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					Vacancy - Chair of the Board
Tower Hamlets College, London

Would you like to make a contribution to our future?

Located in East London, directly opposite Canary Wharf, and with ambitious plans for out future,
this is an exciting time for our College. THC is a unique bridge between the wealth and
opportunity of Canary Wharf and the talent and vitality of the people of Tower Hamlets. Our
current Chair is leaving after supporting us for the last 12 successful years and we are now
looking for a new member who would also be willing to lead our Board, as Chair.

As a board member, with a role similar to that of a non-executive director, you would be
responsible for the overall strategic direction of the College; determinining its educational
character and ensuring its overall well-being and financial health.

If you have such experience and you would be interested in leading our Board, we would like to
hear from you! We are particularly interested in individuals with a business background, and with
financial or education experience.

A time commitment is involved – approximately 8 meetings a year; five main Board meetings, an
annual development event and membership of the finance and general purpose committee. It is a
very rewarding role that provides a unique opportunity to make a valuable contribution to
education in our community.

If you are interested in joining us and you would like an informal discussion or more information
please   contact   Jayne   Chaplin,    our   Clerk   to   the   Corporation   either   by   email   to or by telephone on 07904 105136.

Want to find out how interesting, challenging and rewarding working
with us can be?

We hope so.

Closing Date: 12.00pm, Friday 11 June 2010
May 2010

Dear Candidate

Thank you for requesting details of the role of Chair to the Board at Tower Hamlets College.

This is a unique opportunity for an experienced and proactive individual.

I will be leaving in July after supporting the College for 12 successful years. It has been an
immensely rewarding role that has provided a great opportunity to make a valuable contribution
to education in the local community.

This is an exciting time for the College with ambitious plans for its future. We are currently
preparing a new strategic plan and a new senior management team is beginning to shape a new
direction for the College, raising standards and responding to the policy and funding challenges
that are impacting on the further education sector.

You will find detailed information on the governance arrangements in this information pack; and
you may like to find out more about us from our inspection in May 2009 at
Further information is also available on our website –

We hope that the information provided will be sufficient to encourage your application but should
you need further details or wish to discuss the role more informally with me, please contact Jayne
Chaplin, our Clerk to the Corporation, in the first instance on 07904 105136.

With best wishes

Rupert Middleton
Chair of Corporation
Candidate Briefing

Chair of the Board, Tower Hamlets

May 2010

Role Description

Person Specification

Other Information

Application Details

Application Form

About us

Leadership & Governance

Title              Chair - Board of Tower Hamlets College Corporation

                   The Chair has a central role to perform in the promotion of the
Role Summary
                   effective governance of the Board. The role requires integrity,
                   objectivity and impartiality.

                   As Chair responsibilities would include:
Role Description

                        Ensuring the efficient conduct of business of meetings and that
                         the Board fulfils its key statutory and other governance
                        Acting as and ambassador and spokesperson on behalf of the
                        Ensuring that members work effectively as a corporate body.
                        Ensuring a supportive working relationship between governors
                         and managers through continuous dialogue with the Principal.
                        The appraisal of the principal and the clerk.

                   As Board Member responsibilities would include:

                        Play an appropriate part in ensuring that the necessary
                         business of the College is carried on efficiently, effectively, and
                         in a manner appropriate for the proper conduct of public
                        Make rational and constructive contributions to debate and to
                         make their knowledge and expertise available to the College as
                         opportunities arise.
                        Ensure that the College acts in accordance with its Instrument
                         and Articles of Government; and with the College‟s internal
                         rules and regulations.
                        Oversee     the     delivery   of   planned   results   by   monitoring
                         performance against objectives and targets.
                        Accept collective responsibility for the decisions reached by the

No.     Selection Criteria                                                Essential   Desirable

1       Experience of being chair of the Board for other                                 

2       Significant strategic/senior management experience                               
        in accountancy/finance or education.

3       An ability to understand a broad-based view of                       
        issues and events and perceive their long term
        strategic    impact       through   direct   experience      of
        working at a senior level.

4       Good inter-personal skills, including discretion and                 
        diplomacy,    to   form      and    maintain       sound   and
        appropriate working relationships with individual
        members of the Board, the College Management
        Team and external contacts

5       Excellent communication skills in order to deal                      
        effectively with      a    wide range of people            both
        internally   and   externally       including   the   Board‟s
        strategic contacts.

