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Volume XIX No. 4                                                          April 2008

Wine Cheese Party !!

                                 APRIL EVENTS
               Wed. April   2    President’s Informal Evening    (see p. 3)

               Sat.   April 19    Hiway 61 Spring Clean Up       (see p. 6)

               Sat.   April 26    Midwest Open House – St. Cloud (see p. 5)
Page 2                                         The Healey Enthusiast                                                                                    April 2008

                  MAHC STAFF                                                               The President’s
President       TOM MOERKE
                715-386-5341                                                                   Report
s, and food when you can. “What is the
                Luc                                                          Blatz
                                                                                                     By Tom Moerke
 Vice President ROD RICHERT
 Treasurer      JIM KLEIN
                          HI, GANG:
 Membership     JIM KRIZ
                                                           For the first time in years I went to the Auto Show. I went on the 12th because it
                612-374-2666                           was the only day it was open all day and also because it was geezer day thus a
                           ticket only cost 4 bucks. The first thing you notice is the beautiful light grey carpet
 Newsletter     LARRY NIMMERFROH                       over the entire enormous floor. It didn't seem to have any seams and looked
      Editor    6554 Kingfisher Lane                   perfectly clean. And this was the 5th day of the show!
                Eden Prairie, MN 55346                           Where do I go first ? I just started walking thru this huge display of
                952-294-4314                           SUV's, massive pickups, conversion vans, and pricey German sedans. I did find
                                                       two Mazda Miata's, one at $21k and the other with a folding steel top at $26k. They
                      looked awfully good. There were 2 Corvettes with big signs indicating they were only
 Newsletter     GLORIA LYNCH                           $49k each. The Viper was priced at $90k!. So the Corvettes were cheap, right. I saw
      Publisher                                        a Saturn Sky at 39 big ones, apparently because it has a custom grill and some sort
                                                       of fancy doors, which you were asked not to open. Ouch! I did see the Dodge
Video Librarian   JIM WOJCIK                           Demon which was surrounded by ropes. I was interested because the car mags
                  651-653-4523                         had hinted it would go on the market at $15,000. It looked good, competitive with the
                                                       Pontiac Solstace or the Saturn Sky. The salesperson there didn't seem very excited
                         over it, but I would be at 15thou. By now it was lunch time and I was hungry and
WebMaster         JOHN SNYDER                          thirsty and my feet hurt. You could buy a diet coke for $3.75 or hot dog for $4.00
                  952-929-4792                         and they had beer for sale at an unknown price . But where does one sit? The few
                     chairs available were mostly taken by old people. I bought a small diet coke for
Email             DAVE LEE                             $2.75 and planned to buy lunch on the way home.
   Broadcaster    651-489-3157                                     I remembered a sign by the entrance saying sports cars and antique cars
                                                       were on the 2nd floor. The first thing you see are vendors selling car wax, model
                                                       cars, roofing, etc. etc. The good looking sales lady assured me I would win 100
Name Tags         TOM HAZEN                            thousand dollars worth of any home improvements I would choose if I merely filled
                        out a card. I did . I kept walking and looking for Randy Byboth's Austin-Healey
National Delegate GREG LAUSER                          Sprite. It was in an unmarked side room in the SCCA display with a Corvette.
                  715-262-9813                         The antique cars were in another unmarked side room and it was filled with really
                       nice cars and one motorcycle; an HD 45 in full military dress just like it was in 1943.
Intermarque       ANDY LINDBERG                         This included brown leather saddle bags and brown leather scabbards for a
                                                       Thompson SubMachineGun and it was finished in the most drab olive drab I have
         Delegate 651-292-8585                         ever seen. I was in the brown shoe army in the 50's, but by then the peace time
                   army had started to shine up the OD. When I was 20, I briefly owned an HD 45.
Future 50         DAN WOLTERS                          It was a terrible bike. Now they are worth big bucks.
     Coordinator 651-470-9131                                      I guess going to the Auto Show is a good thing if you are looking to buy a
                      new car. But for me it only made me look forward to the Intermarque Car Show even
Regalia           GARY RONNING                                     Please don’t’ forget our Spring Drive on May 3rd. It will start at
                  763-684-4041                         Birkmose Park in Hudson overlooking the St. Croix at 1.00 PM and will end at a
                            locally famous restaurant east of Stillwater. Oh, it’s on May 3. The temp will be in the
Technical                                              70's with a light breeze and the grass will be green. Full details in the next Healey
      Resources                                        Enthusiast.
    Sprite        CHUCK NORTON                                     For those of you who didn't make the March PIE. Something special
                  651-483-0836                         happened. And it may happen again. Cindy O'Brien brought a pie. She handed it
                                                       to me and Mike Martin stopped me from taking it home and my wife June was able
    100           DAN WOLTERS                          to divide it into 28 pieces so everyone got a piece.
                  651-470-9131                                     See you at April PIE on the 2nd
   3000 &         JEFF JOHNK
       Modified 952-461-2720
    Jensen        TOM POLITISKI
        Healey    218-367-2168

