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                                             The Breed
                                         MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre, Suite 276, Private Bag X16, Constantia, 7848

 Issue 2006/8                                                                                                         AUGUST 2006 a
             Club Officials 2006/2007
                                                                                  FROM THE CHAIR
                      Frank Peché
       Ph: 028 423-3018 ; Email:             At the last general meeting a number of key items were addressed, firstly
                                                             the proposed sprint/driving test event. In order to hold such an event we can
                                                             no longer simply meet at a public space, nor can we hold such an event
                       Susan Tuck
                     Charles Batham                          without gaining sanction from MSA. On top of this we are also required to
                                                             ensure that a number of safety requirements are met. Meeting these
                                                             requirements result in the need for a suitable venue, together with costs for
              Ralph Clarke and Brian Hogg                    the venue. To a large degree these costs will be provided directly from the
                       Chairman                              club funds, having shared these details at the last meeting, the membership
                       Roger Lewis                           has agreed to move forward with the track day at Killarney.
                    Ph: 021-712-4806
                                                             The second, somewhat overdue event was the handing over to our trustees
                 Honorary Secretary
                                                             a comprehensive listing of the clubs assets, all that remains is their
                    Margaret von Zeil
      Ph: 021-531-9370;
                 Honorary Treasurer                           An issue that was raised at the last meeting concerned the attendance of
                  Mervyn Corbishley                          Cape Town members on the veterans event to Robertson, considering the
   Ph: 082 824-5440; Email:         distance involved for the event I suspect that many would have been put off,
                  Social Secretariy                          but as organisers it becomes quite a challenge to identify things of interest,
                     Rosalie Plows                           this is not a moan directed at the membership but rather a request for inputs
                   Ph 021 762 4748                           so we can ensure that a balance is maintained, so if you have some idea’s
       Email:            for an event please share them with Jo.
               Competition Secretary
                                                             Her next event to the Hex river valley historic railway is something very
                    James Reinhardt                          special, so even if you are one of those that spend the day working,
Ph: 082 821-9157; Email:
                                                             then think about taking the gap and join in on the special event.
                 Register Secretary
                                                             See you at the next event
                     Peter Napier
     Ph: 021-712-1552; Email:                                               Roger
          Editor / Publications Secretary
                      Rosalie Plows
                Ph: 021-762-4748; Email:
                                                                         EDITORIAL                           IN THIS ISSUE
                                                                                                                                  Page 11
                 Veterans’ Secretary
                                                             Mike and I have been members of this
                      Jo Hitchcock
                                                             club for longer than I care to remember.   Club Calendar             Page 2
             Ph: 021-939-3803; 082-4461092                                                              Hex Express                    4
                                                             We had the MG Car Club at our wed-         Roaring Forties                4
                      Ex Officio
                                                             ding—I was looking forward to a guard      Club Sprints                   9
                         Club PRO
            Robin Rich - Ph/fax: 021 903-3426
                                                             of honour made of MGs but for some         General Meeting Minutes   Page 9
                                                             strange reason they couldn’t get the
                Membership Secretary                                                                                              Page
        Hildegarde Rich – Ph/fax: 021 903-3426;
                                                             cars to stay on their rear wheels.         Cape Centres Gathering
                                                             We brought our children up in the club
                  Clubhouse Manager                          and they have a great love for MGs and     Past Events               Page
          George Dommisse - Ph: 021 685-3489
                                                             the members of the club.                   Morganhof Wine Run               6
                         Spares                                                                         Midget Garage Meet               6
             Mike Plows - Ph: 021 762-4748;                  We have got to know some of you very       Veterans Run                     5
       Email:            well of the years and I regard you as
                       Regalia                               extended family.
            June Stoddart—Ph 021 791 3343                                                                                         Page 3
                                                             How often we have people coming up         Secretary’s Corner
                  Register Captains:                         to us and saying—I had a car like that
  MMM and T-Types: Joan Parker Ph: 021 671-8379              years ago—I’m sorry I sold it.
                                                                                                        Social News               Page 3
  MGA: George Davey 021 797 7954
                                                                    Enjoy your MG—Rosalie
  MGB and Moderns: Peter James Ph: 083 448-2679                                                         Sprigets Tour             Page 5
The Breed August 2006

This month August…….
     9         Wednesday     20h00 - General Meeting at the Clubhouse.—

