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Golden Gate Austin Healey Club, Inc.            Sunnyvale, CA Volume 10, No. 8         August 2008

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Tales of
                                           Tales of Conclave
Conclave ......... 1
                              by Loren Parks with contributions from our Club participants
column…….….. 2   The Austin Healey Club of America’s Conclave 2008 was hosted by the
                 Austin Healey Club of San Diego during the week of June 29 through July
Calendar…....… 5 4. Attendance included approximately 400 people and 150 cars from many
                 US states and Canada. Attendees from the GGAHC included Len Hart-
Lucas-Marelli    nett, Roger & Donna Hawk, Nick & Sandy Klein, George Henke, Bill
Rally Report…. 7 Meade, Loren & Diana Parks, Steve & Kim Korbay, Dave & Gerry Nock,

Healey Endur-
                 Gary & Genie Anderson, Jerry & Katie Costanzo, and Jim & Ida Morton.
ance Car ...…… 8
                          Conclave is a happy event. Lots of nice people congregate around their
Mendocino                 common interest to have a good time, learn more about their cars, and im-
Run ………..… 10                                             bibe the culture. Of course there must
                                                          be organized events or people would just
Healey                                  Dave Nock wants
                                                          wander around aimlessly having individ-
Classifieds…..11                        YOU on the Si- ual fun; the whole point of Conclave is
                                        erra Gold Coun- to have group fun. To accomplish group
President                               try Tour: Sun- fun there were social events, skill events,
David Nock                              day July 27.      learning events and a few stray events
Healeydoc@sbcglobal,net                 (see page 5)      like the auction. Here’s an irreverent
                                                          rundown of what transpired.
VP Membership
John Trifari                             John Trifari
408-373-6479                             wants YOU on         Social events included a Sunday recep-
                                         the Mendocino        tion featuring a sparse assortment of
VP/Counsel and                           Tour: Sat/Sun        chips and nuts with a pay bar, a Monday
Secretary                                                     afternoon Ladies Tea featuring a fashion
Lee Bardellini                           August 16/17.
510-582-6246                             (see pages 5 and 10)
                                                              show, a Tuesday evening Beach Party
HeLeeEsq@aol.com                                              Banquet celebrating the 50th anniver-
                                       Len Hartnett           sary of the Sprite, a Wednesday night
Position vacant                        wants YOU at the
                                                              Harbor Dinner Cruise, and a Thursday
                                                              night Awards Banquet.
VP Treasurer                           ice cream social,
Dan Sekella                            Sunday, August
Sekella@pacbell.net                    24. (see page 5)                     Continued on page 3

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                              August 2008                      Page 1
Editor’s Column                                       ADVERTISING RATES
                                                      Rates effective January 1, 2007 (space only).
Loren Parks
                                                      Full Page B&W (6 ½ ” by 8 ¼”)…………..$350
Chico, CA
                                                      One-Half Page B&W Horizontal
                                                      (6 ½” wide by 4 1/4” high…...………...…...$200
My trip to Conclave San Diego was a success—
defined as failure to break down. It had been         One Half Page Vertical
                                                      (8 ½” high by 3 ¼” wide)…………………..$200
over 40 years since I took a long trip in a road-
ster, and I got quite a reeducation. The noise of     One Quarter Page B&W
surrounding vehicles on the freeway is just in-       (4” high by 3/14” wide)…………………….$120
credible; I especially didn’t like driving Southern
                                                      One Eight Page Horizontal (Business Card)
California freeways. In addition I learned the
                                                      2” high by 3 ½” wide………………………..$80
limits of my Healey to tolerate heat. The cool-
ant temperature didn’t exceed 190º until the last               For advertising information, contact:
hour of the trip on July 7 when the air tempera-                       Steve Cloyes
ture between Sacramento and Chico climbed to                           925-935-9044 or
102º in the shade (which we didn’t have)
accompanied by a strong dose of forest fire                     Send artwork in JPG format to:
smoke. My wife Diana closed her eyes in misery                         Loren Parks
and asked exactly where we passed through the                          LorParks@gmail.com
gate to hell because she knew we were there. As
soon as we pulled off Hwy 99 in Chico the air             The Golden Gate Austin Healey Club
flow diminished and the Healey boiled. We                     is affiliated nationally with the
barely made it home. Memories are made of this!