Board of           TOM HAZEN                                                                 THE HEALEY ENTHUSIAST
    Directors      JIM KRIZ                            The official publication of the Minnesota Austin Healey Club, THE HEALEY ENTHUSIAST, is published 12 times per
                                                       year for the benefit of its members. Articles which appear in THE HEALEY ENTHUSIAST are the opinions of the authors
                   MIKE MANSER                         and do not express the position of the Minnesota Austin Healey Club on any matter unless specifically noted. We do our
                   SCOTT MCQUEEN                       best to ensure accuracy but cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions. Contributions are welcome on any subject
                                                       related to Healeys, club members, or of general interest to the classic car hobby. Material from THE HEALEY
                   WAYNE SODERBECK                     ENTHUSIAST may be reprinted in any other publication provided reciprocal article use permission is granted by that
                                                       publication. Deadline for submissions to the editor is the 15th of the month prior to the next issue. Classified ads are free for
                                                       MAHC members, $5.00 for non-members. For display rates contact newsletter advertising. The Minnesota Austin Healey
Web Site                     Club is affiliated with the Austin Healey Club of America.
April 2008                              The Healey Enthusiast                                      Page 3

                 PIE                                              PIE REPORT
      (President’s Informal                                                           By Rod Richert
                                                      Wow! What a great turn out for the March 5th
Date: Wednesday April 2nd                             President's Informal Meeting. 30 anxious (for spring?)
Time: 7:00 p.m. (or before)                           motorists braved unseasonably cold weather to
                                                      witness Tom Hazen's Matchbox car speed event (see
Place: Fort Snelling Officers Club
                                                      results elsewhere in this edition) that followed the
        This location is on Hwy. 5 (east of I-494)
on the southeast side of the Mpls./St. Paul Intl.     Jim Klein reports a healthy $12,000 in the treasury
Airport. Exit at the Post Road ramp, turn south       with $1,800 yet to be sent to national.
(east) towards the river and proceed on to the road
heading for the park, take the first left and wind    Copies of directions to Jeff Lumbard's March 15th tech
                                                      session were distributed.
around to the Officers Club building.
        Come and enjoy refreshments and/or food       Tom Moerke reminded all of March's upcoming events
with the friendly club members, catch up on news      and introduced guests Tim Byboth and Mark Brandow
& events, and discuss cars & restorations.
                                                      Jim Kriz requires a $5 surcharge for now late
                                                      membership dues (excepting new members).

                                                      Curt Carlson sold an A-Series engine text for the Paul
                                                      Weidner Memorial Fund.

