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									Festival 2005 – Guest List – 1st draft
     Invited Guest                Reply        Invited Guest                Reply
1    Ms Sarah Hughes                     2    Mr Alfred Garfalo
     Deputy of Horn of Africa ,                4 Albert Embakment
     Great Lakes & Horn                        London
     Depertment                                SW1 7SR
     Department for
     International Development                 Mr A Garofaldo,
     1 Palace Street                           Deputy Director Conference
     London SW1 5HE                            Section,
                                               Conference Division,
                                               International Maritime
                                               4 Albert Embankment,
                                               London SE1 7SR
3    Ms Sally Healy                       4    Mr. Gakuru Macharia
     Reasearch Analyst                         Editor in Chief
     Africa Research Group                     East Africa Megazine,
     London                                    Unit 6217
     SWA 2AH                                   49 Greenwich High Rd
                                               London SE10 8JL
5    Mr Youssef Khazem                    6    Lord Duncan McNair                   
     African Affairs Editor                    Suite 7
     Kensington Centre                         Bulrushes Farm
     66 Hammersmith Road                       Coombe Hill Road
     London W14 8YT                            East Grinstead West
                                               RJ19 4LJ
7    Mr. Daniel Sherry                   8    Mr Christophere W                    X
     Horn Africa Desk Officer                  Osborne
     Africa Department                         Foreign and
     (Equatorial)                              Commonwealth Office
     Foreign and                               Protocol Division
     Commonwealth Office                       Old Admiraly Building
     King Charles Street                       (Room 1/57)
     London SW1A 2AH                           London SW1A 2PA

9    Mr. Jonathan Burthon                 10   Mr Tony Cunningham                   X
     Head of Africa                            Constituentcy Office Town
     Programmes                                Hall
     VSO                                       Oxford Streeet
     317 Puntney Bridge Road                   Workington
     London SW15 2PN                           Cumbria CA14 2RS

11   Mr Tim Hitchens                 X    12   Mr. John Wallace
     Head of Africa Department                 General Manager
     (Equatorial)                              Refugee Trust
     Foreign and                               International
     Commonwealth Office                       73a Blessington Street
     King Charles Street                       Dublin 7
     London SW1A 2AH

13   Ms Anna Lake                        14   Mr Jamie Balfour-Paul
     Head of Horn of Africa ,                  Director General
     Great Lakes & Horn                        Oxfam
     Depertment                                274 Banbury Road
     DFID                                      Oxford OX2 7DZ
     1 Palace Street
     London SW1 5HE

15   Sir Anthony Figgs        X   16   Mr. Charles De Chassion      
     Vise Marshal of                   Vise Marshal of
     Diplomatic Corps                  Diplomatic Corps
     Foreign and                       Foreign and
     Commonwealth Office               Commonwealth Office
     Protocol Division                 Protocol Division
     Old Admiraly Building             Old Admiraly Building
     (Room 1/57)                       (Room 1/57)
     London SW1A 2PA                   London SW1A 2PA

17   Mr. Alex Rees                18   Mr. Clive Elliot
     Care International UK             Tsabok Ltd
     10-13 Rushworth Street            7 Churchill Buildings
     London SE1 ORB                    Queen Street
                                       Telford TF1 1SN
19   Rahlu Gupta                  20   Mr. Robin A Hulf             X
     Tsabok Ltd                        Director
     7 Churchill Buildings             Hulf McRae Lted
     Queen Street                      7 West Square
     Wellington                        London SE11 4SN
     Telford TF1 1SN
21   Mr. And Mrs Toland           22   Mr. Geoffery Dennis          
     Self Help Development             Chief Exective
     Hacketstown                       Care International UK     with wife
     Co, Carlow                        10-13 Rushworth Street
     Ireland                           London SE1 ORB

23   Mr Murray                    24   Ms Michela Wrong
     Care International UK             14 Darwin Court
     10-13 Rushworth Street            Gloucester Avenue
     London SE1 ORB                    London NW1 7BG