6       Enthusiasm in support of the Board‟s continuing                      
        drive for excellence and its strategic aims.

7       Availability for attendance at meetings and other                    
        College events, including evenings.

8       An understanding of the education sector and/or                      
        empathy with the role and function of further

7       An understanding of the legal                and    regulatory                   
        framework in further education.

Remuneration      This is a voluntary role and whilst not remunerated reasonable expenses
                  may be paid.

Location          Tower Hamlets, Poplar

Travel Required   No

Time Commitment   On-going dialogues with the Principal (approx 2-3 briefings/meetings per

                  Attendance at:

                      The main board meetings (5 per annum)
                      The finance & general purpose committees (approx. 4 meetings per
                      The Board‟s annual strategic development event
                      Key annual events in the College‟s academic calendar; and
                      Participation in other periodic, optional, development activities that
                       may be necessary to undertake the role.

How to apply      If you would like to apply, please let us know.       An application form and
                  further details can be obtained from our website by contacting Jayne
                  Chaplin, the Clerk to the Corporation, on 07904 105 136 or by email to

                  We very much encourage representation from ethnic minority backgrounds
                  and disabled people. Everyone has a valuable contribution to make and
                  our Board will become stronger, more dynamic and more effective as a

Completed         Completed applications should be sent to Jayne Chaplin, the Clerk to the
Applications &    Corporation, by the closing date, Friday 11 June 2010 at 12.00pm.
Closing Date
                  Please also include the names and addresses of two referees. These will
                  not be approached until selected for interview and not without prior

The Selection     Following the closing date for applications, successful candidates will be
Process           invited to attend an interview with the Board‟s Search Committee at the
                  College‟s Poplar Centre.

                  Interviews with the Search Committee will take place on 22 June 2010
                  2010. Please keep this date free.

                  A recommendation regarding appointment will then be made to the Board
                  at its meeting on Tuesday 6 July 2010.

Appointing Body   The Board of the Tower Hamlets College Corporation.

Confidentiality   All information will be treated as strictly confidential.

Further           Further information about the College can be obtained from the website
Application for Board Membership
1. Personal details

Surname: ......................................................          Initials: ..........................................................

Address: ........................................................        Telephone No:


.....................................................................    Home: ...........................................................

.....................................................................    Mobile: ..........................................................

.....................................................................    Business: ......................................................

Post Code:......................................................         E-mail address:       .......................................

2. Current or Most Recent Employment

Name of employer: ........................................................................................................................
Address: ......................................................................................................................................
Title of post held: .........................................................................................................................
Date appointed:… …………………………………………………………………………….......................................

Details of duties/responsibilities:

3. Any Voluntary positions
Name & Address                                Details of duties/responsibilities:

Dates (Month/Year)

From            To
 4. Your Skills, Experience & Expertise

 Your Primary Occupation                       Please   Comments

 Academic Management
 Academic Non Teaching
 Academic Teaching
 General/Strategic Management
 Local Authority
 Property/Estates Development

 School Sector
 Small Business Sector
 Trade Union
 Voluntary Sector
 Other Public Sector

 Local Councillor
 Trade Union Official
 Community Association
 Community Languages
 Health & Safety
 Quality Assurance
 Intellectual Property
 Intellectual Property
 School Governor
 Church/faith group

Other expertise/experience                      tick    Comments

Community Liaison:
Knowledge of the needs of Tower Hamlets

Community liaison:
London Borough of Tower Hamlets Priorities &
5. Membership of any Professional Associations                                     Level           Date

6. Supporting Statement
Please briefly outline below how your skills and experience meet the role

Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary

7. Education Please list summarise qualifications
School/College/University                              Qualification
                                                       Including level and grade

8. Financial & Other Interests

Details of all business interests, financial or otherwise, which you or (so far as you are aware) your spouse, or
partner, children or other close relatives may have (See Guidance Notes)

Name & Nature of Interest/s

Category of Interest                                  Information to be disclosed
9. Eligibility Declaration


Persons ineligible to be members

1. No one under the age of 18 years, except as a student member.
2. The Clerk.
3. A person who is a member of staff of the institution, except as a staff member or in the capacity of Principal.
   This does not apply to a student who is employed by the Corporation in connection with the student‟s role as
   an officer of a students‟ union.