                                                      And Gary Ronning solicited orders for a pending
                                                      regalia order.
        Breakfast at the Peg
This casual event every Saturday morning about        Attending: Wayne Soderbeck and guest Jim Crowley
8:00 continues to be very popular! Great food,        (Jim arrived after Tom's introduction of guests), Carl
reasonable prices, & friendly LBC car                 and Betty Stine, Steve Rixen, Kim Kiser, Ron Corazzo,
enthusiasts make it a great place to keep in          Aaron Courteau, Jeff Lumbard, Jack Stein, Mike
touch. Meet in the room added on just for us!!        Martin, Darrell Pearson, Tom and June Moerke, Dale
                                                      Martin, Cindy and guest Tim Byboth, Brian Walsh,
The location again is:                                Greg Lauser, Jim Kriz, Tom Hazen, Gary and Barb
            The Square Peg Diner                      Ronning, guest Mark Brandow, Andy Lindberg, Curt
        2021 East Hennepin Ave. Mpls.                 Carlson, John Snyder and Spook Johns.


                                                             NEXT PIE IS APRIL 2ND AT
                                                                 FORT SNELLING
Page 4                            The Healey Enthusiast                                 April 2008
          TECH SESSION at Jeff Lumbard Workshop                                      by Rod Richert

On Saturday, March 15th, MAHC members and guests saw and heard the best of Jeff Lumbard's steel
fabrication experience. Jeff says that his restoration planning involves balancing time required vs. cost.
It's sometimes best to buy a reproduction part instead of investing hours or days refurbishing the
original. Steel seat bases were given as an example.

Skill in welding is a key. Toll Gas & Welding Supply offer classroom and hands-on classes at 3005
Niagara Lane, Plymouth, MN 55447. Contact Thea Bunde at (763)551-5308 or

Jeff buys his sheet metal stock from the unheated storage bins at Garelick Steel. It's self-serve, but Dan
Powell agrees with Jeff that a little kindness toward the young workers there will reap benefits.

A few tips: Have a variety of grinders of different grits ready to save time.
           Wear PPD's--eye protection and respirator.
           For templates, Jeff tapes together file folders.

All the wiser: Wayne Soderbeck, Tom Moerke, Chuck Norton, Don Heath, Ron Corazzo, Herb Miller, Dan
Powell, Mike Martin, Randy Byboth, Larry Nimmerfroh, Rod Richert, Dave Lee and guests Dennis and Paul

Congratulations Randy

Healey club member Randy Byboth's car was featured in the vintage racer section of
The 2008 Twin Cities Auto Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center.
The car is a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite MKII in full race prep. It
boasts 110hp out of a performance enhanced 1275CC engine that originally
didn't make 50hp in stock configuration. Randy has made MANY performance
enhancements to the drivetrain as well as the suspension.IX

 We’ll meet at 9 a.m. Saturday, April 19 in the parking lot of Veteran’s Highway Park along U.S. 61 on the
north end of Lake City, double back to the Villa Maria turn park to pick-up our allotted stretch of road and
then take a tour back north to King’s Restaurant in Miesville for lunch. If enough folks participate, we
should be on the tour to Meisville no later than 11:15-11:30 a.m. See you Saturday, April 19!
April 2008                             The Healey Enthusiast                                                   Page 5

                                The VP REPORT                              by Rod Richert

Barb Ronning says that the Mathew's know how to pick their days for the wine and cheese party--"It always seems to be
sunny!" Two dozen club members and guests looked out over the snowy slopes of Theodore Wirth Park and sampled
over a dozen wines, many more cheeses and a variety of savoy goodies including Curt Carlson's marinated garlic cloves.
Photo albums of Mike and Gloria Lynch's South American trip, Barb and Gary Ronning's days in Mazatlan and polished
aluminum components of Dick Mathew's latest Jaguar masterpiece shared the table with Curt's printout of the State of
Minnesota's collector plate regulations. In attendance and not already mentioned: Tom and June Moerke, Steve Rixen
and Kim Kiser, Rich and Liz Stadther. Chuck and Jean Norton, Mike Martin, Jan Huston, Wayne Soderbeck, Larry
Nimmerfroh, Sherry Wilkening, Jim and Rose Klein, Ron Corazzo, Mark and Lisa Swan, Lisa Mathews and Darrell Pearson.

