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					Fahrenheit live performances
[Edit this paragraph] 【】 live performances Fahrenheit
06 New Year's Eve in Taipei

Taichung New Year's Eve 07

07 New Year's Eve in Taipei

07 Hsinchu New Year's Eve

Dream Poly Fahrenheit

Love Fahrenheit on free concert

Guangzhou Fahrenheit Concert

TANK Fahrenheit Concert

9.29 Dream Poly Fahrenheit Concert

2007 Taipei New Year City (some performances)

2007.01.14 KIC Marathon Charity Concert (061 223 live version)

2007.01.28 Oriental Dragon TV stars Yao

2007.01.20 Xuebi Bang Awards

Perfect Mid-Autumn Night, Malaysia 2007.09.24

2007.12.01 SHE concert in Malaysia's Moving Castle

2008.9.26-9.28 Fahrenheit Fantasy Concert Hong Kong Station

No. 2008.9 dated 26,27 Fahrenheit Hong Kong Concert (separate)

2008.9 30 months, Fahrenheit + SHE Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Hohhot Concert

2008.10 11 months, Fahrenheit + SHE Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt concert in

2008.10 26th, Fahrenheit + SHE concert Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Fuzhou

2008.10 31 months, Fahrenheit + SHE concert Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Jinan
2008.11 month 2, Fahrenheit + SHE Shenzhen Concert Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt

2008.12 19, Fahrenheit Concert in Singapore

2008.12 31, Fahrenheit Beijing Concert

2009.1 14, Fahrenheit good music Di Autograph (He Long Sports Centre in Changsha
good music under the Ferris wheel Di KTV)

No. 2009.2 Fahrenheit 27,28 on the Hong Kong concert

2009.3 28 th, Fahrenheit concert in Malaysia

2009.4 11 months, Fahrenheit concert in Shanghai

2009.4 17 months, [Sprite] Chinese Super Reds Original Music Billboard Music
Concert Hall

2009.7 31 months, Jolin Tsai, Show Luo lead SHE, Fahrenheit at the end of the body
of Kai Chang

2009.10 23,24 month number, Fahrenheit Concert in Taiwan
[Edit this paragraph] 【】 radio stations in Fahrenheit
2007.01.21 Brunei, Taiwan, part one in Canton

2007.01.29 Respect & ELLA Singapore Radio

2007.01.25 yes 933fm radio in Singapore

2007.01.28 Broadcasting Corporation of Taiwan, Brunei, part two

2007.01.29 Fahrenheit YES933 visit Singapore

2007.05.24 "Hanakimi" propaganda radio interview in Malaysia

2008.03.08 "Romantic Princess" promotional radio interview in
Malaysia MYFM
[Edit this paragraph] 【Fahrenheit entertainment】
】 051 213 【Big Star Games Moderator: Kangkangjiabin: KO One crew NONO
Sherry King - 43 `00

Hundred percent】 051 228 【Entertainment Chair: Wong Siu Yau Luo guests: Jiro
Aaron Calvin Chen - 45 `05 (KO One fans will be)

Hundred percent】 051 229 【Entertainment Chair: Luo large S guests: Fahrenheit -
08 `06 (publicity KO One Original Soundtrack)

New Year's Eve】 051 231 【Taoyuan Chair: Huang Jia Qianjia bin:
Fahrenheit SHE Dong Shijia - 06 `18 (Fahrenheit performance parts)

Hundred percent】 060 201 【Entertainment Chair: Wong Siu Yau Luo guests:
Fahrenheit - 41 `47 (fourth day is a special program of three parties)

Hundred percent】 060 301 【Entertainment Chair: Luo guests: Wu Chun, Jiro Wang
Calvin Chen Angela Chang - 11 `07 (love the concert Full Record)

Hundred percent】 060 601 【Entertainment Chair: Luo Guests: Wu Zunlin Ariel
Simon Yam - 07 `25 (Tokyo Juliet publicity)

Hundred percent】 060 610 【Entertainment Chair: Luo Small S guests: Wu Zunlin
Ariel Simon Yam - 45 `20 (Tokyo Juliet Fan Club)