August is a busy month for automotive events.
In addition to Club events, a plethora of events           For the latest Golden Gate news
will occur in the Monterey area. (I’ve been dying                Visit our web site at
to use a $2 word like plethora.) As usual, I will           www.GoldenGateHealeys.com
attend Concorso Italiano on Friday, Laguna Seca       Editorial Staff
Historic Auto Races on Saturday and the Pebble
Beach Concours on Sunday. Club member Don                  Editor          Loren Parks
Reichel will have an Alfa Romeo entered at Con-
corso. Please let me know if you will have a car
entered at Concorso, Laguna Seca or Pebble
                                                           Distribution of the printed version
Beach so I can find you and get a story for the
                                                                        George Henke
newsletter.                                                             707-226-5445

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                                                      Golden Gate Austin Healey Club Inc. and is published for the
                                                      benefit of its members. Material which appears in Golden Gate
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                                                      Club Inc. unless specifically noted. We do our best to insure
                                                      accuracy, but cannot be held responsible for omissions or errors.

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                               August 2008                                    Page 2
Tales of Conclave (continued)                  Healey Sprite as he originally designed it
                                               (without bug-eye headlights). John Sprinzel of
The Beach Party Banquet was a case of bait racing Sprite fame flew in from Hawaii for the
and switch; the event was held in the same event, and he was also a delight to hear.
nondescript conference room at the hotel
where the reception took place. I don’t know Thursday night’s Harbor Dinner Cruise was
why they didn’t follow through with the adver- excellent. The only glitch occurred when one
tised venue.                                   guy choked on bread and a couple of waiters
                                               used the Heimlich Maneuver on him right next
                                               to our table. The first waiter was getting no-
                                               where, but a bigger, burlier waiter brushed him
                                               aside and applied greater force. It worked.
                                               While this episode was underway a woman
                                               seated at our table yelled at the bartender to
                                               call 9-1-1. It isn’t clear to me how that would
                                               be effective since we were on a boat in the
                                               harbor; I’m still working on the concept.

           This is the beach party

Gerry Coker spoke about his experience de-
signing the Austin Healey Sprite, and I en-
joyed listening to him the second time just as
much as the first time I heard him at Rendez-
vous. It must be a bit tedious to keep playing
the same hit tunes like an aging rock band,                The gymkhana queue
but he does a good job of it. Bill Meade pre-
sented Gerry with a model of the Austin        Skill events included a gymkhana/funkhana on
                                               Monday, and TSD and Fun Rallies on
                                               Wednesday. I attended none of them, but
                                               heard that the gymkhana was good. I signed
                                               up for the Fun Rally but my wife and I decided
                                               to tour the decommissioned aircraft carrier
                                               Midway instead. Our decision was influenced
                                               by the rally description which indicated about
                                               100 miles of driving around San Diego hous-
                                               ing areas and industrial parks among other
                                               places, which we didn’t find appealing. After-
                                               ward I discussed the event with two Fun Rally
                                               participants; one dropped out after missing a
                                               clue and getting lost, and the other dropped
                                               out after getting tired of counting stoplights
                                               and green telephone poles. But somebody
                                               enjoyed it—Len Hartnett and his Aussie
  Gerry Coker (left), designer of the Sprite,
   receives a Sprite model from Bill Meade
                                                                        Continued on page 4
Golden Gate Healey Happenings                      August 2008                       Page 3
Tales of Conclave (continued)

navigator Mike Forrester won the event! Len said
that the combination of his hearing impediment and
Mike’s Aussie accent bordered on communications
comedy. Len also won a raffle prize, took 6th place
in the BJ8 class, and won the Radio Controlled car
races. (Never mind that he was the only entrant.)

