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									Google's new search bubble song, Let us together early adopters
Note that Google is not written in google, it is depressing Why google does not
release such music services.

Cute bubble ~ you can enjoy music according to pitch and other features to choose,
but also through language, style, specifically to go and try to understand. Very fond of
this style, and functionality, user experience great. Note: you feel the feeling than does
not mean Google, for example, transferred into a high-pitched tone, tone colors into a
rich or middle, you may not want the songs, such as those well-known rock band.
This makes me wonder. Google do not know how to classify a song, perhaps because
all the songs are all the whales music network national outline, tell the truth
they are not very rich library of songs, some years the band have not found. But for
keen Mandarin pop music fans that do not affect.
Try a little, really refreshing, but also inspired me of the current direction of domestic
web2.0 platform for some of the ideas
Google does such a unique service to break the traditional music search --- category
search, and search tags web2.0 pattern of world domination. I think that
Google's search service to find a new direction.
A website was established to meet customer demand, the development with social
networking, users are gradually broken down, searches, get music, category search for
a certain purpose of the group, web2.0 probably for a purpose groups. But for an
aimless people, how to find fresh music? I do not want to go in numerous categories
selected, do not want to click on numerous labels, do not want to go to someone
else's blog to see what everyone is listening, because I am not sure what
style of today want to hear what people in the end, just to listen to songs, it seems
there is no site to meet my needs. Google is undoubtedly the emergence of bubbles
Search solves this problem, just gently slide the mouse, click Debugging tone sounds,
a variety of songs everything. (This was some random)
Perhaps someone will say, how so many problems you Ah, listen to a song yet that did
not want that do not. I would like to have such illnesses are no longer small bar, one
day you will aimless, right?
Why bubble search will be a new direction? Although he could not simply as a service
for the minority, after all, only a bubble search part of Google's search, but
anyone can enjoy this service. I want to say is that if one searches out another analysis
of the bubble, this model can apply and minority groups. Elusive because of public
demand, the group was broken down more and more, all demand points, more and
more clear, and I think the bubble will have a clear demand for search point - to meet
people without purpose. Only by grasping the different needs of different groups,
websites can survive.
This webmaster for our small, small companies are unable and happy, school,
watercress so than large companies, happy to know this side of the wind just get
2000w dollar investment, funding can not be compared, so technically the same,
others A few dozen, hundreds of teams, I have only 5 people or 1 person. Happy
positioning entertainment platform for the white-collar workers. Position is for school
students, these are for the general public simply because people have the ability
bigger, and to find a suitable profit point. We do the small owners? Sns open source
platform over the world are facing the public is able to meet a person you come Why?
Demand from many points in the direction you can take to find profitable accurate?
For those of us not have the financial strength and adequate planning capacity owners,
it seems that the minority is a good direction, in my opinion you need is a good idea,
then put the idea to do specially for 精, total pursuit of a group of loyal users will be
Do not worry about how to make classification search and tag search music site user
experience more perfect, and out of the slot, put aside the traditional way of thinking,
the attention has turned to those users who have special needs, such advantage is that
users viscosity will be greatly enhanced, you no longer have to worry about why the
site is always such a high bounce rate, and who can assert that what the minority
community will certainly not accept it? We can assume that, through your tireless
efforts, will bubble vigorously promote the search for patterns, and make the site has a
good user experience, more and more scattershot purpose of search are sure your site,
and formed a group, Then start advertising it! Looking for co-operation it! Who does
not make you earn?
I have to admit that indeed there are many web2.0 sites during this attempt, minority
groups for marketing, but these Internet sites in today's domestic share of
the small, smaller than the column, I wrote this feeling is not intended propose a new
idea, but no new ideas of a universal, to see foreign web2.0, what is really web2.0,
you will find the reason. In the crowd were all shouting web3.0 era is coming, these
people have not thought about what is really web2.0? We truly web2.0 purpose --- to
share it? Today almost all of China's web2.0 sites are similar to imitate the
foreign site, I do not exclude imitation, after all, there would be no innovation without
imitating the contrary, I feel we have too little imitation, imitation is not enough detail,
there were more foreign Good site waiting to be excavated, and of our nation, turning
it into a new profit point, we still have much to be done. (The above represent the
personal views, please rational comments)
Go google it many good sites about waiting for you to imitate, so you go digging and
innovation. Here are some I've been to some interesting web2.0 website
www.midomi.comSearch for Music Using Your Voice by Singing or Humming
- Photo Mosaic Maker and Polaroid Picture Editor
- Create your own Obamicon produced pop
style pictures online
- should be a platform to share their music itune
- very interesting, according to chromatography to select their
favorite songs, I hope I did not understand the mistake, I do not understand in
-, the Internet audio search engine page title is so
written in Listen to thousands of Live Internet Radio Stations
- Scribblar - simple, effective online collaboration, scribblar
is great for Online training and tutoring, Revising artwork and images, Creative
brainstormingSales and product, demosInterviews and tests
- mining wheat, sharing the best things you think
- crazy fruit, creative market, there are similar and
- 糗事 Wikipedia ah have to look at the famous fun
- specifically address mathematical problems.
- Love greeting type, the page is
very interesting
- Daily Mugshot is a free service which helps you
chronicle daily images of yourself and share them as an animated sequence

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