I guess I guess guess 【】 060 812 Chair: Jacky Wu Rainie Makiyo guests: Fahrenheit
SHE - 1 `30` 08 (DancingQueen)

Entertainment】 060 829 【completely Chair: Wang Renfu JR guests: Fahrenheit - 31
`37 (now popular Sha)

Entertainment News】 060830 【Chair: Xiao Xian guests: Fahrenheit - 23 `30
(Fahrenheit playing kiss)

I love black astringent【】060,831 over: black teeth of the guests: Fahrenheit - 42 `58
(true for unfeeling ? I)

I love black astringent【】060,901 over: black teeth of the guests: Fahrenheit - 45 `25
(true for unsympathetic ? Next)

Entertainment】 060 904 【completely Chair: Xu Mengzhe JR guests: Fahrenheit - 36
`04 (tacit big test)

Entertainment】 060 905 【completely Chair: Xu Mengzhe JR Guest: flywheel sea -
31 `44 (who is a liar)

Daily Dalian constitution】 060 905 【Chair: Jacky Wu Wong Siu Yau guests:
Fahrenheit - 38 `37
Entertainment @ Asia】 060 905 【Chair: Nan Quan Mama guests: Fahrenheit - 18

Entertainment】 060 906 【completely Chair: Xu Mengzhe JR guests: Fahrenheit - 18
`56 (the original can be played)

Hundred percent】 060 906 【Entertainment Chair: Luo guests: Chen Zhiqiang Tang
Zhi in Fahrenheit kid - 45 `48 (Basketball Club)

Hundred percent】 060 910 【Entertainment Chair: Luo Small S guests: Fahrenheit -
45 `13 (Fahrenheit fans with Club)

Entertainment News】 060 912 【Chair: Jiro Wang Wu Chun Aaron Yan Calvin Chen
- 23 `08

Interview】 060 915 【KURO Chair: Fahrenheit Interview - 08 `49

Monkey victory】 060 916 【Chair: Wu's guest: Fahrenheit love yarn
construction Zhangke Fan Ya - 18 `22 (GEPT)

Happy Camp】 070 616 Chair: HE Gui Xie Nadu Haitao guests: Fahrenheit - Only
Have Feelings For You (Fahrenheit part series) (location)

The story behind】 081 129 【Chair: Kyung Ho Guests: Wu Zun

Entertainment】 081 228 【completely over: Xumeng Zhe Wang Renfu guests:
Fahrenheit (with NOW News)

】 081 230 【's entertainment through the auspices of: juan natto guests:

Millions of small schools】 090 102 【Chair: Chang Hsiao-yen guests: Fahrenheit,
Cao Lan

【】 090 109 Kangxi to the chair: Small S Cai Yongkang guests: Fahrenheit (idols
have tragic life)

Chong Chong Chong】【genius over 090,110: City Buildings brother, sister and other
guests butterfly: Fahrenheit

】 090 112 【's entertainment through the auspices of: juan, natto guests:
Fahrenheit (runaway world, Fahrenheit)

Entertainment hundred percent 【】 090,117 fans over with the Club: Luo kid guests:

Hide and seek】 090 118 【scene Chair: Wu's guest: Fahrenheit

【No】 090 119 students of the chair: Selina natto A Ken guests: Fahrenheit

Ace star】 090 119 【Chair: Jacky Wu Patty guests: Fahrenheit

【's Entertainment fans through the auspices of the same Club】 090120:
juan natto guests: Fahrenheit

Chong Chong Chong】 【genius over 090,124: City Buildings brother sister and other
guests Butterfly: Fahrenheit

Wang】 090 125 【hundred percent entertainment Chair: Luo kid guests: Fahrenheit

】 090 126 【sportsman Great Chef Host: Unknown Guests: Fahrenheit

Year of the Ox Stars 【】 090 125 Diamond Spring Chair: Unknown Guests:

Entertainment】 090 129 【completely over: Xumeng Zhe Wang Renfu guests:
Fahrenheit (more in love with Spring Festival)

Asian】 090 214 【Entertainment Chair: Patty guests: Fahrenheit (more in love with

Date with Lu Yu】 090 217 【Chair: Luyu guests: Fahrenheit (next door has grown
into the early male)