    27         Sunday        Killarney kart track, meet at 9:00. Cost R100. Scrutineering and practice ses-
                             sions in the morning. 1 car on the kart track at a time. Timed sessions in the
                             afternoon. Please bring a picnic lunch and note that bottled courage is only to be
                             consumed AFTER the event. Volunteer timekeepers required. Contact James
                             Reinhardt (021 975 1854 or 082 821 9157) for further information
    31         Thursday      Veterans A Unique Historical Railroad Experience in the Hexpass Express
                             rail trolley at R80.00p.p. Picnic lunches can be ordered in advance at R40.00pp.
                             But feel free to take your own picnic lunch. This promises to be a memorable trip
                             and a once in a lifetime experience. For more information on background history
                             see page 4. Meet at Engen-One-Stop on the N1 at 8.30 for departure strictly at
                             8.45 sharp.Deposit of R40.00 pp required by the August meeting. Contact per-
                             son: Jo Hitchcock Tel 021 939 3803 or 082 446 109

 ….next         month—September…...

    10         Sunday        MG/Sunbeam/Jaguar/Triumph/Morris Minor Run more details next month
    13         Wednesday     20h00 - General Meeting at the Clubhouse

     17        Sunday        Brian Porter Rally—more details next month

         23    Saturday      Hermanus Whales & Wheels Car Show

    28         Thursday      Veterans—Lunch on board the Roaring Forties Floating Seafood Restaurant. For
                             more information on this Cable Restorer in Simonstown Dockyard, which ap-
                             peared in the Cape Argus 30 Nov 2000, see page 4. Meet at Sunrise Circle,
                             Muizenberg at 10.00 for departure at 10.30 Bring your own tea basket along for
                             “Tea at Ten”. Lunch will be served at 12:00. Contact Persons John Lock—021
                             851 5878 or Jo Hitchcock Tel 021 939 3803 or 082 446 1092

  ….and the next month – October…...
         1        Sunday       CLASSICS IN THE BAY—Hout Bay

         11       Wednesday 20h00 General Meeting at the Clubhouse

         5—8      Thur—Sun     “Last Fling” Cape Centres Gathering at Lake Brenton Resort - see page 7 for
                               more details and Registration form

    26            Thursday     Veterans—Breakfast run to Franschhoek . Depart Engen-One-Stop on N1 by
                               9:00 to arrive for breakfast at approximately 10:00 Scenic drive after breakfast.
                               Contact person Jo Hitchcock 939 3803 or 082 446 1092

Page 2
                                                                                              The Breed August 2006

Congratulations: To Les Wilson who became the newly inducted president of the Lions Club of Gordons
Bay and who was awarded “Lion of the Year” together with his wife Brodwyn for exceptional service.

Happy Birthday to CCD5735. Keith and Marilyn Poole are celebrating the seventieth birthday this year of
their grand old lady, 1936 MG SA Tickford Coupe. Good wishes come from all of us at the MG Car Club,
Cape Town Centre
#1170 Charmaine Ferreira, Melkbostrand. SM—1971 MGB

#1006 Marion Dicey, Somerset West. SM—1948 MGTC

  Birthdays in August                                           26 Gloria Colquhoun
1 Michael Borgstrom                                             28 Roger Addison
2 Peter Jack, Joy Watts                                         29 San Marie Barton
3 Mike Watkins                                                  31 Peter James
8 Karen Champion                                                September
9 Barbara Collins, Marion Dicey                                 2     Gertie Montauban
10 Marjorie van Heerden                                         4      Leslie Joubert
 12 Paul De Groot                                               5      Ian Glass
13 John Watts                                                   6      Bettie Lewer
14 Percy Newsham                                           9 Christo Grove
17 Mel Stewart                                             11 Derrick Smith
23 Kieth Poole                                             12 Dennis Wolff
23 Joleen Knott                                            13 Des Retief
25 Mike Porter, Maureen James, Tony de Villiers

                                           MGA YEAR BOOK

We have managed to arrange a discount on the Yearbook from GPD12 to GPB9.50 Provided we place a bulk order of
45 copies. Nick Parrot (Rolo) has also agreed to bring in the books via his Shipping agents, which means that they’ll
be available from Rolo Motors once they have arrived in SA
If you ‘d like to participate in this bulk order then please do the following:
*       Pay R200.00 per book into the MGCC Jhb Centre’s bank account (details below) Reference the deposit
“MGAxxx” where xxx is your name.
Note We’ve used an exchange rate of R13.50 to the GBP, so just hope that the ZAR doesn’t slide beyond that level in
the near future. If we have any funds left over we’ll donate them to the Walmer Primary School PR which was the des-
ignated charity during the MGA Tour.
*       Fax proof of deposit to (011) 478 3955 for my attention, together with your name, email address & contact
phone no.
*       The Deadline for orders will be the 3rd August 2006
Make sure that you get an email confirmation from me that your name is on the list
Thanks Kevin Loader.

