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					Fudan University 2010EMBA Course brochures
Fudan University will be established as early as 1917, Commerce, Business
Administration, established in 1920, was established in 1929, Business School, is the
establishment of Business Administration of the earliest institutions of higher learning
education system. Located in the international economic and financial center of Fudan
University has been working on the cultural environment in China how business
practices, and achieved fruitful results.
History, many top government officials, entrepreneurs, bankers, economists,
graduated from Fudan University. Contemporary, Li, Chen Zhili, Tang, Li Yuanchao,
Wu Jinglian, Ha Jiming, Guo Guangchang, Chen and other well-known alumni of a
large number of Fudan University has been active in China's most
influential stage.
In 1991, Fudan University was approved by the State Council Academic Degrees
Committee set up for the first MBA program is one of nine institutions, the Ministry
of Education in 2001 was the only outcome of a national first prize for outstanding
teaching. In 2002, Fudan University, became the first batch of the State Council
Academic Degrees Committee approved the creation of EMBA degree education is
one of 10 institutions, has so far enrolled 13 students and managers from more than
2000 people joined the ranks of Fudan University. Since 2006, Fudan University
EMBA program in English (Washington University) for four consecutive years by the
British magazine "Financial Times" No. 1 ranking in China, the
world's leading EMBA education.
Project objectives
Fudan University EMBA program for businesses and government organizations in
higher education, successful career in senior management, to train the senior
management of leading Chinese social and economic elite, to promote the
development of Chinese society.
Project Features
● virtue of broad international cooperation, to set international curriculum
Fudan University is now the country has an international cooperation project one of
the largest business school in 2006, Fudan University School of Management
officially joined the international management strategies Cooperation (PIM), became
the first business school to join one of the organization.
● Business to hire the top teachers at home and abroad, international perspective and
practical knowledge about China
Fudan University EMBA 100% of teachers have studied overseas, the experience of
doing research, they are not only leaders in the various subject areas, as well as
independent directors of large enterprises, long-term management consultant, or
government policy consultant, of which more than 40 % of teachers from Europe and
the United States well-known business school professor.
● Fudan century culture heritage, promote humane education entrepreneurs
Developing a "Generals of the only" duty of Fudan University
EMBA program since the project started in 2002 launched the beginning of the
"human Fudan" series of lectures, comprehensive university to
play a hundred years of cultural heritage and unique advantages, promote the
humanistic qualities of the entrepreneur and Social Responsibility.
● relying Fudan location advantage, build high-end business platform
Fudan University through the establishment of "MasterCard management
guru Forum", "Fudan Management Award", World
Management Associations (IFSAM) among the senior management of the General
Assembly for the list of the EMBA students access to a wide range of outstanding
domestic and foreign business people, business leaders with them face to face
interaction and communication, of Winning, capture the essence of modern
management opportunities.
Admission Matters
Recruit: business and government departments, senior management
Enrollment: 2 classes in spring and autumn, two classes
Application requirements:
1, law-abiding, good character
2, University degree or above (graduate and an annual intake of no more than 10%)
3,10 years of work experience and 6 years of management experience
4, in the large-scale enterprises or the government's economic management
as a high-level leadership positions within
The procedures of application:
● Application: submit application forms
1, on-line submission
2, request or download the registration application form, completed and submitted to
the Fudan University EMBA program
● trial: Fudan University EMBA Admissions Committee to examine the basic
qualifications of applicants apply to the eligible applicant notice issued examination
● Entrance Examination: Candidates to participate in entrance examination under
the examination notice, including written 3 hours, 30 minutes interview (in the same
●      Admission: Fudan University EMBA Admissions Committee written
comprehensive assessment (30%), interview (40%), background checks (30%),
decided to accept the list, and within 10 working days Notification of acceptance
● Registration fee: 1,200 yuan
● Start date: Spring, in June 2010; Fall, November 2010
● Admission: EMBA Master of Education degree entrance examination under the
State Council Office, the Ministry of Education and the National MBA Education
Steering Committee of the uniform requirements, a separate organization from the
Fudan University in propositions, test. Entrance examination, including interviews
and competency-based written test. In addition, educational background and work
experience on the review of the decision is a key factor for admission.
● Admission criteria: Candidates interview (40%), written test scores (30%), with
reference to educational background, work experience, leadership potential and ability
to learn, etc. (30%) integrated scoring.
Fudan University EMBA program from international well-known business school
curriculum design, the adoption of the latest synchronization with the international
curriculum, focusing on the reality of China, and Fudan University's school
characteristics, combined, in line with the basic requirements of MBA education,
based on outstanding senior management personnel on the characteristics of
management education.
Fudan University EMBA program focused on teaching once a month, each time for 4
days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday), all courses completed in two years. EMBA
students learn during the two years required to complete the 12 required courses, six
elective courses and a master's thesis.
The second class
Fudan University EMBA program also focus on a wide range of second-class learning,
the establishment of a high-end business forum, "management MasterCard
Masters      Forum"        and   integrated     academic     lecture    series,
"Humanities Lecture Fudan University."
Through the "MasterCard management guru Forum", a large
number of international and domestic well-known business leaders, government
officials and scholars with Fudan EMBA students share a common share of
international management concepts. They include "The Fifth
Discipline" by Peter M. Senge, Emerson's chairman, Charles F.
Knight, Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz, Quantum Fund founder George Soros
(George Soros), Ronnie Chan, chairman of Hang Lung Group, Acer Group Stan Shih,
founder of the former National People's Congress Cheng Siwei, vice
chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Liu, China Foreign
Affairs University Wu Jianmin, president.
Through "human Fudan Lectures", a hundred years
Fudan's academic, cultural, ideological, political, social, history, geography,
philosophy and other eminent scholars of different disciplines and constantly talks of
education and inspiration every EMBA students, EMBA students to help improve
human cultivation, improve knowledge structure, to develop ultra-Kuang
temperament. These speakers include Professor Ge Jianxiong, The Compassion Gu
Xiaoming, Alvin, Wei-Zheng Zhu, Shen Dingli, Qin Shaode, Shixiong so.
Teaching Methods
Mainly in teaching, management practices, panel discussions, project work,
experience sharing, entrepreneurs, forums and study tours abroad by way of
case-based teaching.
Fudan University EMBA program Professor Ren Ke mainly from Fudan University
School of Management and relevant departments, and Harvard Business School,
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, Yale University School of Management,
University of Chicago Business School, Columbia University, MIT, California
Anderson University School of Business, Washington University Olin School of
Business, University of Michigan, France Heisecke (ESSEC) School of Management,
Italy Bo Keni (Bocconi) University of Hong Kong University Business School,
National University of Singapore, National Taiwan University, Taiwan National
Chengchi University well-known institutions at home and abroad, as well as
well-known entrepreneur from the business community. Among them, 100% of
doctorate recipients, outside the well-known scholars for more than 40%, 100%
owned enterprises experience.
Certificate and degree
Students completing all the required courses, passed the examinations and complete
the dissertation will be granted to senior management of Fudan University, an MBA
certificate from the State Council Academic Degrees Committee of the unified
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Email: fudan_021edu@163.com
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