Rendezvous '08 in Pinawa, Manitoba is about 1/4 full with Tom and June Moerke being the 24th confirmed reservation.
Reservation and room questions are being fielded by Ann Blonski at (204)883-2215 or or general
Rendezvous questions by Graeme Lowden at (204)757-7043 or

Concerns were voiced about border ID requirements upon return to the U.S. and Canadian computer searches of visitor's
driving histories. As of January 31, 2008, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol website states that the transition to the
Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Secure Document Implementation will occur no earlier than June 1st 2009. Single
document (passport) or dual document (driver's license and birth certificate) identification suffice. But stay tuned and
check periodically at <> Also check KNOW BEFORE YOU GO at that same site for product
regulations and restrictions.

Rumors of decades old DUI convictions resulting in denial of entry into Canada will be explore in next month's V.P.

Correction: In the first paragraph of the March V.P. report, the '62 Chevy Bel Air is painted a '75 BMW red.


Spring Awakening and Tour May 3, Saturday
1:00pm, leave at 1:30pm.
 Birkmose Park from Spring Awakening and Tour, May 3, Saturday afternoon at 1:00 pm, at Birkmose
Park in in Hudson. We will meet at Minnesota & I 94 from Mn into Wi exit one and then north to
Dairy Queen and turn Cooley road turn right at the concrete teepee. We will go east on concrete
area roads to the Eau Galle recreational area rustic rest stop, then north to Glenwood City to a
restaurant locally famous for it’s prime rib dinners
For more info, call Tom Moerke: 651-402-2153
See you there!

Midwest Motor Sports Sauk Rapids                                           April 26
Come to Midwest Motor Sports on Saturday April 26th for an open house/new location/25yrs in
business party. Starting at 10am til ? lunch served at noon. Bring your car for a get ready for summer
inspection or service. Call ahead for any special auto needs we might use as a short tech
session.Our new location is 728 8th Ave. S. in Sauk Rapids(about 1/2 mi. from old location). Going
north on US hwy 10, take first Sauk Rapids exit (Benton Dr.), go left onto Benton to 8th Ave. S. Turn
right (look for Bubba's bar), go 1 block, look for white steel building on right. Call Dan @ 320-251-
0676 or 320-237-4413 cell with questions. Check out our website-
Thanks from, Dan Iberg
Page 6                          The Healey Enthusiast                                       March 2008

                        Event Schedule 2008
 April 2 **     PIE Meeting - (Wed) Meet at 7:00 p.m. See page 3.
 April 19 **    Clean-Up Spring Awakening Tour - (Sat) Meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Veteran’s
                Hwy. Roadside Park at milepost 80 on US Hwy. 61 – just above Lake City, MN for the
                Spring Adopt-A-Highway clean up. See page 13 for full details by arrangements are being
                made by Greg Lauser.
 April 26       Midwest Sports Open House (Sat.) See page 5
 May 3 **       Spring Awakening Tour - (Sat) Meet at 1:00 p.m. leave 1:30 PM Tom Moerke
                See page 5
 May 7 **       PIE Meeting - (Wed) Meet at 7:00 p.m. See page 3.
 May 16 - 20    Sprite Jubilee – (Fri-Sun) Hershey, Pennsylvania
 May 16 - 18    SVRA – (Fri-Sun) This will be the weekend for the Spring races at RoadAmerica in
                Elkhart Lake, WI. Many events are being planned for the attendees this weekend. For
                more info, email Jeff Johnk at Details at PIE Marc 5th
 May 17         Intermarque Banquet & Car Show – (SAT) The InterMarque Council will again
                sponsor the Spring banquet. It will take place at the Radisson Conference Center in
                Golden Valley. Car show 10:00 am, banquet 2:00 pm SATURDAY