4.   Any member that has been adjudged bankrupt, or is the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order, an interim
     bankruptcy restrictions order or a bankruptcy restrictions undertaking within the meaning of the Insolvency
     Act 1986, or any member has made a composition or arrangement with creditors, including an individual
     voluntary arrangement, unless:

     (a) that member has been discharged from bankruptcy, or the bankruptcy order has before then been
         annulled; or
     (b) the bankruptcy order is annulled; or
     (c) the bankruptcy restrictions order is rescinded as a result of an application under section 375 of the
         Insolvency Act 1986, on the date so ordered by the court; or
     (d) the interim bankruptcy restrictions order is discharged by the court, on the date of that discharge; or
     (e) the bankruptcy restrictions undertaking is annulled, at the date of that annulment.
     (f) debts have been paid in full, and in any other case it shall cease on the expiration of three years from
         the date on which the terms of the deed of composition, arrangement or individual voluntary
         arrangement are fulfilled.

5. Any member who:

     (a) within the previous 5 years that person has been convicted, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere,
         of any offence and has received a sentence of imprisonment, whether suspended or not, for a period of
         three months or more, without the option of a fine; or
     (b) within the previous twenty years that person has been convicted as set out in sub-paragraph (a) and has
         received a sentence of imprisonment, whether suspended or not, for a period of more than two and a half
         years; or
     (c) has at any time been convicted as set out in sub-paragraph (a) and has received a sentence of
         imprisonment, whether suspended or not, of more than five years.

I confirm that

    The information given above is correct to the best of my knowledge.
    I am eligible to be a member of the Tower Hamlets College Corporation and will act in accordance with the
     Corporation Code of Conduct.
    I will immediately give notice to the Clerk in the event that I become disqualified from continuing to hold office
     as a result of bankruptcy restrictions under paragraph (5) or because of a conviction under paragraph (8) of
     the Instrument of Government.
    I consent to the processing of the information being held and processed about me in accordance with the Data
     Protection Act 1998.

Signature: ……… ……………………......................................................... Date:   ………………………………..
Equal Opportunities Monitoring Information

Tower Hamlets College is committed to the active implementation of its Equal Opportunities policies.
To ensure that there is genuine equality of opportunity in employment, the College asks all
applicants to provide the following information, which will be as treated as confidential. The
information provided will be used for equal opportunities monitoring only.


16-30                               31-45                         46+


Please state your gender             Male                    Female

Ethnic Origin

Please choose ONE section from A to E and then tick the appropriate box to indicate your
background. If you choose other, please write details in the box provided.

I consider my ethnic origin to be (tick box):

A. Asian or Asian British

        Asian or Asian British
        Other Asian background

B. Black or Black British
      Other Black background

C. Mixed:

        White and Asian
        White and Black African
        White and Black Caribbean
        Other Mixed Background

D. White:

        Other white background

E. Other Backgrounds

        Other background

Do you consider you have a         Yes                         No

If yes, please check the relevant box:

Dyslexia                                       Wheelchair user/mobility difficulties
Visual impairment                              Hearing impairment
Speech impairment                              Mental health problems

Unseen disability e.g. diabetes, epilepsy etc. (please specify below)

In the light of this, are there any adjustments that need to be made for the purposes of fulfilling
your role as governor?

If so please state here:

                                     GUIDANCE NOTES

1.   It is important for anyone involved in spending public money to demonstrate that they do
     not benefit personally from decisions that they make. Hence, members of the Corporation
     and members of staff with significant financial responsibility have an obligation to avoid
     any conflict between their financial and personal interests and the interests of the

2.   Members of Corporation and members of staff with significant financial responsibility are
     therefore required to register relevant interests, financial or personal, which he or she, or
     his or her spouse/partner, children or other close relatives (e.g. living in the same
     household or a dependent) may have. This will enable members to disclose relevant
     interests in a manner that is open and transparent and demonstrates to the public that
     such interests have not influenced the Corporation‟s decision-taking process. The register
     will be open to public inspection.