                                                                                                               Page 3
The Breed August 2006

                                  THURSDAY 31ST AUGUST

  : A Unique Historical Railraod Experience
  in the Hexpass Express Rail Trolley at R80pp. Meet at the Engen-One-Stop on the N1 at 8.30 for departure
  strictly at 8.45 to be on time for the rail-trolley to depart at approximately 11.00. Remember to bring your own picnic
  lunch along. Should Worcester be a more suitable meeting place for some of you, we can arrange to do so at the
  Shell Ultra City on the left along the N1 as one enters Worcester – at about 9.45. We can use this as a quick tea
  and snack stop (bring your own) as lunch will only be around 13.00. Unfortunately this trip is subject to weather
  conditions. If a cold front passes through De Doorns, which rarely happens, and if it does, it lasts for one day only,
  we may have to move our trip forward one day to Friday, 1st September. This weather condition is known five days
  ahead ie 27 August. Stephaan Jordaan will contact me by this date and you’ll have to phone me for the informa-
  tion. We cannot accommodate any more people for this trip. I can place your name on a waiting list for in-case
  there are cancellations as a result of a possible change of date due to the weather. A deposit of R40.00pp is
  needed at the August meeting. Contact person: Jo Hitchcock 021 9393803 or 082 446 1092.
                                RAILROAD EXPERIENCE – HEXPASS EXPRESS


   Hexpas Ecotrek takes no responsibility for any injury, loss of life, damage to equipment , vehicles, personal pos-
  sessions, or other property. Guests and visitors accept that they partake in all of the activities including but not
  limited to: mountain biking, hiking and train trolley routes at their own risk. Signature of this form indemnifies Hex-
  pasEcoltrek from any such claims of any nature what so ever, whether negligent, accidental or an act of nature, etc.

   The making of fires outside of the allocated sites and braais are prohibited.
  Collection of any firewood, plant material or natural vegetation is NOT allowed.
  Please do not deviate off the already existing tracks – NO DRIVING ON THE RESERVE WITH PRIVATE VEHI-
  As the Karoo is a fire risk please do not throw burning or smoldering objects, like cigarette butts out of car windows.
  Please do not litter
  Use water sparingly as it’s a rare commodity in the Karoo.
  No firearms allowed on the reserve.
  Please close all gates after passing through
  Please do no remove any artifacts (humanmade objects). The removal of artifacts from an archeological site is a
  criminal offence.
       No refunds for any services deemed or considered inadequate or not provided will be considered, though
                every effort will be made by the management of Hexpass Ecotrek to provide the best service at all

                                                  ROARING FORTIES.

   Fancy an unusual venue for that special occasion? How about having it aboard the Roaring Forties Floating Sea-
  food Restaurant?
  The restaurant is aboard the CS Cable Restorer, a museum ship tied up in the naval dockyard which has thrown its
  gangplank down for the public.
  The 36-year-old, steam-operated ship, which was used to lay and repair undersea cables, was decommissioned in
  1993 and due to be scrapped. But due to the intervention of Harry Dilley, a former mayor of Simon’s Town and a
  true lover of the high seas, she was rescued and remains in Simon’s Town as a sole representative of five of her
  kind built for the Royal Navy.
  For four years, Harry ran the ship as the lodgings for a maritime school at moorings near the railway station, where
  he played father to 50 boys until one night a wild south-easter almost drove it ashore on to the Simon’s Town
  After this near disaster, he appealed to the navy to give her a permanent spot in the dockyard.
  The restaurant business is really just to raise the money to keep the old girl ship shape, and Harry expresses deep
  gratitude to Dulux for ensuring her engine-room sparkles. He is the captain, and takes responsibility for her,
  spending a lot of time on board to ensure that she looks good.
  One of the cable restorers claims to fame is that she has the same engine the Titanic had, except that she is oil-
  fired, not coal-fired.
  The fact that she’s unlikely ever to put out to sea might be of some comfort to her customers.