 June 4 **      PIE Meeting - (Wed) Meet at 7:00 p.m. See previous notice.
 June 5 - 8     Rendezvous 2008 - This will be the 18th year for the annual Lake Superior Vintage
                Sports Car Rendezvous. The location this year will be at Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada. The
                Manitoba Healeys will be hosting. Get your reservations in early! See page 8
 June 14**      Hill Climb VII      (Sat.) Afton Alps –See page 10
 June 14-15     Classic Car Club of America/Mercedes Benz Concours Event –
                (Sat-Sun.) Very nice showing of Classic Cars at Rice Park in downtown St. Paul. Details.
 June 21**      Paul Weidner Memorial Speed Event at Amery Airport– (Sat.) – Tom
                Hazen and Tom Moerke will be having “another run at it” in honor of Paul Weidner !
                See page 11
 Jun 20-22      Back to the 50’s Car Show – The annual supersize car show at the Minnesota State
                Fairgrounds. If you want to see tons of fancy cars, here’s the place! Friday-Sunday
 June 25        Spridget Golden Anniversary Lake of the Ozarks, MO
 Jun 28-Aug 3   Velocity Auto Art Show Hopkins, MN See Feb issue
 June 29        AHCA Conclave 2008 –The event will be in San Diego Looks like a beauty! Reserve
                early. For more information, call Greg Lauser at 715-262-9813 or email to
 June 29        Intermarque Picnic – (Sun) 1:00PM Cherokee Park

 July 2 **      PIE Meeting - (Wed) Meet at 7:00 p.m. See page 3.
 July 5         Chetek Car Show (Sat.) at Airport, Chetek, Wisconsin
 July 12**      7th Annual Healey Gymkhana – (Sat) Meet at 8:00 a.m. in the Brown & Bigelow
                parking lot at 345 Plato Blvd. in St. Paul. Scott McQueen will be making the arrangements.
 July 15        Square Peg Night at Velocity Auto Art in Hopkins – (Tue.)

                        May Event Reminder
                        3       Spring Awakening
                        7       PIE
                        16      Sprite Jubilee Philadelphia
                        16      SVRA Elk Hart Lake
                        17      InterMarque Car Show
March 2008                        The Healey Enthusiast                                                     Page 7

                           Event Schedule 2008
 July 17–20         The Kohler International Challenge (formerly called the BRIC) This is the big
                    annual vintage car race event held at RoadAmerica in Elkhart Lake, WI. For details, call
                    Jeff Johnk, Dan Powell, or Jeff Lumbard
 July 20**          Lynch Barbecue and Short Tour Details tba next month
 July 25**          Drive-In Movie Nite – (Fri) Andy Lindberg is bringing us back to the 50’s with this
                     event in Woodbury. Plan to come early and tailgate. Details later.
 July 25 – 27        Donneybrooke Vintage Revival - (Fri-Sun) VCSR racing and lunch time touring at
                     Brainerd. Info call Randy Byboth, 952 936 9335 TENTATIVE
 July 27             Intermarque Picnic – (Sun) 1:00PM Cherokee Park

 August 1**          British Car Night at Velocity Auto Art in Hopkins – (Fri.) See page
 August 3 **         Fun Rides for Kids Charity Event – Details tba Jan Huston and Wayne Soderbeck
 August 6 **         PIE Meeting - (Wed) Meet at 7:00 p.m. See page 3.
 August 9            Ellingson’s All British Swap Meet/Car Show – (Sat) 10:00 a.m. This event has
                     been held at the Ellingson Car Museum on Hwy. 94 near Rogers, MN in the past twelve
                     years. It’s a great place to buy or sell parts and show your car. Sponsored by the MN MG
 August 17 **        Lauser / Stine Tour & Picnic – (Sat) There will be a short tour ending up at Carl &
                     Betty Stine’s for a Picnic at their very interesting farm in Beldenville, WI. Details later.
 August 23**         Amery Airport Event V– (Sat.) – These events were so well received last year that Tom
                     Hazen and Tom Moerke will be having “another run at it” ! Details later
 August 31           Intermarque Picnic – (Sun) 1:00PM Cherokee Park