3.   Members are in the best position to decide what interests are relevant and should be
     disclosed. However, they may find it helpful to consider whether any particular interest,
     where a conflict might be perceived, should be disclosed by reference to the following
     headings, which are set out as general guidelines:-

     Category of Interest                                     Information to be disclosed

     Paid employment                                          Name of employer

     Self employment                                          Names of significant
                                                              customers/clients accounting for
                                                              more than 10% of income of
                                                              individual or firm

     Directorships of commercial companies                    Name of companies

     Significant shareholdings                                Name of companies in which the
                                                              member owns 5% or more of the
                                                              issued share capital

     Elected office                                           Name of authority

     Trusteeships or participation in the management          Name of body
     of charities and other voluntary bodies

     Public appointments (paid or unpaid)                     Name of body

     Membership of professional bodies and trade              Name of body
About Us

Tower Hamlets College is a general further education College in the London Borough of Tower
Hamlets (LBTH) in East London with a turnover of approximately £28 million (2009/10). There
are two main centres: Poplar next to Canary Wharf which houses the main College administrative
functions, the Sixth Form Centre and vocational programmes, and Arbour Square in Stepney
which mainly provides adult Skills for Life (SfL) and Access to HE programmes. East India Dock
Road is the centre for the Financial Services Skills Academy and employability work. Adult part
time SfL programmes are offered at Oxford House Centre in Bethnal Green Centre. In addition
the College offers part time SfL in community venues over a wide geographical area of the

The College provides programmes for both young people and adults in 14 of the 15 subject sector
areas.   The range of full-time vocational and academic qualifications offered for 16-18 learners
and for adults at all levels up to level 3 (GCE A level equivalent) focuses on balancing the
interests of learners with local employment needs.

Learning and Skills Council (LSC) policy in relation to recurrent adult funding for Colleges has
meant a phased reduction in funds since 2005-2006. College programmes for adults have, as a
result, undergone significant changes. Reduced funding from the LSC has also meant that more
adult learning is being funded through project work.

The College‟s Business Enterprise directorate is based in East India Dock Road and has become an
integral part of the Borough‟s access to employment strategy. The directorate supports work with
employers and individual job seekers through short pre-employment courses providing vocational
pathways to jobs in customer care, financial services, health, office administration, retail and
hospitality. This work makes a major contribution to regeneration in the Borough and the team
works with over 40 community and public sector partners.

The Borough is characterised by considerable diversity. Since 1991, the development of Canary
Wharf as a major financial district has brought considerable infrastructure development to Tower
Hamlets.   Beyond this, the area is typified by a mix of modern apartment accommodation and
housing association stock.

Tower Hamlets is a young and ethnically diverse Borough; 56% of the population is non-white and
70% are under 30. The largest ethnic group other than white British is Bangladeshi, accounting
for 30% of residents.

Tower Hamlets continues to be one of the most deprived areas in the country (currently rated 3rd
most deprived out of 374 English local authority districts) with unemployment nearly twice the
London average. The economic activity rate in Tower Hamlets is the lowest in the country.       78
different languages are spoken. Fifty-seven per cent of school pupils are entitled to free school
meals, one in three households has no wage earner and more than a quarter of all residents have
no qualifications. Local employment is projected to grow most in business services and the public
sector, particularly in health and social work.     The successful London 2012 Olympic bid will
increase opportunities in areas such as retail, security, leisure and construction.

In 2008-2009 the College had 7594 LSC funded learners. Of these, 2824 were full-time and 4770
learners studied on part-time courses. 2722 were male and 4872 were female. Adult learners
made up 69% (5384) learners and the College enrolled 2210 learners aged 16-18 (31% of the
total). The largest ethnic groups were 53% Bangladeshi, 15% White and 11% African, 5% mixed

The College mission

„Removing Barriers, Raising Achievement for Everyone‟.

Leadership & Governance
The executive leadership rests with the Principal & Chief Executive and his senior team who are
responsible for undertaking the day to day running of the College in accordance with the strategic
direction set by the Board.

The Board
The Tower Hamlets College Further Education Corporation is commonly referred to as the “The

Board composition
The mix of membership of members can be seen as a mix of „internal‟ and „external‟ members.
The „internal‟ governors are those from within the college and include the Principal, Student and
Staff Members and bring with them their personal knowledge of the college. The „external‟
members are those members who bring expertise, experience and local knowledge. The Tower
Hamlets College Board is made up of 18 volunteer members; 13 from the local community, 2 staff
members, 2 student members and the Principal. The composition is intended to be reflective of
the community it serves. The staff and students members are elected by their peers of the
College. The Principal is an ex officio member.

Board Committees
The Board is required to have an audit committee, a search committee and, when the occasion
arises, a special committee. In addition, it has established the following additional committees to
assist in fulfilling its responsibilities.

