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					Foreign magazines

101fitness (fitness) Health
102Field & Stream (rural and streams)
103American Baby (USA Baby)
104FamilyFun (Family Fun) family
105Sporting News, The (Sports News) Sports
106Esquire (Mr.) men
107Penthouse (hut) adult
108Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine (Park Ji Lin's
Personal Finance Magazine) Money
109Globe (Global) environment
110SmartMoney (Smart Money) Money
111Stuff (material) men
113Men's Journal (men) men
114House & Garden (home) home
115Fast Company (Fast Company) business
116Computer Shopper (Computer Shopper) consumption
117Jet (jet) black
118First For Women women
119Traditional Home (traditional families) family
120Automobile Magazine (Automobile Magazine)
121Red Herring (Red Herring) business
122Highlights for Children (Children Wencui) children
123Wired (connection) IT
124Outside (outdoor) leisure
125This Old House (the old house) home
126NetworkWorld (Network World) IT
127Entrepreneur (entrepreneurs) business
128Popular Science (Popular Science) Popular
129Elle Decor Design
130Quick Cooking (quick cooking) Cooking
131Family Handyman (domestic servants) home
132Science (Science) Science
133Bridal Guide (Bride's Guide) Wedding
134Child (children) family
135Cable Guide (cable guide) Entertainment
136Midwest Living (Midwest Living) life
137Metropolitan Home (city life) life
138Chronicle of Higher Education, The (Chronicle of Higher Education) / Education
139Mutual         Funds        Magazine        (Interactive       Fund       Magazine) business
140Travelhost (Tour host) Travel
141Sound           &           Vision          (audio        and        video) Movies
143Hot Rod locomotive
144Computerworld (Computer World) IT
145Source, The (source) black
146Departures (left) business
147Spin (rotation) Music
148Travel Holiday (Travel Holiday) Travel
149Black Enterprise (Black Enterprise) business
150BabyTalk (baby talk)
151New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Medicine
152EBN Electronic Buyer's News (EBN Electronics buyers News) Electronics
153Jane (Jane) military
154Working               Mother             (women's                movement) women
155Men's Fitness (male fitness)
156Victoria (Victoria) life
157CosmoGirl (city girls) Fashion
158Nation's         Restaurant    News       (National     Restaurant   News) Industry
159Harvard Business Review (HBR) business
160FHM (FHM) men
161Sports Illustrated For Kids (Children's Sports Illustrated) children
162Boating (ship) Sports
163Discover (exploration) Popular Science
164Real Simple (reverting to simplicity) life
165Guideposts (signs) religion
166Cycle World (the ring)
167EDN Electronics
168Tennis Magazine (Tennis magazine) Sports
169Advertising Age (Advertising Age) industry
170Hemispheres (hemisphere)
171Fortune         Small         Business      (Fortune        Small         Business) Business
172Meetings               &             Conventions              (Conference) industry
173Worth (value) Money
174Outdoor Life (outdoor life) leisure
175Official US Playstation Magazine (United States official PS magazine) Games
176Automotive News (Automotive News) locomotive
177Scientific American (Scientific American) Popular
178Nickelodeon Entertainment
179More (more) Fashion
180Ski (skiing) Sports
181Lucky (lucky) Fashion
182Interior Design (Interior Design) industry
183Sky (Delta Air Lines) (Sky triangular route) route
184Power        &        Motoryacht     (energy      and      motor     boats) Htm leisure
185GamePro (Gaming) Games
186JAMA (pajamas) Health
187Furniture Today (today furniture)
188My Generation (our generation) Music
189Successful                Meetings              (Successful               Meetings) industry
190Premiere (premiere) Movies
191Birds & Blooms (Jade) home
192Aviation Week & Space Technology (Aviation Technology Week) Leisure
193Electronic Design (Electronic Design)
194T & L Golf (T & L Golf) Leisure
195Wine Spectator (Wine spectator) Leisure
196National Geographic Traveler (National Geographic Traveler) Travel
197AutoWeek (Auto Weekly) locomotive
198Wood (Wood) Technology
199Chemical        &       Engineering      News      (Engineering     News) Industry
200Electronic         Gaming        Monthly         (video       game        monthly) sp game