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									Found a good thing. . . Ha ha ha ha ~ chris / MR / MR.html
1991 Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) - Chris Eilbeck; Heriot-Watt
University, Edinburgh
This is a mathematical aspects of hypertext by subject category list (1991 edition), the
main purpose of this category is to help readers quickly find that they are interested in
a list of mathematics topics, the latest version now can also use keywords retrieval.
The American Mathematical Monthly (MAA Online) - Roger A. Horn, Ed.,
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
This is the American Mathematical Monthly magazine's online version,
you can read the magazine online content, including mathematics papers and some
simple lean and comments, the readers are mainly mathematics professionals.
</ P> ~ harsham/opre640/opre640.htm
Applied Management Science
On operations research and management science an MBA course provides
understanding of the problem of operations research tools and logical structure, and
how to make a good decision making skills. ~ harsham/opre640/opre640.htm
Applied Management Science: Making Good Decisions - Prof. Hossein Arsham;
University of Baltimore
This is an operations research and management science on the curriculum, which
includes course information (primarily for students to participate in the class), how to
overcome fear of management decision-making, and decision-making model and
probability model.
Archive of Sci.Op-Research - Michael Trick
The site collected the sci.op-research newsgroup on operations research topics, can
follow the clues, author, subject or date of retrieval, but also lists the Brian Borchers
order from January 1997 to April 1994 of related articles. ~ jrbirge / acord / acord.html
Association of Chairs of Operations Research Depts. (ACORD) - John R. Birge;
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
A Operations Research and Management Research Association organized the forum,
whose goal is to raise interest in this area and to promote the exchange between
academic researchers.
Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO) - International
Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS)
European Operations Research Society is a non-profit organization, located in
Switzerland, its purpose is to promote the development of operational research.
CalMaeth: Computer Aided Assessment and Learning of Mathematical Methods -
Mathematics Dept., Univ. Of Western Australia
CalMaeth is a teaching and learning communication system, which by the Univ. Of
Western Australia University students design, customers can register to enter.
Decision Sciences Institute
The Decision Sciences Institute is a multidisciplinary international organization
dedicated to business management research and improve.
Decision Tree for Optimization Software
This site is mainly to help readers use the optimization software to solve the problem.
Draft version of MSC2000 - European Mathematical Society (EMS)
Category list of mathematical topics (draft 2000), which by the Mathematical
Reviews and Zentralblat
t für Mathematik magazine review. ~ rusin/known-math/index/90-XX.html
Economics, Operations Research, Programming, Games - Dave Rusin; The
Mathematical Atlas
Provide some short article about operations research for articles, use of symbolic
language to describe the optimization of resources.
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics - Eric W. Weisstein and Wolfram
Research, Inc.
This is a mathematical Encyclopedia of the site, according to algebra, geometry,
applied mathematics, probability and statistics to classify instructions.
Frequently Asked Questions in Management Science or Operations Research - Jian
The site is an operations research and management science FAQ on why to learn
operations research and management? Why are business decision makers to study
decision theory? Etc.
George B. Dantzig - This is the home page of George B. Dantzig, George B. Dantzig
is the inventor of the simplex algorithm, was known as the founder of the field of
operations research. ~ antonych / glob.html
Global Optimization
This site links to many of the world on the optimization of the site
IFORS tutORial Project - Moshe Sniedovich
This site is the International Operations Research Alliance (IFORS) sponsored a
project of the aim of the project by three years to establish an operations research and
management of WEB based online guidance system,
INFORMS College on Simulation
Operations research and management of the site is a branch of science, mainly to
discuss information on the simulation of some of the problems.
INFORMS Computing Society (ICS) - Institute for Operations Research and the
Management Sciences
This is a study of computer science and artificial intelligence and its related sites and
operations research and management, its purpose is to help the operations research
and management of members of the association and increase computer technology
and artificial intelligence technology.