Curriculum, Quality Committee
Finance & General Purposes Committee
Remuneration Committee
The Board meets at least once every term, and may hold such other meetings as may be
necessary. Committees comply with the stipulated minimum number of meetings as set out in
their terms of reference.

All meetings are held at the Poplar site and commence at 5.00pm, unless otherwise stated.
Generally, meetings last no longer than two hours.
                                     TOWER HAMLETS BOARD COMPOSITION & COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIPS 2009/10
                                                                                                                                                    Clerk to the Corporation:
                                                                                                                                                          Jayne Chaplin
                                                                  BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                    Saleh Ahmed                       Staff Member (Ac)
                                                                 Caroline Alexander                   Member
                                                                     Abdul Asad                       Member
                                                                  Shaheda Begum                       Student Member
                                                                   Paramjit Bhutta                    Member
                                                                   Meena Chavda                       Member
                                                                     Craig Coben                      Member
                                                                    Michael Farley                    Principal
                                                                     Prem Goyal                       Member
                                                                  Carmel Littleton                    Member
                                                                      Tofsir Miah                     Staff Member (Support)
                                                               Rupert Middleton (Chair)               Member
                                                                   Renarta Nesbit                     Member
                                                                   Aysha Qureschi                     Member
                                                                     Steve Stride                     Member
                                                               Abdal Ullah (Vice Chair)               Member
                                                                       VACANCY                        Student Member
                                                                       VACANCY                        Member

                                                         COMMITTEE CO-OPTED MEMBERS
                                                                 Eric Reynolds
                                                                  Mike Tyler
                                                             Vacancies (Audit x2)

                                                             COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIPS

FINANCE & GENERAL PURPOSES                  AUDIT COMMITTEE                       SEARCH COMMITTEE                   REMUNERATION COMMITTEE                   CURRICULUM & QUALITY
          COMMITTEE                        6 members, 3 external              6 members (Chair of Corps,           Membership Finance and General                    COMMITTEE
     7 members, 1 external                       co-optees                     Principal, 3 Governors & 1           Purposes Committee. Principal           8 members (Principal plus 5
             co-optee                (Principal, Chair, members of F&GP                   external                  and Staff and Student Members                  other members)
(exc. Staff, student Govs & SPHs)       Committee, student & SPHs                         co-optee)                             prohibited.

            Craig Coben                     Meena Chavda(Chair)                     Mike Tyler (Chair)                          Craig Coben                           Saleh Ahmed
          Michael Farley                       Vacancy (E)                          Rupert Middleton                            Prem Goyal                     Caroline Alexander (Chair)
            Prem Goyal                          Vacancy(E)                           Michael Farley                                                                    Abdul Asad
 Rupert Middleton (Chair of Corp &              Tofsir Miah                            Abdal Ullah                       Rupert Middleton (Chair)                   Shaheda Begum
            Committee)                         Steve Stride                             Vacancy                                Renarta Nesbit                       Paramjit Bhutta
          Renarta Nesbit                        Abdal Ullah                             Vacancy                                Eric Reynolds                         Michael Farley
           Eric Reynolds                                                                                                                                            Carmel Littleton
             Vacancy                                                                                                                                                    Vacancy
   QUORUM: 3 or more members                                                  QUORUM: 3 or more members
                                        QUORUM: 3 or more members                                                     QUORUM: 3 or more members              QUORUM: 3 or more members
The Board Members - biographies
Rupert Middleton
Rupert has been Chair of Governors since 1992. He chairs the F&GP Committee, and is a member of
the Search Committee.

He is currently the Group Manufacturing Director at Trinity Mirror plc in Canary Wharf. Earlier in his
career he worked for the Industrial Society advising organisations on leadership, employee
communication and industrial relations.

The Principal - Michael Farley
With a career in the further education sector since 1994, Michael has been Principal at Tower
Hamlets College since April 2009. Before joining Tower Hamlets College he was Vice Principal:
Planning & Activity at Uxbridge College.

Michael has proven skills in strategic and curriculum planning, marketing and business partnership
development. He has held senior leadership positions in the public and private sector both overseas
and within the UK; initially in the East Midlands and latterly the East of England.

Abdal Ullah
Abdal is the College‟s Vice Chair of Governors. He is a former Student and chair of the Student

Abdal is the first British Bangladeshi Muslim to join the Council of Queen Mary University of London.

