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                                  Satin Stretch                                                                   Silverguard Plus

                                                              2 YEAR
                                                                WARRANTY                                                                         2 YEAR
     Satin Stretch Snug Fit Car Cover                                              Silverguard Plus Car Cover
     The Satin Stretch car cover is like a silky, sexy dress for your Miata - it   Silverguard Plus is a 300 Denier polyester material with a reflective,
     shows every curve. Satin Stretch custom car covers are made for Miatas        water resistant coating on the outer layer and a soft, non-abrasive layer
     parked indoors, and for owners who want nothing but the best for their        on the inside. It is a great choice for all-around car cover use, suggested
     vehicle. The material has Lycra fibers that stretch in every direction,       for most conditions except extreme rain, snow or ice. 300 Denier is a
     mirroring every contour of your Miata. The inner liner is the softest         strong, heavy weave, which will not rip or tear easily. The silver coating
     fleece available - specially designed not to rub off on convertible tops.     on Silverguard Plus does an excellent job of reflecting sunlight, while
     Year    Description                            Part #          Price
                                                                                   keeping rain and animal droppings from damaging the vehicle finish.
     90-97   Grey - No Logo                        238-801       $189.95           The special soft inner layer pampers the most delicate paint finish.
     99-05   Grey - No Logo                        238-811        189.95           Year    Description                                Part #        Price
     06-09   Grey - No Logo                        904-545        189.95           90-97   Silverguard Plus                          238-802     $139.95
     06-09   Grey - MX-5 Logo                      906-225        189.95           99-05   Silverguard Plus                          238-812      139.95
     06-09   Black - No Logo                       904-542        189.95           06-09   Silverguard Plus                          904-546      139.95

                                                                                   Coverguard Car Cover
                                                                                                                                                2 YEAR

                                                                                   Features include double-stitched seams with neoprene elastic sewn in
                                                                                   the front and rear bases for a snug fit, and scratchproof grommets for
                                                                                   locking or tying down your cover. An economical material but with
                                                                                   a body-specific fit for easy installation. Single layer material - best for
                                                                                   dust prevention and short term use. Suitable for indoors and outdoor
                                                                                   use in covered areas.
                                                                                   Year Description                                   Part #        Price
                                                                                   90-09 Coverguard                                  236-610      $59.95

40              800-642-8295             or   www.miatamania.com                                                          *See ordering page for details

                                   Mosom Plus                                                                                                     Stormproof

                                                                                2 YEAR
                                                                                  WARRANTY                                                                                      5 YEAR
Mosom Plus Car Cover                                                                                       Stormproof Car Cover
Mosom Plus is a four layer material. The outer two layers are Spunbond                                     The culmination of over a decade of material engineering, it has only
Polypropylene, the middle layer is a special micro-porous film and the                                     recently been possible to manufacture the microscopic yarns which go
inside layer is super soft fabric. The middle layer is an excellent rain                                   into this advanced micro-fiber cover material. Only one textile mill
barrier, while allowing for vapors to pass through. The special cotton                                     in the world was able to meet the specification - the results are truly
flock inner layer pampers the most delicate paint finish. It is a great                                    a triumph for car cover users! Stormproof is uncoated and untreated,
choice for all-around car cover use, suggested for most conditions                                         this means that even after months or years of use, it will retain the same
except extreme sun, snow or ice. Mosom Plus is a non-woven material,                                       properties as the day you purchased it! Stormproof has tested to be
so in the unlikely event a rip occurs in the material, it will not run.                                    the most water resistant and (because there are no coatings) the most
Year    Description                                              Part #              Price
                                                                                                           breathable car cover material you can buy. You can’t go wrong with
90-97   Mosom Plus                                              238-800           $119.95                  Stormproof.
99-05   Mosom Plus                                              238-810            119.95                  Year    Description                                    Part #           Price
06-09   Mosom Plus                                              904-540            119.95                  90-97   Stormproof - No Logo                          239-802        $199.95
                                                                                                           99-05   Stormproof - No Logo                          239-812         199.95
                                                                                                           06-09   Stormproof - No Logo                          904-541         199.95
 WATER RESISTANCE: is a relative grade of how much water will penetrate the fabric. A “5” signifies
 the most water resistant material. WATERPROOF materials will not breathe, trapping moisture.              06-09   Stormproof - MX-5 Logo                        906-226         222.95
 All materials are water resistant, not waterproof.
 BREATHABILITY: describes how much moisture vapor trapped under the vehicle can escape
 through the cover. If a material is not breathable, it will trap moisture and cause rust. A “5”
 signifies the most breathable material.                                                                    Features               STORMPROOF   SILVERGUARD   MOSOM PLUS    cOVER-          SATIN
 COMPACTNESS: measures how easily the material is to pack, and how small the final packed
                                                                                                                                                    PLUS                    GUARD          STRETcH
 cover is. A score of “5” identifies the most compact cover. This is an important attribute if you          WATER RESISTANcE     vvvvv          vvvv          vvvv         v         vv
 will use your cover often.                                                                                 BREATHABILITY        vvvvv          vv            vvv          vvvvv     vvvvv
                                                                                                            cOMPAcTNESS          vvvv           vvv           vvvvv        vv        vvvvv
 UV RESISTANCE: The Sun’s UV Rays damage a vehicle’s interior, finish, and also the car cover
 material. Materials with a “5” rating are most likely not to degrade under extreme sun                     UV RESISTANcE        vvvvv          vvvv          vvv          v         vv
 conditions.                                                                                                HAZARDS              vvvvv          vvvv          vvv          vv        vv
                                                                                                            SOFTNESS             vvvvv          vvvvv         vv           vv        vvvvv
 HAZARDS: Natural and Man-Made Hazards, such as bird droppings, tree droppings and industrial               WARRANTY
 fall out are very acidic, and can eat through a car’s finish. A score of “5” identifies the material                            vvvvv          vv            vv           vv        vv
 most resistant to these dangerous chemicals.
 SOFTNESS: All materials are designed not to scratch a vehicle’s finish (assuming the vehicle is
 clean when the cover is installed). However, some materials are softer than others. A “5” rating
 is the softest.

                                                                                                        1000’s of Parts and Accessories Online!                                                      41

                                                     robbins Auto tops – The Best since 1943!

      Robbins’ Tops Features:                                                        Window Options:
      Computerized Cutting - Gerber Cutter cutting technology to                     Plastic Window - Ultra-clear 40 gauge UV coated. Will hold
      ensure all pieces are the correct shape and size.                              up longer than any other plastic window material against
                                                                                     UV damage and common scratches.
      Factory Designs Improved - Robbins improves upon factory
      designs by adding reinforcements, better heatsealing                           Standard Glass Window - Glass window tops offer a clear
      processes, and other proprietary manufacturing techniques                      rear view that you just can’t get with plastic. Robbins’ glass
      to produce the highest quality tops available.                                 windows are tinted and tempered safety glass. They are
                                                                                     marked AS-2 to show they meet NTSA and Federal Motor
      Heatsealed Reinforcements - All seams are double stitched                      Vehicle Safety standards.
      and heatsealed for extra strength and to prevent side to side
      shrinking. Seams will not bubble or fail over time as do                       Defroster Glass Window - A direct replacement for 99 and
      glued reinforcements.                                                          later Miatas. The defroster glass window is a great upgrade
                                                                                     for 90-97 Miata owners with the hardtop option. 93-97
      Innovation - Robbins has been granted numerous patents                         Miatas without the hardtop option can upgrade to a
      for their innovative designs and techniques. They are the                      defroster window by purchasing an optional wiring harness.
      industry leader.
                                                                                     Note: 1993-95 models not equipped with a dedicated
      Since 1943 - Family owned and operated by three generations                    heater-defogger switch should operate the heater-defogger
      of Robbins family. Their experience is unmatched in                            only with the top closed and latched, as it operates when
      the industry. All products are still made in the factory in                    the fan/heater switch is turned on to any setting.
      Ventura, California.

