens
Guo Dong met with Professor Peter Adriaens University of Michigan and his party
Update date :2009-12-21
  Dec. 20 morning, Deputy President Guo Dong met in Hatsukawa Library Lounge
University of Michigan Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Peter
Adriaens and China Ministry of Environmental Protection Secretary Zhao Hualin
pollutant emission control.

   Guo Dong's visit to the Peter Adriaens welcome and thank their support
for our school. Guo Dong briefly introduced the basic situation of our school. He
stressed that with the continuous development of the school, our school districts and
other exchanges between universities in gradually increased.

   Peter Adriaens of the Dong-Ming Guo thanked the cordial meeting, and further
asked about the situation of our students and exchange cooperation profile. He said
this is his fourth trip to Dalian, I am pleased to school.

   Later, Dong-Ming Guo and Zhao Hualin a conversation. The two sides today to
discuss the development of environmental science. Guo Dong pointed out that
because the state has increased the importance of environmental engineering degree,
my school's environmental science disciplines developed rapidly in recent
years. Guo Dong hope that both sides will strengthen cooperation and common

   Zhao Hualin Secretary asked some of my training course business administration
school in Xinjiang situation. At the same time, he wanted his school in basic research
to technical support and accelerate the development of environmental science.

  After the meeting, Peter Adriaens for the Environment and Life Science, students
do a paper entitled "Trends in Clean Tech Innovation" seminar.
(Student's Zhang Bin Zhao Bowen this)

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