Page 4
                                                                                                     The Breed August 2006

                                                                                                           By Garth Green

  A lovely day like Thursday 29 June could only happen in Cape Town. It was perfect though chilly to start with. Perhaps
bracing would be more appropriate. It was nippy enough for me to fit my thermostat to the TD. This isn’t a major job as
it consists of a piece of cardboard that slots into the radiator grille slats, covering the lower third. This remains in place
until the temperature gauge registers 70˚ or so and is then removed. There is no thermostat in the plumbing as such.
Hit the N1 at Maitland and off it came. For the rest of the day, including driving over du Toit’s Kloof Pass twice, the
temperature remained steady. It was a perfect top-down motoring day.

 I met up with Philip and Jo (BGT) and John and Jennifer (RV8) at the N1 One Stop but that was all. Where were the
rest of you regulars? You missed a great run over the pass, a coffee break at the Shell Ultracity and then through
Worcester and on to Robertson where the Overberg Ous were waiting for us at Bird’s Paradise. The register showed a
Name from Napier, a Group from Greyton, Some from Swellendam and More from Montagu, 19 people in all in 11 cars.

 I hadn’t heard of this park before so it was a surprise to see the extent and scope of Bird’s Paradise. There were first a
series of ponds with a variety of water birds free to roam around but with their wings clipped so that they couldn’t fly
away – Pelicans, Flamingos and numerous ducks and swans. There were crocodiles. In one of the ponds they were
definitely cement based but in another they were labeled on the fence as “Live Crocodiles”! We had to believe them
although there was not so much as a twitch of an eyebrow to indicate that they were alive, as they slept in the warmth
of the noonday sun.

 Apart from a field with a few Springbok there were also a number of pens housing goats, a forlorn looking Shetland
pony and half a dozen porcupines. None of them looked too happy at being cooped up away from their natural environ-

 Next it was through the curio/craft shop (tempting the tourists to buy, buy, buy) to get to the main bird section. This
consisted of a large number of fairly large cages housing a variety of exotic birds. These were mainly South American
and Australian parrots and parakeets of all colours of the rainbow. I couldn’t help feeling very sorry for them being con-
fined as they were. Although there were strategically placed branches in the cages there wasn’t a bit of the greenery
that they were accustomed to. Bird’s Paradise? I am sure that the South American or Australian forests would be far
more of a paradise than the bleak confines of a wire cage.

 Having just spent several days on a game farm in the north of Namibia I came away feeling that this was not the way
to treat animals that should be free to roam. Admittedly they are protected from predators but the conditions in which
they are housed left a lot to be desired.

                               SPRIDGET (Sprites & Midgets) TOUR

The idea of a Sprite or Midget run has been discussed by members of the Austin Healey Club as well as the MG Car
Club and with this in mind, an informal meeting was held a little while ago to discuss a few ideas. Present were John
Reidy of the Austin Healey Club, Stewart Cunningham of both clubs, Kevin Loader of the MG Car Club and Mike
O'Keeffe of both clubs.
We all felt the meeting was quite positive but inevitably there are a few challenges. Both the Healey Club national
gathering and the MG Car Club Indaba are being held in 2008, which could conflict with a Spridget run.
 The feeling was that we should get feedback from owners of both Sprites and Midgets in either club. So if anyone
owns a Sprite or a Midget and is interested or has any suggestions, please contact John Reidy at or Kevin
Loader at

 The MG Car Club has held two celebration tours in the last few years, one to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of
the MGTF (The Tusker Tour) and the other the 50th Anniversary of the MGA. Both were very successful and many of
the participants have been looking for reasons (or excuses) to do something similar. And, of course, the Healey Club
nationals are enjoyed by all the Healey Club members.

 As a matter of interest, on the "Tusker" Y type series saloons of the period were invited to participate and on the MGA
Tour Magnettes were welcomed, Kevin has suggested that perhaps MG 1100/1300 saloons of the period might be ap-
propriate. So, if you own a Sprite or a Midget, give us a call (or an e-mail) and let us know what you think!!
Phone No's:           John Reidy                   082 7896555
                      Kevin Loader                 011-2941575
                      Stewart Cunninghame          083 7558282
                      Mike O'Keeffe                083 4495220

                                                                                                                       Page 5
The Breed August 2006

                        Wine Run to Morganhof –16th July 2006
                                                                                      By Derek Hitchcock

 Living in Paarl, we made arrangements to meet my mom and dad at the Klapmuts turn-off on the N1. We
 would then meet the other club members who departed from the Engen 1-stop on the N2, at Morgenhof.
 As it turned out, we arrived virtually at the same time. Although mid winter, the weather was kind – cool
 and slightly overcast, but a great day for those with topless roadsters. It was good to see my uncle
 Ralph’s beautiful 1935 MG NA amongst the eighteen MG’s that I counted in the car park.