      Top Materials

      Vinyl - Made from Haartz 38 oz. Cabrio Grain vinyl, the same weight and patterned grain found on original Miata tops. Backing is 100%
      Polyester for strength and pliability, and bonds better to vinyl. Cotton backing used by other companies is less expensive but shrinks and
      becomes brittle over time.

                 Black                                Tan 90-97                            Tan 99-05                                Blue

      Sunfast Canvas - Robbins’ Sunfast canvas, aside from being the most sensuous topping available, has a practical side as well. Sunfast canvas
      resists fading and shrinking better than vinyl and stretches much easier in colder temperatures. This means you don’t have to be Hercules to
      put your top up on a cool morning.

                 Black                                   Tan                                  Blue                                  Red

42         800-642-8295              or   www.miatamania.com                                                        *See ordering page for details

                                       Streamline top
                                       Great Features, Great Price, Great Value!
Zipperless                                                                                                                                                              No Deck Seams
Rear Window                                                                                                                                                             • Smooth Look
• Easier Folding                                                                                                                                                        • Easier Up Keep
• No Zipper to Break                                                                                                                                                    • Sewn & Heat Sealed
• Drop & Go

Glass Window
• Clear Visibility
• Plugs to Hard Top Harness
• Heat Sealed, Not Siliconed
   Streamline tops are made to the exact pattern of the new MX-5. The Streamline design eliminates the deck seams (front to back seams above
   the doors) and the rear window panel standard on 90-05 Miatas. This makes for an outstanding looking top that is sleek and smooth. The top
   incorporates a zipperless window so putting it up and down is no longer a hassle. Manufactured to Robbins’ industry leading standards for
   quality, superior fit and value. Three year warranty. 4
                                                                   Vinyl                                                   Sunfast
                                                       Rain Rail

        Description                         Appl                   Black     Tan 90-97 Tan 99-05     Blue       Price       Black      Tan        Blue        Red            Price
        Plastic Window                      90-97                  239-020    239-021       -       239-0181   $269.95        -          -          -           -                -
        Plastic Window                      90-97        x         239-022    239-023       -       239-0241    339.95        -          -          -           -                -
        Standard Glass                      90-05                  239-690    239-691    239-692    239-6931    379.95     239-695    239-696    239-6971    239-6981      $559.95
        Standard Glass                      90-05        x         239-580    239-581    239-582    239-5831    435.95     239-585    239-586    239-5871    239-5881       619.95 f
        Defroster Glass Window              90-05                  239-670    239-671    239-672    239-6731    419.95     239-6801   239-6811   239-6821    239-6831       599.95
        Defroster Glass Window              90-05        x         239-030    239-031    239-032    239-0331    469.95     239-040    239-041    239-0421    239-0431       649.95 f
        Defroster Glass Window              06-09                  239-045    239-046    239-047       -        529.95     239-048    239-049       -           -           699.95 f
            Special Order - Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

                                       Factory Style top
                                       OEM Look, Better Than OEM Quality!
Zippered                                                                                                                                                                Deck Seams
Window Panel                                                                                                                                                            • OEM Look
• Ring Pull Zipper                                                                                                                                                      • Double Sewn &
  — Easy to use                                                                                                                                                           Heat Sealed
• OEM Look
• Opens Interior without                                                                                                                                                Standard
  Lowering Top
• Available in Zipperless
                                                                                                                                                                        Glass Window
  Design                                                                                                                                                                • Clear Visibility
                                                                                                                                                                        • Tinted & Tempered
                                                                                                                                                                        • Heat Sealed, Not Siliconed
                                                                                                                                                                        • An Upgrade for
                                                                                                                                                                          90-97 Miatas

   Simply the best top available for your Miata! As the name implies, the Factory Style top is just that, made to the same look as the OEM top with
   better than OEM quality. These tops incorporate all of Robbins’ industry leading techniques and improvements. Factory style tops are available
   with and without a zippered rear window. The same or better than the original top in every way. Three year warranty. 4
                                                                   Vinyl                                                   Sunfast

                                                       Rain Rail

        Description                  Appl                          Black     Tan 90-97 Tan 99-05     Blue       Price       Black      Tan        Blue        Red            Price
        Plastic Window              90-97      x                   240-196    240-191       -       239-7551   $369.95      240-171   240-1761    239-7801   239-7811      $599.95
        Plastic Window              90-97      x         x         240-195    240-190       -       239-7401    439.95     240-170    240-175    239-7701    239-7711       659.95   f
        Standard Glass Window       90-05      x                   239-590    239-5911   239-5921   239-5931    549.95     239-5951   239-5961    239-5971   239-5981       719.95   f
        Standard Glass Window       90-05      x         x         239-570    239-571    239-572    239-5731    619.95 f   239-575    239-576    239-5771    239-5781       749.95   f
        Defroster Glass Window      90-05                          239-603    239-6501   239-6081   239-6511    539.95     239-6131   239-6181    239-6651   239-6661       679.95   f
        Defroster Glass Window      90-05                x         239-602    239-625    239-607    239-6261    619.95 f   239-612    239-617     239-6351   239-6361       729.95   f
        Defroster Glass Window      90-05      x                   239-601    239-660    239-606    239-7611    569.95     239-6111   239-6161    239-7841   239-7851       729.95   f
        Defroster Glass Window      90-05      x         x         239-600    239-630    239-605    239-7461    649.95 f   239-610    239-615     239-7741   239-7751       789.95   f
        Special Order - Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

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     Top Boots                                                                  Tonneau Covers
     Factory top boots are prone to fill with air, or even worse, come off in   Tonneau covers are the ultimate way to protect the interior of a daily
     the back and flap in the breeze. We’ve been there. Our solution is the     driven Miata. The Robbins headrest pocket tonneau cover is the finest
     new Robbins Top Boot. This is the highest quality top boot on the          tonneau cover on the market today. Using the same factory-spec heavy
     market. You get a show-quality boot that stays put and doesn’t lift up     fabric-backed vinyl or Sunfast canvas, these tonneau covers go one step
     or flap in the wind. We have applications for tops with both plastic and   further and incorporate headrest pockets for added protection and
     glass windows. Installation takes minutes. Three year warranty. 2          convenience. Three year warranty.
     Vinyl Top Boots                                                            Note: Tonneau covers will need modification for use with roll bars. 1
     Year    Description                           Part #         Price
                                                                                Vinyl Tonneau Covers
     90-97   Plastic Window, Black                239-420      $229.95          Year     Description                                Part #         Price
     90-97   Plastic Window, Tan                  239-425       229.95          90-97    Plastic Window, Black                     239-500      $299.95
     90-97   Glass Window, Black                  239-430       229.95          90-97    Plastic Window, Tan                       239-505       299.95
     90-97   Glass Window, Tan                    239-435       229.95          90-97    Glass Window, Black                       239-510       299.95
     99-05   Glass Window, Black                  239-440       229.95          90-97    Glass Window, Tan                         239-515       299.95
     99-05   Glass Window, Tan                    239-445       229.95          99-05    Blue 10th AE Miata                        239-530       299.95
     Sunfast Canvas Top Boots                                                   99-05    Black                                     239-540       299.95
     90-97   Plastic Window, Black                239-560      $329.95          99-05    Tan                                       239-545       299.95
     90-97   Plastic Window, Tan                  239-561       329.95
                                                                                Sunfast Canvas Tonneau Covers
     90-97   Glass Window, Black                  239-562       329.95          90-97    Plastic Window, Black                     239-550      $499.95
     90-97   Glass Window, Tan                    239-563       329.95          90-97    Plastic Window, Tan                       239-551       499.95
     99-05   Black                                239-564       329.95          90-97    Glass Window, Black                       239-552       499.95
     99-05   Tan                                  239-565       329.95          90-97    Glass Window, Tan                         239-553       499.95
                                                                                99-05    Black                                     239-554       499.95
                                                                                99-05    Tan                                       239-555       499.95

