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Entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship)
1 What is entrepreneurship?
2 on the analysis of entrepreneurship
3, the basic elements of entrepreneurship
4, entrepreneurship and enterprise core competitiveness

[Edit] What is entrepreneurship?
"Entrepreneur" concept by the French economist Jean - Baptiste
(Richard Cantillon) was first proposed in 1800, namely: economic resources
entrepreneurs to switch from low to high efficiency; "entrepreneurial
spirit" is entrepreneurs specific skills (including mental and skill) of the
collection. Or "entrepreneurial spirit" refers to entrepreneurs to
establish and operate an integrated talent management business presentation, it is an
important and special intangible factors of production.
For example, the great entrepreneurs, Sony, Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka, founder,
they create the greatest "product" is not a tape recorder, nor
Rack color picture tube, but Sony and all it stands for; Walt Disney the greatest
creation is not "Pinocchio", not "Snow
White", not even Disney, but Walt Disney Company and its extraordinary
ability to make the audience happy; Sam Walton's greatest creation is not
"persistent everyday low prices" but Wal-Mart - a way to bring
the most outstanding retail organization essentials into action.
Development of the West to the 19th century, people will have some of the
characteristics of entrepreneurs divided into entrepreneurship, the use of English
terms, and entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur) and entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship) are
often used interchangeably.
Over the years, the concept of entrepreneur is usually from the business, management
and other aspects of the definition of personal characteristics. Beginning of the 20th
century, entrepreneurs, abstract concepts - the definition of entrepreneurship has been
extended to behavior, psychology and sociology of the field. In today's
western countries, and entrepreneurs to the Government or social organization is
common, but also continuously and implementation of entrepreneurship proposed to
reform government services and social management.
[Edit] The analysis of entrepreneurship
Peter Drucker inherit and carry forward the Schumpeter view. His entrepreneurial
spirit is most important is innovation, then the entrepreneur's leadership
and management to equate that "the core of enterprise management, is the
entrepreneurial risk-taking behavior in the economic, business entrepreneurs, the
organization and is" .
The world's leading management consulting firm Accenture, he worked in
26 countries and territories and hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs talk. 79% of
business leaders believe that entrepreneurship is important for business success. The
world's largest technology consulting firm Accenture's study
also pointed out that senior executives in the eyes of the world, entrepreneurship is the
organization of genes and the main point for health and longevity. It is the
entrepreneurial spirit created the economic miracle of postwar Japan, led to more than
20 years the rise of the new U.S. economy. So in the end what is the real entrepreneur
Innovation is the soul of entrepreneurship. Schumpeter on the entrepreneur is engaged
in "creative destruction (creative destruction)" innovator
perspective, highlighting the nature and characteristics of entrepreneurship. The
biggest hidden dangers of an enterprise is the demise of the spirit of innovation. A
business, or value, or is discarded in human resources, innovation must become
entrepreneurial instincts. But innovation is not a "flash of
genius", but the result of hard work entrepreneurs. Innovation is typical of
entrepreneurial activity, from product innovation to technology innovation, market
innovation, organizational innovation and so on form. The essence of the spirit of
innovation "to do different things, rather than what has been done do
better." Therefore, innovative entrepreneurs as a passionate artist.
Risk-taking nature of entrepreneurship. Kandi Long (Richard Cantillion) and Knight
(Frank Rnight) by two economists, the entrepreneurial spirit and risk (risk) or
uncertainty (uncertainty) together. Not willing to risk and risk of the enterprise, it is
impossible to become entrepreneurs. Innovation risk is binary, either success or
failure, not only hedging transactions, entrepreneurs have no other third way. 3M
Corporation in the United States has a valuable slogan: "In order to find
the prince, you have to kiss many a frog." "Kissing
frogs" often means that risk and failure, but "if you do not want
to make a mistake, then what they should not dry." Similarly, established in
1939 in Silicon Valley's Hewlett-Packard, Tokyo, Japan, established in
1946, Sony, founded in 1976 in Taiwan, Acer, 1984 respectively in Beijing, China,
Qingdao, Haier, Lenovo and many other enterprises, although these Company founder
growth environment, background and entrepreneurial opportunity vary, but without
exception, are very immature and external environment conditions very clear cases,
they pioneers, the first jump out and eat crabs.
Cooperation is the essence of entrepreneurship. As Yibotehe Seaman said:
entrepreneurs in major decision-making rather than individual acts of collective
behavior. Although the surface is often a great entrepreneur is a person's
performance (One-ManShow), but the real entrepreneur is good at cooperation, and
this spirit of cooperation need to be extended to the business every employee.