 September 3 **      PIE Meeting – (Wed) Meet at 7:00 p.m. See page 3.
 September 6**       Wheels ‘n Wings – (Sat) 8:00 a.m. Always a lot of cars and a lot of books. Airplanes ,
                     a train ride, hot dogs, and friendly people make it an enjoyable day in Osceola, WI.
 September 12-14 Donneybrooke Vintage Revival - (Fri-Sun) VCSR racing and lunch time touring at
                     Brainerd. Info call Randy Byboth, 952 936 9335 TENTATIVE
 September 14 **     Morgan Healey Picnic – (Sat) Herb and Marsha are hosting. Details tba
 September 18-20     Fall Vintage Race Festival XXIII - Held at RoadAmerica in Elkhart Lake, WI. A
                     great opportunity to see vintage racing up close. Call Jeff J., Dan P., or Jeff L. for details.

 October 1 **        PIE Meeting – (Wed) Meet at 7:00 p.m. See page 3.
 October 11**        Fall Color Tour- (Sat.) The final drive of the year to enjoy the Fall tree colors. Birkmose
                     Park, Hudson, WI Steve Rixen coordinating Details later.
 October 25 **       Adopt A Highway Clean-up (Sat.) The second of our two clean-ups for the year is to
                     take place on this date. Details later.

 November 5 **       PIE Meeting – (Wed) Meet at 7:00 p.m. See page 3.
 November 8 **       Charity Event – (Sat) Dale Martin will schedule our club taking part in a repeat food
                     packaging charitable exercise. Details later.
 November 15 **      Annual Business Meeting Party – (Sat.) The annual business meeting, election of
                     officers, and dinner banquet will occur on this evening at the Officer’s Club. Details later.
 December 3**        PIE Meeting – (Wed) Meet at 7:00 p.m. See page 3.
 December 6**        Planning Breakfast – (Sat) The schedule of events for 2009 will be on the agenda for
                     this meeting. Rod Richert will select the site.
                     ** - Denotes an official MAHC club activity

                                Event Schedule 2009
 June 11-14**        Rendezvous 2009 Ashland, WI Hosted by MAHC
                                    Rendezvous at Wilderness Edge
                              18th Annual Vintage Sports Car Rendezvous
                                            June 5 - 8, 2008
                                      Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada
                                                     REGISTRATION FORM

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________
            (FIRST)                                             (LAST)

Prov./State: _______ Postal/Zip Code: ____________ Home Phone: ( ______ )______________________________
Email Id: ____________________________________ Spouse/Guest Name: ________________________________
 (Only email registration confirmations will be sent. Please include your email address.)
Child Name(s) & Age(s): ___________________________________________________________________________
Vehicle(s) to be Registered: ________________________________________________________________________
 (IF MORE THAN TWO, LIST      (YEAR)              (MAKE)                   (MODEL)
 ADDITIONAL VEHICLE(S) ON ________________________________________________________________________
 SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER)     (YEAR)              (MAKE)                    (MODEL)

Registration Fee: (On or Before May 1, 2008: $50.00; After May 1, 2008: $65.00)                                       $ __________
     (REGISTRATION FEE includes vehicle(s), two adults and all children under 18 years old, 1 free T-Shirt and event
poster) T-Shirts: Free T-Shirt (circle size) S M   L     XL     XXL
    Add'l T-Shirt(s) S x ___ M x ___ L x ___ XXL x ___ $ 12 / add’l T-Shirt ($14 for XXL)                             $ __________
All-Inclusive Child Rate: Under 4 are FREE, 4 - 17: age x $6                                                         $ __________
  All-Inclusive Rate * (room, meals & taxes) for all 3 nights & days at Wilderness Edge Retreat & Conference Centre
Room Description                                          Price per Adult        Number of Adults        All-Inclusive Cost
Standard Room - 1 Queen                                        $ 180
Standard Room - 2 Doubles                                      $ 180
Bachelor Suite - 1 Queen w/ kitchenette                        $ 200
Suite - 2 Queens                                               $ 220
Suite - 1 Queen & 1 Double                                     $ 220
Suite - 1 Queen & 2 singles                                    $ 220

                                                                                                   TOTAL : $ __________
NOTES for US Registrants: 1) US registrations will be accepted at par
                        2) US citizens may require passports to re-enter USA at border. Check with local authorities.

