Naturopathic Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis — Some Natural and Holistic Treatment for BV

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					Naturopathic Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis —
Some Natural and Holistic Treatment for BV

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a mild infection of the vagina,
which is caused by a distortion in balance between good
and bad bacteria - with bad bacteria overrunning the
good ones, thus, resulting to the infection. Signs and
symptoms of the infection include burning pain in
urination, itching, mild swelling, a strong fishy odor and
whitish or grayish discharge.

This infection should not be ignored because oftentimes
it won’t go away on its own. If left untreated, it may
spread to the upper reproductive tract and cause pelvic
inflammatory disease, increasing your risk to HIV and

For this reason, medical consultation is required to get
the necessary treatment and get rid of the infection.
Drugs commonly prescribed to eliminate the infection
include metronidazole, clindamycin and tinidazole.

This conventional treatment can be taken in conjunction
with Naturopathy. Naturopathic Treatment generally
bases its principle in meeting certain healthy conditions
like that of fresh air, pure water, emotional balance,
exercise, sunshine, proper nutrition and adequate rest—
in short, your lifestyle and environment. The medicines
naturopaths make use naturally occur in the
environment and in the body.

Naturopathic Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis would
recommend that you abstain from sex to facilitate
healing of the infection and allow the normal flora of the
vagina to grow back. So promiscuity would have to go—
at least for a time being.

Your diet would also be reviewed and will be presented
with healthier foods rich in vitamins (especially vitamin
C), minerals and bacteria. Fruits, especially citrus would
have to be avoided (weird right? Fruits are high in
vitamins) because these acidic fruits, once digested, turn
into alkaline ash. This may further aggravate the
imbalance of the vagina’s pH hence, preventing healing.
Yogurt, brown rice and oat bran are foods that help
increase the good bacteria, making them essential in
returning the body into a state of homeostasis. Iron and
sugar would also have to be eliminated. This is due to the
belief that bacteria feed on these to grow.

Tea tree oil, calendula and goldenseal are also
recommended for their healing properties. These are
applied as vaginal suppositories. Colloidal silver is also
prescribed for its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory

Naturopathic Treatment for this infection does not
greatly differ from other diseases. The approach of
Naturopathy is greatly holistic and not just targeting
certain parts. This form of alternative treatment believes
in health as a whole. That is why it puts great focus on
the improvement of the overall immune system by
reshaping one’s lifestyle and altering the environment. It
believes that by improving the immunity of one person,
this gives him a counter-measure far greater than any
treatment would ever give.

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