A former member of the education commission with the Association of London Government, He has
extensive experience with a number of London's strategic bodies and was a former member of the
London Metropolitan Police Authority, Chair of the City of London Police Independent Advisory
Committee; member of the Commission for Racial Equality‟s London Board and a member of the
Muslim Council of Britain‟s London Affairs Committee.

Abdal was the convenor of the Home Office task group for Muslim youth in the aftermath of 7/7, has
extensive involvement with many London voluntary organisations, and is a trustee of the Centre of
the Cell Ltd. Currently an elected local authority councillor with cabinet responsibility for policing,
transport and environment in Tower Hamlets.

Steve Stride
Steve Stride is Chief Executive of Poplar HARCA, a registered social landlord in Tower Hamlets east
London. Since 1998, Steve has led a £250 million urban regeneration programme for the Poplar area
including the housing management of over 8,000 properties. After gaining Partnership status in April
2009 Steve will over see a multi-million regeneration programme to reshape the Poplar area and
seize the neighbouring opportunities of the 2012 Olympics.

Steve is committed to involving and empowering residents in the regeneration of their homes and
neighbourhoods and has been instrumental in making Poplar HARCA a resident led board and
organisation for which it is nationally recognised. In 2009 Poplar HARCA won the nationally
prestigious Guardian public service award for its achievements in the housing and regeneration
Steve has a background in housing management and regeneration where previously he worked for
the London Borough of Tower Hamlets over seeing the regeneration of Globe Town.

Saleh Ahmed
Saleh has lived in Tower Hamlets since 1979 and was educated in the borough. He has been working
at Tower Hamlets College since 2002 and is currently working as an ESOL (English for Speakers of
Other Languages) lecturer.

Saleh is an active member of the community. Social inclusion and community cohesion are essential
factors in a harmonious and fair society. He believes that education is the biggest contributing factor
in the removal of barriers and providing equal opportunities for all.

Saleh believes that Tower Hamlets College is a key facilitator for those people living in the borough,
and those living outside, who want to improve their lives by gaining new skills and education. Saleh
decided to stand as a governor of Tower Hamlets College because he want to be in a position to
inform the strategy and policies of this community serving College.

Carmel Littleton
Carmel is currently a consultant. Formerly she was the service head for Young People and Learning,
working in Children's Services at Tower Hamlets Council. Her job involves ensuring that young
people in Tower Hamlets get the best possible education throughout their secondary schooling and
beyond. Carmel‟s work also includes school libraries, music and arts education for children and
young people, sports and PE participation, e-learning in our schools and she oversees the Pupil
Referral Unit. As the local authority lead for 14-19 policy areas she is keenly aware of the
importance of Tower Hamlets College in offering high quality courses to young people and adults
from Tower Hamlets and beyond.

She is a qualified educational psychologist and teacher originally and has worked in Hackney,
Islington, Camden and Essex before returning to Tower Hamlets in 2007 for the second time. Carmel
has a research background in bilingual learners and worked for four years at the University of
London Institute of Education on the MSc course in Educational Psychology.

Craig Coben
Craig Coben is Managing Director and Head of Equity Capital Markets Origination in Europe, Middle
East and Africa (EMEA) for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He is also the Chairman of the Equity
Capital Markets Division for the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME), the principal
industry body for institutions involved in raising equity for European companies. Prior to joining
Merrill Lynch, he acted as Managing Director of EMEA Equity Capital Markets for Deutsche Bank.
Over the last twelve years, he has worked on major financings for a wide range of governments and
corporates throughout the EMEA region.
A graduate of Harvard Law School and Yale University, Craig acted as law clerk to Judge Douglas H.
Ginsburg of the U.S. Court of Appeals (D.C. Circuit) before becoming an attorney at Sullivan &
Cromwell in New York and London, where he focused primarily on financings for Latin American and
European issuers. Craig speaks Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.
Tofsir Miah
Tofsir has grown up locally and has been working for the College for the past 16 years. He is very
committed to the Tower Hamlets College community.

Living within the Borough of Tower Hamlets he has a vested interest in the College achieving and
responding to the needs of local people. Because of these reasons, following the departure of the
previous support staff member of the Corporation, he was nomination by colleagues for the role and
consequently was elected to the Corporation Board in September 2005.

