Fudan University successfully passed the EQUIS accreditation

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					Fudan University successfully passed the EQUIS accreditation
Following Transfer from Fudan University School of Management website:
   Today, I was formally received notification EFMD, EQUIS accreditation by
recognized success of the institute. This is a world-class hospital for the move to
expand influence and made the world an important achievement. EQUIS accreditation
experts spoke highly of our hospital: "There is no doubt, Fudan University
School of Management is a high-quality business school."
  ?Dean Professor Lu Xiongwen I said: "By EQUIS accreditation, Fudan
University School of Management is the high degree of recognition. Since the 1985
restoration of Practical Study, the academic hospital construction, teaching, research,
hardware environment, teaching and management, made obvious development, which
is also a School of Continuing efforts to develop a positive return. After certification
by EQUIS, the College was able to rest of the world's top business schools
of excellence for closer ties, the certification is conducive to further enhance the
School of International, conducive to the improvement of teaching and research, but
also conducive to College mission and goals eventually. "
   EQUIS accreditation is a rigorous and universally acknowledged authority, its
evaluation system inside and outside the business school covered various aspects of
the framework. Certified institutions must have international level of business
education, in teaching, research and practical applications to achieve the perfect
balance. Through this certification is a high-quality personnel training business school,
high school to provide a strong support, has thus become the world's
leading business schools to actively strive for the goal.
From the start of the accreditation to the successful adoption of a comprehensive
accreditation, our hospital only a year. Such a rapid and efficient certification process
is second to none in the country and the world, which fully reflects the development
of truth-seeking and pragmatic attitude Institute, and the deep accumulation
Accumulate; also reflects the EFMD achievements in recent years, the Organization
for University recognition and appreciation.
   In 2008, the Institute succeeded in joining the organization, and officially launched
the EFMD EQUIS certification. November 2008, EFMD send experts for the first
time Laijiaofangwen; in August 2009, the completion of all self-assessment report and
all materials submitted; in September, EQUIS expert to conduct on-site assessment of
college. Experts in the College curriculum, students develop, research and
development, resources and management, and contribution to society-business
relationships, and other international development study of 10 large Fangmianjinxing
Houji Chu Yan Ge a very positive evaluation. Certified specialists in particular highly
affirmed the hospital's students and alumni, "your alumni and
students are very good!"
   Application for certification of the Institute itself is a comprehensive test work to
obtain EQUIS accreditation is a comprehensive international hospital an important
step, but also for the University to show the world its own style and new look to open
a window. EQUIS accreditation for our hospital is not only the world's top
business schools in order to par, in the broader context of the establishment of
reputation, but also to take this opportunity to examine their own management
operations and scientific research and teaching quality, to give students, alumni,
potential Students send a clear message: College is committed to being the
world's best business schools, and students, to provide first-class education
and knowledge contribution.
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EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) is based in Brussels, Belgium, the
European Foundation for Management Development (European Foundation for
Management Development, EFMD) carried out an international business school
quality certification system, is also Europe's most stringent quality
assurance system. Founded in 1997, a total of 33 countries of the 113 accredited
business schools.