  Our event organizer and coordinator, Joan Parker provided a summary of the history of the wine farm to
 all. The farm was originally granted to a certain Hans Henske on 6 March 1692. The farm had various
 owners through the years and by 1820 it was classified as one of the eight most prosperous vintners in
 the Stellenbosch district. Notable owner during more recent times included Jan Momberg of Middelvlei
 fame. During 1993 Morgenhof was sold to the current owner, Mrs. Anne Cointreau-Huchon of the Cognac
 region in France. World renowned for their cognacs and liqueurs, her family has centuries of wine making
 We proceeded to the cellar for wine tasting. Various whites and reds were available and much fun was
 had by describing the “nose” and “palate” – green figs, freshly cut grass, peaches and apricots would de-
 scribe some whites whilst cigar box, mocha, cherries and chocolate was associated with some reds.
 Amazing what can be found in a bottle of wine! Entertainment during the wine tasting was provided by a
 peacock fluffing its tail feathers.

  Personal favourite from the Estate is their Brut Reserve, which must rate among the best of local Cap
 Classique’s (if you can lay your hands on a 1998, grab it). The Cointreau family also produces Gosset
 from the Champagne region in France. The Gosset family started producing still table wines in the Cham-
 pagne region in 1584 from their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vine yards. It was not until two centuries later
 that they “added bubbles” by creating their first Champagne. The Cointreau family took over during the
 20th century with Beatrice Cointreau taking the lead.

  After the wine tasting we made our way to the restaurant where the tables were arranged around a fire-
 place. Tailor made MG Car Club menus graced the tables – a very nice touch! Main course was Norwe-
 gian salmon with fresh veggies, parsley potatoes and a white wine sauce. I heard my dad say to the wait-
 ress “what a nice pair you’ve got” and looked up eagerly to see for myself, when I realized that he meant
 what a nice pear you’ve got. Desert was indeed a delicious poached pear in red wine with vanilla ice
 cream – yummy!

 After a long lazy lunch, some went back to the cellar to buy some wine for their own cellars and every-
 body went their own way from Morgenhof. Thanks Dr. Parker for organizing a great day.

                   Midget Garage Meet – Sunday 18 June 2006

   James Reinhardt hosted a most interesting garage meet at his Durbanville home on Sunday 18 June
                             2006.This being attended by ….. members.
  In his true fashion, James explained his rebuild of his 1962 vintage midget’s original engine two and a
                                  half years ago involving the following:
                             Large valve cylinder head (ported and polished)
                              Intake trumpets (with filter socks on the carbs)
                                       Duplex timing chain and gears
                         Custom made stainless steel long centre branch exhaust
  He mentioned the fist’s of ham, (not his) that had been employed on the A series engine during the in-
                              tervening years prior to his acquiring the midget.
James also treated us to a Verimark style demonstration of “Swissol” rubbing clay, cleaner fluid and Car-
   nauba wax Many were the Ooh’s and Aah’s on seeing the results of these remarkable products.
                                         Thank you again James

Page 6
                                                                                         The Breed August 2006

       CAPE CENTRES GATHERING                                 LAKE BRENTON                      2006

Many of you may know that we live near the Lake Brenton Resort, a popular venue for Cape Centres
Gatherings from ’87 to ‘03. It has not been used lately because the owners want to sub-devide and could
not offer a definite booking.
We have got to know Noelene, who handles bookings, quite well and recently she told us that the resort
will only close in February next year and they were taking bookings until then.
 We, together with local fellow PE Centre members Ricky and Coleen Cooper and Peter Vadas, the wan-
nabee Garden Route Centre, with 33 prospective members at this stage, thought it would be a good idea
to hold a “Last Fling” gathering at Lake Brenton to fill the gap after an early in the year Indaba as we did
in ’88 and ’94 and also a good chance for our new local members to meet members from the other cen-
 The Cape Centres Gathering will be held from Thursday 5 October to Sunday 8 October and you are
all invited.
 Lake Brenton Resort has given us a very good discount and because of the great variation in daily rates
we have decided to give you the choice of rates and chalets on a first come first served basis. Evening
meals will be catered for.
With only three months before the event it is very    LAKE BRENTON: ACCOMODATION
important that you contact us asap so that we can
finalise the arrangements.                          QUEEN PROTEA:         R700.00 per day or 4 persons @
                                                      R175.00 each.
We look forward to seeing you at Lake Brenton         Luxury chalet with airconditioning, TV, superior kitchen
again                                                 1 Bedroom with Queen size bed and 1 bedroom with 2
                                                      single beds and bath and shower. 6 Chalets available.