INFORMS Decision Analysis Society
Operations research and management decision-making of society: the society is to
promote the use of business logic in the decision-making methods to improve
efficiency, the method of the model include: multi-conditions and decision-making
under uncertainty, technical risk analysis, risk investment etc.
INFORMS Online: Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
Operations Research and Management Research Association site, online information
on operations research and management of information, for the operations research
and management experts, educators, students, administrators and other services. ~ hgreenbe / imps / impsbib / impsbib.html
IMPS Bibliography
This site aims to provide intelligence on the mathematical modeling and analysis of
the bibliography
International Federation of OR Societies (IFORS)
International Operations Research Alliance (IFORS) site, the international operations
research alliance established in 1959, its purpose is to develop operational research
studies. ~ kthill / sites.htm
Inventory Control Related Sites
The site lists a series of related sites, and a brief description of each
ITORMS: Interactive Transactions of ORMS - Institute for Operations Research and
the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
This is the Operations Research and Management Research Association (INFORMS)
run an electronic journal.
Journal of Applied Mathematics & Decision Sciences (JAMDS) - Mahyar A.
Amouzegar, Managing Editor
This is applied mathematics and decision-making on one of the e-journals, mainly
published on mathematics, operations research and statistics of the article.
Lessons, Tutorials, and Lecture Notes (Mathematics Archives) - University of
Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK)
The site for mathematics teachers and students of the course some of the material, the
material yes in alphabetical order of, the site Baokuoshuxue all subject areas, but also
for all levels of personnel.
Lionheart Publishing
This is the online version of Lionheart Publishing, publishing and distribution of areas:
processing and resource management, operations research in the field, the field of
intelligent systems and so on.
The Logo Foundation
This is a non-profit educational organization, mainly to provide you information on
the LOGO respect, and the use of software developed based on the use of LOGO.
Logistics: The WWW Virtual Library
The site is a virtual library on the logistics, logistics personnel to provide a Interner
logistical resources to find and share the entrance.
The Math Forum - Math Library - Simulations
The site is an online math forum math library, is on the mathematical study of a
comprehensive online site and the online pages of the category, this page contains
information about the simulation aspects of the main site.
Math WWW VL: Specialized Fields - Dept. Of Mathematics, Florida State University
This is an online virtual library of mathematics, mathematical subject by subject
classification, applied to university level and above officers. ~ mathprog /
Mathematical Programming Society
The Mathematical Programming Society is an international organization dedicated to
computational mathematics, applied science, the theory of mathematical
Mathematical Optimization - Technical University of Brauschweig
This is the Technical University of Brauschweig Department of Mathematics,
University of optimization, site has information about the department, the current
content of the study, recently published articles, projects undertaken, page
optimization and operations research on a number of links. ~ sillke / problems.html
Mathematical Problems - Torsten Sillke
The site lists some of the issues on mathematics, mostly in English, little German,
their classification according to topics, including graph theory, Number Theory,
Combinatorics, geometry, algebra, analysis of science. ~ hgreenbe / glossary / glossary.html
Mathematical Programming Glossary - Harvey J. Greenberg; Mathematics Dept.,
Univ. Of Colorado at Denver
The site is a mathematical thesaurus site. Is alphabetical.
Mathematical Publications - ZIB / Math-Net
The site is an electronic publication on the mathematics, electronic journals, general
journals classified by subject classification.
Mathematics and Computer Science Division (MCS) - Argonne National Laboratory
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS): This is the largest U.S.
department of energy research center to study a wide range, including digital,
software development, system software, applied mathematics, logic systems, the site
primarily to promote mathematics and the common development of computer science,
where you can find many useful resources.
Mathematics Archives - University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK)
Internet on a comprehensive site on the mathematics, recommended a number of
educational software and links to sites of interest to some mathematicians, these sites
have electronic journals and other services.
