Evaluation of the macroeconomic situation of the basic variables of the 4 - Inflation rate

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					Evaluation of the macroeconomic situation of the basic variables of the 4 - Inflation
Evaluation of the macroeconomic situation of the basic variables of the four - the rate
of inflation〗 〖sources: Finance Street> Optional Share Radar> body

March 2003-present, National Development and Reform Commission
 ?Inflation refers to a price index to measure the general price level continued to rise.
Price Index inflation rate refers to the overall level of real GDP growth rate of the
difference, that is (feeling the most shocking attack on the Chinese stock
market-based band ... ...)

   = Price index inflation rate the overall level of a real growth in gross national
   The impact of inflation on the socio-economic production are: redistribution of
income and wealth caused by distorted relative prices of commodities, reducing the
efficiency of resource allocation, trigger the bubble economy and even undermine the
State's economic base and political power base. Inflation has been expected
and not expected to be divided, from the extent there are moderate, serious and
vicious of the three. Moderate inflation is less than 10% annual inflation rate of
inflation and rising inflation is a double-digit inflation, hyperinflation is inflation that
more than three digits. Taken to curb inflation, monetary and fiscal policies often lead
to high unemployment and low growth in GNP.
〗 〖Articles:

Ma Kai, director of climate change A foreign journalist asked
Why did CPI inflation warning
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Shanghai Jiaotong University, Antai College of Economics and Management
Professor, Pan Yingli
Q: People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said recently, CPI
increase since the beginning of last year's final two months seems too fast
and now appears to agricultural products and food factors (21.90,0.00,0.00%), some
relationship between prices, the central bank will attach great importance to Some of
the high CPI problems, seriously study what kind of policy to deal with. His words
caused a lot of discussion. Some people say that if CPI rose for two consecutive
months at 2% or more, indicates that inflation could come on. I ask, CPI is what?
Why it can alert the rate of inflation?
--- Changshu Fangqiong Si
A: CPI is the Consumer Price Index of the abbreviations, it is the Chinese
interpretation of the consumer price index, a measure of consumer prices and reflect
the level of a country's macroeconomic indicators. CPI is a consumer
products and services with the base year prices and the corresponding current price
levels. For example, if the base year 2005, the 2005 CPI value for the 100,2006-year
CPI Zeyi price index for the base year for statistical reference. If the CPI for 2006 is
102, then the growth rate of consumer prices was 2%.
In general, collaboration with national statistical offices 不是 count all De consumer
Jia Ge, Er Shi Hui You select a certain number of representative consumer goods
Zhong Lei, Duiqi to Zhuizong, and Ji Lu are the price changes that occur. The number
of representative types of consumer goods, known as the "consumption
basket." In order to accurately reflect a country's price level
changes on the cost of people's lives, consumer basket of goods chosen by
the major share of the weight class, must be able to reflect most of the structure of
consumption. According to National Bureau of Statistics spokesman Zheng Jingping
data provided by 2005, China's CPI composition or weight is as follows:
food 33.6%, 14.4% alcohol and tobacco and supplies, clothing 9%, housing 13.6%,
transport and communications 9.3%, household equipment and services was 6.2%,
recreation, education and cultural goods and services was 4.5%.
China's price index is the urban and rural socio-economic survey by the
National Bureau of Statistics to organize the implementation of the Corps. From the
provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and selected city, county urban and
rural socio-economic investigation team, based on prices established by the State
Statistics Bureau survey unified system for collecting raw data collection to
post-primary report. Consumer price index specific preparation the following steps: 1,
choose a representative in the national medium and small cities and counties as a
national survey areas (national-level survey there are 226 cities and counties), and
then on this basis Select business scale, product variety of shopping centers as survey
points; 2, select high-consumption, price changes of goods representative, and select
the people's livelihood is closely related to sales, the market supply is
stable, the change tendency representative of the Standard Products; 3, sent directly to
the point of a survey of the investigation, while ten thousand names in the country
supporting investigator hired to help register the investigation; 4, according to nearly
100,000 urban and rural households to determine consumer spending, consumer
It should be said, CPI is the measure of a country Governments inflation rate is one of
the most important indicators. Indicators to measure the rate of inflation there are
several, such as, the producer price index (PPI, which measures the price level of the
means of production), GDP deflator (measure of all domestic production of goods and
services prices) and so on. However, Governments are usually regarded as an inflation
indicator CPI and CPI's change according to formulate monetary policy
and related macroeconomic policies to achieve macroeconomic objectives of price
stability. This is mainly because a country's economic welfare and the
overwhelming majority of the people of a country's welfare, is by the end
products and services 消费 level determines rather than as intermediate products in
the price level. In constant currency revenue for a given condition, the
people's welfare, will largely be the impact of changes in consumer prices.
Rise in raw material prices, if the business can absorb the rising price of raw materials,
final consumer goods supply and price are not greatly affected, the Government is not
necessary to carry out macroeconomic regulation and control. Rapid rise in the CPI
only (if more than 3% -5%), the only need for tight monetary or fiscal policy to
control, to avoid overheating a negative impact on people's lives.
2003-2006, China's consumer price index increase are: 1.2%, 3.9%, 1.8%
and 1.5%. In addition to 2004, because rapidly rising food prices caused large
increases CPI, the CPI rise in other years are more moderate, in control range.
Currently, food and live consumer spending in China is still the largest two, each
about 33% and 16%. In recent years, these two prices is the fastest. Food and housing
supply and price changes impact on the lives of the people is very great. About 1.3
billion people from China, starting daily living, our long-term economic policy must
remain food and stable supply of ordinary housing residents.
The food supply is concerned, first of all, need good control from the source of 18
million mu of arable land security cordon. Experts predict that the peak of
China's population will reach 1.5 billion by that time, if less than 18
million mu of cultivated land, will easily lead to serious social crisis. Second, the need
to establish long-term mechanism of industry nurturing agriculture and effectively
solve rural issues, to promote the improvement of agricultural technology, protect the
enthusiasm of farmers to produce food. For China, even as the economy and even into
the heavy industry phase of post-industrial era, agriculture is still the foundation. This
is the same.
In addition, the fundamental interests of the people also need to promote the healthy
development of the real estate industry. In recent years, with economic development
and accelerated urbanization process, the real estate industry developed rapidly.
However, the real estate structure is irrational, the price rose too fast, the problem is
obvious. Real estate properties and the double dual function: as a consumer durable
goods, which meet people's consumption demand; as an asset, to meet
people's investment needs. China is a developing country with per capita
income is still ranked 100 in the world beyond. In a longer historical period, how to
better play to the real estate consumer spending, should be considered the most
important position on the policy.
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