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Project title (sigle)      Bath Man Project
Project title              Improving Bathing Water Management
Priority                      Polycentric structuring of the area and development of centres of excellence
                              Developing transport systems with a view to insuring sustainable mobility and
                             improving access to the information society
                           x Promoting the environment, sustainable management of economic activities and
                             natural resources
                              Strengthening and promoting the Atlantic identity in a context of globalisation
Project leader             Environment Agency
Contact person             Liz O’Neill
E-mail                     liz.o’
Address                    Lutra House PO Box 519 South Preston PR5 8GD
Phone                      01772 339882                   Fax 01772 627730
Thematic key words          Bathing water quality, diffuse pollution,
                                               Project Description
This project looks at improving bathing water quality and providing robust and understandable information to
the public to optimise recreational opportunities in the four partner countries: Canary Islands, Portugal, France
and UK.

                                                   Main Aims
   To develop a common understanding for water quality assessment
   To ensure links between inland agricultural practice and its effect on bathing water quality
   To develop risk assessment management systems
   To improve the image of recreational bathing waters to maximise recreational value and contributions to
    economic activity
 To optimise environmental, economic and recreational value of existing and potential new sites under the
    Bathing Water Directive
                                                 Expected Results
Improved understanding of compliance with Bathing Water Directive
Improved water quality and a reduction in marine litter
A robust understanding of the effects of diffuse pollution on bathing water quality and reduction of that effect
A protocol for assessing the source of bacteria found in bathing waters
A protocol for risk assessment of bathing water quality
A sustainable planning approach to rural domestic sewage treatment
Internet Website related to the project
Total cost                                                       €6.2 Million
Calendar                                                        3 years
Partners Already Found                                          France, Portugal, Canary Islands
                                           Help/Information required
   Partner search
   Links with related projects
   Setting up of the project
Geographical Origin of Partners sought
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