25   Mr. Eugene Duffy,            26   Mr Ian Irvine,
     The Mirror                        Arts Editor,
     1 Canada Square,                  The Independent,
     Canary Wharf,                     1 Canada Square,
     London E14 5AP.                   Canary Wharf,
                                       London E14 5DL
27   Mr. Bruce Preston,           28   Mr. Zaya Yeeds,
     The People                        The African Editor,
     1 Canada Square,                  25 Hester Road,
     Canary Wharf,                     London 18 2RF
     London E14 5AP
29   Mr. George Semann,           30   Mr. Abdul-Rahaman
     Al Hayat,                         Al’Rashid,
     66 Hammersmith Road,              Asharq Al Awsat,
     London W14 8YT.                   Arab Press House,
                                       184 High Holborn,
                                       London WC1U
31   Ms. Mandy Sharpe,            32   Mr. Michael Eboda,
     4 Deepfield Court,                Caribbean Times,
     Botham Close,                                148 Cambridge Heath Road,
     Middx. HA8 9YG                               London E1 5QS

33   Mr. Mike Best,                          34   Mr. Dhiren Patel,
     The Journal,                                 London, Midlands,
     370 Cold Harbour Lane,                       Northern, Asian,
     London Sw9 8PL                               Black African, Caribbean.
                                                  10A Ellington Road,
                                                  London E8 3PA
35   Mr. Dhiren Basu,                        36   Mr. Matthew Griffiths,
     New World,                                   The Voice,
     234 Holloway Road,                           370 Coldharbour Lane,
     London N7 8DA                                London SW9 8PL.
37   Mr. Bob Jobbins,                        38   Rt. Hon. David Lammy MP,
     Director News and Program,                   House of Commons,
     BBC World Service,                           Westminster,
     Bush House,                                  London SW1A 0AA
     The Stand,
     London WC2B 4PH
39   Rt. Hon. Glenda Jackson             X   40   Rt. Hon. Paul Boateng MP,    Didn’t attend
     MP,                                          House of Commons,            last year
     House of Commons,                            Westminster,
     Westminster,                                 London SW1A 0AA
     London SW1A 0AA
41   Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn                  42   Rt. Hon. Oona King MP,
     MP,                                          House of Commons,
     House of Commons,                            Westminster,
     Westminster,                                 London SW1A 0AA
     London SW1A 0AA
43   Rt. Hon. Clive Soley MP,                44   Rt. Hon. Iain Coleman MP,
     House of Commons,                            House of Commons,
     Westminster,                                 Westminster,
     London SW1A 0AA                              London SW1A 0AA
45   Rt. Hon. Rudi Vis MP,           .       46   Rt. Hon Simon Hughes MP
     House of Commons,                            House of Commons,
     Westminster,                                 Westminster,
     London SW1A 0AA                              London SW1A 0AA
47   Mr. Mark Earey,                         48   Ms. Hasret Caliskan,
     Contract Manager,                            O’Keeffe Solicitors,
     Association of Train                         56 Dean Street,
     Operating Companies,                         London W1d 6AQ.
     3rd Floor, 40 Bernard Street,
     London WC1N 1BY
49   Ms. Maryam Samimi,                      50   Ms. Catherine O’Donnell
     Chambers of Francis P                        Two Garden Court.
     Gilbert,                                     1st Floor, 2 Garden Court,
     15/19 Devereux Court,                        Temple,
     London WC2R 3JJ                              London EC4Y 9BL
51   Dr. Michell Everson,                    52   Dr. Rachel Murray,
     Birkbeck College,                            Birkbeck College,
     University of London,                        University of London,
     Malet Street,                                Malet Street,
     London WC1E 7HX                              London WC1E 7HX
53   Mr. K E Godfrey,                        54   Mr. J W Moore,
     46 Woodland Garden,                          9 The Birches,
     London N10 3UA                               North Weald, Epping,
                                                  Essex CM16 6DJ
55   Ms. Sue Baines                          56   Trevor Phillips
     Birkbeck College,                            Chairman of CRE
     University of London,                        St. Dunstans’ House
     Malet Street,                                 201-211 Borough High
     London WC1E 7HX                               SE1 1GZ
57   Mr. Kenny Campbell                       58   Mr. Steve Auckland
     Metro Editor                                  Metro Managing Director
     1 Surrey Quays Road,                          1 Surrey Quays Road,
     Rotherhite,                                   Rotherhite,
     London SE16 7ND                               London SE16 7ND
59   Ms Veronica Wadley,                      60   Mr. Mike Anderson,
     Evening Standard Editor,                      Evening Standard Managing
     Nothcliffe House,                             Director,
     2 Derry Street,                               Nothcliffe House,
     London W8 5TT                                 2 Derry Street,
                                                   London W8 5TT