                                                                                        Tech Tip: Replacement Convertible Top Windows
                                                                                 Replacing the window in your convertible top might seem like a good
                                                                                 idea at the time but there is more to the process than meets the eye.
                                                                                 The replacement window comes with a full replacement zipper - both
                                                                                 sides. Your old convertible top must be removed from your Miata
                                                                                 for the replacement zipper to be sewn to your old top. Once that
                                                                                 is done the corresponding zipper is sewn on to the window so they
                                                                                 line up properly. Once done, your old top with the new window, is
                                                                                 then reinstalled on your Miata. At the end of the process the labor
                                                                                 for sewing in the new zipper and removing and reinstalling the old
                                                                                 convertible top is more than the labor for installing a completely new
                                                                                 convertible top. However, if your mind is set on replacing the window
                                                                                 only, give us a call and we can special order it for you.
     Window Protector
     Keep your rear window looking new and scratch free. Our vinyl
     window protector incorporates a soft felt lining that won’t scratch and
     a strong vinyl exterior for maximum UV protection. Supplied with                                            Be the first to hear about specials,
     double snaps.                                                                                               new products and the latest news.
     Year Description                              Part #         Price                                          Sign up at miatamania.com
     90-97 Tan                                    240-256       $41.95
     90-97 Black                                  240-255        35.95

44               800-642-8295           or   www.miatamania.com                                                            *See ordering page for details

                                                                              Cool Breeze Scoop™
                                                                              Do you find yourself hot and uncomfortable even though the top is
                                                                              down? Are you constantly trying to scoop in air with your hand from
                                                                              above the windshield or through the window? With the Cool Breeze
                                                                              Scoop™ you will have fresh outside air being forced in over the console
Interior Cover                                                                and into the foot wells and cooling you below the waist. The Cool
Protect your interior without the bulk of a full tonneau cover. Installs      Breeze Scoop™ is an easy-on/easy-off accessory that takes less then 10
in seconds. Top must be in the down position. Made from Coverbond             seconds to install and fits easily in your glove box when not in use. The
4 material which maintains excellent water resistance and breathability.      Cool Breeze Scoop™ is molded from an automotive ABS/Polycarbonate
                                                                              composite plastic. It is non-reflective black with a textured finish. It can
Year Description                              Part #         Price
                                                                              be primed and painted in a color of your choice with flexible bumper
90-05 Interior Cover                         236-375       $39.95
06-09 Interior Cover                         904-551        39.95             paint, but looks great the way it is delivered. 1
                                                                              Year Description                                Part #          Price
                                                                              90-05 Cool Breeze Scoop                        904-510        $35.95
                                                                              06-09 Cool Breeze Scoop                        904-511         35.95

                                                                              Cab Cover
                                                                              Our cab cover delivers maximum UV and weather protection. Works
                                                                              with top in the closed position. Easily installs in minutes. Made from
                                                                              Coverbond 4 material which maintains excellent water resistance and
                                                                              Year      Description                           Part #          Price
                                                                              90-97     Cab Cover                            236-360        $39.95
                                                                              99-05     Cab Cover                            236-365         39.95
                                                                              06-09     Cab Cover1                           904-550         39.95
                                                                                  Not for power retracting hardtop

                                                                           1000’s of Parts and Accessories Online!                                           45
                                                                                                                           Roll Bars by Hard Dog
                                                                                                                           •	 Roll Bars are fabricated from the highest quality seamless tubing and
                                                                                                                              T-304 Stainless Steel Tubing.
                                                                                                                           •	 Attractive and durable black powdercoat or polished stainless steel
                                                                                                                           •	 Complete instructions and hardware kit with grade 8 bolts and 3/16"
                                                                                                                              mounting plates.
     Hard Bar                                                    Sport Bar                                                 •	 Top Boots and Tonneau covers will require modification to fit. 3
     •	 Allows full seat travel and tilt                         •	 Allows full seat travel and tilt
                                                                                                                           Hard Bar
     •	 Complete use of hardtop, soft                            •	 Complete use of hardtop, soft                          Year Description                                 Part #          Price
        top and all glass rear windows                              top and all glass rear windows                         90-05 Black                                     900-761 d     $214.95
     •	 Tubing is 1.5" diam x .120"                                 (on bar w/o diagonals)                                 90-05 Stainless Steel                           900-768 d      484.95
        wall tubing                                              •	 Tubing is 1.5" diam x .120"                            Sport Bar
                                                                    wall thickness                                         90-05 Black                                     900-763 d     $314.95
                                                                                                                           90-05 Single Diagonal, Black                    900-769 d      349.95
                                                                                                                           90-05 Double Diagonal, Black                    900-771 d      384.95
                                                                                                                           Deuce Bar
                                                                                                                           90-05    Side Braced, Black                     900-776   d   $404.95
                                                                                                                           90-05    Center Braced, Black                   900-777   d    404.95
                                                                                                                           90-05    Side Braced, Stainless Steel           900-778   d    949.95
                                                                                                                           90-05    Center Braced, Stainless Steel         900-779   d    949.95
                                  SPCrCVeD                       Deuce Bar                                                 Extreme
                                                                                                                           90-05 Double Diagonal, Black                    900-783 d     $374.95
     Hardcore Bar           A       P o                          •	 Allows full seat travel and tilt                       90-05 Double Diagonal, Stainless Steel          900-786 d      934.95
     •	 Limited seat travel and tilt                             •	 Complete use of hardtop, soft                          Hardcore
     •	 Complete use of soft top                                    top and all glass rear windows                         90-97 Single Diagonal, Black1                   900-764 d     $414.95
     •	 Tubing is 1.75" diam x .120"                             •	 Tubing is 1.75" diam x .120"                           90-97 Double Diagonal, Black1                   900-787 d      449.95
        wall thickness                                              wall thickness                                         1
                                                                                                                               SCCA Approved

                                                                                                                           Roll Bars by Boss Frog
                                                                                                                           Boss Frog manufactures some of the highest quality roll bars available
                                                                                                                           for the Mazda Miata. All of their products have undergone destructive
                                                                                                                           testing using the SCCA guidelines, so you can be assured of what you

     Bolt-In Harness Bar by Boss Frog
     Now you have a place to attach your race belts to. The Boss Frog
                                                                                             m                             are buying. Boss Frog roll bars are made of the highest quality 13/4" x 1/8"
                                                                                                                           wall DOM tubing, with heavy 7 gauge laser cut flat parts. Each roll bar
                                                                                                                           is manufactured in a precision welding fixture to assure the absolute
                                                                                                                           best fit. They utilize TIG welding for all tubing joints, to provide a
     Harness Bar is made of 1.5" DOM tubing to meet SCCA specs, and it
     attaches using the top seatbelt tower bolts. It can be used either with or                                            higher strength but yet smaller weld joint, and the highest quality
     without a Boss Frog roll bar (but we recommend WITH). Available in                                                    finished appearance. All Boss Frog roll bars include seatbelt adapters
     black or silver powdercoat. 1                                                                                         to aid in seat belt retraction. Note on Double Hoop Bars - Because of
                                                                                                                           the complex design of the bar, installation can take anywhere from 6-8
     Year Description                                                         Part #                  Price                hours on average. Professional installation is suggested. 4
     90-05 Black Powdercoat                                                  917-115 d             $179.95
     90-05 Silver Powdercoat                                                 917-116 d              194.95                 Year     Description                             Part #          Price
                                                                                                                           90-05    Single - Black                         917-100   d   $519.95
                                                                                                                           90-05    Double - Black                         917-103   d    549.95
                                                                                                                           90-05    Double - Silver                        917-104   d    589.95

