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Walker buildings in Chongqing, call him, he said, was visiting the Jiefangbei.
Network with a good car to go and deputy editor. I wonder the more boring the three
big men. Walker Yu will laugh, men's dividend, to fight, not like you girls,
for a cub to a raw, first all big. Seems reasonable. However, the transfer of a concept
like, Walker buildings when it becomes like the exploiting class has?
Health aunt to do at home. Home is very clean. Running around barefoot, just as Mom
said, as a person, do not go downstairs for a walk, run two back at home more than
enough. Looked up, the sky is the moon rise gradually, yolk color, Attempt to do me a
little wake up to working at night looks like. The front of the pond, from time to time
came lucid frogs.
Child beauty read Gone with the Wind written by some understanding of the Buddha,
although not very deep, but at least illustrate the baby's idea to begin with
meditation, even though the environment in which she and her temperament, want a
real meditation, is not a can be done in two years. Gutian Kek Lok Si Temple which
she said brought her young Master understanding of the water, the theory is proposed
by the Japanese, and did the experiment in book form. Ting sister yesterday turned in
an excellent fun online articles to me, to praise the power of Buddhism inside were
some in-depth discussions, which in turn is the son of the time, to a nice ring friends
to read to see if can some wake-up call?
Praise and every life the mood for love
Xiang-Chun Liu
    Amazing adventure with the plant
    Years ago, I was the virgin forest of California, met a girl Nenggen communication
tree. Her long hair flowing, Titaiqingying, looks just like a shuttle between the
wilderness and forest spirits. Her clear, innocent eyes, reveals a tremendous tranquil
and vitality. Her forest home every night to see her carrying a sleeping bag, back of
disappeared in the twilight years
    "At night it's nice to feel living in the forest!! The sky is my
tent, the earth is my bed. The whole Galaxy, as amended crystal ribbon, stars, moon in
sight, though readily removable. Accompanied by insects and animal sounds, sleeping
in the arms of the earth. night, geothermal, like a warm tide, slowly rising, even more
than sleep in the room warm. "She said hi Zai Zai.
    She is the first in my life, taught me how to communicate with the plant teachers.
"You have not been the experience of embracing a tree?" One
day, she casually asked. She grabbed my hand, flew to the jungle. They each chose a
wild pine, trunk thick is large, there can hide depression among the slits. I looked up
and saw leaves spiral symmetry, the grace graceful and very beautiful.
    She asked me to back gap of the tree, the whole people to feel relaxed. I do not
know what to feel? She explained: "The human body is an energy field
around such as the flame will be issued as a kind of energy. Forests, especially the
millennium-old trees is an energy field, it brings together the human good, huge
energy, it is a kind of vitality can be recovered everything. Indians long ago that, by
embracing a tree, you can interact with the energy field of trees. "
   Then the wind forest, pine scent from time to time to issue. My eyes closed and
silently leaning pine arms, breathing in the Hunzhuo rosin, the air was filled with a
pure joy. Blind date with pine breath, skin contact with the moment, I forgot myself,
forgot where everything seems still. Effortless, endless energy pine to send to me.
Amazingly, it was actually a kind of can not tell, as if being unconditionally accepted,
a feeling of being loved.
   And plant say whispering
   Years later, when I read "the secret life of plants" (the secret
life of plants) of a book, learned that the plant connected with the people consonance
with changes in the ability to measure human feelings. The book describes, a scientist
called white Kerst, he found six people, one of whom will have two plants in an attack.
Six blindfolded ballot exercise of one pot of plants which should be uprooted and
trampled kill. The only witnesses, is another tree plant. White Kerst will this plant is
connected to the polygraph so that the six through 11 from the plant before. The
results, when the murderer of a close, record tables on a violent ups and downs, but
five others after no response.
   Plants and people can not only give each other energy, but also to ogle. It is about a
scientist called Fogel, using psychology master Young (carl jung) can say the mental
(psychic energy), to start experiments on plants. He took off from an elm tree three
leaves a day before breakfast, only one of the two with their eyes ceremony, heart
fervently implore them to live, but another piece of tumble.
   Less than a week, ignored or of which leaves withered dry, the other two but still
bright green. He found that plants betting on emotion, as if "and when
lovers or friends meet the emotional exchanges, they fall in love triggers a surge of
   People really fall in love with this plant produces, eyebrows of love experience?
Another taught me to communicate with plants, and plant deep intersection Bob (bob
cannard) farmer, with his life experience to answer my question.