Technical sessions included Road Failures (by Dave
Nock), Car Care (by Mother’s car care products),
Cams and Valves, Restoration, and Sealing Rubber/
Door Flex. Mother’s session was so stimulating that
a guy fell asleep and off his chair. Once it had been
determined that he hadn’t suffered catastrophic heart
                                                         Mike Forrester and Len Hartnett
failure, laughter could be felt but not heard.

One of the best events of Conclave was the car show and Concours at a park near Seaport
Village. The setting and the cars were superb. The event was essentially a meeting of the
Mutual Admiration Society since few outsiders attended. I’m sure that some of the best
                                                           Healeys in the country were
                                                           there.    There were Austin
                                                           Healeys representing most
                                                           models, Sprites of various
                                                           vintages, the Nasty Boys with
                                                           Ford and Offenhauser en-
                                                           gines, Nash Healeys, a
                                                           Healey speedboat, and more
                                                           variations on cars to look at
                                                           than one can digest. There
                                                           were plenty of awards to go
                                                           around, but with or without
                                                           one it was a fine event.

One of the biggest challenges in driving a Healey to Conclave is just getting there and back
without incident. I heard various tales of troubles on the trip among our Club members , but I
suppose that goes with the territory. All in all, it was a fine event.
                                                                         Continued on page 6

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                       August 2008                      Page 4
      Calendar of Events                       Saturday August 16: Filoli Tour CAN-

To list an event contact Loren Parks at        Sunday August 24:
(530) 893-8643 or LorParks@gmail.com.          National Austin Healey
This list is limited to one page; for a more   Ice Cream Social held
complete list see the GGAHC web site:          regionally in Vacaville
www.GoldenGateHealeys.com                      at Fosters Freeze,
                                               653 Merchant Street,
Sunday July 27: Sierra Gold Country            Vacaville, 11:00am.
Tour. Let David Nock know if you will          RSVP Len Hartnett at (707) 448-3027 or
attend. (209) 824-1562. Healey-                thehartnetts@earthlink.net. Contact
doc@verizon.net. We rendezvous at the          Len for driving directions.
Stockton Inn at Hwy 88 and 99 in Stock-
ton and depart at 9:00am. Travelers from       September 6-7. British Car Meet, Si-
the Bay Area can meet John Trifari at the      erra Point Marina, Brisbane. This is the
Dublin Starbucks at 8:00am, located at         old Palo Alto Meet at a new location. Sat-
Hacienda @ 580 FWY - Dublin                    urday tour and Sunday show. Call (310)
                                               392-6605, or rfeibusch1@earthlink.net
Sat/Sun August 16—17: Mendocino Tour
and dinner. See page 10. Date has changed      October 10-12. Infineon Raceway
from August 9—10. Contact John Trifari         Sears Point. CSRG 5th Charity Challenge
(408) 373-6479 or jtrifari@comcast.net         featuring historic grand prix and NAS-
                                               CAR. www.csrgracing.org/

Monterey                                       October 18-19. Autumn Classic at Mor-
                                               gan Hill (formerly in San Juan Bautista).
Friday August 15:                              The show will retain its format of Satur-
Pacific Grove Auto                             day tour and dinner followed by Sunday
Rally. Staging of                              Show. Bill Meade: 831-722-3253.
cars starts at 1PM;                            www.autumnclassic.100mregistry.com/
Drive through Pacific Grove at 6PM. BBQ
dinner at 7 PM. www.pgautorally.org            October 31- November 2. Thunderhill
Friday, August 15. Concorso Italiano, held     Raceway Park, Willows. CSRG Western
at a new venue in Marina this year.            Fall Finale. www.csrgracing.org/
August 15—17. Rolex Laguna Seca Historic
Automotive Races. www.laguna-seca.com.
                                               For Healey Events Nationwide, go to
Sunday, August 17. Pebble Beach
                                               the web site of the Austin Healey
Concours d’Elegance.
                                               Club of America at www.serve.com/