                    Direct ship orders are shipped right from the manufacturer. The manufacturer will receive your order
                    within 24-48 hours and most items ship within 5 working days. While shipping times are slightly        90-05    Windscreen - Double Bar, Clear         917-106        53.00
                    longer, by not stocking these items we can offer lower prices. Orders must be paid in advance by
                    charge card or certified check. Actual shipping charges apply. Direct ship orders do not qualify for   90-05    Padding - Single Bar                   917-107   d     52.95
                    free shipping.
                                                                                                                           90-05    Padding - Double Bar                   917-109   d     52.95
                                                                                                                           90-05    Padding Cover - Vinyl                  917-108   d     94.95

46              800-642-8295                               or    www.miatamania.com                                                                                  *See ordering page for details

Trailer Hitch
Designed exclusively for the Miata, this hitch mounts to the body
for superior strength and can handle up to 2000 lbs. towing capacity
and 200 lbs. tongue weight. Each kit comes with necessary hardware,
including receiver. No welding required. 11/4" Class C receiver. Power
Retracting Hard Top models will require the wiring kit.
Year      Description                             Part #        Price
90-97     Trailer Hitch                          905-000     $219.95
99-05     Trailer Hitch                          905-005      219.95
06-09     Trailer Hitch1                         905-011      179.95
06-09     Wiring Harness for 905-010 & 905-011   905-012       34.95
    Fits both Soft Top and Hard Top MX-5's

Roll Bar Seat Belt Adapters                                                    Style Bars by Cobalt®
Installing a roll bar in your Miata                                            Another Moss exclusive! Our Cobalt style
is one of the first things a safety                                            bar is manufactured so that no cutting of
conscious owner should do.                                                     your interior body panels is required! Seat
However, to get the protection and                                             travel and recline are not impeded. Available in your choice of chrome
support necessary from a roll bar, it                                          or black powdercoat. Installs in about 30 minutes with simple hand
ends up interfering with the seat belt                                         tools. Instructions included. May interfere with factory windblock on
retraction causing the belt to rewind                                          99-05. Don’t forget to get our style bar windblocker.
slowly. Alleviate the problem today with these offset seat belt adapters       NOTE: These Style Bars are decorative items only, not intended for roll over protection. 2
that allow your belt to retract as it used to. 2
                                                                               Year    Description                                       Part #             Price
Year Description                                  Part #        Price          90-05   Chrome                                           903-305          $169.95
90-05 Offset Seat Belt Adapters - Pair           904-598      $39.95           90-05   Black Powdercoat                                 903-310           169.95
                                                                               90-05   Windblocker                                      904-165            79.95

Type II Style Bar by
Racing Beat
Racing Beat’s style bar
utilizes thick-walled 21/4"
mandrel-bent tubing in a
classic twin hoop design
that projects a muscular
and aggressive image. The Type II style bars are available in your choice
of chrome, or powdercoated satin black. This bar adds the additional
benefit of increasing chassis stiffness across the mid-section of the
car. All of our style bars are designed to function without interfering
with the operation of the stock factory soft and/or hardtops, and
aftermarket replacement tops equipped with glass windows. Requires
cutting the plastic seat belt tower covers. Not intended for roll over         Luggage Racks
protection. 2                                                                  For a nostalgic look with functionality, we offer a vintage style
                                                                               removable luggage rack. While vintage in appearance it has many
Year Description                                  Part #        Price
                                                                               modern features, most notably electro-polished stainless steel
90-05 Chrome                                     903-716 d   $349.95
90-05 Black                                      903-717 d    319.95
                                                                               construction that will never rust. Installs in minutes with no permanent
                                                                               modification required and comes completely assembled (50 lbs. max.
                                                                               Year Description                                          Part #             Price
                                                                               90-05 Vintage Removable Luggage Rack                     901-601          $199.95
                                                                               06-09 Vintage Removable Luggage Rack                     901-610           199.95
Universal Removable
Bicycle Rack
This universal bike rack installs                                                                               Be the first to hear about specials,
in minutes and holds up to three                                                                                new products and the latest news.
bikes securely                                                                                                  Sign up at miatamania.com
Year Description                                  Part #        Price
90-07 Bike Rack                                  900-310      $76.25

                                                                            1000’s of Parts and Accessories Online!                                                         47
                                                               A grille adds individual style and more importantly offers maximum protection for your radiator
          Why You                                              against damage from rocks and road debris. It is the first upgrade you should invest in for your
                                                               Miata, simply a must have. Grilles come in a variety of colors and styles and installation is just two
             Need a Grille:                                    bolts and about 15 minutes (except 06-08 MX-5s which require the removal of the front fascia).

     1990-05 Grilles

                                                                                  B                                                                                E

                                                                                  C                                                                                F

     (A) High-Flow Grille                                                                (D) Protective Grille
     Protection with a minimal loss of airflow. Gloss powdercoated for                   Maximum protection. Not suggested for high performance Miatas as
     durability. 1                                                                       airflow may be impeded. 1
     Year      Description                            Part #           Price             Year      Description                            Part #          Price
     90-97     Black                                 900-745         $29.95              90-97     Black                                 900-755        $32.95
     90-97     Silver                                900-790          29.95              90-97     Silver                                900-795         32.95
     99-00     Black                                 901-745          32.95              99-00     Black                                 901-755         32.95
     99-00     Silver                                901-790          32.95              99-00     Silver                                901-795         32.95
     01-05     Black1                                902-745          32.95              01-05     Black1                                902-755         32.95
     01-05     Silver1                               902-790          32.95              01-05     Silver1                               902-795         32.95
     04-05     Black2                                902-746          39.95              04-05     Black2                                902-756         39.95
     04-05     Silver2                               902-791         32.00               04-05     Silver2                               902-796        34.00
         Does not fit MazdaSpeed version                                                 1
                                                                                             Does not fit MazdaSpeed version
         Fits MazdaSpeed                                                                 2
                                                                                             Fits MazdaSpeed

     (B) Slat Grille                                                                     (E) Brushed Aluminum Grille
     Grille is CNC machined from mild steel for a perfect fit and                        Fabricated from T-6 aluminum extrusion. Drilling is required for
     powdercoated for a long lasting finish. 1                                           installation. 2
     Year Description                                 Part #           Price             Year Description                                 Part #          Price
     90-97 Silver Grille                             901-761         $94.95              01-05 Aluminum Grille1                          901-770        $89.95
     99-05 Silver Grille1                            901-763          94.95              04-05 Aluminum Grille2                          901-771         89.95
         Does not fit MazdaSpeed version                                                 1
                                                                                             Does not fit MazdaSpeed
                                                                                             Fits MazdaSpeed

