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									Foreign insurance industry slogan Comments (change)
Foreign insurance industry slogan Comments
China Life - knowing each other for years, should be entrusted
Ping - Ping, Ping An of China
Tai Kang Life - an insurance policy, a lifetime of happiness
Xinhua Insurance - life, happiness, commitment Xinhua
U.S. insurance companies - please for your sake tomorrow
United States Fire Insurance Company - will become a lucky misfortune
Care insurance companies - the future belongs to the people to prepare for the future
Western insurance companies - each an insurance policy holder Please note: You are
behind the strong backing of 6.1 billion U.S. dollars
"Different       standards,     and     of    course     different,"
"usually injected into a drop of water, in trouble have the
Pacific." This insurance company slogan, it is easy for customers to create
a good impression on the company's brand and deep memory. This is the
power of advertising language. China's insurance market is headed for its
golden age. The nature of the insurance industry it is a high need for customer
participation in the industry, have cultural connotation of the slogan to highlight the
insurance company's positioning in the industry and style to enhance the
insurance company's corporate image and brand awareness, in insurance
companies and customers erected a difference between a bridge. Throughout the
foreign insurance company advertisement, foreign cultural differences to become the
style of Chinese and foreign insurance, advertising language causes different nature.
Realism and Impressionism: Chinese and foreign insurance companies advertising
language of two landscape
China Life, China's first national prefix number insurance companies, its
advertising slogan "knowing each other for years, should be entrusted
to" a long time has gone deep inside the general citizens, China Life
sentence deceptively simple slogan was given multiple factors, cultural and thinking
of blending in with the emotional and rational, using the unique freehand style of
Chinese practical shape out of China's insurance carrier's
corporate image.
China Life, the use of subtle advertising language, the language is rich in culture
express the company's core demands of the point, both the company and its
customers include many years together in good faith to foster interaction of deep
feelings, but also show the confidence of customers as well as China Life Insurance
worthy of the strengths of client dependency. "Great friends for many
years," shows that China Life's exchanges and cooperation with
its customers with years of history, is as old friends, sharing the same customer;
"worth entrusted" that China Life owned by the insurance
industry's strength can be given to the customer load trust. By the ad words,
China Life has successfully shaped a better brand image, strengthen customer trust in
China Life, in 2005, a life insurance for 20 cities in China brand survey: China Life to
mature and stable image become a favorite of consumers, the brand health index
ranking. Today, China Life to "become its own good, for adults up to
himself" as the core of enterprise culture idea of "honesty, the
sound operation" as the enterprise business purposes, will cause businesses
to play a leading, world-class large-scale modern financial Insurance Group and strive
to open up.
By the world's top 500 British Standard Life and TEDA Investment
Holding Company, founded in Heng Standard Life's two advertising slogan
- "different standards, and certainly different" and
"life broader than survival," also reflects the company to pursue
philosophy, but also contains the truth of human life, philosophy, after reading the
benefit of consumers memorable, not only to remember the advertising slogan, but
also on the use of the advertising language of business interest.
Ping An Insurance advertising slogan - "Let every family has
peace," Chinese culture is full of humane care, use of two-way off in the
warm emotional appeal for the promotion of the company's brand,
consumers feel the insurance company attention, after all a good slogan.
Compared to freehand Chinese culture, foreign insurance companies focus more on
the cultural use of realism to package advertising language. Western insurance
company slogan - "Every insurance holder Please note: You are 6.1 billion
U.S. dollars behind the strong backing", the advertising slogan used the
exact number of 6.1 billion U.S. dollars to prove powerful Western Insurance , to give
consumers reliable protection can deserve the trust of our customers. Equitable life
insurance advertising slogan - "when your head with white hair, we have
every year you put money into the pockets of" mainly the leading brand of
fair Life is old-age insurance, customers are no longer young time each year to
receive insurance premium. Advertisements appeal points clear and full of tenderness
to consumers, making consumers feel reading care; plan insurance, advertising slogan
- "You will not be a debt issue", referring to the planned major
insurance companies to resolve customer's debt is problem.
Foreign insurance advertising language is linear, and more emphasis on straight
cutting themes, each insurance company's largest product and service
characteristics, advantages of advertising through a short phrase presented to the
consumer, emphasizing realism; domestic good at using the language of insurance
advertising language implied the company's products and services, thereby
highlighting freehand. In fact, regardless of insurance, advertising focuses on realistic
or impressionistic language, as long as the clearly expressed purpose of the
company's theme and services, contribute to brand building and
promotional image advertising is the success of the insurance language.
Using rhetoric to give the advertising language rich "cultural
Currently, with figures of speech ad language is gradually becoming the insurance
Advertisements in fashion trends, pun, metaphor, antithesis, dual, top-chen, Rhetoric
in the insurance advertising language in an appropriate and effective use, enabling the
insurance advertising language more specific and vivid in branding and promotion of
corporate image play the role of icing on the cake.
Pacific Insurance advertising slogan - "usually injected into a drop of water,
in trouble have the Pacific." Phrase slogan used the analogy with the
double pun of rhetorical devices and images to indicate the time of the accident
policyholders insured with the benefit of the relationship, usually make a small
investment in the future will be a huge return, "Pacific" both
promote the business brand, has become a huge return on insurance proceeds
metaphor, reveals the main function of insurance. Rhetoric metaphor to bring
consumers the specific image of imagination and make the insurance more vivid
language advertising, and more corporate image to show the image and advantages to
the consumer more likely to move inside.