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                  August   2008                     Page 5
Tales of Conclave (continued) Also see page 11

                                                           Steve Cloyes ▲
           Gary Anderson ▲

                                      nie &

                                      & Kim
                                      Korbay ►

                                     ◄Nick &

                                      Bill Meade
                                      Sprite” ►

                                    ◄ Katie
                                     & Jerry

                                    Henke ►

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                      August 2008              Page 6
   The Lucas-Marelli Rally Was A Big Hit With All!
                                     by Bill Meade

Three clubs joined together for a great Father's Day tour starting in Los Gatos and
winding through one quick mountain curve after another until we reached our stop for
lunch. Don Reichel put this rally together for the Santa Cruz Club, the Healey Club and
the Alfa Club. A total of
16 cars attended. A big
thanks to Don for planning
an excellent day.

After an outdoor lunch at
the Alpine Beer Garden
and a little more back
roads touring, we stopped
at the home of Neil Kirk-
ham. We saw his beautiful
                                                          car collection and everyone
                                                          enjoyed wine and beer and
                                                          conversation. Neil owns the
                                                          original “Yellow Rolls Royce"
                                                          in the movie starring Rex
                                                          Harrison and Ingrid Berg-
                                                          man. It was an amazing, his-
                                                          toric car to see. Neil also
                                                          showed us his rare MG
                                                          Tickford which has a period
                                                          supercharger. It won a top
                                                          place at Pebble Beach a cou-
                                                          ple of years ago.

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                  August 2008                   Page 7
                                               pervised by the American Automobile club the
                                               car set 83 National and International Class D
                                               records driven by Donald Healey, George Ey-
                                               ston, Carroll Shelby, Mort Goodall and Roy
                                               Jackson-Moore. A 24-hour average speed of
                                               132.29 mph was achieved. Now some 54
                                               years later the feat is being attempted again.
This article is from Dennis Welch Mo-            Previous Record
torsport of the United Kingdom. It is
downloaded verbatim from the web site: Donald Healey’s desire to take the 24-hour
www.healeyendurance.com/                     endurance record stemmed from his belief in
                                             his car and the need for publicity to promote it.
 Welcome to Healey Endurance Car He had built one of the most iconic sports cars
                                             of the Fifties and teamed up with Austin to
In 1953 Donald Healey had an ambition to produce it in volume. The car had wowed the
take the 24-hour endurance record. In 1954 a public at Earls Court motor show but it was felt
standard chassis was prepared                that record breaking would prove both the de-
with a modified Weslake de-
signed cylinder head, 16 inch
Dunlop peg drive wheels and
Dunlop disc brakes (a first in
production sports cars).

There were a small number of
aerodynamic modifications with
a small aero screen and head
fairing plus an air-cooled bat-
tery compartment in the right
hand passenger compartment.

In due course the car was
transported to Bonneville.
There on Aug 23rd 1954, su-
                                                                 sign and the integrity of the
                                                                 Austin Healey and its com-

                                                                 Consequently in 1953 stan-
                                                                 dard production cars were
                                                                 used to take the production
                                                                 car records covering 3100
                                                                 miles in 30 hours at an av-
                                                                 erage speed of 104.3 mph.
                                                                 This produced a raft of

                                                                       Continued on page 9

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                      August 2008                       Page 8
Healey Endurance Car (Cont.)

publicity material that made the
Austin Healey look like a giant
killer against more expensive and
exotic sports cars.

This success spurred the team
on to look at an outright produc-
tion sports car record for 24-hour
endurance running, so the follow-
ing year in 1954 a standard chas-
sis was prepared with a modified
Weslake designed cylinder head,
16 inch Dunlop peg drive wheels
and Dunlop disc brakes (a first in
production sports cars). There were a small       Donald Healey, George Eyston, Carroll
number of aerodynamic modifications with a        Shelby, Mort Goodall and Roy Jackson-
small aero screen and head fairing plus an air-   Moore. A 24-hour average speed of 132.29
cooled battery compartment in the right hand      mph was set. This car is set to challenge
passenger compartment.                            that record in August 2008.