     (C) Stainless Steel Mesh Grille                                                     (F) “Jaws” Grille
     Adds aggressiveness to your Miatas’ subdued demeanor. 3                             Remove the smirk from your Miata with a “Jaws” style grille. The grille
     Year      Description                            Part #           Price
                                                                                         is polished stainless steel giving your once quaint roadster a menacing
     90-97     Stainless Steel Mesh Grille           901-780         $99.95              look. The grille follows the curve of the front bumper giving it a
     99-00     Stainless Steel Mesh Grille           901-781          99.95              smooth integrated look. Mounts to factory tow hooks. 1
     01-05     Stainless Steel Mesh Grille1          901-782          99.95              Year      Description                            Part #          Price
     04-05     Stainless Steel Mesh Grille2          901-783          99.95              90-97     Jaws Grille                           903-791       $112.95
         Does not fit MazdaSpeed version                                                 99-00     Jaws Grille                           907-085        112.95
         Fits MazdaSpeed                                                                 01-05     Jaws Grille                           907-086        112.95

48                 800-642-8295               or   www.miatamania.com                                                            *See ordering page for details
2006-08 Grilles
                                                                         A                                                                               E

                                                                         B                                                                               F

                                                                         C                                                                               G

                                                                         D                                                                               G

(A) Polished Diamond Grille                                                     (E) Polished Stainless Grille
Add a touch of Euro-styling to your MX-5. European design was the               Mazda finally gave the Miata a grille in ‘06 but it ended up being
inspiration behind our stainless mesh grille. Highly polished finish            made in black plastic. We found this great looking grille, and best of
looks great and won’t rust or corrode. Replaces the factory grille. 3           all, it is made in highly polished stainless steel. Not only will your
Year Description                                Part #         Price
                                                                                Miata continue to be protected, our gleaming grille will enhance its
06-08 Polished Diamond Grille                  903-670      $127.95             appearance. 3
                                                                                Year Description                               Part #          Price
(B) Stainless Steel Mesh Grille                                                 06-08 Stainless Steel Grille                  904-913       $119.95
Great looking stainless grille will give your Miata that sleek sports car
look. A direct replacement for the factory grille. No need to worry             (F) Chrome Mesh Grille
about rust and tarnishing with its all stainless steel construction.            Enjoy the great look of a chrome grille without the hassle of removing
Bumper cover must be removed to install. 3                                      the front bumper cover. These grille overlays are very easy to install and
                                                                                look stunning. Note: grilles are attached to factory grilles with screws. 1
Year Description                                Part #         Price
06-08 Stainless Mesh Grille                    901-786       $85.00             Year Description                               Part #          Price
                                                                                06-08 Chrome Mesh Grille                      916-190       $199.95
(C) Billet Slat Grille
Give your MX-5 a more aggressive look with our billet slat grille. Slats        (G) Billet Grilles
are CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum for a perfect it, and is                 Give your new Miata a custom look with our new billet grilles.
then polished for a long lasting finish. Specifically designed to be strong     Aluminum billet grilles are fabricated from a T-6 (hard) aluminum
yet allow maximum airflow to your radiator. 3                                   extrusion and are available in a brushed aluminum finish with a black
                                                                                finish between the grille bars. Installation requires removing the
Year Description                                Part #         Price
06-08 Slat Grille                              903-677      $109.95
                                                                                bumper cover. Choose the look that’s right for your Miata. 3
                                                                                Year Description                               Part #          Price
(D) Chrome Bar Grille                                                           06-08 Brushed Thin Grille                     901-775        $99.95
Replace the restrictive and boring black mesh grille with this free-            06-08 Polished Wide Grille                    901-776        139.95
flowing chrome bar grille. Chrome brightens the front-end look and
this classic design is a different look from other aftermarket grilles
available. 3
Year Description                                Part #         Price
06-08 Bar Grille                               916-192      $219.95

                                                                             1000’s of Parts and Accessories Online!                                          49
 SHIPPING & ORDERING                                                                                                                                                    MIATAONLINE
     PAYMENT                                                                                                                   SHIPPING continued
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                200.01 to 300.00         25.45            53.45                84.20                 96.95
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                                  Moss Motors • 440 Rutherford Street • Goleta, California 93117                                                                               51
     exterior                                                                                                             Mirror Gloves
                                                                                                                          The leading
                                                                                                                          faces of your side

                                        m                                                Sport
                                                                                                                          mirrors are just as
                                                                                                                          vulnerable to rock
                                                                                                                          chips as your hood,
                                                                                                                          protect them
                                                                                                                          with top quality stitched vinyl mirror gloves.
                                                                                                                          Installed in minutes without tools, they’re an
                                                                                                                          easy way to help keep your Miata looking new.
                                                                                                                          Year    Description            Part #     Price
                                                          Bras                                                            90-97   Manual Mirrors        238-770   $27.95
     Billet Hood Pins                                     Add a striking new look to your Miata and                       94-97   Electric Mirror       238-771    27.95
     6061 T6 billet aluminum plates are precision-        protect your paint at the same time. Everything                 99-05   Electric Mirror       238-772    27.95
     machined then brushed before being clear                                                                             06-09   Electric Mirror       238-773    27.95
                                                          necessary for installation including instructions.
     anodized. Specially designed Delrin bushings         Does not fit with spoiler.
     secure the stainless steel lynch pins to the
     plates and prevent scratching and wear. Vinyl        Year Description               Part #                 Price
                                                          90-97 Full Black              238-700               $89.95
     covered stainless steel lanyards keep track of the
                                                          99-05 Full Black w/o fog      238-705                89.95
     lynch pins when the hood is open. Permanent                lights
     modifications to the hood and radiator cover         99-05 Full Black w/ fog       238-710                89.95      Mud Guards
     panel are required. 3                                      lights                                                    Stylish, yet functional, these
     Year Description          Part #      Price          06-08 Full                    238-780                89.95      mud guards fit great and
     90-08 Billet Hood Pins   057-286    $99.95           2009 Full                     238-790                94.95      install easily. These items
                                                          06-08 Sport                   238-785                49.95
                                                                                                                          can also be painted to match
                                                                                                                          the car. 1
                                                                                                                          Year    Description            Part #     Price
                                                                                                                          90-97   Front Pair- Black     900-325   $65.95
                                                                                                                          90-97   Rear Pair- Black      900-335    65.95
                                                                                                                          99-05   Front Pair- Black     900-375    71.95
                                                                                                                          99-05   Rear Pair- Black      900-380    71.95

                                                                                                                          Factory Door Edge
     Side Boot Covers                                     Factory Logo Bra                                                Your Miata MX-5 is a beauty.
     Until now, these side boot covers have only          Keep your Miata’s front end                                     Keep it that way with rust
     been available in Europe from Mazda Dealers.         free of nicks and scratches from insects and                    resistant, custom fit door
     Now we offer this elegant solution! Made             road debris. Custom tailored for a snug fit. 1                  guards. Supplied as a set of
     from the same material as the convertible            Miata Logo                                                      two, these door guards protect
     top, these pieces cover up those gaping holes        Year    Description            Part #             Price         door edges against paint
     when the soft top is lowered. Installation is        90-97   w/o Air Dam           905-860          $113.95          chipping. Easy installation, no
     straightforward and easy! 1                          99-00   w/Air Dam             905-863           144.95          tools are required. Supplied in
                                                          01-05   w/o Air Dam           905-864           126.95          brilliant black. 1
     Year Description          Part #      Price          01-05   w/Air Dam             905-865           126.95
     06-09 Black              904-725   $169.95                                                                           Year Description               Part #     Price
                                                          MX-5 Logo                                                       99-05 Black                   904-466   $79.95
                                                          06-08 w/o Air Dam             905-866          $126.95
                                                          06-08 w/Air Dam               905-867           126.95          06-08 Black                   904-465    69.95

