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1, general scholarships
   This scholarship is a reward schools for non-directional, self-class graduate
students, incentive payments monthly, 300 yuan per month postgraduate, doctoral
students 400 yuan per month.

2, Outstanding Graduate Scholarship
   The scholarship award at school for non-directed, self-class and deserving graduate
students, this scholarship is divided into A, B, C and third class. A-level scholarships
1,500 yuan, 1,000 yuan scholarship B, C class scholarships to 700 yuan, respectively,
Shen Ping qualified graduate students occupy 4%, 7%, 9%.

Third, a special scholarship
  Special Scholarship from the donor community, in my school setting up for awards,
funding scholarships for students in high academic achievers, including Memorial
Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, business scholarships, individual scholarships and
other scholarships.

Baosteel Excellent Student Scholarship. Baosteel set up by the Education Foundation.
Since 1994, the school undergraduates, graduate students selected, 15 people each
year, 3,000 per award.

Huawei Scholarship. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. established by the donor. Since
1997, the School of Computer Science, Electronics and Information Engineering,
Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Science and Technology undergraduates,
graduate students in the selection, the total amount of 75,000 yuan per year award.

Blue Moon Scholarship. From Guangzhou Blue Moon Limited donor set. Since 1998,
the school of Law, College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, School of Life
Sciences and other undergraduates, graduate students in the selection, the total annual
amount of 100,000 yuan reward.

Aetna innovative scholarship. Aetna donations from Guangzhou Chemical Co., Ltd.
established. Since 1997, innovative achievements in the school's graduate
students in the selection, the total amount of 45,000 yuan per year award.

Dong economic science scholarship. Dong economic science from the Development
Fund, donors established since 1997 in the school of Economics and Management
undergraduate, graduate students in the selection, the total annual amount of 100,000
yuan reward.

Professor Han Depei Law Education Foundation Scholarship. Professor Han Depei
this scholarship is the name of the school set up. Established in 2001 with Professor
Han Depei Legal Education Fund, the annual expenditure of some funds from the
Fund for the recognition of outstanding achievements in scientific research of Law
Undergraduate and graduate students in the reading of law. Undergraduate prize
amount of 1,500 yuan per person, the amount of graduate student prize of 2,000 yuan
per person.

Hu Qiuyuan - King child, such as scholarships. By the University Alumni
Hu's daughter and her husband donated 400,000 yuan to set up fund, the
fund value-added part of the annual award as the amount. The scholarship in
philosophy from the University in 2001, history graduate student in the selection.

Wang Zhuo creative talent scholarships. King of CHO by the University initiated and
co-donor with the students in December 1998 Zhuo Wang set up reward fund
innovative talents. Principal of 600,000 yuan, the annual interest and the Fund
sponsored a total of 10 million per unit for the award of Remote Sensing Information
Engineering, Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology, Resources and
Environmental Science students.

Chinese Academy of Science Scholarship. Established by the Chinese Academy of
Sciences. Since 1999, students in the school selection, the total amount of 35,000
yuan per year award.

Guan scholarships. Mr. Xu Fuguan by the son of Mr. Xu Wujun established in 1995 in
the school "guan Wuhan University Scholarship", 10 thousand
yuan per year scholarships, awards of Philosophy and deserving undergraduate,

Chen Mao in scholarships. Mr. Chen Maozhong by the alumni in 1993, donated
400,000 yuan to establish. 28,000 yuan per year for the award of Technology, School
of Civil Engineering students of good character.

Graduate Chemistry Scholarship dual registration. JIANGSU LONGLIQI source by
the dual-registration group in 2001, donated in my school was established to
encourage our school Chemistry and Molecular Science, Graduate energetic, creative,
and strengthen cooperation. Incentive award of 30,000 yuan per year scholarship to
award eight outstanding graduate students.

Jia Wei scholarships. Alumni by the University, Shenzhen Jiawei Industries Co., Ltd.
General Manager Mr. Ding Kongxian proposed in 2004, donated 100,000 yuan as my
school of Physics and Technology Graduate School of Special Scholarship Fund
awards two outstanding graduate students per year, per 4,000 bonus element.

Long chemical light Graduate Scholarship. Light Power Co., Ltd. from Wuhan long
established donor. The scholarship in 1999 at my school of Chemistry and Molecular
Sciences, selected graduate students to promote graduate and exert ourselves to be
creative. Incentive award of 60,000 yuan of this scholarship, given annually to
recognize four outstanding graduate students.

The scholarship can be electric. By the Fujian Electric Co., Ltd. in 2005, can I donate
school of Electrical Engineering was established to encourage our school of electrical
engineering students study hard, be creative and dedicated to electric utilities. 30,000
yuan per year for this scholarship incentive, reward 14 outstanding undergraduate,

NARI-RELAYS scholarships. By Nanjing NARI-RELAYS Electric Co., Ltd. in 2005,
School of Electrical Engineering in my set up. Incentive for each 42,000 yuan of this
scholarship to encourage students to 16.