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GIS graduate career_ how to prevent the end of the GIS


									GIS graduate career, how to prevent the end of the GIS
The end of today's GIS professional (data vector, excluding acquisition)
GIS for many Chinese graduates of what is certainly not alarmist. Even a number of
GIS professionals in the country and strong institutions are similar, let alone there are
numerous other general institution. When the bid farewell after graduation 4 years to
pay with their own feelings and the efforts of the professional career is just how sad
things (at least I think). So how to avoid their own GIS in graduate career good-bye to
every undergraduate must think about GIS.
   ?While many companies now can not find a suitable developer, especially ArcGIS
GIS developers (this is a very common phenomenon), on the other hand can not find
jobs after graduation.
   ?Why is this phenomenon?
   ?Because GIS-based development are based on project development, R &
D relatively low, the cost and time from the view of the new companies are not
willing to train a novice to get started after 2-3 months of development, they are very
like those who work experienced developers, to companies directly involved in
project development in the past. However, work experience, are generally relatively
stable, treated well, for personal development (to a new company had to adapt to the
new environment and start again) and they are not willing to change jobs easily. This
created a demand imbalance.
    I personally think that a second development is ideal for GIS graduates pursue
undergraduate, graduate students can be, but I feel there is no undergraduate major
advantage. Me have this case: at the undergraduate level, two times with the same
students graduated from college, three years of undergraduate work, in project-driven
company, developing technical strength greatly increased, after 3 years of
accumulation as a company project manager, in this three-year average annual earning
40,000, three years later in a second-tier cities to pay 5000 +, and have been married
buy a house, and then the other just graduated from graduate students at this time, to
the undergraduate's company development revenue in 2000, this is a
second-tier status of the development of urban GIS. Graduate students in these three
years is 120 000 +3 lost years of working experience (technical strength as project
manager) + experience of life (buy a house get married). So I think that a particular
ArcGIS GIS development or not the secondary development of good graduate

  ?GIS undergraduate work experience is not how to get recognized? Find relatively
high income secondary development of GIS, in particular the work of the secondary
development of ArcGIS? My answer is to enrich the undergraduate project-driven
way of life secondary development of GIS time, increase their own
"experience." Then I "one-sided"
approach introduces some of his experiences.

  ?1. First of all must be familiar with a high-level development language, it means c
# or Java.
   ?Some people like to say that there will be a programming language developed
ideas on Ok, and to console myself do not want to learn a new language technologies
develop mental laziness. But the companies are for profit, and their development
methods are used efficiently, particularly GIS development circles. NET platform is
the most widely used, and each company has its own DLL libraries can not let
yourself be used indiscriminately a language free play. Do not think that will define a
variable to write a loop say I mastered the XX language and the mastery of a language
feature, to be more practical, more knock code. To high-level design patterns is to
learn to improve their ability to Design.

  ?2. Practicum on good intentions to learn ArcGISDesktop, familiar with the ArcGIS
data model master ArcGISDesktop use.
  ?Many people are not familiar with ArcGISDesktop began to modify the code from
the Internet Down code development started their journey, including me, and I
university is a fan of MapInfo has never studied ArcGIS. This is very unscientific,
because ArcGISDesktop is up from the AO development, you have only mastered the
use of ArcGISDesktop to AO interface is easy to understand the function. ArcGIS fact
that white is the second development in the ArcGISDesktop functions and services
provided by combining innovative development. So familiar with the ArcGIS data
model ArcGISDesktop and very important.

   ?3. Second, development must be ArcEngine, if the study can be further strong
grasp ArcGIS Server development.
   ?Now B / S mode scholars welcome the development of popular, many people also
want to direct learning ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Server provides the beginning of the
template, I suggest starting from the engine, why? A GIS system is not just up d big,
narrow, query, locate, To say something is a personal training days, these features will,
I realize that you are interviewing is the function of inquiry, like positioning, the
interviewer will directly Pass you, so do the depth of SerVer or call the bottom of the
interface AO and business development, so I feel like AO in-depth study by Engine is
the best way, because the online resources, and related books about
Engien's too many. In short I want to say at this interface, you are familiar
with the AO determines the depth of your Server and development capabilities.

   ?4. Will use the Oracle database, to create your own spatial database management.
   ?Databases of this course, as long as SQL Server is required internship, SQL Server
is easy to learn on a human scale, but the performance is very strong Oracle is the
world's largest database market share products in the same as long as China
is developing an enterprise-class GIS applications are using Oracle, if you add a
resume will be Oracle, to create your own spatial database management, then the
interviewer will give you a mind to improve your grade, as a GIS developer is not
necessary to own and a DBA to compare their operations only will Oracle can be
   ?5. Must have 1-2 months before graduation project experience.
   ?2008ESRI National University Software Development Competition has just ended,
I was also blessed the works of finalists looked very good, many undergraduate
students have a spirit of innovation is much higher than our era, and a kind of time did
not participate in undergraduate competition regret ESRI flu (I attended university
students in Xi'an Software Design Competition). Whether their work is
their own project support Ideas still very difficult to achieve this level. Team of 4-5
individuals to do a lot of people, 10 months, this course is how to enrich life time.
This contest truly a school, students, and ESRI, win situation. Schools get a reputation,
the students get experience and technical training programs, ESRI companies to
promote themselves. It is proposed that undergraduate students must take part in this
   ?Another is related to their multi-linked school teachers to enable them to give you
some idea of GIS development to some extent in fact, technology has no difficulty,
and the key is and the combination of industry knowledge, problem solving ideas and
technology industry line.
   ?When looking for work, take a notebook to interview staff demonstrate their
project or Demo elaborate their ideas implemented, so the interviewer how much you
appreciate the beauty.

   ?6. Good communication skills.
   ?To find work and sell merchandise, is to sell out their own, can sell out their
advantages, sell, in addition to the words on your resume, the most important thing is
to develop their own ability to express their own good, let the interviewer you
"love at first sight!" Insist you can not.
   ?If the above qualities, then that chance, the biggest characteristic of Chinese
society is not a lack of people, no shortage of talent, just leave the school for students
with the greatest gift is to give yourself a chance (other than a cow), no matter to you
first As long as you give out the number of opportunities for development of GIS
second most important, as long as you can step into the ring in mixed, then have the
opportunity to get a good income. Do not look at a few hundred dollars more than a
month before us, only a few thousand a year is not important, the key is to give
yourself opportunities to work and their interests can be combined This is most

  ?Finally we point to study the development of a GIS system recommendations:
  ?1. Familiar with the ArcGIS data model (which is the core)
  ?2. A GIS system, C / S architecture is nothing but the following points:
    ?1) Data Load
    ?2) Map of Operation
    ?3) The query statistics
    ?4) print out the map cut
    ?5) The map graphic editor
     ?6) map data update
     ?7) is the GIS and the specific needs of business users combined with the
development of specific functions
     ?8) system maintenance
  ?A B / S system can only be compared with C / S function less impossible,
therefore the most important thing is familiar with the ArcGIS data model, when you
understand the data model, the other is your senior
The level of language development and your ability to understand the business and
innovation capabilities, these two factors will determine how far you can go GIS

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