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					Die Casting
Casting is one of the oldest manufacturing process dates back years ago. The oldest of
these processes is the surviving casting process introduced during 3200 B.C.

Scientifically, casting is a process used in manufacturing units in which a liquid
substance is poured into a mold containing a hollow cavity of desired shape, allowing it
to turn into solid substance. The solidified part finally formed is known as casting
process. Casting materials comprise of concrete, plaster, epoxy and clay, these are formed
by mixing two or more components together. Casting process is usually used to make
complex figures and shapes that would be difficult to form by other methods.

Dyes Casting is a specific type of casting process in which molten metal components are
forced under high pressure to mold in various shapes and sizes. The resultant metallic
parts so formed are applied in various industrial applications. Die Casting procedure has
been extensively used for hundred years. By and large, modern improved technology is
emerging in industries for producing efficient and high quality products. Die-casting can
be done using a cold chamber or hot chamber process.

In olden days, die casting process were carried out in low pressure injection but in
today’s times, high pressure die casting techniques are used like squeeze casting and
semi-solid die casting methods capable enough to cast more than 4500 pounds per sq.
inch. Tin, Zinc, Aluminum and lead were die cast but these days, magnesium, copper and
other metals alloys are also used to die cast using high pressure technology. Most of the
die castings are obtained from non-ferrous metals like aluminum and magnesium.

Pressure Injection Process is one of the most innovative processes introduced in die
casting. There are sophisticated die casting machines available in the market providing
efficient and quality usage. Various forms of automations are used to lubricate dies, pour
the metal into the chamber, etc. Die casting process is applied in areas like consumer,
industrial, commercial etc.

With the advancement in process, technique and materials, manufacturers now have a
choice of making more complex metal parts in a cost-effective manner. For more
information, please visit made-from-india.com and get list of leading Indian
manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of various dyes and casting products.

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