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					Excerpt: PPStream founder Zhang Hongyu story!
After listening to the sharing of PPStream president, went on-line search of the next
on the company's other two founders of the story! Two heads are better, to
better understand a person's share should also understand the story under
its partner! Are summarized as follows:
Introduction: In 2007, for PPStream founder Zhang Hongyu absolutely extraordinary
In the Red Herring "Top 100 Asia 2007 enterprise" named in,
PPS (PPStream) as the only one selected streaming video sites.
Red Herring is a global economy of the internationally renowned media companies in
innovation, venture capital and media reputation, described as investment by the
industry benchmark, is the United States a global science and technology
entrepreneurs, investors and industry observers weekly science and technology are.

Left: Zhang Hongyu (since two people with business, or to appear again together.)
    ?June 11, 2005, from Harbin, Zhang Hongyu He and partner Ray capacity to
achieve the most important goals in life - PPStream on the line, this is a network of
online TV software to watch TV.
Today, after two years in the field of network television, PPS has occupied an
important seat.
As the driving force can come and support today, he firmly believes that a good
partner essential.
Download PPS Network TV:
Good partner is golden
 ?"I am particularly worried about high school because my grades in the
class last first. At myself pondering a few way out, or write novels, or writing
programs. So Middle School the first semester I read the novel after the Cultural
Revolution over and over. The second semester started writing procedures, and results
in the end of this road will go now. "Zhang Hongyu lightly he described to
reporters the process into the IT loop.
If access to IT is a necessity, so he knew the amount was more accidental mine.
Zhang Hongyu is a famous programmer forum know the amount of mine, then mine
the amount is far in Chengdu. Words with Zhang Hongyu, a person is certainly very
difficult business to find the right business partners is crucial. Partners, mutual
support is very important, it is much more than other companies, more money is
In 2004, he and Ray did a volume of P2P technology based on the "World
Wide Web's search software", then they are ready to launch a
similar product when Thunder, bore a sudden Zhang Hongyu ill. Many produ cts
before and was forced to halt.
Fail, most want to see the eyes of friends encouraging. Zhang Hongyu would face
such a friend.
Ray volume of P2P live with his product idea to do, they have experienced many
failures, but they did not give up.
"Mutual trust between partners is very important when experiencing
frustration, partners to encourage more than anything else." Interviews, and
that he repeatedly talked about this sentence.
Zhang Hongyu was moved from Harbin, Chengdu, a size of less than 10 square
meters of single quarters, as the birthplace PPStream. After 3 months, PPStream
successfully developed and released the first station in the sky software.
By the end of 2005, is also unusual for Zhang Hongyu. PPStream receive millions of
dollars of venture capital; from Taiwan, Xu Weifeng also joined their ranks and so on.
However, Xu Weifeng has some basis in Shanghai, so they did not choose to go
northward, but the company open to Shanghai, PPStream into a formal business
operation. At this point, it started from Zhang Hongyu software business, has been
four years.
User experience is absolutely the first
   Four years, how long? For him, that measured with the failure of the product to the.
"In 2001 I started trying to do the software business, but until 2005 made
PPS, the middle to do a lot of things are failed. Or the overused word: Do not be
discouraged encountered setbacks." Zhang Hongyu tone flat.
PPS launched the same year, 2005 World Youth Soccer Championship, China VS
Germany, on the PPS is a major challenge, the first bearing 10 000 people while
online. Different with other successful plot, PPS did not withstand the test of collapse.
Together with the server crash, and also of the spirit. At this time, PPStream, just three
days on the line.
"We are very sad night, really. See a lot of user dissatisfaction in the forum
posts made, I felt very sad." But there are many users in the forum to give
them a message, to encourage them to start again, hope they can do better. So they
make every effort to re-enter the battle, in fact, their difficulties are far more difficult
than that.
Lei Zhang Hongyu and volume followed by 24 hours to transform the server does not
sleep a wink the night to modify some code. Their return is that since then, PPStream
made no experienced the same failures and errors.
"There are many similar difficulties, the process may not be the same, but
the results have proved that: the user experience is first, is much more important than
profit." Zhang Hongyu said.
"We have to position themselves to operators and solution
providers," he said.
Again and again, PPS in major events appear again. Along with them is the growth of
PPS. 2 years ago, their harvest is obvious. To the Shanghai Media, Sina, 21CN, CCTV,
Chinaren, Tom and other technology solutions to provide the video; assist the carrier
broadcast the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Shenzhou VI rocket launch, Super Girl,
Moon and other satellites launched and so on.
Big profit on the assumption that
The ultimate purpose of business is for the greater profit.
With the rapid development of Internet advertising, software, advertising has been
part of advertisers and agency approval, PPStream a lot more business opportunities
than before.
Currently, PPStream monthly turnover has more than one million yuan, is expected to
first half of 2008, monthly earnings can be achieved.
"In the software is loaded commercial software industry trends, the
software industry will also have a growing number of opportunities, which are
massive users of the software certainly be beneficial, but the share of small and
medium software rely on ads huge Shouru also very difficult. the interests of small
business before considering the software should first consider themselves bigger and
stronger, business opportunities will come naturally. "Clearly, the future
development of his company, already have a clear context.
Map advertising, is the most common form of video advertising.
PPStream starting from the end of 2005 stage shows in the video buffer mapping
advertisement, in the event of video advertising in early 2007. Every day, they are
concerned about the user when the long, frequency and other information, advertising
and did not give the user a direct effect, the user will gradually accept the free use of
the software, and accept the software advertising information.
However, advertising the product itself, Zhang Hongyu not very satisfied,
"the creativity and experience, still not keep up with demanding users,
users believed that there would be in the form of advertising like PPStream
Do not do "CCTV" to do TV
Related to the development of PPStream, they stressed that many key words, although
not all aspects are done well, but these keywords are Zhang Hongyu has been very,
very fond of is that he always wanted to do a good job.
Zhang Hongyu, said: "the homogenization of the current network TV is too
serious, we provide users with the content, user experience, community, information
services, one-stop service, users can not only simply PPStream TV, on-demand
movies, but also contacts relevant information to the Film and Television, to
understand Television news, star anecdotes, making new friends and so on.
A year ago, Zhang Hongyu not say the industry to do the best that climate, they are
still students. Now, he smiled and said: "I hope we can the video in its own
terms to do the best while helping to create more Qi Ye Zi Ji's video
services. Our ambition is not large, Bu Xiang Zuo Internet Shang's CCTV,
just want to make Internet TV. "
But everyone knows that TV can not CCTV, but CCTV must not leave the TV.
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