Since being elected, he has tried his utmost to represent the interests of colleagues and the wider
community not just at the Corporation Board level (where he has been particularly vocal on
significant issues of concern), but also he has raised issues directly with members of the College
management team. He has as well tried to raise awareness amongst colleagues on wider issues that
he felt have been of significance.

Ayesha Qureshi MBE
Ayesha is a former student of the college and now works as a finance lawyer at leading international
law firm, Simmons & Simmons.

Previously Ayesha worked in communications and media and was awarded an MBE in 2006 for her
role in securing the Olympic and Paralympics Games for London in 2012.

Paramjit Bhutta
Paramjit joined Stepney Green Maths & Computing College as Headteacher in September 2006. The
school has just had a successful OfSTED which judged it to be a good school with outstanding
features. Prior to this he was the Head of School at Capital City Academy in the LB of Brent.
During his career within education Paramjit has worked in Lewisham, Haringey and Waltham Forest.
He firmly believes that all our children should achieve their very best and he is committed to
removing all barriers that might stand in their way.

Caroline Alexander
Caroline is a nurse by background and has worked in Tower Hamlets for 10 years in a range of roles.

She is currently the Director of Quality Development at Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust. Her
responsibilities include quality and governance, research and development, clinical engagement and
learning and development, infection prevention and control and professional leadership of nurses
and allied health professionals.

Being a Governor is very important to Caroline because she wanted to support local people to take
up careers in the health service and the work of the college is very important in this. Worklessness
is also a risk to personal health so she sees it as very important that the college is supported locally
to create opportunities for local children and adults so the likelihood of worklessness is reduced.

Cllr Abdul Asad
As the current Lead Member for Children, Families and Schools, Councillor Abdul Asad is keen to
maximise the opportunities available to the young people of Tower Hamlets and ensure they have
the right skills and qualifications for success.
Cllr Asad has represented the Whitechapel Ward for twenty years, making him the longest serving
member of the Council. During this time, he has held a number of cabinet portfolios including;
Employment and Skills and Social Services (now Adult Health and Well-being).

He served as Mayor of the Borough in 1998/1999 and was Chair of the Council‟s Overview and
Scrutiny Committee during the 2008/2009 municipal year.

During his time as Lead Member for Employment and Skills, he was a member of the London Skills
and Employment Board as well as the Five Borough Partnership Board.

Cllr Asad lives in the borough with his wife and four children and was employed as the first full time
Bangladeshi Youth Worker in Tower Hamlets. Cllr Asad was a MIS Monitoring officer appointed by
Bishop Challoner Secondary School.

Meena Chavda
Meena is an Accountant, working for Citigroup in the Operations Risk part of the organization. She
has been in this industry for 27 years and has been involved in many global projects that have
exposed her to many cultures across the globe.

Meena works with Princes Trust in their mentoring and Work Placement Programs and is involved in
mentoring within Citi as well.

Meena has a 22 year old daughter who is at university studying Chemistry

She has run a marathon and a mini-triatholon, has participated in Round the Island sailing race
twice; and loves cooking, entertaining and reading.

Prem Goyal
Prem grew up in India, where he obtained his bachelor degree in Engineering. In 1986, he went to
New York, on a scholarship, to pursue his master degree in engineering. After graduating, he spent
three years working for a small engineering company in New York. In 1992, he went to California to
study for MBA at UCLA. Since graduating in 1994, Prem has been consulting for several global
banks, including Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, etc.         He is the CEO of Global
Markets Consultants, a company he founded in 2002.         He is interested and enthusiastic about
education and would like to share his skills with the governing body and the staff members at THC
to promote pupils‟ achievements.

When not working, Prem is a keen traveller; having visited many countries and both the South and
North poles.

Renarta Nesbit
Renarta has more than a decade of experience in human resource management as part of blue chip
organisations within the financial services and manufacturing sectors. Renarta has partnered
business leaders and been a member of diverse, global, regional and country management teams.

Renarta has significant experience in shaping and delivering talent, learning and development,
organisational capability, leadership and engagement activity. She has a strength and depth of focus
in building and nurturing relationships at all levels.

Outside of work, Renarta is involved in mentoring schemes in the private and voluntary sectors with
teenagers and adults. Separately she is studying the discipline of coaching.

Renarta is enthusiastic about being a governor and further education and has welcomed the
opportunity to be part of the corporation board of Tower Hamlets College.

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