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We introduce a network of free travel a good way is to use google earth
Google Earth is a maps, encyclopedia and flight simulator software integration. It uses
high-resolution 3D technology depict cities around the world, mountains and valleys,
and display information. You can explore rich geographical content, save where
walking and share with others; also can watch the space, the Milky Way and
constellations. Gives us sitting at home can be an overview of the capacity of the
world with us to explore the universe, to find cool experience!
?Google Earth 3D map positioning technology used to put Google Map on the latest
satellite images to a new level. Users can search for specific regional 3D map, zoom
the virtual image, and then the formation of driving directions. In addition, Google
Earth also elaborate a special option - aerial view of the road, so motorists activity
arises spontaneously. Google Earth Keyhole mainly through access to space and
satellite images expand the database to achieve the above functions. The database was
updated in the last week, it contains a large number of terrain data provided by NASA,
the next will cover more terrain, involving pastoral and wasteland
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