Entrepreneurship is neither possible nor necessary to become a superman (superman),
but entrepreneurs should strive to become Spider-Man (spiderman), have very strong
"networking" ability and awareness. Siemens is an example of
the     company       adhering     to   the     employees     as     "internal
entrepreneurs" concept, developing the potential of employees. In the
process, the role of manager as coach, the staff cooperation, and implementation of
goals for a reasonable guide, while giving enough room for this, and promptly be
encouraged. Siemens therefore be enviable record of product innovation and growth
Dedication is the driving force of entrepreneurship. Max Weber in "The
Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism", wrote: "This
work requires people to stop the cause, as they are an integral part of life. In fact, this
is the only possible motive . but at the same time, from a personal point of view of
happiness, it expresses the kind of life is so unreasonable: in life, a person's
career is only for his survival, rather than just running a business of his life.
" Money is just one of the hallmarks of success, loyalty and responsibility
to the cause, is the entrepreneur's "peak experience"
and the inexhaustible power.
Learning is the key to entrepreneurship. Xunzi said: "Science can not
have." Peter Senge in his famous book "The Fifth
Discipline," said: "The real learning, involving one reason why
the core meaning of this man." Complementary learning and intelligence to
systems thinking perspective, from entrepreneurs to the whole enterprise must be a
continuous learning and full learning, team learning and lifelong learning. Japanese
companies are particularly commendable spirit of learning, they learn to W. Edwards
Deming quality and brand management; to about Kotoo M · Juran learning
organization of production; to Peter Drucker to learn marketing and management.
Similarly, U.S. companies are to learn, business process reengineering and the flat
organization is a learning team in Japan the fruit.
Attachment is the true nature of entrepreneurship. Intel CEO Grove to be a saying:
"Only the paranoid survive." This means that in the information
age to follow Moore's Law, only the persistent continuous innovation,
Kuafuzhuiri like persistent, insist Castle Peak does not relax, just be certain to win. In
an economic crisis, the capitalists can vote with their feet, the sale of shares out of
business, workers can withdraw from business, but entrepreneurs are the only people
who can not be out of business. Is the so-called "persistent, stone can
engrave; Qieer care of, dead wood does not break." "In the 20th
century, 80 people involved in Nokia's mobile communications, but in the
early 90's severe economic crisis in Finland, Nokia is not escape being hit,
the company stock value shrank by 50%. In this life and death, the company not only
did not retreat, but determinedly decides to sell off other industries, focus on all the
resources the company specializes in mobile communications. tenacious clinging to
Nokia's success, and now the Nokia phones in the world market share has
reached 35%.
Integrity is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. Integrity is the foundation for the
entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in practice all the principles of leadership, integrity is
never compromised principle. Market economy is the legal economy, the economy is
credit, credit economy. No honest business community will be full of great moral
hazard, significantly raise transaction costs, resulting in a huge waste of social
resources. In fact, Veblen in his famous "enterprise theory" has
long been pointed out: far-sighted entrepreneurs very seriously, including integrity,
including goodwill. Nobel Laureate in Economics, Freeman is clearly pointed out:
"There is only one responsibility of entrepreneurs, is subject to rules of the
game, the use of production resources for profit activities. That is to engage in open
and free competition, not a fool and fraud. "
[Edit] The basic elements of entrepreneurship
From the "entrepreneurial spirit" of the connotation of the term,
spirit is a spirit of quality first, "the spirit is above all a mindset, a driven
intellectual Huiyun Si ideology," but "the spirit is not entirely
just that personal awareness of the psychological condition or process, and subjective
concept, the spirit of consciousness, which appear to be a kind of consciousness the
value of abstraction. "Entrepreneurship is suggested, this special group of
entrepreneurs possess the common feature of their the unique personal qualities,
values, and abstract thinking expression is a rational and non-entrepreneurs, a beyond
the rational and logical structure, sublimation. Entrepreneurs the unique features is
significant in the spirit of the distinction between group identity and the other off from,
that the daily also put it as personal Neizai Chenggong the entrepreneur's
business sense, vision, boldness and charm and use it ruler Keyishibie the selection
and appointment of entrepreneurs.
1. Innovation
Innovation is the soul of entrepreneurs.
Compared with the general managers, the main features of innovative entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurial spirit of innovation embodied in a mature entrepreneurs can find
many people can not find the opportunity, most people are not able to use the
resources, most people can find ways unimaginable.
Embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit of innovation:
The introduction of a new product;
Provide a new quality of products;
The introduction of a new management model;
Using a new production methods;
Open up a new market.
2. Adventurous spirit
An entrepreneur to succeed, to become an outstanding entrepreneur, must have a spirit
of adventure. Of an enterprise and entrepreneurs, not risk-taking is the biggest risk.
The spirit of entrepreneurial risk-taking performance in:
Corporate strategy development and implementation of the;
Business expansion and reduce the production capacity;
Development of new technologies and their applications;
Open up new markets and territories;
Varieties to increase production and out on;
Product prices increase or decrease the.
3. Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship refers to forge ahead spirit, hard work, dedication respect level, the
spirit of thrift. Mainly reflected in:
Follow conservative rules to overcome the psychological;
Tenacious entrepreneurs struggle;
King dedicated staff of professional ethics;
Thrift savings spirit.
4. Tolerance
Entrepreneurship is the entrepreneurial spirit of tolerance with tolerant, friendly and
willing to get along with people willing to work with others in the attitude and spirit.