Mathematics Journals (AMS) - American Mathematical Society
This is the American Mathematical Society (American Mathematical Society) site
under a page, the page lists some of the electronic version of Journal of Mathematics
site, also lists the print magazine sites, print magazines and other sites including the
directory page.
Mathematics Journals: Electronic and Printed - Mathematics Dept., Penn State
This is a page link to a lot about mathematics journal of electronic journals and print
Mathematics - World Lecture Hall
This page links to some mathematical aspects of speeches, lectures in a number of
researchers in mathematics through the network to send some of the material.
MathSearch - Jim Richardson; School of Mathematics and Statistics, Univ. Of Sydney,
This is the University of Sydney Mathematics and Statistics, under the home page of a
page, collected more than 200,000 articles on mathematics and statistics, these articles
apply to university level and the level of research scholars, who used to search by
keywords Find the article.
Michael Trick's Operations Research Page-
This page links to all aspects of operations research, which according to the company,
journals, citations, etc. category links.
Military Operations Research Society
Military operations research community: the organization's purpose is to
improve the understanding and application of military operations research capacity, to
provide exchange opportunities for professionals.
Operational Research Society
Operations research community (Operational Research Society): The predecessor of
the Operations Research community club, was established in 1948, the existing 53
countries more than 3,000 members, primarily to promote the development of
operational research.
The site collected 500 Java class of operations research, scientific and engineering
applications, which includes data structures and application of classical algebra.
Optimization Links - Tom Cavalier; Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Penn
State Univ.
This page links to many sites, these sites include the optimization of information,
interactive learning site, optimized software problems, etc..
Optimization Technology Center
The site collection, including optimization guide to Internet resources and services to
solve the problem presented. ~ harsham / refop / Refop.htm
Optimization with Sensitivity Analysis Resources
This page provides a large number of links: sensitivity analysis, which mainly
collected information on its optimal behavior.
OR Library to collect a large number of operations research test data. ~ harsham/opre640/ORMSBOOKS.HTM
OR / MS Books
The site has collected a large number of operations research and management science
OR / MS Courses in Europe - Association of the European Operational Research
Societies (EURO)
This page links to European countries on operational research and management
aspects of the curriculum, according to state alphabetical order.
OR / MS Today
OR / MS Today magazine published a month to provide a comprehensive science of
operations research and management aspects
ORCS-L Discussion List
This is an electronic bulletin board, discussion on the boundaries of operations
research and management science and computer science the problem of demarcation.
OR-Notes - J. E. Beasley
OR-Notes originally Imperial University, an introductory operations research courses,
introduction and operations research has developed into a series of related courses. ~ ai / cp /
Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming: Conferences - Department of
Computing Science, Univ. Of Alberta, BC
This page links to 93 years to 2000 on the design constraints of international meetings,
including algebra, the environment, language, models, systems.
The site provides a linear model that uses the standard MPS format, using the
classical simplex method of linear optimization. ~ hlynka / queue.html
Queueing Theory Page
The site links to a number of queuing theory and related materials. ~ antonych/RGA0.html
RGA: Algorithm for Global Optimization
The site is an operations research and management science on the navigation system. ~ rrw1 /
Richard Weber, University of Cambridge
Richard Weber's personal home page, Richard Weber is the staff of
Department of Mathematics at Cambridge University to study operations research,
links page papers on operations research.
simsoc discussion list
The site lists a series of computer simulation in the field of sociology, news. Also
includes multi-agent-based micro-simulation and model approach. ~ wjyst / nsfteachsim.html
The Simulation Education HomePage
The website collected a large number of teaching resources, by the National Science
Foundation initiated and sponsored.
Society for Risk Analysis
Society of Risk Analysis Site: The site for all of the venture capital and risk
management for people interested in an open forum ~ winforms /
Washington Institute for Operations Research and Management Science
Washington Operations Research and Management Research Association site,
committed to improving the operations research and management science in the
theory and practice of research.

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