* Meals at Wilderness Edge include Supper on Thursday, Breakfasts and Lunches on Friday and Saturday, Bar-B-Q on
Friday evening, Banquet on Saturday evening, and Breakfast on Sunday
* Please list any dietary restrictions/allergies and # of adults/children affected _________________________________
* All rooms feature a private 4 piece bathroom and available on a “first registered, first served” basis

Please indicate interest with # of attendees: Golf Tournament on Thursday afternoon (cost TBA) _______
 Drive & Tour of Hydro Generating Station (Friday morning) _______ Poker Run Rally (Friday afternoon) _______

Please make cheque payable to "Vintage Sports Car Rendezvous 2008" and send with completed form to:

        Vintage Sports Car Rendezvous                          Cancellations before May 15, 2008 are subject to a $10.00
        Box 78                                                 cancellation fee. No refunds on or after May 15. We will forward
        St. Adolphe, MB                                        the registration package to those who paid, but were unable to attend.
        R5A 1A1

For any registration or room questions, please contact Ann Blonski at (204) 883-2215 or email
Other Rendezvous questions? Contact Graeme Lowden at (204) 757-7043 or email
                              REGALIA ORDER FORM
ITEM # / DESCRIPTION                           COLOR       EMB.     SIZE QUAN. PRICE      TOTAL

#1 - Men's Pique Golf Shirt                  Royal/Bla Front                    $ 20.50

#2 - Women's Pique Golf Shirt                Yellow/Nvy Front                   $ 20.50

#3 - Men's Jacquard Golf Shirt               Forest Grn Front                   $ 28.50

#4 - Men's Denim Shirt -Lg. Sleeve           Med. Blue Frt&Back                 $ 34.00

#5 - Men's Denim Shirt -Sh. Sleeve           Med. Blue Front                    $ 23.00

#6 - Women's Micro-Fleece Vest               Navy        Front                  $ 25.50

#7 - Men's Micro-Fleece Shirt                Charcoal    Frt&Back               $ 45.00

#8 - Men's Microfiber Windshirt              Black       Frt&Back               $ 48.50

#9 - Men's Sweatshirt                        Navy        Front                  $ 28.50

#10 -Women's Hooded Sweatshirt               Navy        Front                  $ 30.50





Notes: Please make check out to: MN Austin Healey Club

Regalia orders will be delivered to Club events, unless arranged.

Most items available in sizes XS - XL. Larger sizes are available at extra charge.

Questions: call Gary Ronning at 763-684-4041.            Delivery time is approximately 3 weeks.

Send Form with Payment to: Gary Ronning 1019 Ridge Haven Circle Buffalo, MN 55313
                 729 Paul Burch Drive                           Hudson, WI 54016
This 3 BR 3 Bath 2400 square foot easy access Home was built in late 1999 on 3.3 ± acres in Hudson
Township. Zoning as Rural-Residential means the land is as flexible as the open floor plans of the house and
shop. The location a few miles outside the city of Hudson gives you the quality and feel of the country and
access to the best benefits of the Cities.

Built as a retirement home, there are no steps required to access the house or shop. The floor plan lends itself
to flexibility through a 600 SF ‘bonus’ portion of the house being utilized as an entertainment area, an office, a
studio, guest suite or in-law’s apartment.

Features include multi-zoned in-floor natural gas hot water heat, whole house heat-exchange Van-E ventilation
system and central air conditioning, central vacuum, easy access laundry, birch built-ins, living area vaulted
ceilings, large, open kitchen areas with external exit high capacity stove fans, natural finish ceiling height birch
cabinets and generous birch front pantry, Fiber-Optic cable TV service to house and shop and RJ-45 8 wire
computer hub connectivity is provided throughout the house and shop.