Mainly reflected in:
Respect for peers and subordinates;
Respect for talent;
Good use of talent, daring to do only use qualified personnel;
Open-minded, good listener, especially the criticism of their views;
Carry forward the spirit of democracy, to avoid arbitrary.
[Edit] the entrepreneurial spirit and the core competitiveness of enterprises
1. Entrepreneurial spirit is the core competitiveness of enterprises an important source
Drucker Peter F · that: "The company's core competitiveness, is
that competent people can not do, to survive in the face of adversity and development
can the market value of our customers and manufacturers, suppliers integration of
special abilities. "visible core competitiveness of enterprises in a sense, is a
reflection of entrepreneurship or expand, it is embodied in the creation of enterprise
and adventure, it is reflected in the cooperation with enterprises aggressive.
Entrepreneurship core competitiveness of enterprises in a number of significant role
of vision and extraordinary courage and ability of entrepreneurs to get embodied.
Microsoft's software technology the United States and its development
capabilities and achievements that attracted worldwide attention, largely due to its
president, Bill Gates ? Excellent organization and leadership, Gates is also a matter of
course become the era of hero worship of youth in mind.
Entrepreneur's unique position in the enterprise, the decision of the
company's core values must by its significant impact, determine the
enterprise's organizational innovation, management innovation, value
innovation and other adventure activities can only be entrepreneurs to bear the costs.
It also determines the development of business success or failure of the operation,
which also determine whether the formation of core competitiveness. It can be said to
encourage entrepreneurial spirit in its core competitiveness of enterprises under the
protection plays a key role in entrepreneurship by entrepreneurs to protect their own
core competitiveness of enterprise training and promotion.
Resources, capabilities, and comprehensive application of the system, coupled with
the Xue Xi Hu innovation, Chan Sheng core competitiveness, but 当 an enterprise
resources, capabilities and systems as it did any advantage of the cases be Bu rely on
cutting-edge technology, not to rely on international Rencai do not rely on
international financial strength, how groups of international and domestic markets
tigers occupy a place? How to defeat their enemies several times? Many enterprises to
hands-on entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated the significance of the enterprise.
Confirmed the core of entrepreneurship is the only true source of competitiveness.
The most typical example of Japan, which was once the economic power, the United
States has the largest competitors, who rely on the nation's iron will and
perseverance unmatched spirit, cultivate core competence, to become the
world's economic giant. Into the economic downturn in the face of
adversity, keeping a low profile, waiting for their planes. Inspired by its 2002, do not
have the technical superiority of Huawei, in a cyclical downturn, the president Ren
Zhengfei that "in the crises, the living is the greatest success", a
radical reform, the industrial structure adjustment, then adjustment of the internal
organization and finally ushered in the spring through the winter. By the spirit of
enterprise of people gather together, it may be the letter, a firm implementation of the
business every decision. Rely on business concepts and entrepreneurship, not only the
inner driving force for development of an enterprise, but also as an external business
development opportunities. Entrepreneurs persistent dedication and restless spirit of
innovation and exemplary spirit of cooperation through its transmission mechanism,
flourish and eventually create a core competitiveness of enterprises.
2. Protection of entrepreneurship on the role of enhancing the competitiveness of
Entrepreneurship is the core competitiveness of the only true source of an active
market, land, labor, capital and other factors only in the hands of people with
entrepreneurial spirit to compete in the complex and changing environment to grow
up will truly become a source of wealth. Tremendous role in the entrepreneurial spirit
in us everywhere: a business driven development of a city, a replacement of managers
to avoid the collapse of the fate of the company makes. In China,
Zhejiang's success is a classic example. Well-known economist, praised:
Zhejiang is a place with blazing entrepreneurship. Zhejiang entrepreneurial desire and
entrepreneurial capacity, is one of the resources and competitiveness. They went to,
bring the hard work smart entrepreneurial spirit, is left to create local employment and
tax revenue, more importantly, their ideas and thoughts, is a seed of enlightenment,
which is Zhejiang National People's contribution.
However, our culture, but never stick one fundamental form of bondage for
entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship itself requires business operators to seek new
business opportunities, and constantly open up new business models, these old the
eyes of the concept is a restless, is an affront to the established order, so at worst be
suppressed, but its weight will be put into prison, or to demonize, first passed a death
sentence in the spirit.
For example, for the development of enterprises in Zhejiang, first described as
undermining the foundation of socialism dug, and later be demonized is one of the
speculative element exaggerated, or even frequent killing of a business, this idea
although some people only exist in heart, but it constitutes an unfavorable social
environment for entrepreneurial growth. More terrible, for stifling entrepreneurship
and sometimes from the old system, sometimes from the government, Sun Danian
case and told us many other cases: the growth of entrepreneurship is still a lack of soil.
All this led to our lack of awareness of social entrepreneurship, many people prefer to
do an advanced client also does not want to assume their responsibility of
entrepreneurs: Because we add to their cost the community too.
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