In due course the car was transported to Bon-
neville in Utah for the record attempt. There,      Record Attempt
on August 23 1954, supervised by the Ameri-
can Automobile Club, the car set 83 National August 16th 2008. The attempt is on;
and International Class D records driven by watch the record attempt here [Dennis
                                                        Welch Motorsport web site].

                                                               There has been frenetic activ-
                                                               ity alongside the car construc-
                                                               tion programme with consider-
                                                               able effort being made to ar-
                                                               range the record attempt for
                                                               August 2008.

                                                               The original Bonneville salt
                                                               flats 10 mile radial circuit is
                                                               now no longer available due to
                                                               ecological concerns so a new
                                                               record attempt venue had to
                                                               be sought. It had to be able to
                                                               sustain a 24 hour record at-
                                                               tempt and FIA time keepers
                                                               also had to be available.

                                                                      Continued on page 10

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                     August 2008                        Page 9
                                                               Mendocino Run
Healey Endurance Car (Cont.)

Millbrook proving ground in the UK can is       set for August 16-17
booked for August 16th 2008 with the rele-               (New date)
vant authorities and FIA time keepers. So
the record attempt is on.                  John and Karen Trifari will lead Golden Gate’s
                                                    Mendocino Run up the North Coast on Saturday,
A recent test drive around the circuit by Jer-
                                                    August 16, returning on Sunday August 17.
emy Welch and Martyn Corfield has high-
lighted some of the issues to be considered
from suspension and steering settings to oil        The tour will go through Napa for leisurely morn-
distribution, affected by the tight radius of the   ing, driving up the Silverado Trail to Calistoga.
Millbrook circuit.                                  If you are planning to meet us in Calistoga, meet
                                                    at the railroad station on Calistoga’s main street.
Jeremy Welch commented: “The project is             We will then head up 128 through the Anderson
going well but it has meant considerable en-        Valley to the Jimtown General Store for lunch,
gineering work before any parts can be ac-          and continue up 128 to Rte 1 on the coast with a
quired or re-engineered. We want this to be
                                                    stop along the way in Boonton. We will overnight
as faithful to the original as possible but also
                                                    in Ft Bragg. Return is at your option. We will
a very capable car that can actually do the
job. After all we need to be running in ex-         return in the late morning on Sunday the 17th.
cess of 150 mph. So far I am very pleased           One-way distance: 150 miles. Bring a sweater.
with its progress but the real truth will come      Regardless of what you hear, the coast can get
at record time, until then we have to work          cold at night. Rooms are now being held at the
hard to research every bit of the car and pre-      Quality Inn/Tradewinds Lodge in Ft. Bragg under
pare with running tests at the circuit. We will     the name “John Trifari.” Call 707-964-4761 and
be keeping those interested fully abreast of        make your reservation.
our progress. I hope this will also include live
footage on the record attempt day.”
                                               We are arranging a dinner at the Little River Inn
In the world of land speed records there is below Mendocino on Saturday night Aug 16 at
only one way to determine a record breaking 8PM . Please let us know if you intend to dine
car and that is, to quote Jackie Cooper in his there so we can make reservations.
narration of the 1953 record attempt film “you
just put it on the line and let the car do the Departure is 10am from McDonald’s on Rte 29, 1
talking”                                       mile north of the Rte 37 crossover in American
                                                    Canyon (just north of Vallejo). Directions:Take
For more information on the current car I-80 to Rte 37 in Vallejo (also known as the Ma-
and its technical specifications, as well as rine World Parkway) and head west on 37 ap-
updates and results of the record attempt,
                                             proximately 2 miles to Rte 29 north. Proceed
see www.healeyendurance.com/
                                                    north to the McDonald’s on your right.

                                                    Please contact John or Karen Trifari if you in-
                                                    tend to go. 408-373-6479 or 408-393-5335;

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                            August 2008                     Page 10
More Conclave photos
                                  Healey Classifieds
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