                                                                  Protective Air Splitters by TDR
                                                                  At speed the Track Dog Racing™ Air Splitter increases the down force on the front of your
                     A                                            Miata lowering the center of gravity and giving the front tires more grip. As oncoming
                                                                  air hits the front of your Miata it creates a high pressure zone. The air splitter sends the
                                                                  majority of this high pressure air over and around your Miata to give it down force. The
                                                                  air that does go under your Miata has to increase in velocity which creates a low pressure
                                                                  area to further increase the down force. The air splitter also defends your Miata’s front end
                                                                  against scraping and dings. Made from 1/16" thick, high-impact ABS plastic and built to take
                                                                  a surprising amount of abuse. Splitter extends 1.75" at the outer edges and 1" below the
                                                                  radiator opening. Includes all mounting hardware. Recommend painting the splitter for
                                                                  best appearance. For use with the factory front lower spoiler only. 2
                                                                  Year     Description                                     Part #               Price
                                                                  90-97    A. Extreme w/Factory Air Dam                   904-881            $109.95
       C                                                          99-00    B. Extreme w/Factory Air Dam                   900-287             109.95
                                                                  01-05    C. ABS Plastic w/Factory Air Dam               900-289              79.95
                                                                  04-05    D. ABS Plastic1                                900-291              99.95
                                                                      Fits MazdaSpeed

52              800-642-8295             or    www.miatamania.com                                                                           *See ordering page for details



“R” Package Look Front Air Dam & Rear Valance
Give your NA Miata the aggressive “R” Package look with a front
air dam and rear valance! Moss is proud to carry these OEM look
and quality parts that are no longer available from Mazda - and at a
lower price! Both are molded black polyurethane plastic that is ready              903-970
to install or you can prep them for paint. Each are supplied with
mounting hardware. 2                                                         Rear Lip Spoiler
Year Description                              Part #        Price            This factory style lip spoiler adds style, without looking obnoxious.
90-97 Front Air Dam                          900-969     $179.95             Comes paint ready with easy-to-read instructions. 3
90-97 Rear Valance                           905-365      229.95
                                                                             Year Description                               Part #         Price
                                                                             90-97 Lip Spoiler                             900-960      $149.95
                                                                             99-05 Lip Spoiler                             903-970       169.95


                                                                             Front Lip Spoiler
                                                                900-965      Put a popular and sporty look on your Miata without fearing
Rear Wings
                                                                             driveways! Our lip spoiler is made from strong and durable
Our rear wings are more of a dramatic styling enhancement than the
                                                                             polyurethane, unlike others that are made from fragile fiberglass.
spoiler. Made of fiberglass and ready for prep and paint. 3
                                                                             Comes ready to paint or leave black as an accent. 2
Year Description                              Part #        Price
90-97 Rear Wing                              900-965     $129.95             Year Description                               Part #         Price
99-05 Rear Wing                              903-965      169.95             90-97 Front Lip Spoiler                       909-055      $199.95

Carbon Fiber Adjustable Wing by APR Performance
The GTC-200 wing is composed of lightweight and durable carbon
fiber composite. Supporting the carbon fiber wing are 10 mm
“aircraft grade” 6061 billet aluminum pedestals that come in a flat          License Plate Relocation by Cobalt®
black powdercoat finish, with turn-buckles to adjust the wing’s pitch.       If you have to run a front license plate then you need Cobalt’s license
Spanning 59.5" and a height of 10", the GTC-200 adjustable wing              plate mounting kit. By relocating the license plate you create a unique
offers the perfect amount of downforce for your Miata when you’re            look and the grille is no longer covered, allowing maximum air flow to
driving at high speeds. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis          the radiator. The mounting kit has 3 height positions to choose from -
was performed on this wing to support validation of its aerodynamic          low, medium and high. 2
design. Center section to outer section angle difference is 12 degrees.      Year Description                               Part #         Price
Please visit miatamania.com for more technical information, including        90-05 Plate Relocator1                        904-530       $74.95
how to set the correct pitch for your needs. 2                               1
                                                                                 Does not fit MazdaSpeed
Year Description                              Part #        Price
90-05 GTC-200 Carbon Fiber Adjustable Wing   909-060 d   $729.95
                                                                          1000’s of Parts and Accessories Online!                                       53

                                           A                                            B                                      C          D                           E

                                           F                                            G                                      H           I                          J
1990-05 Chrome Trim
Previously just a mix of dull pieces, we now offer these great chrome accents to keep your car
looking good. Made from ABS plastic. All items include instructions and tape or hardware
where necessary. 1
Year    Description                             Part #      Price   Year      Description                        Part #      Price
90-05   A. Windshield                          903-280    $32.95    99-05     H. Door Handle Cover - Set        916-005   $139.95
90-05   B. Vent Window                         903-281     23.95    90-05     I. Washer Cover 15 mm             904-355     15.95
90-05   C. Door Top                            903-282     27.95    90-05     I. Washer Cover 21 mm             904-356     15.95         K                           L
90-05   D. Taillight Surrounds                 903-283     24.95    99-05     J. Door Lock Rings                903-255     34.95
90-05   E. B-Pillar Cap                        907-067     69.95    90-97     K. 3rd Brake Light                903-585     26.95
90-97   F. Belt Cap Cover                      907-068     83.95    99-05     L. Trunk Lock Bezel               916-135     29.95
99-05   F. Belt Cap Cover                      907-069     69.95    90-05     M. Chrome Rain Rail Trim          909-300     32.95
90-97   G. Chrome Mirror Caps1                 916-001    124.95    1
                                                                        Will not fit power mirrors.
99-05   G. Mirror Caps - Pair                  916-000    119.95


                                           A                                            B                                      C          D                           E

                                           F                                            G                                      H           I                          J
2006-09 Exterior Trim
Dramatically enhance the look of your Miata with bright accents. They offer a smooth and
brilliant shine to otherwise dull areas. These pieces are able to take all of the abuse that gets
thrown at them: tossed rocks, pounding weather and exploded bugs. Stainless Steel=SS,
Chrome ABS Plastic=CP, Chrome Billet=CB. 1
Year    Description                             Part #      Price   Year      Description                        Part #      Price
06-09   A. Washer Caps - Pair, CP              904-357    $15.95    06-08     I. Rear Lower Valance Trim, SS    916-114    $41.95
06-09   B. Mirror Caps - Pair, CP              907-075     89.95    06-08     J. Exhaust Pipe Trim - Pair, SS   916-115     52.95         K                           L
06-09   C. Mirror Frames - Pair, CP            907-076     64.95    06-08     K. Spoiler Trim, SS               904-740     31.95
06-09   D. 3rd Brake Light Cover, CP1          907-077     59.95    06-08     L. Antenna Base, CP               916-130     35.95
06-09   D. 3rd Brake Light Cover, CP2          907-078     59.95    06-08     M. Shorty Antenna, CB             916-131     39.95
06-09   E. Door Handle Inserts - Set, CB       904-569     89.95    06-08     N. Taillight Frame, CP            916-132     72.95
06-09   F. Vent Window Trim - Pair, CB         907-065     49.95    06-08     O. Wiper Arm Nut Cover, CP        909-270     49.95
06-08   G. Trunk Key Ring, CB                  916-117     28.95    1
                                                                        Soft Top Only
06-08   H. Trunk Lid Trim, SS                  916-116     73.95    2

                                                                                                                                       M&N                            O

54                 800-642-8295                          or   www.miatamania.com                                                     *See ordering page for details

                                                        Fuel Lid Door Kit
                                                        Add the look of trick, hand crafted, one off race parts to your Miata. These cast alloy
                                                        Fuel Door kits are as functional as they are stylish. Installed in about 10 minutes using
                                                        existing mounting holes. Uses the stock remote lid opener. 1
                                                        Year    Description                            Part #         Price
                                                        90-97   Chrome                                904-172       $79.95
                                                        99-05   Chrome                                904-171        79.95
                                                        06-09   Chrome1                               904-404       119.95
                                                        07-09   Chrome2                               907-040       126.95
                                                        90-97   Black                                 904-174        79.95
                                                        99-05   Black                                 904-173        79.95
                                                            w/o PRHT