   His childhood, is accompanied by almost all the time growing up rural woodlands.
His share of affection and familiarity of nature, you can listen to birds and animals
from insects he identified, and the habits of various animals and plants about to see.
"Get along with people, even more difficult than with many
plants!!" He often puzzled to say.
   Teenage summer and winter, whether he will spend time each day, sincere with his
retirement, his heart from time to time the plants, even weeds feel good. He believes
that inner longing for the supply of plant nutrients, the farmer is another way.
Transmit the faith of love and attention by the plant will grow particularly well, may
even produce some kind of force, to strengthen the body. He said the sweet
satisfaction, return plants to the best gift of human affection, it would willing to
dedicate your whole life.
   Praise to change the message water
   Praise for the use of mind reading ability, in addition to dialogue with the plant, the
water can change the information. A Japanese doctor, called Masaru Emoto, the water
frozen to minus five degrees, re-use microscope to observe the crystalline state. He
was surprised to find that the crystallization from a drop of water in just able to
glimpse the transaction and mystery of the universe. Water molecules not only true
source of daylight response to its cloud shadow, the water will even listen to music,
receive praise, and blooming in the show as dazzling crystal snowflakes.
   "Water Information" (messages from water) this book is a
river of water of crystallization of the winning record of changes in childhood. He
found that if the information changes in the water, the crystallization of water will be
an immediate response, but not all of the water, frozen, can form beautiful crystals.
Only non-contaminated water or clean with good information on water molecules,
will form a hexagonal crystal such as snowflakes.
   He cited many examples, such as pure spring water better than tap water on the
crystal; water pollution situation in cities is also a result of the reaction varied. New
York's water crystal on the London and Paris, to pretty much, because New
York's water is purified using ozone instead of chlorine. Crystallization
from water, you can also see a polluted city, the water purification process in the
rehabilitation of the bitterness and joy. For example, the Japanese Hanshin-Awaji
earthquake in the beginning and end of the water, from dirty black, transformed for
the pure hexagonal gold. Masaru Emoto that water molecules, seems to sense the
collective consciousness of mankind, because there was piles of rubble, not yet rebuilt,
the water environment is still poor has not changed, water Jie Jing Zhi Suoyi change
is coming to the world Jieshou message of love .
   British poet Blake's "flowers in the world, one grain of sand
paradise" in the drop of water of crystallization, there was also able to pry
into the universe as the world wonders. Chamomile or fennel flowers to be placed in
the water, the crystallization of water, almost the same response and the original color
of flowers and petals. Stones were collected from mineral water, sparkling crystal, and
attractive. More wonderment that water 』          『 listen to music will also be a
manifestation of different Ruchirukuang 』 mind. In heavy metal music 』 blow,     『
the water is not only unable to crystallization of the confusion actually formed as
spiral-like radiance of the water droplets. Water particular preference ballads, sacred
music and classical music. Chopin's parting song, actually moved down to
the water, such as diamond-like strings of beautiful tears. Water not only understand
music, but also to accept oral and written labels praise. Through prayer or holy water
blessed the information, crystal sacred. Also posted a "thank
you" tag, use different language, would be entirely different crystal, which
seems to reveal the various ethnic groups in gratitude, the mood of the difference.
Water on command statements such as "do it!" Or tone of
encouragement such as "We are together!!" Have an extreme
reaction, the water on command statement is very offensive. Water on the
"beautiful" or "ugly" words, but also taste
quite 『』. With water on a little girl smiling photograph, there was also a beautiful
crystal lavender presented. We should be in their own taps, teapot, tea cup, water
heaters are labeled "healthy, happy, happy, beautiful" good
information? Every day we drink water, they can force water into the concept of love.
The human body for more than 70%, is water a day, hovering in the mind, cast out
every thought of our own influence, is simply incalculable. Masaru Emoto was last
asked in different locations of the 500 living people, in the same day the same time, to
a certain polluted water, use your mind and strength for the water into the
"love message", the results confirm that water from Wuhei 1,
purified good for the glamorous crystal.
   Love the company of hope
   In Europe and the United States, such as meditation, spiritual therapy, meditation
and prayer, etc., popular. Powers of the mind to affect cell operation, has also become
Psychoneuroimmunology an important issue. Through meditation or prayer, to
eliminate the pressure deep inside, not only can produce static loose with normal
blood pressure response to heart rate, but also the individual soul can get peace and
   Used to study power and emotional force composed of the language, and through
physical contact, to express love of information, the hospital patients, increasing the
chance of cure. The power of love can not only treat the trauma, exposure to care of
patients receiving drug treatment than patients who desire to live more.