61   Forward Planning,                        62   Mr. Damian Hanley
     London TV Centre,                             Wilson & Co. Solicitors,
     Upper Ground,                                 697 High Street,
     London SE1 9LT.                               London N17
63   Henry Bonsu BBC Radio                    64   John Pilger
65   David Astor                  Not         66   Elizabeth Gascoine
     24 St. Annes Terrace         attending        Regional Manager
     London NW8 6PJ               Deceased         Oxfam East Africa Desk
                                                   274 Banbury Road
                                                   Oxford OX2 7DZ
67   Tom Rayner                               68   Richard Astor
     Malthouse Farm                                67 Gloucester Crescent
     Whitwell                                      London NW1 7EG
     Norfolk NR10 4RD
69   James Skinner                            70   Andy Greg
     Heron House                                   58 Stanhope Road
     Chiswick Mall                                 Albans AL1 5BL
     London W4 2PR
71   Jonnie Beverley                          72   Dr. Ian Gregg
     North Kensington Amenity                      1 Queen Close
     Trust                                         Eynsham OX8 1HN
     1 Thorpe Close
     London W10 5XL
73   Tim Thronton                             74   Dr. John Black
     The Croft School                              Victoria Mill House
     Alveston Hill                                 Framlingaham, Woodbridge
     Stratford-Upon-Avon                           Suffolk 1P13 9EG
     CV37 7RL
75   Les Gumbie                       X       76   Phillip Craine              X
     Horn of Africa Desk Cafod,                    Horn of Africa Desk
     2 Romero Close                                Christian Aid
     Stockwell Road                                P.O.Box 100
     London SW9                                    London SE1 7RT
     Bill Hare
     Flat 1, Block R, Peabody
     Dalgarno Gardens
     London W10 5J
77   Mary Dines                             78   Mary Healy
     48 Brown Low Road                           Trocaire, Horn/East Africa
     London N11 1BS                              Desk
                                                 169 Booterstown Avenue
                                                 Co. Dublin
79   Frederick Dove                         80   Margaret Henry
     Presenter Out look                          6 Sinclair Road
     BBC World Service                           London W14 0NH
     Bush House
     P.O.Box 76
     London WC2B 4PH
81   Barbra Foran               Not Sent    82   Ms Rachal Lambert
     6 Cortayne Road            Last year        Save the Children Fund
     London SW6                                  17 Grove Lane
                                                 London SE5 8RD
83   John Foran                 Not sent    84   Mr Greame Leith
     6 Cortayne Road            Last year        30 Sackville Street
     London SW6                                  London W1X 1DB
85   Lord Eric Avebury                      86   Mr. Joseph Boruogo
     Parliament HR Group                         Network Africa
     House of Lords                              BBC News World Services
     London SW1                                  Bush House
                                                 Aldwych, London WC2B
87   Lord Carrington                X       88   Mr. Robin Denslow
     32A Ovington Square                         Newsnight
     London SW3 1LR                              BBC Television
                                                 Wood Lane
                                                 London W12 7RJ
89   Lord Dholakia OBE                      90   Mr Steve Hogan
     House of commons                            House of Commons
     London SW1A 0PW                             London SW1A 0AA
91   Mr. Simon Israel                       92   Ms Elisabeth Ohimi
     ITN, Channel Four                           Deputy Editror Focus on
     News Reporter                               Africa
     200 Gray’s Inn Road                         BBC World Service
     London WC1X 8XZ                             Bush House
                                                 London WC2B 4PH
93   Mr. Tom Porteus                        94   Mr. Robin White
     Editor                                      Editor Focus on Africa
     News and Current Affairs                    BBC world Service
     Africa and Middle East                      Bush House Aldwych
     BBC World Service                           London WC2B 4PH
     Bush House
     London WC2B 411P
95   David Vandeveri                        96   Ms Liz Horn,
     Community Officer                           Africa Program,
     107 Mattias Rd                              Royal        Institute       of
     Newington Green                             International Affairs,
     London N16 8NP                              Chatham House,
                                                 10 St James’s Square,
                                                 London SW1Y 4LE

97   Mr A Maghoub,                          98   John Fashnu
     Regional Manager                            C/o Freweyni Fessehaye
                                                 Elgin Avenue
                                              Maida vaile
99    Ms. Nicky Garavon, Gavron     X   100   Rt. Hon. Diana Abbot, MP          X
      Deputy Manager,                         House of Commons,
      Deputy Mayor’s Office,                  Westminster,
      City Hall,                              London SW1A 0AA
      Queens Walk,
      London SE1 2AA