                                                      PROTEA: R595.00 per day or 4 persons @ R150.00
            PROGRAMME OF EVENTS                       Aircon, TV.      1 Bedroom with double bed and 1 bed-
                 (Provisional)                        room with a single and double bunk and bath.
                                                                                        5 Chalets available.
Registration at Hall      16.00hrs to 20.00hrs        SUNFLOWER: R525.00 per day or 4 persons @
                                                      R131.00 each.          Double rondawel.      1 Bedroom
Braai at Hall                   18.30 onwards
                                                      with double bed and 1 bedroom with 2 single beds and
                                                      shower.                           5 Available.
Morning and afternoon            Free                 DISA:          R 455.00 per day or 4 persons @
Buffet supper on Paddle                               R114.00 each.
                                                      Timber chalet.     1 Bedroom with double bed and dou-
          Steamer Cruise     18.30hrs
                                                      ble bunk and 2 single beds in kitchen.
                                                                                              3 Available.
Morning                Free                           ERICA: R405.00 per day or 4 persons @ R101.00 each.
Down Hill Racers on                                   Timber chalet.    1 Bedroom with 2 single beds and 1
                                                      bedroom with 2 single beds and 1 double bunk and bath.
     Display in hall      14.00hrs to 15.00hrs
                                                      5 Available.
Down Hill Races
  (venue to be announced)     15.00hrs                DAIZY: R385.00 per day or 4 persons @ R100.00 each.
Turn-About Dinner/Dance 19.00hrs till late            Log cabin. 1 bedroom with double bed and double bunk
                                                      in kitchen and bath.                   6 Available.
Sunday     Time to pack up and go home.
                                                      TULIP: R266.00 per day. 2 persons @ R133.00 each.
                                                      Special single rondawel.  1 Double sleeper couch and
                                                      shower.                        11 Available.
SEE PAGE 8 FOR REGISTRATION FORM                      CYCAD:         R270.00 per day or 4 persons @ R70.00
                                                      Double rondawel (very basic – just right for 4 guys).
                                                      1 rondawel with 2 single beds and shower (shared) and 1
                                                      rondawel with 2 single beds.                4 Available.

                                                                                                          Page 7
The Breed August 2006

  Name (entrant)……………………………………Partner…………………….





  Postal Code………………………………...MG model

  Registration per car                                100.00
  Accommodation Chalet required………………..

                      No of persons……@........... = ……………

  Meals               No of persons……@ R260.00=…………..

                                         TOTAL R_________

  50% Payable on registration and the remainder before the end of August.

  Please make payment to:-     Name of Account:   MGCC Garden Route
                               Bank               Old Mutual Bank
                               Account No         1149 031 700
                               Branch             Knysna
                               Branch No.         114 914

  Contacts   Accommodation      Ross 082 550 6473 Antoinette 044 381 0999
                                Fax 086 672 2536 e-mail

             Ricky           Cell 082 822 2146 e-mail

             Coleen          Cell 082 301 8977 e-mail

             Peter           Cell 084 408 4444 e-mail pembreys@tekomsa

                                                                                Chris Champions
                                                                                De’tat winning
                                                                                MGA Twin Cam at
                                                                                the Indaba in
                                                                                Kwazulu Natal
                                                                                May 2006

Page 8
                                                                                          The Breed August 2006