Genuine badges from Mazda Japan add style to your
Miata. Our turbo and supercharged badges let others
                                                                                    Before                                                After
know your Miata’s serious.
Year    Description         Part #         Price
90-97   EUNOS              648-205       $26.95
                                                        Birds Eye Mirrors
90-97   ROADSTER- Red      648-200        17.95         Birds Eye mirrors fit over the factory glass. Aspherically bent, this mirror expands your
90-97   ROADSTER- Black    648-215        16.95         field of vision up to three times from 16 degrees to a full 40 degrees making everything
99-05   ROADSTER- Black    648-220        17.95         from lane changing to parking much safer. Made with an anti-glare glass (reduces night
90-05   SUPERCHARGED       648-210        19.95         glare by 55%), its breakthrough technology provides stepless vision without double
90-05   TURBOCHARGED       648-225       15.00          image distortion. No tools, no hassles, just peel off the backing and apply. The strong
90-05   MazdaSpeed         648-206        21.95         adhesive strip provides a solid hold. 1
90-05   MX-5               648-209        26.95
90-05   M Script           916-049        46.95         Year    Description                            Part #         Price
                                                        90-97   Left                                  907-071       $29.95
                                                        90-97   Right                                 907-072        29.95
                                                        99-05   Left                                  907-060        29.95
                                                        99-05   Right                                 907-061        29.95
                                                        06-09   Left                                  907-073        29.95
                                                        06-09   Right                                 907-074        29.95

Turn Signal Mirror Caps
Safety is always a big concern, especially when
motoring in a Miata. Their low, sleek profile can
make them hard to see. Increasing your visibility to
on coming traffic is now easier then ever with a pair   Windshield Frame Trim
of chrome, or paint to match, turn signal mirror        Now you can have the cool NC Limited Edition look at a fraction of the price! These
caps. Installation is just 2 wires. Complete with       three pieces kits frame your Miata/MX-5’s windshield. These pieces are easy to install
instructions. 2                                         and look terrific. 1
Year Description            Part #         Price        Year Description                               Part #         Price
99-05 Chrome               915-995      $198.95         90-05 Chrome Plastic - Set of 3               904-761      $205.95
99-05 Ready-to-Paint       915-996       169.95         06-08 Polished Stainless - Set of 3           904-760       299.95

                                                                       1000’s of Parts and Accessories Online!                                      55

     Clear 3rd Brake Light
     Our clear 3rd brake light is a factory direct replacement that is truly a
     plug-n-play component that maintains your factory look. All hardware
     is included. Lights up bright red with 6 internal LEDs and a perfect
     match to our Euro Spec Tail Lamps. 1
     Year Description                                  Part #      Price
                                                                                 3rd Brake Light Pulser
     90-97 Clear Brake Light                          902-995    $79.95          Enhance your safety by adding brake light pulsing to your third brake
     99-05 Clear Brake Light                          902-996     84.95          light. The brake light pulser module connects to your third brake light
                                                                                 and automatically pulses it when you apply the brakes. The light will
                                                                                 pulsate on and off for about a second, then stay on steady for as long
                                                                                 as you press the brake pedal. Incorporated in the pulser is the “Delay-
                                                                                 Repeat” circuit which requires the brake lights to be off for at least 15
                                                                                 seconds before the cycle can be restarted. So, if you are in bumper-to-
                                                                                 bumper traffic, the brake light isn’t always pulsing. 2
                                                                                 Year Description                                      Part #         Price
                                                                                 90-05 Brake Pulser w/15 second Delay                 056-521       $49.95
                                                                                 90-05 Brake Pulser w/o 15 second Delay               057-320        22.95

     Smoked Turn Signals
     This isn’t a flimsy cover, this is a complete replacement unit with a
     smoked lens. Easy plug-n-play unit, they are delivered with two-phase
     amber bulbs so they are street legal. Awesome styling paired with high-                                        Before                                    After
     quality manufacture, these smoked lenses are perfect for your Miata! 1
     Year Description                                  Part #      Price         Daytime Running Lamp Module
     90-97 Pair                                       905-280   $139.95          This module allows your front turn signals to
                                                                                 always be on for better visibility to
                                                                                 oncoming traffic. It installs in less than
                                                                                 a minute under your dash! Because of
                                                                                 the laws in Canada where DRLs are
                                                                                 mandatory, there is already a spot for it
                                                                                 from the factory, so all you have to do is plug it in.
                                                                                 Make your Miata safer and more visible without running
                                                                                 your headlights popped-up all the time! 1
                                                                                 Year Description                                      Part #         Price
                                                                                 94-97 Lamp Module                                    902-424      $119.95

     Crystal Clear Turn Signals
     These are complete replacement units with crystal clear lenses. Easy
     plug-n-plug unit, they are delivered with two-phase amber bulbs
     so they are street legal. Awesome styling paired with high-quality                                              Be the first to hear about specials,
     manufacture, these clear lenses are perfect for your Miata! 1                                                   new products and the latest news.
     Year Description                                  Part #      Price
                                                                                                                     Sign up at miatamania.com
     90-97 Crystal Clear Turn Signals - Pair          905-285   $139.95

56               800-642-8295                  or   www.miatamania.com                                                        *See ordering page for details

Euro Spec Tail Lamps
Give the rear of your Miata a whole new look! Our new “Euro-Tails”
are just like those used in Europe with clear turn signals and parking
lights. 1
Year Description                              Part #         Price
90-97 Euro Spec - Clear                      902-991      $149.95
90-97 Euro Spec - Black                      902-992       149.95

                                                                                w/Headlamp System                                                  Stock

Hella Halogen Headlamps
Embracing European headlamp technology has allowed Hella to
develop the brightest and most powerful lighting available. 50%
more powerful beam on low-beam and 25% more on high-beam all
in a DOT approved package. User friendly 2-piece design features
a replacement bulb that can be easily and economically replaced.
Now, everyday drivers can enjoy the same lighting performance and
confidence as professional race and rally drivers. Moss Motors has          Dual Headlamp System by Cobalt®
sourced a new style boot that keeps water from getting inside the lamp      For some time, we have been working on a high quality dual headlamp
unit and causing the bulb to explode. This boot can’t be found from         kit that incorporates the features you need but eliminates the
any other source. Lamps sold individually and include bulb and boot.        weaknesses of the products currently available. The result is the finest
                                                                            dual headlamp system available for the Miata with no compromises.
Year Description                              Part #         Price          Take a look at our feature list and compare it to anything else available.
90-97 Hella Headlamp                         902-968       $54.95           You will quickly see why this system is worth every penny.
90-97 Replacement Bulb                       902-998         7.95
                                                                            Hella DOT Approved Lamps - These units have proper Lo Beam and
                                                                            Hi Beam Lamps supplied. Easily adjusted with a simple phillips
                                                                            screwdriver once installed. Bulb Specs: 90 mm diameter and 65 watts.
                                                                            Superior Bucket Design - Our bucket is a simple one piece design.
                                                                            Instead of just being spray painted, they are completely powdercoated
                                                                            for a finish that is as long-lasting as it is beautiful. Also, our design
                                                                            incorporates an inner visor design that eliminates the glare coming
                                                                            from the inside headlight. This simple design also means an easy
                                                                            installation, about one hour per side.
                                                                            OEM Quality Wiring Looms - The Moss Dual Light system uses properly
                                                                            engineered and manufactured automotive grade wiring harnesses.
                                                                            These looms allow for “plug and play” installation from the Hella
                                                                            lamps to the factory wiring harness.
                                                                            Thorough Installation Instructions - Our instructions leave nothing to
                                                                            the imagination. A step by step tutorial with plenty of high resolution
Clear Side Marker Lamps                                                     pictures make the installation of this system easy.
Replace your factory side markers with these European clear markers.
Comes complete with amber bulb and easy to read instructions. Sold as       Backed by Moss Motors - With over 60 years in the business, Moss has
a pair. Fits 90-97 front and rear, 99-05 front only. 1                      built a solid reputation for customer service. The buckets and wiring
                                                                            looms carry a lifetime warranty. The Hella lamp units (less bulbs) carry
Year Description                              Part #         Price          a two year warranty. 2
90-05 Clear Lamps                            162-890       $44.95
                                                                            Year Description                                Part #         Price
                                                                            90-97 Dual Headlamp System LHD                 906-055      $499.95
                                                                            90-97 Replacement Bulb                         906-054        19.95