CIRCUS paparazzi】 090 307 【over: LEO and other guests: Fahrenheit

Small living room】 【extravagant extravagant over 081,225: flywheel Haijia Bin:

Happy Camp】 090 307 Chair: Kyung-Ho Wu Xin Li Jia Haitao Xienuojiabin:
Fahrenheit (Calvin Chen said the first mate choice criteria, Wu Zun comedy concert
rock version of "two tigers"!)
[Edit this paragraph] 【Fahrenheit endorsements】
Ou Boshi lip balm

Bo Honey Guo Caizhi

heme-Man Simpel men's skin care products
Master Kang 3 +2 Biscuit


C.C lemon soda

Taishan grass jelly honey

Taishan iced drinks

Watsons Water

Cardan casual wear

07,08 oath Valentines Day love gold series

Cartier ballon bleu watch series

Publicity Hong Kong Disneyland

Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt

Mengniu Sour Yogurt Fruits and Vegetables

New Zealand kiwifruit

Canon IXUS series digital cameras

Hong Kong Disneyland spokesperson

2008 Taiwan Tourism Bureau endorsement

Hodges sent GATSBY2008 Japanese goods in China in the new endorsement

Wild edge sportswear endorsements

2009 Coca-Cola spokesperson

ALT 2009, Al Blue Point clothing endorsement

Taiwan's TVBS UNICEF spokesperson in 2009

And S.H.E endorsement Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt
[Edit this paragraph] 【Fahrenheit honors】
2006 Fahrenheit Honors:

TVB8 the best combination of Bronze

Metro Best Overseas rookie

Xuebi Bang 3:

My favorite popular Taiwan idol award

The best and sing the Song: Fahrenheit & Hebe "only have
feelings for you"

Taiwan Award for the best combination

29th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award

Most have more than a thousand new Merit Award: Fahrenheit

The Second Digital Music Billboard Awards (KKBOX)

Year 20 Singles: Fahrenheit & Hebe "only have feelings for

Annual Awards idol soundtrack: "Hanakimi" television
soundtrack (Fahrenheit + S, H.E + TANK)

2007 Fahrenheit Honors:

Hito 2007 Pop Music Awards: Annual Hito male groups

TVB8 Fame in the first quarter quarter choose the first 13 songs: Fahrenheit
"in love with you"

Fairchild Radio <2006 Canada to HIT song list> Mandarin classes of
new combination】 【national praise

Hong Kong Hit Radio Mandarin Awards Winners Hit Radio Mandarin Song Award
thermal explosion K: Fahrenheit & Hebe "only have feelings for

Hong Kong Hit Radio Mandarin Awards Winners Hit Radio Mandarin combination:
Twins, Fahrenheit
Singapore Hit Awards four awards:

Ten Golden Melody Awards: Fahrenheit "love to"

Courts MV Awards: Fahrenheit "love to"

And popular artistes: Fahrenheit

Most Popular Newcomer Award: Fahrenheit

2008 Fahrenheit Honors:

RoadShow Awards: Supreme Chinese portfolio

Hido's most popular group: Fahrenheit

Hido TV Soundtrack Award:              Fahrenheit   +    S,   H.E    +    TANK

1st love song list pro-Apple: Fahrenheit + S, HE "Thank you for your

Eighth Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Music Billboard: Leap Year Award

08 SINA Music Awards index popular music - my favorite combination of the country
(though in 2008, but in the 090,112 held in Hong Kong)

2009 Fahrenheit Honors:

Xuebi Bang Music Awards 2009 - Media Recommended Award in Taiwan

2009 Xuebi Bang Music Awards - Award for the Asia-Pacific region's most
outstanding combination

Xuebi Bang Music Awards 2009 - National Excellence Award voting DJ

Xuebi Bang Music Awards 2009 - Hong Kong and Taiwan Golden Melody Awards
"for you there"

TOP Ranking 2009 MusicRadio China - Hong Kong and Taiwan the most popular
combination of the year award

TOP Ranking 2009 MusicRadio China - Hong Kong and Taiwan popular combination
of Campus Awards

TOP Ranking 2009 MusicRadio China - Golden Melody Awards best "new


Fahrenheit baby We hope】 【public fund-raising show love

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