101   Baroness Valerie Amos,            102   Ms. Martha Osamor,
      Secretary of State for                  Chair of FAPO,
      International Development,              78 Springfield Road,
      House of Lords                          Tottenham,
      Westminster,                            London N15 4AZ
      London SW1A 0AA

103   Eve Featherstone,                 104   Mr. Ken Livingstone,
      Liberal           Democrat              Mayor of London,
      Representative,                         Mayor’s Office,
      City Hall,                              City Hall,
                                              Queens Walk,
      Queens Walk,                            London SE1 2AA
      London SE1 2AA

105   Mr . Bill Kilby                   106   Mr. Francois Croquette,
      Deputy Head of Dept. (Horn              Head of Horn of Africa Section
      Africa)                                 African Department (Equatorial)
      Africa Great Lakes and Horn             Foreign & Commonwealth
      Dept.                                   Office
      DFID,                                   London SW1A 2AH
      1 Palace Street
      London SW1E 5HE
107   Ms Emilie Nangle,                 108   Mr Philip F Gilbert
      Sales & Marketing Director,             Diplomatic Missions &
      Merrell Publishers Ltd,                 International Organisations
      42 Southwark Street                     Unit,
      London SE1 1UN                          Protocol Division,
                                              Foreign & Commonwealth
                                              London SW1A 2PA
109   Mr Charles RL de Chassiron        110   Mr Tim Caradock,
      cvo,                                    Head, Africa Greater Horn
      HM Vice-Marshal of the                  Department,
      Diplomatic Corps,                       DFID,
      Head of Protocol,                       94 Victoria Street,
      Foreign & Commonwealth                  London SW1E 5JL.
      Old Admiralty Building,
      London SW1A 2PA
111   Mr Bernard Harborne,              112   Mr John Moncrieff,
      Senior Conflict Adviser on              Deputy Programme Manager
      Africa,                                 Ethiopia/Eritrea
      DFID,                                   Africa Great Lakes and Horn
      1 Palace Street,                        Department
      London SW1E 5HE                         DFID
                                              1 Palace Street,
                                              London SW1E 5HE
113   Mr Juvenal J M Shiundu,           114   Chaku Chanya Charawa
      Head of Africa                          Focus on Africa
      (Anglophone) Section,                   African Dailies
      Technical Co-operation                  Room 334 CB
      Division                                Bush House
      International Maritime                  P.O.Box 76
      Organisation,                           The Strand
      4 Albert Embankment,                    London WC2B 4PH
      London SE1 7SR
115   The Lord Mayor                    116   Sara Teather, MP
      Councillor Section,                     House of Commons,
      The Chief Executive                     London SW1A 0AA
      Civil Centre,
      High Road,
      Wood Green,
      London N22 8LE

117   David Batt                    X   118   Niel Kinnock
                                              House of Lords
      Deputy Director (Eastern
                                              London SW1A 0PW
      and Central Africa),
      Africa Division
      Department for
      1 Palace Street,
      London SW1E 5HE
119   Richard Dowden, Director          120   Jihad Khazen,
      Royal African Society                   Al Hayat
      C/O School of Oriental and              66 Hammersmith Road,
      African Studies                         London, W14 8YT
      Thornhaugh Street, Russell
      Square, London WC1H
121   Leader of Haringey Council,       122   Mr Abdelwahab Marmar   02074022985
      Councillor Section,                     388 The Water Garden
      The Chief Executive                     Burwood Place
      Service,                                W2 2DL
      Civil Centre,
      High Road,
      Wood Green,
      London N22 8LE
123   Chris Mullin, MP                  124   The Rt. Hon. Nick          X
      House of Commons,                       Reynsford, MP
      London SW1A 0AA                         House of Commons,
                                              London SW1A 0AA

125   Jim Whyte                         126   Hanna Pool
      Guardian Unlimited                      Guardian Unlimited
      119 Farringdon Road                     119 Farringdon Road
      London EC1R 3ER                         London EC1R 3ER

127   Ms Francis Lyazee Gordon          128   Mr Richard Benedy
      6 Coleherne Road                        163 Latchmere Road
      London SW10 9BP                         London SW11 2JZ
129   Jonathan Clancey
      Guardian Unlimited
      119 Farringdon Road
      London EC1R 3ER

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