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Watch TV series, "My youth who call the shots" is a child from
the half by force, to set the local ten slots in the. A group of young film star and
director of contemporary fashion with the young subject had a youthful interpretation
of fairy tales. Combined with the publicity, the media rush to report all of you young
people with drama starring a variety of sizes interview, the show, party, after another.
But I, fancy - Dao Shi Yang who plays Granny, the old law school professor respected
heart Lang Ping's "scrap" the old actor.
As the plot development, more later, the more the color child actor. Countdown to the
second episode, the face of great granddaughter play young Chu choice section of the
old lady lines, and Smooth Spirit in, sonorous, powerful, resounding (unfortunately I
did not remember, nor to child find). Private Parts, from the
"grandma" out of his mouth said, seemed so natural, so life, so
children have a human face. Although it found its way into a number of legal
terminology and concepts, but do not make people feel a little boring, but to bring out
the character of wisdom, able. These, in addition to writer and director of labor, the
actors re-created, contributed. Solid foundation so that the actors even more
convincing reason to "grandma" image even more successful.
This grandmother's role in the play, is definitely supporting role, but it is
essential to connect the story. The veteran actor (subtitles too fast, not see who is
played; lack of biggest names in children's advocacy efforts) is able to
skillfully deflected the question, the ease and calm and collected, very appropriately
to a knowledgeable family style with Article elderly Rational stratigraphic highlight.
No subtlety in some of the intellectuals play a "shelf" mode,
grandmother home, is a kind and worthy for the elderly; appears in the business field,
is an academic attainments and be welcomed; daughters in front of a Ci and a strict
mother and a teacher; grandchildren before, but also a kind of elders and guiding
mentor; error before, or the brave dare to take responsibility; confused before, she is
the backbone of the family. The veteran actor how to squeeze the very proper,
emotions get the level of use of eyes, immediately or in the event handling, are
entirely different. A normal, real, ordinary people have had failures to display
three-dimensional old man in front of the audience.
After reading the second half, not willing to let go of this opportunity to watch the
acting, and from the beginning of the first half of re-looks.
To      find     a      positive    second      episode,      after    Grandpa      died,
"Grandma" is the color. First aid, with comfort, farewell,
funeral, part of part of the progress with the case, the image of the characters are also
constantly clear, full and perfect.
The best piece is the grandfather was put clear, the doctor allowed to visit family
members one by one, the first is the grandmother.
The door from the grandmother, started a pair of profound feelings intellectuals for
several decades old couple's emotion, is one of the actors mentioned,
raising his hand full, smiles, interpret head. Not light with the
"natural",                             "smooth",
"affectionate" These words, you can simply be the
actor's superb acting formulation was clear.
Do not know how, from the actor step into the door, holding her
"husband" of the hand, to speak, I think she has done at one go
in the saying:
"I can think of the most romantic thing is getting old with you,
Until we all can not go where the old, and yet still think of me as palm Po.
Even in face of all kinds of ups and downs, difficulties and obstacles,
We still been together, leaving behind a string of love footprints. "
Not some kind of artificial drama, mushy, and fear for the actors (some actors, an
open, let the audience gave it to heart in his throat, speaking in heart), is a mythical
bird with one eye and one wing flounder completely natural feeling reveal, stretch and
smooth. That the accumulation of physical and language is very valuable. Well not so
saying: "Give a little sunshine, her brilliant"; like these artists,
to a role, her (him) on the color!
I write to you this first half of "my youth who call the shots,"
not aired (probably did not like myself this way from the back to look forward to). I
will wait and see, expect more exciting. At the same time, it can not be reconciled,
"ferry," a situation of the old artists go ... ....
Oh, Mr. Li Ranran, Ma Jing Wu teacher's wife. Member of the China Film
Association,       the    North     shadow       Professor     spanned.     Surprising!
"Granddaughter children" gave her respect, should be the stage,
behind the scenes have the right, but fashion "star" light is too
bright, ginger no one greedy. But I still think the Chinese saying goes, do not leave a
bit: "ginger, or the old lady."

Supplementary information (Source: Baidu)
   Li Ran Ran, female, in December 1934 Born in Shenyang, Dalian City in Liaoning,
Communist Party members. Professor. China Film Association, China Film
Association performing arts honorary member.
After the 1945 war, Li Ranran with his father from Beijing to the Shanxi-base side of
the production learning while working. 1949, was sent to Harbin Industry University
Foundation Studies. But since she first joined the soldiers at the base after the
theatrical performances, always wanted to be an actor. Harbin Institute of Technology
after five years in the study presented to the Central Academy of Drama to do
drop-out Russian teachers. In 1956, the Beijing Film Huayuanbiaoyanji first recruit
undergraduate classes, she top the popular list. School, she learned that the strict
Stanislav system and benefit.
1960, graduated from Beijing Film Huayuanbiaoyanji, the same year actor at the
Beijing Film Studio Theatre any actor to work after two years transferred back to
Beijing Film Academy, Lecturer in the performance. Former Director of teacher
performance Teaching and Research Group Leader. In 1988 he was appointed
Cultural Section at the Department, from September 1988 to February 1989 as a
senior visiting scholar at the University of Education went to study film in Moscow.
He retired in 1995.
Li Ran Ran teaching post in the performing arts was 30 years hard work, trained a
large number of audience attention for the star. Li Ran Ran that film in development,
the film shows the development of teaching should be. She has been thinking of how
to film actors in the training on the road to build our country's own system
of students was to make students master the film, and Tong Guo Wenhua and
Lilunzhishi the Biaoyan stage and screen practice, Duan Lian power and control their
performance Bu Tong roles. Li Ran Ran continuously create opportunities for students
to make films, she continued to practice. In "烈火中永生",
"red backpack," "I, you, he" plays a role
such as film also participated in the "This is not a game",
"final scene" and many other performances and creative drama
and writing "Duan Panzi girl" and many other drama, drama
and film scripts.

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