                           CLUB SPRINTS— 27 August by James Reinhardt

 “Safety Fast!” was MG’s motto. The idea being that with the awesome power that MG’s have at their
disposal, it was always possible to accelerate out of danger. It’s a line of reasoning that insurance com-
panies have always been woefully reluctant to buy into. This is also the reason why I drive as I do: the
road is a dangerous place and I want to get off it as fast as humanly possible. There’s another, more
general expression from the world of motorsport (probably originally from horse racing), and that is the
claim that “racing improves the breed”. And now you know, if you didn’t before, why your club magazine
is called ‘The Breed’. Once upon a time the cover of the Breed even featured black and white photo-
graphs of club cars being driven in anger on the race track.
 Between the wars the Cream Crackers and Three Musketeers achieved enormous success in trials and
endurance events. After the war, MG’s performed very creditably at Le Mans, experience which led di-
rectly to the arrival of the MG A. As the owner of a Midget I have a personal regret that Steve McQueen
had moved on from Spridgets to Porsches by the time he came to film ‘Le Mans’, although even with
McQueen driving a Porsche, it’s a very long movie.
 And now it’s your turn! We’ve missed Le Mans for 2006, but there is still an opportunity for you to get
involved in motorsport. Screeching tyres, the heady aroma of a hot engine and the cut and thrust of
competition with no quarter asked or given. And all without getting past second gear.
 On August 27 we will be running sprints at the kart track at Killarney. This is as safe a form of mo-
torsport as you are likely to find. There will only be one (1, I, uno, un, een, eine) car on the track at a
time. Because the track is designed for karts and not cars, it is very twisty so we can expect high excite-
ment at relatively low speeds. The exact format of the day will depend on how many people turn up, but
as a minimum, expect a practice session followed by at least one timed session. For the timed sessions
you will go out on a warm-up lap, do your timed lap (or laps) and then a cool down lap. Ideally, I would
like to repeat the process after lunch, but driving the track in the reverse direction for the afternoon ses-
Scrutineering will start at 9:00. This is not an FIA sanctioned event (although we are very proud of our
MSA permit, number 4852), so scrutineering will be low key – seatbelts (if fitted to your car) should
work, there should be nothing lying loose in boot, engine bay or cockpit and your car should not be drip-
ping fluids. Crash helmets are compulsory.

 The cost of the day will be R100 per driver, with no charge for support crew, spectators or fans. Feel
free to bring along as many pit babes (or if your tastes differ from mine, pit boys) as you want. We will
have access to the kart clubhouse, toilets and control tower. Please make your own catering require-
ments and remember that you may not drink anything stronger than warm water while you are taking

                     MINUTES OF GENERAL MEETING HELD ON 14TH JULY 2006

 Welcome (Robin Rich):
 Welcome prospective members and visitors Welcome to Eric Plant, Patrick Coyne, K Kingston & James Ballantyne
 C Ferreira; M Peche; P & M James; V Rossouw; M Corbishley; L Baird
  Minutes of the General Meeting held on 14 June 2006:        Matters arising - nil
             Proposed by   John Mullen Seconded by Brian Hogg
 Chairman’s Report (Roger Lewis):
 Cape Centres Get Together from 5-8 October 2006, at Brenton on Lake.
 Registration forms are available & information will be in August Breed.
  23 September 2006: Hermanus Whales & Wheels Show: Napier/Overberg Chapter will support the
 Classic Cars in the Bay: 1 October 2006: club will attend this event which willraise funds for charity
 Attendance of the last Veteran’s outing was less than usual, possibly because of the distance to the venue or
            proximity to Indaba timewise. Feed back from members about events is very welcome.

                                                                                                            Page 9
The Breed August 2006

 Club members were asked if there were any objections to the R5 000 expenditure to book the Killarney Cart
 Track for 27 August 2006 event. As entrants will pay R100 each, the club will have some expense to cover. No
 objections were raised, and event was supported.
 Club Charity – St Georges Orphanage for Girls (M von Zeil pp GerriyStevenson):
 Funds are being raised for maths tutorship
 Donations of stationery items, warm clothes & toiletries are most welcome
 Veteran’s (Jo Hitchcock):
 29 June 2006: Three Cape Town Cars and 8 Napier Cars went on the event. See Breed for the write up
 27 July 2006: Breedekloof wine route
 31 August 2006: Hex Pass Express. See Breed for Details. This event is much anticipated. Do bring cameras for the
 28 September 2006: lunch on cable restorer in Simonstown
 Plaque of the month : Brian Dallimore for the idea for the July Run.
  Competitions (James Reinhardt):
 Track day on 27August 2006 at the Kart Circuit, Killarney. Sprints of one car on the track at a time will be held, with
              practice in the morning followed by timed
 laps. MSA permit has been issued already; paramedics will be available. Some
 scrutineering will be done, and helmets will be compulsory.
 MSA has the schedule of forthcoming events to be held
 17 September 2006: Brian Porter Rally
 Social (Rosalie Plows):
 23 – 25 June: weekend away to Napier was well attended & much enjoyed. See Breed for report backs.
 16 July 2006 – mid winter wine tour to Morganhof. 38 members have responded.
 Register ( Peter Napier):
 18 June 2006 – Thanks to James Reinhardt for his 1962 midget garage meet and demonstration of Swissol
 Please contact Register Captains if you can host a garage meet – A or T type or other would be welcome.
  Treasurer (Mervyn Corbishley):          Nil
 Publications (Rosalie Plows):
 Breed : Articles required
 Closing date for August Breed is 20 July 2006
 Suggestion to use more photos, particularly of the event organiser or person who submits the article. Rosalie was
 complimented on the Breed and received a round of applause.
 Secretarial (Margie von Zeil):
 #1006 Marian Dicey’s membership was reinstated.
  Letters of thanks were sent to the Napier Weekend event hosts.
  Spares (Mike Plows):           MGB GT and MGA for sale –details to go in the Breed.
  Regalia (G & J Stoddart gave apologies):            Nil
 Cup of the Month:
 Awarded to Moira Peche for the Napier weekend and article on the event in Die
 Suider Nuus publication. Moira was wished a speedy recovery.
 Clubhouse tenure – no update received
 Trustees Report from AGM : Asset Register has been finalised and copy given to the
 trustees ( R Clarke & B Hogg)
 Cape Centres Gathering 2007: S Woodcock & R Martin invited to attend the next committee meeting.
 National Indaba 2010: organising group needed for venue identification & preliminary
 Investigation Information given that MG has been bought by Chinese consortium and that manufacture
             will be based in Oklahoma.
 An “MG is Born” series will be screened on Discovery Channel over the next few weeks.