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                                       Blue Turn Sign

                        gnal                                                         ight
         Yellow Turn Si                                                Smoked Taill

                                                                                            Silicone Wiper Blades by PIAA
                                                                                            Super Silicone wiper blades from PIAA cut a clean path in inclement
                                                                                            weather for a wider field of vision. Silicone wiper blades offer the best
                                                                                            resistance to all elements - heat, ozone, and ultra-violet light. Their
                                                                                            revolutionary design eliminates squeaks and reduces drag while the
                                                                                            blade maintains a sharp, clean edge, even after thousands of uses. Sold
                                                                                            individually. Refills only fit PIAA wiper blades.
                                                                                            Curved Design - The new curved design was specially engineered to hug
              00-05 Blue He
                              adlamp                                                        newer, curvy windshield designs.
                                                                    06-08 Blue Headlamp     Sporza Blades - PIAA add an aerodynamic wing to their best wiper
                                                                                            to increase physical down force for the ultimate in high-speed wiper
                                                                                            performance. 1
                                                                                            Year    Description                            Part #          Price
                                                                                            90-08   Wiper Blade - Classic                 101-210        $19.95
                                                                                            90-08   Wiper Blade - Curved                  904-882         18.95
                                                                                            90-08   Wiper Blade - Sporza                  103-160         21.95
                                                                                            90-08   Refill - Classic                      101-212          6.95

     Colored & Smoked Lens Covers
     Colored and smoked lens covers give your Miata a clean, fresh
     appearance. Or, choose clear for added protection. In addition to
     adding a great look, all pieces are cut from 16.5 mil, heavy-duty film,
     to help withstand impacts. Film is designed so as not to affect the
     clarity of brake lights, fog lights, or turn signals. For off-road and show            Trunk Light Kit
     purposes and may not be legal in all states. 1                                         Our trunk light kit mounts to the lid, out of the way, to illuminate the
                                                                                            entire trunk area. 2
     Year    Description                                   Part #            Price          Year Description                               Part #         Price
     90-97   Turn Signal                                  903-835          $19.95           90-95 Trunk Light Kit                         159-970       $29.00
     90-97   Taillight                                    903-825           39.95           99-05 Trunk Light Kit                         159-978        30.00
     99-05   Taillight                                    903-826           39.95
     99-05   Fog Light                                    903-822          14.00
     06-08   Headlamp                                     904-380          30.00
     06-08   Fog Light                                    904-381          12.00
     06-08   Taillight                                    904-382           34.95
     90-97   Turn Signal                                  903-837          $19.95
     99-00   Headlamp                                     903-830           34.95
     01-05   Headlamp                                     903-831           34.95
     99-05   Fog Light                                    903-821          14.00            Rubber Antenna
     Yellow                                                                                 This is a practical replacement
     90-97 Turn Signal                                    903-836          $16.95
                                                                                            antenna. Black. Includes 54" lead cable.
     06-08 Headlamp                                       904-383          29.00
     06-08 Fog Light                                      904-384          11.00            Year Description                               Part #          Price
     Clear                                                                                  90-05 14" Antenna                             900-716        $16.95
     99-00 Headlamp                                       902-480          $29.95
     01-05 Headlamp                                       902-481           29.95
     06-08 Headlamp                                       902-482           29.95
                                                                                            Louvered Headlamp Doors
                                                                                            Genuine factory headlight “doors”
                                                                                            are stamped with these louvers so you
                                 Be the first to hear about specials,                       can be sure of a perfect fit. Drops your
                                 new products and the latest news.                          engine compartment temps by 20%!
                                 Sign up at miatamania.com                                  Year Description                               Part #          Price
                                                                                            90-97 Left Side                               903-790       $129.95

58               800-642-8295                or   www.miatamania.com                                                              *See ordering page for details

Classic Speedster Tonneau Cover
The appeal of a classic roadster can be captured with our Speedster
Tonneau Cover! The Speedster Tonneau is offered exclusively by
Moss Motors for your Miata. Precision engineered from design
through manufacturing, our Tonneau is made from high-quality ABS            Hardtop Hoist
plastic. Tonneau is nearly indestructible, especially when compared         This hoist allows you to store your top out of the way above your car.
to fiberglass, which is prone to cracking, breaking and sagging under       To install, simply lower and attach.
stress. Our Speedster Tonneau is a 2-piece unit that assembles in
                                                                            Year Description                              Part #         Price
minutes. Supplied paint ready and includes all necessary hardware for
                                                                            90-05 Top Hoist                              900-990       $74.95
easy installation. Does not work with roll bars, style bars or factory      06-09 Top Hoist                              900-991        74.95
wind deflectors. 2
Year Description                              Part #         Price
90-05 Speedster Tonneau                      903-450      $349.95

Hardtop Brackets
Mandated safety
equipment if you
are building a Spec
Miata, these brackets bolt your
hardtop to your chassis. Made
from lightweight .125" thick
aluminum and powdercoated
black, the front brackets are
etched to show the correct side for                                         Hardtop Cart
installation, all hardware is included.                                     This rolling cart is great for storing and moving your hardtop. 3
Stock brackets must be removed as these bolt in their place. 1
                                                                            Year    Description                           Part #         Price
Year Description                              Part #         Price          90-08   Cart and Cover                       900-040      $129.95
90-05 Hardtop Brackets                       909-284       $39.95           90-08   Hardtop Cart                         900-036       124.95
                                                                            90-08   Hardtop Cover                        900-039        29.95

                                                                            Hardtop Storage Bag
                                                                            Most damage to hardtops is done
                                                                            while they are off the car, and “safely”
Folding Hardtop Carrier                                                     stored away. Upgrade your hardtop
Easy to set up to hold your hardtop,                                        storage solution to this hardtop
then folds up to store away and save                                        storage bag. The heavy weight nylon
space! This hardtop carrier is made                                         bag is velvet lined and padded to protect your hardtop from any
of durable black powdercoated steel, but is                                 unforeseen hazards. Zippers on both sides make enclosing your hardtop
lightweight so it’s easy to set up and move. Four                           convenient and the sturdy “D” rings allow you to hang it on the wall
wheels make it easy to maneuver and padding protects your paint. It         out of the way. The bag is specially shaped to support the hardtop safely
holds your hardtop upright, further maximizing space usage!                 for extended periods with no risk of damage or distortion.
Year Description                              Part #         Price          Year Description                              Part #         Price
90-08 Folding Hardtop Carrier                900-042      $119.95           90-08 Hardtop Bag                            916-245      $169.95

                                                                         1000’s of Parts and Accessories Online!                                        59