Ping An Insurance advertising slogan "Ping, Ping An of China",
both use a pair of off the top then use the real figures of speech. Top really use is a
major     feature   of     advertising language,       end    to    end     phase    of
"Peace" echo each other, to consumers consistent, tight feeling;
pun also more clever use of the former a "safe" as the term
refers to China Ping An Insurance Company; after a "safe" as a
verb, on the one hand refers to the blessing of China, the other aspect is that
China's Ping An insurance company can bring peace, phrase slogan just
eight words, it contains a wide range of meaning, meaningful, more successful.
Another example, accident insurance advertising slogan "Life is journey,
accompanied by peace," the ad in the phrase "peace
accompanied by" on the one hand is the life long journey, accompanied
with Ping An Insurance is about to have protected life; the other hand, reflects the
peace wish the journey of life insurance, the customer will always live in peace. This
use of the rhetorical pun Insurance advertisement, both the name of the enterprise
slogan cleverly embedded in, but also to demonstrate enterprise products, services,
advantages in the corporate propaganda played a multiplier effect.
Foreign language in the insurance ads have used the phenomenon of rhetoric, such as
the North American insurance company slogan - "Always watching over
you have everything", the use of anthropomorphic figures of speech, the
insurance companies than for protecting all customers who have made consumers feel
warm, friendly and trust, anthropomorphic approach makes the relationship between
insurance companies and consumers a more intimate, good to be loved by the
consumers; sun insurance advertising slogan - "all need the sun"
Advertisements in the "sunshine" to use a pun, is that everyone
needs in life to live in the sun, it means that everyone needs to buy
"Sunshine insurance."
Foreign insurance industry "in the advertising slogan"
Tai Kang Life latest advertising slogan - "an insurance policy, a lifetime of
happiness," a pleasure to behold, apparently not withstand scrutiny,
Taikang Life's an insurance policy solely on how afford the customer a
lifetime of happiness? Customer carefully read the slogan may be, upon its nose, loss
of confidence in the insurance company. Another example is NCI advertising slogan -
"the happiness in life, Xinhua commitment," the ad words and
ad Taikang Life is exactly the same language, Xinhua Insurance How committed to
ensuring our customers happiness in life?
Pacific Life was once used in advertising slogan - "Pacific Insurance
guarantee peace," Does the insurance company name is Pacific Insurance
will guarantee customers a lifetime peace? Similar to the concept of this confusion,
sensational language of insurance advertising is still widespread, not only can not give
customers the confidence should be, but customers will resent, to our customers,
"arm's length." Another example TPL advertising
slogan - "Golden Age of China, universal peace," is obviously
an empty slogan, advertising language to be supported by no clear theme, and the
company name to the "peaceful reunification" embedded
advertising words and deliberately overstating , mechanically, how can
China's Golden Age of peace How can it be best to carry an insurance
company Pacific Life?
ING Insurance's advertising slogan - "Life, Aetna
better", despite speaking of features, but too dull, can not reflect the
concept of corporate culture, nor a clear aim of the company's services, this
slogan into markets will inevitably submerged in the vast wave of information and
can not impressed by the consumer.
Ping An Insurance has used an advertising slogan - "to buy insurance is to
buy peace", pun intended use of writing an advertisement, but the
customers response papers to the discomfort. On the one hand, insurance is the
customer to minimize damage and loss of points, not to buy insurance can be
guaranteed to be safe, buy insurance, there is no causal relationship is safe to buy this
deliberately overstating, slick advertising language, how can consumers win those
who trust in? On the other hand, the tone of the ad language is like insurance
companies to inform consumers with a tough tone, buy insurance, Ping An Insurance
to buy a certain product, give the consumer a certain psychological resistance, is not
conducive to promote sales .
Tian An Insurance advertising slogan - "Heaven and earth, the security for
your," the ad language is also used a double-edged approach, intent on the
one hand to Tian An Insurance "day" words and
"security" words were embedded in Advertisement , highlighted
the company's name; the other hand, pointed out that between heaven and
earth, peace is the most precious. However, the phrase also produced ambiguous
slogan that will bring customers a false impression that all safety and insurance,
transit insurance is the most expensive for customers to understand and produce a
momentary moment of hesitation, to the detriment of the brand promotion .
   ?Not only domestic and foreign insurance companies are also too straightforward
language of advertising, lack of cultural content, potentially reducing the
company's external image. Fahlman Fire Insurance Advertisements -
"Science for a dream come true, the insurance nightmare is not
so" fragile and powerless, and it needs to is not clear, not only does not
play a fundamental role in the insurance advertising language, but also helped to
reduce the company's overall image, instead of widening the insurance
company and the distance between the client can not cause consumers Fahlman fire
insurance interests.
Fa Sheng 之后 accident insurance is to make amends, a safeguard, to the future and
compensation, does not mean the absolute sense of comfort and safety, Suiran
Baoxiangongsi Nenggou make up for the post but can not prevent the occurrence of
accidents. Many insurance companies create advertising to make up words when the
confusion after the concept of peace and happiness will be as long as customers
demand point positioning for the purchase of insurance, we can guarantee our
customers and happiness, this is clearly wrong.
(The author is a Beijing Technology and Business University, Associate Professor of
Communication and Arts)

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