 Meeting attended by 50 members, prospective members & guests in 10 MG’s
 Next General Meeting will be held at the Clubhouse at 8 pm on Wednesday 9 August 2006

 The General Meeting of the MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre is held on the second Wednesday of every month at 20h00 at
 the M.G.C.C. Clubhouse in Cedar Avenue (off Howard Drive), Pinelands - exceptions in December & January.

 Club outings are usually held on the Sunday immediately after the General Meeting.

Page 10
                                                                                          The Breed August 2006

 1958 MGA 1500 Roadster, BRG, wire wheels, restored car in Wepener, Freestate. Asking R200,000.00 Contact
 Victor Paul cell 072 571 9517 after 17.30 or Sasha Paul 084 272 1206
 1974 MGBGT, White, Rostyle wheels O/D, 90,000 miles. R35,000.00 . Contact Shirley Mathew
 021 855 2015
 1960 MGA Twin Cam Black + 100,000 miles very good original condition asking R195,000.00 Contact John
 Engelbrecht 082 535 1968
 1968 MGBGT Red, O/D spoked wheels asking R45,000.00 Contact Annette 082 551 5939 or Morne
 082 554 9925
 1963 AUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE Disc wheels, cream asking price R45,000.00 Contact Annette 082 551 5939 or
 Morne 082 554 9925
 PAINTED MGB SPOKED WHEEL RIMS Made in the UK Set of NEW (not rebuilt) 60 spoke 4.5J X 14 Dunlop.
 R6,000.00 Contact Mike Plows 021 7624748

If like me you are finding it more difficult to crawl around under old cars as you get older and if you are not
happy to work under just axel stands, have a look at read about this product a few
months ago and it seemed to be the answer for me so I imported one. It is very simple and by using just a
trolley jack, raises the whole car on a very solid assembly so that the chassis is about 70cm high. It is a
perfect height for working under the car and using a trolley give complete access in total safety. It is not
cheap at around R10,000.00 when landed, but is of very high standard and means that despite the creak-
ing joints of increasing age, one can work under the car in comfort. If anyone is interested after looking at
the web site, they are welcome to contact me on 975 4475 if they want to have a look at it. Peter Flowers

                                                   car and               carburettor specialist

                                                                 Peter Jack
                                                     (021) 531-0719(W); (021) 531-0353(H)
                                                       083-2271005; (021) 531-0318 (Fax)

             Visiting Knysna?
   Stay with us, George and Liesel Winter,
       Cape Explorers Lodge B&B
        Situated in peaceful surroundings
      halfway between the Heads and town.

   Arrive in a MG to qualify for a 10% discount.

                Phone: (044) 3841061
                 Fax: (044) 3841973
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The Breed August 2006

                                   Classically British
                                               Parts: Importers of Classic and Modern Car

                              MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Mini and many more.

                                      We are based in Cape Town but distribute nationally

                              Please contact us for further details, Great prices guaranteed.

  Glenda Mobile: 083 285 2806                                                                        Jason Mobile: 082 318 9706
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            Fine Furniture and Bedding                                     Contact us for your through hole plated printed circuit
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 Montagu Country Hotel
 Special Offer to MG Car Club
 25% discount on normal rates.
 Beautiful drives, wine route,
 tractor trips, undercover parking,
 Wellness Centre, hair studio,
 traditional SA cuisine and pub

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