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1, Q: Chinese students to learn with a teaching orientation classes are who are who go
to school?
A: Company president and general manager, senior management, who love the
traditional culture of the people of insight. Mostly from Shenzhen and surrounding
Their main demand is to learn - a very successful career, the material is very rich, but
the successful pursuit of higher spiritual, sustenance, in the family, health, children
education, there is the smart space.
2, Q: China Communication Workshop to learn the teaching objectives?
A: Yin and Yang, map book with the body, the Health and restraint of time and space
orientation, gossip Jiu Gong, "Book of Changes" for its deep,
mysterious, so many of those who learn easily, retreat deterred.
Getting Started is easy to learn, we learned it is difficult, the number of applications
Nan Shangnan surgery. This course helps you overcome the "I
Ching" and obscure, easily used method to master the Book of Changes, an
important reference for decision-making for life.
3, Q: Chinese classes to pass along to learn how the arrangement of teaching time?
A: academic year, 9 months, teaching arrangements (arrangements for a monthly
weekend classes 2 days), 3 months, arrangements or salon visit the Holy Land
exchanges. Specific opening date, please telephone consultation.
4, Q: China Communication Workshop to learn is how the charges?
A: application fee 200, tuition and fees for 24,800 yuan / person (fee includes training,
handouts, refreshments, room expenses, not including accommodation, transport
5, Q: Chinese Yi Chuan Workshop What are the characteristics of teaching?
1) The Teacher teach - learn "that" teachers teach the system
easy to management, operation, and several decades of research experience easier.
2) Three-dimensional teaching - Classroom teaching, case comment, FAQ
combination of moral principles and a thorough study astrology.
3) continuous learning - a complete teaching system, phased individualized, free
refresher training, providing a platform for continuous learning.
4) The value of return - to become members of I Ching wisdom of Sharon, and
students exchanges, experts can learn to enjoy the full range of services.
6, Q: China Communication Workshop to learn something practical you learn?
1) The philosophical practice the true meaning of life to help sentiment
Taste, "Book of Changes" s in its mystical form contains the
dialectical way of thinking and concepts. Participation, "Book of
Changes" to realized the speculative philosopher, historian can realized the
history, politicians can be realized the Peace and Prosperity, a strategist can be
realized the art of war, entrepreneurs, business and management can be realized the
true meaning, ordinary people can realized the recipe of life in society as to achieve a
controlled, can act, Ming times, knowledge of hardship, the joy of life through
harmonic realm.
2) forecasting techniques to help master planning and business decisions in life
"Book of Changes," reveals the evolution of the Universe and
biological, the number of application methods to master technique, you can explore
things in the law of development, controlling the vagaries of life, provide an
important reference for the business decisions.
3) learning to know people and taking charge of people to help build relationships
with select partners
Using the Five Elements Theory and the Relationship between Health and restraint, in
human resource development, human relations, partner selection and other aspects,
will provide an important foundation for your protection.
4) get to the bottom to help create a harmonious Feng Shui Li-fa, office and home
Chinese Feng Shui to "I Ching" as the theoretical basis, accept
full development of human civilization moisturizing, natural sounds of nature with its
charm, after several years without failure. This use of feng shui wisdom to guide our
traditional culture while avoiding disadvantages, the selection auspicious and
harmonious home environment office and provide an important reference
7, Q: China to learn a teaching certificate program had made it?
  ?A: no. However, there is the biggest characteristic of this class - free refresher
training to learn to learn and apply technology-based learning.
8, Q: China is now easy to learn and learn and pass on a few classes?
  A: 2009 has opened the second half of a class of about 30 people. Comparison of
student satisfaction with teaching. March 2010 also opened the second class.
9, Q: I am a MBA class at Tsinghua University, China would like to enroll in classes
to learn a teaching, a price the discount?
  ?A: If the National Literature classes, or the old school women students, there are
1,000 yuan fee waiver information.
10, Q: I have low educational level, the Chinese academic classes to learn a teaching
what a unique place to ensure students learn?
   A: Some. Senate here specifically requested the assistant of a professional teacher,
he comes from Chinese family, to learn the experience of 10 years, with a hotline
dedicated to counseling students, including answering, solving learning problems.
   Also, after a month to complete a specialized course, Sharon will arrange a time to
learn, periodically consolidate the knowledge.
11, Q: Students can get information on where to learn?
   A: Some. Including handouts, reference books, learning materials, support software,
12, Q: class located? How school?
   A: Venue in Southern District, Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, Institute of Science
and Technology Park Training Centre. Two consecutive days once a month weekend
classes, organized twice a year to visit the Holy Land or the salon. Senate SMS
notification every class.
13, Q: If not how to do things to come? Can make up classes?
   A: can be added. The next class is free to listen to the same course.
    In addition, to participate in sand, looking for assistant answering, you can make
up part of the fall of the knowledge points.
14, Q: Academy Training Centre of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen, what kind of a
   A: Research Institute of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua University, Shenzhen,
the Shenzhen Municipal Government Board-level institutions are created, the training
center is an arm of the Institute, since 1997 engaged in training classes for the EMBA
program, real estate classes, capital president of business courses, degree courses and
other professional co-organized 30 courses, teaching points of radiation to Zhuhai,
Huizhou, Shanghai and Northeast China, including Harbin, Dalian and other places.
