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					Glossary - GCT test
  ?GCT namely: professional degree education is a form of graduate education. Focus
is different from common sense, theory, graduate education, academic research,
professional education, aimed at a certain degree of occupational background, training
high-level, application type.
China approved set of professional degrees for 15 classes. Including the Master of
Laws (JM), Master of Education (Ed.M), Sports Master, Master of Fine Arts (MFA),
Master of Engineering, Master of Agricultural Extension, Veterinary Master, Master
of Landscape Architecture, Master of Public Health (MPH), the military master of
Business Administration Masters (MBA), Master of Accounting (MPAcc), Master of
Public Administration (MPA); Higher School Teachers; secondary vocational schools
School Teachers.
Master's degree graduate admission examination (Graduate Candidate Test,
GCT) is organized by the State Council Academic Degree Committee Office of the
National Examination. Examination began in 2003, was formerly known as
"Project Master Degree admission examination" (referred to as
GCT-ME), the scope of application to sit for examinations of Master of Engineering
candidates. In 2004, increased the scope of agricultural extension and veterinary
candidates master's candidates, the examination name dropping the
"work" word. In 2005, the State Council Academic Degree
Committee Office of the experts on the 2003 edition was revised syllabus, while the
scope of examination for added sitting Master of Landscape Architecture, Yi Ji
college teachers, secondary vocational schools of MA candidates, the name changed
to      test    "Master's          degree     graduate    admission
National Engineering Graduate Education Steering Committee designated materials
for the exam guidance published by Tsinghua University Press, tutorials. We listen to
your courseware is the Department's explanation of the specified materials
GCT test required to participate are: Master of Engineering, Master of Agricultural
Extension, Veterinary Master, Master of Landscape Architecture, University Teachers
and the Secondary Vocational School School Teachers.
Required to attend in-service English language exams and other professional course
test are: Master of Laws (JM), Master of Education (Ed.M), Sports Master, Master of
Fine Arts (MFA), Master of Public Health (MPH), the military master of Business
Administration Masters (MBA), Master of Accounting (MPAcc), Master of Public
Administration (MPA).
Serving officers of MA enrollment by taking the work of self-organizing units,
admission standards delineated by their own admission unit. According to the
admissions unit entrance examination results (including interviews), competitive
selection. Results valid for two years.
GCT sit for hours: early in July 2006, to begin online registration, 06 July 28 to 31
hours for on-site registration.
Exam time: time for the national entrance exam in October of last year the second
weekend. Results are generally announced in the coming year, in January, the next 2 -
3 month is taking and school time. GCT result is valid for two years, if the scores
achieved on the line, you can select the school or in the next school year, next year do
not need to participate in a unified entrance examination GCT.

GCT test method: test includes math, language, English and logic gates 100 for each
sub-test unification made a total of 400 volumes, each door 50 minutes, a total of 200

GCT paper consists of four parts: language proficiency, math proficiency test, logical
reasoning test and foreign language proficiency test.
Language proficiency tests, designed to language as a tool to test the candidates
knowledge accumulation and language skills. By candidates on the words, phrases,
sentences, chapters to read with understanding, investigation of their master the
natural sciences, humanities and social sciences degree, and the use of language tools
for the expression of knowledge.
Math proficiency tests, designed to test the candidate possess basic knowledge of
mathematics, the basic way of thinking, and test the candidate logical thinking,
mathematical ability, spatial imagination and the use of the available methods of
mathematical knowledge and analyze issues and solve problems capacity.
Logical reasoning test, designed to test the candidate to master and apply the logic
analysis methods. The use of information and have been given comprehensive
knowledge acquired through the understanding, analysis, synthesis, judgments,
induction and other processes, leads to the concept of seeking Guilv, the relationship
between things or events to make reasonable judgments and analysis of trends,
identify problem-solving ways and means.
Foreign language proficiency test designed to test the candidate possess the level of
the actual foreign language, foreign language reading ability and use of foreign
language ability. Through the foreign language vocabulary, grammar, reading,
comprehension, oral and other daily content of the test, a comprehensive
understanding of foreign language ability of candidates.
"GCT" knowledge questions covering philosophy, economics,
law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, military
science, management and other categories. Through the given questions, focusing on
the level of the examinees comprehensive ability and reaction speed.
"GCT" objective multiple choice questions are used, including
reading comprehension, analyze and judge, is mistaken identification, scenario
analysis, the number of comprehension questions, logical reasoning. Answer in the
form of choice, fill in the blank so. Choice is to choose a type of individual
four-choice questions; fill in the blank requested answers from the four choices given
a correct answer to fill in the questions listed in the vacancy, thus making the
questions contained. Every candidate is required to questions from the listed A, B, C,
D four alternative answers to choose one correct answer, multiple choice, do not
choose or not choose the wrong score; selected answers are A or B, C, D of the
respondents, should be regarded as waste paper.
"GCT" papers out of 400 points, a total of four parts, each 100
points each. Exam time is 3 hours, 45 minutes per part. "GCT"
National Unity for the examination, the provisional results for the two years period.
"GCT" results for the various colleges and universities graduate
admission during the construction work to provide a basis for national unity does not
require the "GCT" passing score. The higher the actual situation
according to the University to determine their own candidates should apply for the
University to achieve the "GCT-ME" eligibility criteria test
scores, and standard tests for candidates to conduct comprehensive, integrated test
includes a written test and interview, and other specialized forms of school
comprehensive test results according to the decision whether to admit.

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