There are 3 generous attached garage spaces attached to the house, a double which is fully insulated and
equipped with a heater as well as a direct entry bathroom for use as a mud / clean-up room, and a large
separate single garage accessed through the bonus living area.

Meadow and wild flowers cover much of the generous lot which has an insulated garden shed equipped with its
own deck and adjacent garden and planting areas.

Bring your hobbies or business to the 40 X 72 foot with 10’ walls (40 X 48 insulated and heated) shop which has
an 8 foot door double garage door, 2 post automotive lift, (12’ raised ceiling area) 6 HP air compressor, 220 V
electrical service, office area, cabinets and shelves.

House has its own well and septic system. Koi pond, (no Koi or other fish), fire pit and enclosed patio currently

Optional, negotiable items may include all appliances, washer and dryer, some furniture, recently purchased 23
HP, 46 inch deck Husquvarna lawn tractor, Dodge ¾ ton pick-up with new 88 inch snow plow, hand and power
tools and, possibly, a British Car project of your choice, (limited to those on hand).

Contact Steven Rixen, 612-877-1938 to arrange a viewing, advise, consult, discuss animals, options, BS, talk
cars, airplanes, or negotiate shop use, LBC project and / or the asking price of $339,445.49 (Appraised at
$389,900 when refinanced for a lower rate last June)

There are times when I am in the classroom, sometimes in a distant time zone with my cell phone off, so leave
a message and / or contact me at; .

Why am I selling? It was our dream home and I am alone here now, working, traveling for weeks at a time and
can’t justify my rattling around in all this space when I am here, trying to keep up with the snow, the grass, the
yard work.

It should be your dream home. Let’s talk.
April 2008                         The Healey Enthusiast                                                   Page 15
Renewal procedure:
• Local members or local members who desire to join the national organization may
     renew using the form below.
• Those members who are local and national will receive a notice each December from
     the national secretary instructing them to renew with the national form while updating
     any personal information. They should remit payment to the local membership director.
     The local membership director will process the membership and will forward the
     payment and information to the national organization for you. This method is preferred
     for local and national members and helps us keep our records up to date.
     • Membership dues are payable on January 1st of each year.
     • Renewals not received by February 28th, will be subject to a late fee of $5.00. New
         members may join at any time.
Fill out the membership form and mail along with a check made payable to MAHC to:

MAHC Membership Director
Jim Kriz
2000 Kenwood Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55405

All memberships are considered dead if not renewed by April 1st.

                                 Membership / Renewal Form
           Minnesota A-H Club          New            Renewal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         $20.00
           Austin-Healey Club of America                New             Renewal . . . . . .           $40.00
           BOTH CLUBS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $60.00

Name:                                Spouse:                                  Home Phone (          )- -

Address:                             City:               State         Zip:            Work Phone: (        )- -

E-mail address:                                                   Receive Newsletter via email? Yes No

                                            HEALEY INFORMATION:

  Year ____ Model ___________                                         Color ___________                            Original
Owner (Y/N)___

  Year____ Model ___________                                     Color ___________                         Original
Owner (Y/N)___
  Condition:        Show Quality        Nice & Roadworthy           Could be running with help        Restoration Project
Minnesota Austin Healey Club
Larry Nimmerfroh, Editor
6554 Kingfisher Lane
Eden Prairie, MN 55346

                                                  First Class Postage

                                                  «First_Name» «Last_Name»
                                                  «City», «State» «Zip»


    FOR SALE – None This Month
          Marketplace policy: All ads are free to current members. For non-members, the charge is $5.00 per month.
         Ads will be run for three months after which time the advertiser needs to submit new ad copy. Please inform
           the editor if your item or items have been sold during the three month period so the ad can be removed.

           Lloyd Cizek

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