   ?The wisdom of this course is president of Chinese culture classes an extension
project to the interest of the students learn to provide a platform for exchange of
15, Q: How do I apply? Registration procedure?
   A: You need to register to submit personal information (application forms, school
papers, copy of ID card, copies of qualifications, education notarized (can be pre-term
delivery), proof of the small two inches on red color photo, application fee of 500
yuan) to the school, the school passed the qualification examination, (issued
admission notice) to process the payment of fees procedures.
16, Q: Chinese classes to learn what a teaching course?
   A: First unit: Henry article - Origin and Philosophy Book
    Part Two: numerology article - Four-character study
    The third element: the environment feng shui articles - Practical Feng Shui Classic
    Module IV: forecasting based on articles - satisfied a Divining, Meihuayishu and
    Unit Five: Advanced Forecasting papers - Qi Men Dun Jia
    Six: to visit the Holy Land articles (optional, own expense)
17, Q: Where can arrange to visit the Holy Land to go?
   A: Hee Wong hometown roots, Tianshui, Gansu, which means "Milky
Way injection," meaning, but also "Tianyi raw
water", which as Fu Xi was born in this land, it is revered as the birthplace
of Chinese civilization is the Chinese people Xungenwenzu the Holy Land. Fu Xi
created the Eight Diagrams, the "opening day of a painting,"
said. Tianshui trip, you can worship Fuxi Miao, draw diagrams Taiwan visit, visit
Maiji Mountain.
    Anyang You in visits, Emperor Wen JI Chang was kept in prison, will play for the
64 hexagrams Fuxi gossip. Anyang trip, you can easily play around Taiwan,
"King Wen Yi" monument, into the "Bagua
18, Q: When my colleague, school, friends, you can come to lectures?
   A: You can selectively choose courses for your colleagues and friends to school
audition, audition the longest time not more than one day in advance to register your
homeroom teacher, the school gave him the seating arrangements. However, the
course is the system, only heard one or two classes have little effect, schools can also
participate in regular forums, seminars, these students of the Tsinghua University is
free of charge.
19, Q: can only learn one of the 12 courses?
   A: Yes. But the single course fee to learn to be more expensive than the system. If
you are learning to the system, we will refund the difference to you.

20, Q: "I Ching is a superstitious thing, there is no scientific
A: Actually, do not go out to understand I believe, is superstition; If we engage in to
understand to believe, that is, to the letter.
In addition, according to our information available to prove the Book of Changes is a
scientific thing.
1) algorithm for computing the binary, consistent with the gossip.
2) the life of the double helix structure of DNA genes, consistent with I Ching
hexagram 64.
3) I Ching principles applied scientists found 10 planet solar system.
4) West Point to Qi Men Dun Jia for the military were in formations.
5) Newton, Einstein, old age keen to study the Book of Changes.
6), the founder of quantum mechanics, Niels Bohr, the gossip as a family clan
7) of the world's leading elite group of experts set up the Book of Changes.
8) Traditional Chinese Medicine, I Ching prediction was praised for the high-end
Western knowledge.
21, Q: I Ching is not on board something presentable and acceptable, and itinerant
warlock to lie.
A: In fact, many scientists, philosophers, educators, is very respected on the Book of
Changes, such as:
Hegel - "Book of Changes" contains the wisdom of the Chinese
people. The human mind created graphics and images to find out the truth of people
more than things, this is a noble cause. ... ... My biggest regret in life is not learned
through the "Book of Changes."
Jung - about the only human wisdom Collection, devaluation of Chinese
"Book of Changes." In the scientific front, we get the law is
often short-lived, or reversed by subsequent facts. Exception of "I
Ching" ancient ever new, six thousand years apart, still has value, but with
the latest atomic physics has a lot of places is tantamount.
Lee - Some views of Modern Physics, Chinese Tai Chi and Yin and Yang theory is
similar to the binary.
Fu Pei-jung - "Book of Changes" are in the ancient classics of
philosophy class, which is a complete system of philosophy. "Book of
Changes" again and again reveals the proper way of life is: cultivate virtue,
empowerment, and intellectually.
22, Q: "I Ching" in the history of Chinese culture status? What
is the significance of studying the Book of Changes? I would like to know.
A: "I Ching" is the source of Chinese culture, the foundation of
Oriental culture. "I Ching" is broad and profound, which shows
the variation of the universe, containing infinite wisdom, called "group
after the first," "Boulevard of the source." Learn easy
to know the meaning of advance and retreat, attack and defense research easy to know
the machine; participate in the management easy to understand right and wrong,
success or failure of the product easy to trace Kam.
23, Book of Changes common knowledge:
1) The following areas of the concept is the Book of Changes:
Gossip, five elements, nine palaces, 24 solar terms, attribution, 28 stars, 24 Hill
2) the history of the Book of Changes "Shing" Who?
Fu Xi, Emperor Wen, Confucius
3) I Ching how classified?
Henry and the number of patients
4) I Ching of the five patients is what?
?Life (numerology), ground (Feng Shui), medicine (TCM), accounting (forecast),
phase (fortuneteller)
5) What is the origin and the Book of Changes?
?Astronomical calendar, medicine, manufacturing

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