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What is EFMD? In management education, its role is to what?
European Management Development (EFMD) as an independent non-profit
management education providers and members of Association of major companies,
was established 30 years ago. It is a unique forum for information networking in
Europe and on the development of innovations in management and best practices
As the field of development in the management of Europe's largest
network of associations, from about 400 hanging from the academic members, from
business, public services and consulting prion services industry, in Europe and the
world play a central role in 40 countries, which members of the business as a
management education itself, is the move towards globalization.
EFMD members use it to pay or earn the cost of a wide range of specialized
investment activities and the protein it works costs. These include conferences,
seminars, study groups, etc., to meet the same as members of the demand, but also for
the MBA and external relations officer in charge to provide the special meeting.
And the EFMD offer a variety of information, including communications protein
Services. It is running a number of specific projects, usually as the European
Commission, like other organizations, such as China Europe International Business
School in Shanghai as a joint venture with the Chinese University management
Through a variety of activities, EFMD provides management education to occupation
of Europe as a platform, a collection of leaders, aims to build a learning community.
To pursue this goal, EFMD last confined to Europe, but to approach as an ambassador
in Europe, the valuation practice of management education throughout the world.
Apart from outside Europe, in close cooperation with representative organizations,
such as the Global Forum, AACSB and GMAC meetings.
What is EQUIS? EFMD why the identification of the system launched?
The establishment of EQUIS is to provide a high quality evaluation of European
identification system. Basic objectives and tasks related efmd, both management
education in Europe, the standards established for the school system, respectively, and
for the national management structure of education. In our career in the appointment
of quality standards in management across Europe, leaders within the teaching
profession to establish a mechanism. It is standards-based, and benchmarks, mutual
learning and communication methods across the border to make communication easier.
EQUIS has now accredited four institutions, more than 150 management and
education of university teachers and professionals around the world have participated
in peer review evaluation.
EQUIS goal, especially in the early days, will be used for management and education,
contribute to a European constitution. Students and employers often know which
agencies in their state-owned high-quality lifting the sound, but they need bodies in a
broader European environment to the highest international standard of some guidance.
EQUIS is used to help future students and to recruit from a country identified in other
countries, the institutions, the international management of high-quality education.
EQUIS is an identification system in Europe, but is more and more to have global
EQUIS feeling is that the design of the Europeans, the Europeans, from the broad
range of countries to manage it. It is a global opportunity, because it provides practice
in the very last and cultural backgrounds with the evaluation of quality in a
framework. Flexibility and respect for difference is that the system's basic
principles, it is not in any particular model, the Anglo - Saxons built. Noted that
EQUIS has accredited four non-European schools, including one where the United
States. Management process in the identification of the 25 institutions now, more than
half are from outside Europe. EQUIS is the quality and identification of the region
quickly established itself as a major international reference status.

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