   Care patients, if first in his heart feel good, smiling, staring each other, kind of
shook his hand, even if it is not a word of quiet companionship, is also very useful.
"Listen to my call," the poet BAK history written for the dying
patient. This poem in Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, widely loved by the care of
volunteers, the contents of the emotional response to the surging heart patients:
   Although they said that I have not heard,
   Please remain for me to sing folk songs and lullabies that sound familiar,
   I would like the baby in the womb, listening to her mother's singing.
   They said I have no perception, you still face attached to my forehead,
   Hand touched my cheek, I will feel your stroking,
   Like feeling the wind gently blowing out the window.
   When they say that I have absolutely no save, use a ribbon to me my hair
   I would like a table of shells, a clear rhythm of the sea.
   When they ask you to give me, please stay with me still,
   Deep down, I secretly Yin Qi.
   Praise the power of Dead Poets Society
   "Love and Survival" (love and survival) of the author, Austin
Hybrid Dr. Xu also stressed that not only patients who need care. Everyone deep
down, there will always be accepted, affirmed the desire, which includes language and
non-verbal encouragement.
   Wuchang Primary Class Min 13 years selected teachers who love teaching very
loving, but this year this group of classmates like to complain, interfere with teaching.
She later had an idea, why not use the power of praise, to divert the attention of
children to fight the negative? She designed a praise card, ask each student to
seriously explore the advantages of other students and write in cards, free every week,
we turn to power, accept the public praise the whole class. Which a student received a
card like: "to run fast and smart Lin Bocheng, many of you know, like an
encyclopedia, you will certainly be president." Atmosphere of praise so
open to infection , the class Heart blend, each child is very hard to enhance their own,
so they have more space should be appreciated.
   Lin Lanfeng another teacher to teach art, teaching at the perfection countries. She is
also using the power of praise, to influence a child to give up learning. Poor academic
performance, she said the child, not the child's own errors, different for
each child talent, expertise vary, as long as the discovery of their strengths, sincere
praise, use of empathy postures. She often invited individual students, drink coffee
with fruit snack. How could a child at first did not believe teachers interested in them,
but later were moved to pledge allegiance to her faith. One student even told her:
"Teacher! Please you live longer, so after I have the means, again repay
   "Life Education Act" of this book Kanuma Jing Yang, give a
striking instance. A teacher use of library page self-hinting, to teach a group of
mentally challenged children. He used colored lines connecting 20 beads, each made a
string, and to have children before bed, read the following sentence 20 times, each
contributing a bead once read: "I am the Son of God, bright children, hands
and brain, with dear boy, is always smiling boy. thanks Mom and Dad!! "
   Another teacher, for the first time teaching, excessive tension, and often wrong in
front of students, unable to continue teaching. After guiding his night to 20 minutes,
calmly sitting and watching like every student, and enthusiastic and said to them:
"I love you, and you like the teacher. Is because we are of one mind, which
kinds of feelings of mutual love, would create a joyful atmosphere. My teaching is
very successful. everything is going smoothly, thanks! thanks! "every
morning, he so reflect, and a week later, will be able to resume teaching, and with
student mix. First of all, to praise their children to develop their strengths, the authors
recommend a quiet close your eyes each selected family's members,
usually a good hope to change people, or more difficult to get along with their own
people, let this person in the eyes of the emerging , view to the two most gentle,
happy demeanor with each other on the ride. And issued a favorable impression on his
mind, constantly repeated in his heart to say: "I love you, you like
me." Then she adds: "I clearly see your strengths and
advantages of the. Thanks! Thanks ! "around ready to praise a diary,
starting a note of every one come to mind, praise him, praise statements. If he was 10
a day to find out the advantages and recorded, sincere praise every day, miracles will
automatically appear incredible.
   How to Praise of life, and every life We share writing a love song.
