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Guangzhou interior design course interior design course


									Guangzhou interior design courses | interior design courses

Interior design training in Guangzhou
Interior design training in Guangzhou

According to the personnel department of the authority of the statistics, 7 percent of
young people to become design professionals, interior design is the best choice,
followed by the top three reasons for bullish industry outlook, the higher wages and
work more flexible treatment. Guangzhou interior design course, interior designers
and professional prosperity.
In recent years, buy a house, renovated, has become a hot spot of public concern, the
focus. Real estate economy continues to Zouwang, decoration industry, the rapid
development of market boom, as demand for strong talent. Guangzhou interior design
courses swarm, some decoration companies do not even worry about a single,
Zhichou nobody. More and more people are optimistic about a good interior designer
career prospects, have joined the ranks of interior designers. Interior designer has
become a closely watched career, was dubbed the "golden dust gets
professional" one. As interior design professionals, our training started late,
in the rapidly-evolving industry, the supply of talent to a larger gap.
To meet the needs of interior design professionals, interior designers to improve the
professional standards of training a number of practical work and has a modern design
concept of high-quality interior design and decorating talent management personnel,
Zhongshan University School of several dollars for the whole community, particularly
the creation of interior design training.
Interior design training courses in Guangzhou Time: 4 months full-time 320 hours
Guangzhou interior design courses for the object: junior high school or equivalent and
above interested in interior design industry in the relevant participants
Interior design training courses in Guangzhou:
--- Interior Design sensory training in map drawing and interior design principles ---
--- --- hand-painted decorative structure and effect map Decoration Materials
Construction Technology --- --- --- decoration equipment and project budget
quotations and examples Bidding --- AutoCAD design --- 3dMAX --- lightscape
V-RAY --- Photoshop --- integrated production renderings
Six examples of interior design courses in Guangzhou:
1. Chinese restaurant renderings of classical examples;
2. Large conference room renderings instance;
3. A dilapidated old house;
4. Modern kitchen renderings;
5. Residential district elevation, bird's eye view renderings;
6. Park Aerial Picture.
National Vocational Qualification exam comprehensive counseling
Guangzhou interior design course learning objectives:
Interior design talents to meet the community on their needs, and regulate domestic
Zhuangshihangye market, continuously improve the professional standard of interior
design, and train a number with real capabilities and has the Modern Sign Designs,
high-quality, high-quality design talents and decorative 室内 management personnel.
Guangzhou interior design courses the instructor:
Jin Liang, such as teachers: Graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Interior Design. Proficient: phtoshop, creidraew, 3D, CAD, freehand, illustrator and
other software
8 years, 4 years experience in interior design Art Bishop of teaching experience. Solid
foundation of art and specializes in hand-painted; familiar with VI, logo design; able
to finish the interior and exterior renderings for modeling, rendering, post-production,
on the construction drawings have a certain understanding, can alone complete the
indoor and outdoor space to deepen the overall planning and design.
Interior design training courses in Guangzhou Address: Guangzhou Zhongshan
University, Xingang West Road, No. 135 (South Gate) Park South biological House
floor, Institute of Computer Science and computing applications
Interior design training courses in Guangzhou Contact: Ms. Liu
Guangzhou interior design courses QQ: 1483536532
Interior Design Course Advisory Guangzhou Tel :020-84110172
Interior design training courses in Guangzhou Phone: 15919617178

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