   In the past, suffered emotional harm, had a good long time, has become customary
to suppress their emotions, lives only a color palette. No color, sounds, sensations, the
people seem to enter a black and white silent film, the naive to think that not feeling
on what has not, so it's well safety performance. Know that every day as
good as dead as the indifferent, meaningless life, unable to open the source of
   The original dam to resist the emotions, fear it is out of control due to flood, I used
up almost all the energy of life, to maintain a calm a false impression. If a budding
rose, their way to reveal the fragrance of life, but fear of the sun wind and choose to
refuse to open, how much to pay the price rose, to block the opening of its life? I
know that Pandora's box, once opened, the storm of life may be up again, I
must have the courage to face the unknown unpredictable, weird smells of life. But
my life really be so asleep, and like a ghost of a camel live? The joy of life lost, this
mechanical alive, what is the point? Original so-called "big death will be
great live," blocked feelings, thus blocking the energy of life. I decided to
open Pandora's box, like the newborn as I re-learn to cry learn to laugh, to
show the natural emotion. The original so alive, it was great
   Emotional thaw, I began to enter into the spiritual dimensions of recovery. 『』 And
Plant amazing adventure that took place at that time. Bob the farmer taught me
life's most important lesson? □? □ how things feel good, I like to learn
the plant to do soul communication. I remember the first time into the virgin forest
was the experience of embracing pine trees, the smell of rosin, listening to the wind
through pine forests and Juanniao homing song and watch the sunset, a sad feeling in
the heart Yan intersection tide. I found all of the senses felt by the body are recovered,
there is a really touched home.
   Intimacy in perfect harmony with the pine trees, as if a love experience, but close in,
nor take any enforcement and expectations the first time I easily understand what is
unconditional love 』 it is natural to me release an endless supply of great goodwill.
   With this good opinion, I returned to the Red, I give my gift of nature, treasure in
the heart of the drawer, regardless of line, living, sitting, lying quietly put it all out,
careful to Experience. Over time, unconsciously, will be open to such a good
impression bulk, dedicated to everyone around me. When people are this type of
goodwill 』infection, will not help the open arms in the air was filled with both warm
and exciting atmosphere. I find myself slowly losing the ability fears,
heart's birth triggered a flood of constantly grateful heart. Nature and those
around me, especially the so-called 『』 strangers, the love of betting on my feelings
on the rise. The original owner of the largest life, is my spiritual closeness to people
across the surface of the barrier, and direct access to each of the deepest life.
   In the deepest, I found the source of religion is the power of love 』 make our
spiritual unity with the Holy resonance and heart to heart energy connected. Therefore,
"the Buddha would have thought I did not expect is the Buddha in the read
me," the fear of saints from the past, adding the call to the father call your
mother today, I am high above the temples where the Buddha, please go to my heart
support, I became their most precious children, my mind drawer, and there add a
generous gift from the father and mother.
   I found a good impression 』 life source In fact, many, small animals, true
companionship, love and care of their loved ones to strangers lend our unconditional
love and so on. We can load it one by one mind in favor of the drawer.
   Suffered emotional harm of the people, often do not know how to feel good about
themselves. Ignored for so long ignored their own people, even inside a drawer
accumulated goodwill shall, out dedicated themselves to accompany their friends like
to accompany lovers like. In particular, we can give a good impression even find it too
long we have ignored the organs harmed. Pumping a little time every day, quietly
posted on the pain of the hands, organs, smiling inside constantly release their favor.
Silence to pay for these organs, but not the owner of the popular long-term, really
   Then wake up with really praise cells, each cell of a smile, feel good to them. The
energy of love will be gradually filled with the overflow, we face often appears a
smile, our cells also followed a smile, we can not help the goodwill will dissipate into
the atmosphere inside out, or even expand to non-living matter, such as tables, chairs,
bowls chopsticks, dishes, etc., we started with and they resonate. Zen Master in
"peaceful pace" (peace is every step), there are some wonderful
descriptions, he taught us how to wash dishes at the time, set up water, hands and
dishes Trinity, you have my dish, I have your water intimacy. Although we have to do
the same chores every day, but the mood changed, the same thing has brought us
unexpected feelings.
   Light years into the glass, my mind filled with the gift of living beings. If
everyone's life, are eager to pursue the experience of unconditional love,
then from the heart of every life, praise, make the most of life we enter the depths of
each other. I began to strangers 』 definition, has a new view. As Fogel has done
experiments on the same plant, the original bet on the goodwill of strangers, to
eliminate barriers between the two men may also like "lovers or friends
meet and exchange feelings when the two fall in love," became good
friends feeling especially friendly It is a willing, would like to share with each life a
beautiful experience. I am in the dictionary, find similar words, barely used for
making love to come to describe, but it is not restricted to children affair.
   Praise with every life we compose of writing a love song. World, no longer has any
more attractive than the power of praise, because no one will have the heart to refuse
or resist, the most sincere heart from another call.

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